Gloom - hawec
Patch notes for
  • A new page in the Necronomicon
  • 3 new weapons, including a legendary weapon
  • 8 new items, including a new Token shop item
  • A new boss that leads to a new ending
  • New achievements related to the new content
  • Orblings slightly weakened
  • Fast weapons no longer lifesteal on every attack
  • Adjustments to several enemies
  • Meadows of Limbo got a small visual update
  • Minor balance changes to several existing items
  • Fixed incorrect weapon information in the Necronomicon
  • Fixed grammatical errors and rare game crashing bugs. Thank you everyone who reported these via Steam forums. :)
Gloom - hawec
  • Added two win streak related achievements
  • Quitting into the main menu during a run now resets the player’s win streak to zero
  • With the Common Dream item orblings now have a 50% chance of being stronger and healing the player instead of always doing it
  • Added fog particles to Unholy Parish
  • Lowered the price of Greatsword and Spear from 25 to 20
  • Trapezohedron now appears in shops more often
  • Fixed the default bindings window that had become incorrect after patch 1.0.1
  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes at the First Dreamer boss fight (thanks King_Armageddon for pointing this out)
  • Fixed a bug where the “Put the Dev to Shame” achievement was granted prematurely (thanks artofwar and Valtto for pointing this out)
  • Fixed a bug where the “Necronomicon” achievement was granted prematurely (thanks Remri and Valtto for pointing this out)
  • Fixed a bug where the credits music looped in the main menu after getting the cosmic ending
Gloom - hawec
A few quick changes, 1.0.1 is now out on Linux and Mac as well!
  • “Backspace” can now be pressed on your keyboard at any time to reset all the bindings back to default
  • Gun cooldown resets to 0 when entering a new room
  • The hearts after bosses now give 25 HP instead of 20
  • The token chest in Unholy Parish gives no tokens if the player already has 3 or more
Gloom - hawec
Focus on making the game less punishing and more comfortable to play
Note to controller users: interact is now on the square(ps)/x(xbox) button by default
  • Keyboard keys and gamepad buttons are now rebindable in the options menu
  • Thumbstick now properly works in menus, enlarged gamepad deadzone
  • All enemy attacks deal slightly less damage
  • Reduced stamina cost of basically every action
  • Stamina now starts recovering faster after performing an action
  • Invulnerability period after being hit is now slightly longer
  • Invulnerability period after parrying is now slightly longer
  • Wendigo shrines are less common in Unholy Parish
  • A random room in Unholy Parish now holds a chest with an extra Token in it (to add a feeling of progress and more variability to runs even if the player is unable to defeat the first boss)
  • Crippled cultists no longer randomly spawn when a cultist is killed
  • Token shop now has descriptions for each choice available
  • Increased jump height
  • Adjusted the physical size of several enemies and their attacks to make jumping more viable
  • Reduced the price of items that give Strength or Finesse
  • Made adjustments to the intro to improve the experience
  • Added a new Potion effect
The patch will be out for Mac and Linux very soon!

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