Nov 28, 2017
PAKO 2 - treemengames

Hi there!

Soundtrack release got delayed couple days because of various issues but here it is! These are just some of the songs, but more arranged to album way, since in-game they have to be bit different. There has been also requests to bring back some of the songs from the Early Access version and that is also considered, maybe a vol.2 and a separate "radio channel" for them?

Anyways, you can listen/purchase it here, or later this week from Steam:

I hope you like it!

Best regards,
Nov 23, 2017
PAKO 2 - treemengames

Hello there! Massive thanks to all the people who bought Pako 2 during first week, gave comments and reviews, retweets, shares and all, that means a lot to us!

What's in the update:

- Bug fixes and tweaks
- General optimization
- General visual improvements

During the weekend, soundtrack for PAKO 2 will be available outside of Steam, and hopefully in Steam next week.
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Welcome back to Unknown Pleasures, a weekly column wherein I recommended five new Steam games released during the past seven days, and which you probably haven’t heard of already.

This week: what-if GTA, mental health Metroidvanias and Neverending Story dragonflight simulators. (more…)

Nov 15, 2017
PAKO 2 - treemengames
Nov 9, 2017
PAKO 2 - treemengames

Hello there!

This week there is LOTS. We are very close to the release.

2 new levels

Let’s start with the two remaining locations for the launch version of the game, Motor Bay and Golden Sands!

Motor Bay is dense urban map with lots of side streets, drainage canals and factories. Also included some train tracks that might or might not be clever to use! This is probably the hardest map in the game.

Golden Sands is a small casino city with very level design, so not much bumps here! Traffic is pretty heavy though on the main streets so good tip is to use the smaller side streets for quicker routes!

5 new cars

- Isoville
- Camel
- Freak Bus
- Road King
- Wanderer

Road King and Wanderer are unlocked after completing Golden Sands and are both some of the best cars in the game.

Other changes:
- Bugfixes and optimization
- Visuals improved on some of the maps
- New color grading for all the maps
- Arena is unlocked after completing Golden Sands

What's next?

Both of the new maps are still bit work in progress but we are very VERY near the finish line here,biggest thing still to be added is the final soundtrack. Let us know how the new stuff works for you and have a blast playing Pako 2!
Nov 2, 2017
PAKO 2 - treemengames
Hi again! There's an update patch available with some changes. Just a couple of things added, fixed and improved, while we continue building the next maps. :)

The Car Shop has been remodeled and given some extra space for more cars to be added in future

"Photo Mode" can now be enabled also after your car is crashed

Oct 26, 2017
PAKO 2 - treemengames
Some new stuff added, bugs fixed and visual polishing done this week! Now in the game over screen, player gets notified of next unlockable item and also gets info if there's something to buy in the shop areas with the updated amount of money.

Just to remind you to check your crib (which btw can be found in Title menu > Progress) every now and then, we added a notifier in the title menu. :) It shows a small note if there's new furniture etc. gained.

Other things. "Extra life" perk felt too powerful so we removed it from the stack for now and added "Sidekick" perk instead. The new perk spawns a friendly helper car which joins the fight on your side.

Oct 18, 2017
PAKO 2 - treemengames

Hi yall!

We decided to put one more level out separately, opposed to our original idea of releasing the rest as one update! This is Misty Fields, and it will be placed as the second area of the game, after Devils Plains. Misty Fields consists of a town in a crossing of two highways, and some more nature-oriented areas with frozen lake and falls, and a field that leads to a small pond. Area is covered in pretty heavy fog but luckily you have your lights on! This is also still work in progress, so we would love to hear your opinion about it!

Other additions this week:

- Devils Plains Quarry area has been completely redone
- Automatic guns bullet assets reworked
- Skybox fixed for Devils Plains
- Chopper Defense perk makes it possible to destroy the chopper
Oct 14, 2017
PAKO 2 - treemengames

Hi there!

Here is some new previews of one of the new maps (Motor Bay). It is inspired by Robocop style Detroit, LA (storm drains) and generally lots of movies like Blues Brothers.

Also, we have a car factory there that needs a name! Give us your best shots and we pick the best one to be name of the company on a big sign next to the car factory!

Have a nice weekend and keep playing!

Oct 12, 2017
PAKO 2 - treemengames
Hello fellow players! Latest patch's biggest changes include perk deck organizing and experience points, but that's not all. More info below! Remember in the "Early Access" things are always a bit experimental and under construction, so please share your opinions about the changes with us.

Change log:
* Added: experience points (XP). Experience points accumulate as player does robberies and purchases stuff in the garage and car shop.
* Change: maps are now unlocked with XP. If you had already unlocked a map, your XP is automatically granted to match that map's XP goal.
* Added "Perk deck". You can optionally use manual order for the perks that are rewarded in successful robberies. Perks unlock as usable with XP. Use "Title menu > Perk deck" to change order in the manual deck. Then choose "Perk deck: Manual" in the Stage selection screen to use manual order instead of default random system.
* Added a low camera angle
* Added a car "Whale"
* Modified the shooting mechanics to be more accurate in submachine weapons (submachine gun, minigun, assault rifle, front fire). Guns have also longer shooting range.


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