Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

We are working hard on 3rd era, but to keep updating the game, I made one new version yesterday. It is small one, but there is the basis for much more interesting updates to come.

What you can see in the game now is possibility to select, whether you want station to collect specific cargo type from surounding buildings or if it accepts cargo type by unloading from train. It is very useful when having more stations around the town / industry building.

Full change log is here:

  • Added: Possibility to decline incoming cargo by station setup
  • Added: Possibility to mod cargo to affect towns growing
  • Added: Quest wagons/engines (WIP) - this will be soon introduced
  • Added: Town grows also thanks to mail in second era
  • Added: Preparation for second track type (speed corridor) in 3rd era
  • Fixed: Empty town caption in some cases
  • Fixed: Placed towns in editor no more belong to the player
  • Fixed: Placed buildings in editor find closes town as its new owner
  • Fixed: Depot train view scrollbars
  • Fixed: Tutorial "Connect 2 Towns" now accepts only town buildings, not industry which belongs to that town
  • Removed: Not-yet-finished buildings, cargo, wagons, landscapes, particles, ..(edited)
Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

One of new things in Friday build was the restriction to remove only your roads in towns. This unfortunately ended up having issues with possitioning station in towns and even placing railroad crossings.

I did my best and the result is this rather quick update (2 days after the last one):
  • You are able to not just remove roads, but also buildings in town! it is only very expensive as expected :)
  • I've also tuned colors in game to bring more vivid world where you want to spend many hours.
Hope you will like it ;)

Full change log is here:
  • Added: possibility to remove town's road, but it is expensive
  • Added: possibility to remove town's buildings (expect main hall and quest buildings)
  • Added: Possibility to build industry buildings in editor
  • Added: Possibility to build railroad crossings again (you instantly buy road tile from town)
  • Modified: Vivid colors (tuned all colors including fog, light, grass, ambient color)
  • Modified: Tuned building / roads removing cost
  • Modified: Foundry upgrades cost
  • Fixed: Rock/Water/Snow are not colored by grass in construction mode
  • Fixed: key '.' does not clear input text box
  • Fixed: Filename input is now restricted to valid character only
  • Removed: Steam stats and achievement are disabled in editor
Mashinky - jan.zeleny

Hello respected community!
It has been few days since the last update. The reason behind this is mainly more work on 3rd era development, but there are already some sweet news for you in today's update:
  • Renaming of vehicles, stations, towns or even depots!
  • Unicode input support (usable for names, save files, etc.)
  • Screenshot basic tool (unlock camera, hide UI, place logo)
Full change log is here:
Added: You may rename station / depot / vehicle / town
Added: Unicode keyboard input support
Added: Screenshot basic tool (unlock camera, hide UI, place logo)
Modified: Roads now belongs to town (you may remove only yours)
Modified: New localized texts version
Fixed: Prussian T 3 name
Fixed: Iron Ore wagon geometry (missing bottom)
Fixed: Snow track in a distance
Fixed: Different shading of diagonal track pieces in construction mode

What we are working on:
Regarding to ongoing 3rd era work, to share some details with you, we are working on:
  • scripts
  • wiki page with game content, modding explanations, etc.
  • trello page with game roadmap
  • better way how to encourage cities to grow
  • new industry chain, ballancing
  • more diesel engines
  • new wagons
  • chain signals
  • new track type (I need to introduce some clever mechanics to upgrade track, use it, as well as UI, balancing etc.)
  • steam workshop support
Mashinky - jan.zeleny

Hello respected community!

After recent bugfixing, I cannot resist to add some more content. You can use two new station extensions and few minutes ago, I've added also 2 new wagons for iron ore (parameters may be further tuned while ballancing these new rolling stocks).

Here you can see recent game updates:

10/13/2017 - NEW BUILD (637)

Added: Wagon length visible on buttons when buying
Added: Visualize train overall length in depot (lines, sum) and on train window
Added: Train maximum weight to be able to accelerate towards the hill
Fixed: Signals placement on X shaped track
Added: Colorization of capacity, length, wagon bonus
Modified: A bit faster reaching of top speed

10/19/2017 - NEW BUILD (641)

Added: Runtime length / weight in depot when drag&drop wagon
Added: Station area visualization
Added: Game options (difficulties) is now saved also into each savefile
Added: Depots name save / load
Added: Build version visible in bottom panel
Modified: new localized text version
Fixed: Proper DirectX x86 DLL
Fixed: City expansion sometimes broken
Fixed: Engine power in train details window
Fixed: Bridges and Tunnels cost fixed

10/20/2017 - NEW BUILD (643)

Fixed: hiding station area visualization after building an upgrade
Fixed: overlapping of station extensions
Added: Coal hopper station extension
Added: Iron ore hopper station extension
Modified: Tunnel and terrain modification cost
Modified: New version of localized texts

10/24/2017 - NEW BUILD (649)

Added: Iron ore #2 wagon
Added: Iron ore #3 wagon
Fixed: Snow mask on #2 coal wagon
Fixed: Wagon bonus is invisible
Fixed: Floating buttons on train details window
Added: Wagon Bonuses visible in train details window
Fixed: Train stuck when reach one-way signal while turnaround on signals off
Fixed: Train max speed inconsistency
Fixed: Crash after loading while playing other map
Fixed: Crash in tutorial when selecting track construction tool
Modified: All towns and industrial buildings are generated 5% from map borders
Modified: Added geometrical waves on sea
Fixed: Render setup save / load
Modified: Less industry and towns on big maps

Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Ongoing work on fixes

Hello respected community!

After the release I was overflowed by your great feedback, new ideas, bug reports and support. I feel great about the release and although there are many bugs, the direction we are heading is clear and It motivates me even more to put everrything into the game.

I've been working hard on fixes mainly, and share the list every day in discussions, but here you can see this list of all 3 latest updates.

10/8/2017 - NEW BUILD (632)

Added: Possibility to play when steam in offline mode
Fixed: Trains path finding
Added: Message when train has not enough tokens to run
Fixed: Potential crash in tutorial when placing track
Fixed: Crash when computing buildings to stations interaction

10/9/2017 - NEW BUILD (633)

Fixed: Crash when placing building extension
Fixed: 10km/h speed in tunnel
Added: Captions and description for foundry extensions
Added: Bonus for 1st class wagon

10/10/2017 - NEW BUILD (636)

Fixed: Bridge to tunnel snapping
Fixed: False permanent red signal
Fixed: Train intersecting without collision
Fixed: Not-triggered green signal when train enters block
Fixed: Turn around when partly in depot (sometimes not working, sometimes cased train teleportation)
Improved: Train path finding (prefer free path than wait of signals, changed distance-to-red-signal-penalization algorithm)
Fixed: Force unload passengers / mail on station that does not require it
Modified: Increased capacity of 1st class
Modified: New sku texts version(edited)

Next stop?
  • Possibility to see train length
  • Possibility to show station catchment area
  • Start working on pre-signals
  • Keep bugfixing going
  • Renaming feature
  • Show long term plan with priorities

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