Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

When I started to work on the Mashinky editor, my plan was pretty simple: to allow you to import custom heightmap and place towns where you want...

One month later, I was implementing filters, real town placement and enlargement tool, GPU-accelerated brushes or designing how industry could appear on the map when it's place is meantime occupied by player's infrastructure.

So many features needed let go of the fantasy when creating custom maps. And still it just scratched the surface.

There are many features finished, some more features to finish, but today, I am going to start small series about brushes.

#1 - Flatten. It is able to copy height easily.

#2 - Geo Noise. With this tool you can easily add random landscape where needed.

Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

It has been few busy weeks, not only because of work on editor, but also due to preparation of my attendance on a great event called PCGamer Weekender in London. Only 2 days and I will be sitting in a plane flying over this beautiful country with such a strong train history.

I am writing this not only to apologize you guys for less updates or news about the game, but also to invite you:

If you happen to attend PC Gamer Weekender in London 17-18 February, visit me on stands D33+34 and talk together about games and also play Mashinky ;)

I am looking forward see you there!


Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

I am still working on editor and although it seems to be much bigger task than expected, I am sure that every extra hour of development saves a lot of time for all of you when modifying your maps.

I've switched to GPU accelerated 32bits terrain editing and add few extra filters for you. The WIP editor is now able to:

High level heightmap tools
This is the basic rough terrain creation.
  • Load / Save height maps from various image formats
  • Generate terrain the same way as new game does
  • Change map size without losing map content

Height map GPU accelerated filters
Some heightmap manipulation.
  • Raise / Lower, Multiply heightmap - basic terrain manipulation
  • Perlin noise - basic random smooth noise
  • Geo noise - better & more realistic terrain
  • Blur - blurring heightmap (it is like aging hills)
  • Median - removing noise (usefull when loading heightmap from file)
  • Voronoi - random tiles with different altitude
  • Voronoi slopes - random tiles with slopes
  • Gerstner sharpening - making walleys wider and mountains steeper
  • Water erosion - most powerfull tool for water eroding

This affects color of grass.
  • Load / Save from file - using humidity mask for grass color
  • Generate drainage areas and humidity

Trees, forests.
  • Load / Save from file - using density masks for tree generating
  • Generate randomly according to density selected

This helps you to populate map quickly
  • Load from file - it is able to generate real towns with relative size according to chosen latitude & longitude (database with over 7000 real towns)
  • Manually grow / Delete / Rename towns
  • You can also place each building and road manually

It's still ongoing work and we need to complete it and test all the functions deeply, but the internal editor is now able to create quite nice terrain in a few clicks;)

Next stop: Brushes! :)

Stay tuned for few more days and soon you will be able to lay your hands on it too ;)

Mashinky - hankazelena
Hello respected community!

To get a little insight into what I'm working on, in one of the next updates you'll be able to use creativity and forge your custom maps ;)

And which part of the world will you create first :)?
Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

I've spent last few days trying to figure out why bigger map's performance is GPU-bound and having low fps. The reason seems to be more complex, but I identified one issue with distant terrain rendering and fixed terrain smooth geometrical loding "geomorphing" as well as lowered distance according to camera altitude. This gives you extra 15-20% of speed in cases where camera is in realistic mode close to the ground. Not much, but the game is even faster when low graphics settings used.

Other than this, there are few fixes, some 3D assets improvements and last but not least, there is one new song! And this one is really fantastic (kudos to Slikk Tim!)

Full changelog
  • Added: New song
  • Added: New HQ graphics
  • Added: New Refinery graphics
  • Added: Terrain far clipping according to altitude (performance)
  • Modified: Script - 15 years to third epoch
  • Modified: Shadow refresh frequency (performance)
  • Modified: New localized texts version
  • Fixed: Script - new era oil ico
  • Fixed: Signals remaining red in some cases
  • Fixed: Track to bridge discontinuity in some cases
  • Fixed: 2 Depots released 2 trains into one block
  • Fixed: Random UI Crash
  • Fixed: Invisible models for some station upgrades
  • Fixed: Improved Terrain loding (geomorphs, terrain distance, adaptive distance via camera altitude) (performance)
  • Removed: Editor buttons cleanup

Mashinky - (Fraser Brown)


Premature Evaluation is the weekly column in which we explore the wilds of early access. This week, Fraser s filling the British countryside with railroads and smoke in train tycoon sim, Mashinky.>

Disaster! I d barely begun my first foray into Mashinky s magical world of locomotives when my very first attempt to manage a whopping two whole trains — carriages and all — ended in calamity and death. And also fire. My brand new steam engine had just left the depot near Leicester and was beginning its journey to Kirkcaldy when it rather unexpectedly collided with the only other train in the world. All that was left was a smoking, smouldering wreck. That s what signals are for, I realised too late.


Mashinky - jan.zeleny

Hello respected community!

It is unbelievable, but today, it is already 1/4 of a year from the EA release. It has been awesome 3 months with the best community I would ever dream of and I want to say THANKS to all of you!

Although it has been finished very recently, today we did our best to deliver the new feature to you, CHAIN SIGNALS.

Hope you will like it and create even more awesome rail networks!

Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

Some of you may already recognised small changes in last 2 days without any announcement. I've realised that due to some issues, I should focus on fixing all of them before sharing all good news with you. Now, it is finally solved so here you can see the changelog.

It is mostly about sounds. Missing sounds, not balanced music tracks, the same sound for all 3 diesel engines... These issues has been sorted out as well as many other bugs!

Full changelog is here:

  • Second Diesel engine sound set
  • Enter when typing new save game will save the game immediately if does not exists yet
  • Captions above industry buildings show correct number of inputs / outputs per tick
  • Music tracks volume balanced
  • Improved sound attenuation via distance and improved listener position in sharp mode, optimized sound manager workload
  • Saves now stores 10-years statistics instead of just 3
  • New localized texts version
  • Wagon loads non-sense amount of cargo (like 100/8)
  • Playing short sounds (like "click")
  • Renaming train when inside
  • Trace log spamming
  • Remove bridge when there is a train on it
  • Wrong tokens obtained when cheating
  • Sounds missing
  • Crash fix when loading old savegame with obsolete wagon ids(edited)
  • Sounds playing, better dynamical channels allocation

And for tomorrow, since it is already 3 months from release, I have a big announcement for you! Stay tuned :)

Jan 2
Mashinky - jan.zeleny

Hello respected community!

And here we have the very first update of the year 2018:
Thanks to the very best community, Mashinky has got the Wiki portal! Kudos to Karel Pfeifer and all who already participated!

This place will hopefully became the priceless source of details not only for players, but soon for modders and content creators too.


Dec 28, 2017
Mashinky - jan.zeleny

Hello respected community!

Do not worry guys, I do enjoying holiday and family :) I only turned pc on to check what is new and after few hours, I have another update for you. It is rather small one and just for fun ...

  • train horn is way more easier to use now! Just hit H when following train or sitting inside ;-)
  • new iron wagon
  • new music track
  • messages optimized a bit
  • signal arrows visible through transparent objects
  • many other small fixes

I will be away few more days, so this will hopefully not break anything :)


Added: Second Iron wagon
Added: New music track
Added: Automatic removing of messages once reason passed
Added: Shortcut for horn 'H', usable when just following train too
Fixed: Signal arrows visibility through transparent objects (trees, vehicles, buildings, ..)
Fixed: 'Sell' switch in depot disabled when switching tabs
Fixed: Signal arrows on slopes
Fixed: 'Train waits too long on red signal' message delay when train is in a depot
Fixed: Track weird shapes when close to bridge ending
Fixed: Two duplicate tunnel options when laying tunnel


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