Crazy Fishing - Bonzo
Bug Fix

After some extended time off after a draining development cycle we are proud to say that a bug fix has been rolled out addressing the issues below:

  • Hook not registering items
  • Unable to place bait on the hook
  • Flying and Skele Fish not spawning
  • Vending machine not working
  • Players able to teleport underwater
  • The Top Hat could not be picked up

Hats Off to You
Thanks for staying with us and enjoying the game. We need all of your help to find bugs and report bugs so keep doing what you are doing! We have a very small team and it's hard to find everything when we roll out an update.

Future Development
We know there is a need for a content update and we are slowing building towards it and hope to tell you more about it shortly.
Crazy Fishing - SirPas
Let's cut to the chase, there have been some big changes based on player feedback, bug fixes and our initial roll out plan.

WE ARE VERY SORRY FOR CURRENT FISHERS - but this should be the last Save file reset we have to do!

The follow features have been added:

Oculus Support
The game was working well with Oculus but we needed to do some extra testing due to 180 degree set up in a interaction heavy environment. We implemented a ‘flick’ to allow the player to switch 180 degrees.

The 'flick' is the action of pushing the analog stick in both the left or right direction to turn around 90 degrees.

New Areas & Fleshing Out Existing Areas
We have added two new areas; A relaxing, sandy beach and a dank, underground cave. Finding or unlocking the cave will allow you to increase your chances of catching rare fish.

As usual, we have hidden some items in the new areas for you to find and accessing these areas will require some creative thinking to get there.

New Fish
We have a total of 33 fish and for what it did to Esteban we have BANNED the Jaguar Shark (RIP Esteban). Most fish have an interaction with an item or the environment so EXPERIMENT with everything.

Your House & The Aquarium
This house isn't a Homewrecker. It won't try to kill you, but it will remember where you placed items, the fish you caught, furniture you built and achievements you accomplished.

It will not remember your bait placement so you can't horde the best bait, sorry!

We have added Steam leaderboards for of our anglers and if you're wondering who's caught the most fish in terms of weight, you will find out now. Goodluck!

Tablet Changes
Customer feedback wanted the tablet to be less interfering so we've allowed the tablet to be stored in your inventory and improved the scrolling and tap functions.

After much behest a tutorial has been included, while this may sound silly to have missed our initial plan was to place users an outdoor environment free from buttons and videos and instructions. Turns out this wasn't friendly for people new to fishing or VR. We really want the tutorial to allow new users to feel they have a strong grasp on VR fishing mechanics after playing the tutorial.

It's not the Belafonte but it is pretty crafty. The raft will allow you to explore the lake and if you can break the game and get it to the ocean...we salute you! However, we have hidden the steering wheel for the boat and upon finding it you can explore the world with ease.

Fishing Mechanic Tweaks
The time to reel is now YOUR DECISION! Combine haptic feedback and rod bending to help decide when to reel. Heavier, rarer fish will bend the rod and vibrate the controllers more to show a higher chance of snapping your line.

Locations Boards
Each area has special location boards which tell you which fish are in the area. Some baits will help you find rare and legendary fish in the area. Some baits can only be found via special interactions and that's one puzzle we don't want to spoil.

We had originally had the game provide a hat to the player but a lot of people wanted the hat removed. Instead, as hidden treasures we have scattered different types of hats around the world of which you can do whatever you wish (<3 VR).

RPG Tweaks
When Crazy Fishing first came out catching fish was far too time consuming. We learned a lot from all of our anglers providing feedback and we have changed how fish are found. Through exploring, finding, eating and doing things around the world - you will find baits to help in your fishing adventure. At the same time, the fish you find will help you explore the world more and more!

As always, if you notice any more issues please post to us here on Steam, our Subreddit, or Tweet us!.

Happy Fishing! This release is a huge deal for our small team so, please, tweet to us or post on our reddit to show your support!

P.S. We have considered locomotion for a future update please let us know if you think this will improve your experience.
Crazy Fishing - SirPas
Hey Everyone!

I know we've been quiet, and that's because we're preparing a HUGE update...but not any old update, WE'RE RELEASING OUT OF EARLY ACCESS!

The release is scheduled for 11pm 26th of May in Western Australia (That's the 8am on the 25th May PST). Although there are a lot of changes we have in store, we thought we give you a little sneak peak.

Yes, and Oculus support!

New Areas

We've started to open the map up with the introduction of a coast and an underground cave. They act as a hidden little retreat for your fishing needs complete with hidden items to help you on your quest.

More and More Fish!

We've added a lot more fish to the game, with more crazy and unique fish. My personal favorites are the Lava fish and Ocarina fish, but you be the judge.

Aquarium & Leader boards

ou will now have your own little HUB with an aquarium to exhibit your fish. The cottage will be a save state that will keep all your belongings that you place in there and a leaderboard to track your catches.

As always, if you notice any more issues please post to us here on Steam, our Subreddit, or Tweet us!.

Happy Fishing!

This release is a huge deal for our small team so, please, tweet to us or post on our reddit to show your support!
Apr 24, 2017
Crazy Fishing - SirPas

Hey Everyone!

Update incoming! Prepare for Crazy!

Supersize Me & Eat almost EVERYTHING
Our team is on the pathway to create more interactions that are driven by core human functions.
We are well on our way to make all that is digestible be digestible (we can assure you that the mushrooms are nutritious and delicious!) We don’t want to reveal too much, but we do encourage you to explore the environment and consume it.

Vending Machines
We have had a lot of requests for a shop. So, we added a VENDING MACHINE! These can be found throughout the world and will allow purchasing of unique upgrades and cosmetic items.

Storage / Inventory
Since we implemented teleportation and exploration in the previous patch, we decided to add in some form of storage. This is definitely not in its final form - but will help as you explore the world with your fish and baits. In this early stage, we will have a little satchel and hooks under the reel of your fishing rod.

Reactive Environment
We decided to flesh out the environment, and the shooter fish (targets) will help you unlock the hidden goodies we have placed around the world. Locate the rubix cube, lego and more!

More Fish
We would like to introduce the Bell Fish, Electric Eel, and the Bass Fish! Use the baits acquired from exploration to catch these wonders!

Hands Down The Update some of you were looking for!
Yep, we were told our hands were bad. They were. We took community feedback and have since replaced them! Further cosmetic touches will follow! Still not as optimal but wanted to show our beautiful hands!

Nibble Warning
From our user feedback and Steam and reviews (yes we are listening!), we are trying to implement a warning of a fish about to bite. The fish will nibble on your crazy bait to let you know it’s time to get ready!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the hook would be invisible after loading the game
  • Fixed a bug where the line and hook would not reset after a line snap
  • Fixed a bug where your bait would disappear from hook after teleporting
  • Fixed water distortion effect on the new rod and hooks from the fishodex
  • Fixed the interaction with the fishodex. Touching and triggering buttons should feel much nicer now
  • Fixed bug where attaching items to the hook would cause the hook to freeze in mid air
  • Fixed an issue with some fish swimming out of the water or continuously splashing near the water surface
  • The Virtual Reality headset was not working. Now…. it is ;)

As always, if you notice any more issues please post to us here on Steam, our Subreddit, or Tweet us!.

Happy Fishing!
Apr 16, 2017
Crazy Fishing - SirPas

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Crazy Fishing 1.1 Exploration!

Open world exploration is in the game! You can now teleport around the map while picking things up and finding unique baits to help you catch those crazy fish!

The Tablet Store
A feature that was very rough in the Alpha, we have added back in with a few changes. As our tutorial is not completed yet, the hooks and rods will help in catching the more difficult fish ;)

Fresh Tunas
We have added 3 new environmental tracks as you explore the world! We do plan to make some improvements here such as choice and battling fish music!

Easter Egg Hunt
It's Easter, time to hunt and find the hidden eggs we have hidden in the world. We even gave you a basket to help you put those eggs in!

New Vibes
Haptics have been added and improved when you are fighting a fish.

Known Issues
- Fish flapping noises can be heard for a few seconds after teleporting.

As always, if you notice any more issues please post to us here on Steam, our Subreddit, or Tweet us!.

Happy Fishing!
Apr 12, 2017
Crazy Fishing - SirPas
Hey everyone,

Today we would like to announce our Early Access Road Map for the next month. We can’t thank you enough for the support so far, and this we intend to reward that support as best we can. There are four major updates we are aiming for:

In each update - we will aim to add more fish and fix any bugs in the process (please keep up the great feedback!)

Week 1 - Exploration & Teleportation
We believe that fishing and exploration go hand in hand. With that in mind, this update aims to expand on exploration! This update will feature:

Open world exploration - explore areas via teleportation.
By exploring the world - you will find new baits, help you catch unique fish and solve little puzzles along the way.
A Tablet Store for Upgrades - NEW HOOKS AND RODS!
FRESH TUNAS - Soundtrack updates.
New vibes - Enhanced haptic vibrations when you have a fish on the line.
Easter surprises - Log in during easter weekend for an eggcellent time.

Week 2 - Stores, Food & Fishman Belt.
We plan to implement a physical store and introduce a new mechanic...EATING.

Feature of this update include:

Inventory and storage (highly requested)....and the Fishman belt will be provided. Also a store to purchase items.
Edibles - When you eat something, it will have a game changing effect (as well as some more crazier effects) to your fishing ability. Some may just be in for fun. You should be able to eat sushi, the pills & of course the sandwich fish.
Settings - the setting menu should be roughly working here. As requested, ability to change music, change volume etc.

Week 3 - Story and Progression
We aim to add a ‘story’ to the game. This is to measure a sense of progression. How we will do this, we want to keep as a surprise, but it’s to tie the world into one, and allow you to work towards something new. A few little fun games might be added here ;)

Week 4 - The Big Content
This is our final push, we plan to push the ‘HUB’ - a place where you can reside and place things, with leaderboards and see what else is being fished.

Keys to this update are:
Central HUB - home base. Tutorial to be cleaned up and finalized, a way for new fisherman to join. The ending to the lake world - typing it all up nicely.

Follow us for more updates!

Apr 9, 2017
Crazy Fishing - OffpeakGames
Hello everyone!

You may notice a small hotfix change.

We have tweaked the hands, and although the animations should feel smoother - we are not happy with them ourselves and are actively working on making custom models from scratch. Further updates will detail changes that are made.

The Disappearing Chest
We have had numerous bug reports regarding the chests vanishing and this should be addressed in this patch! If it is not, please let us know.

- We have improved the throwing physics. When throwing objects it should now feel a little more realistic and accurate.
- New music track has been added and we have more on the way.
- Wrist watch hints now only show up when you are looking directly at the wrist watch.
- Fixed the flashlight in the cave so it now shines light correctly.
- Fixed the waterfall so it no longer renders below the lake.

Known Issues
- The team are working on an issue with the teleporter which you will see in the upcoming Early Access road map.
- Tweaks to tablet interaction (currently isn't responsive enough).
- Hitting SteamVR Menu is causing large issues (items, machines, tablet and more are vanishing and UI is missing).

As always, if you notice any more issues please post to us on Steam, our Subreddit, or Tweet us!

Many Thanks,

CF Team

Mar 29, 2017
Crazy Fishing - SirPas
Hello Everyone!

We have been getting a lot of messages and questions about the pricing for Crazy Fishing. To keep it short and sweet as we want to go and develop some more crazy stuff, the pricing for Early Access will be $19.99.

We look forward to growing this game with the community!


Crazy Fishing Team

Crazy Fishing - SirPas
Hello everyone!
This is our update for 0.7, which is a much larger update than normal. Here we go:

Treasure Hunting
We've implemented some maps and hidden goodies and treasures into the game. This was a sneak preview in 0.62 but we thought to make it clear we have added it in these patch notes.

Storms and Environment
A slow idea we are adding into the game, is to have environmental factors as requested by Alpha testers. We want them to be balanced and so we are giving the idea a go with crazy storms which will drop interesting things for you, as well as the chance that something might begin swimming to you...

Interactions and More Fish
This round we added art to fish that didn't have textures and frankly didn't look too good. We added some animations (we have some seriously talented animators - you have GOT to see the new boomerang fish). We also added some ridiculous interactions to fish that DIDNT have interactions built in yet, we look forward to hearing what you think of them, when you find them.

Some stability issues were fixed.

Goals for next patch:
For the next patch, we will be aiming to clean things up before adding a whole bunch more:
- A cleaner and polished up UI
- More interactions, more secrets for you to find.
- Full on general polish of map.

Crazy Fishing - SirPas
Main Change Log:

1. New fish and new items!
2. Improved UI and UX with more details
3. SAVE feature.
4. Easter Eggs and interactions.

New Fish and Items
Although we want to let you find and discover this, we've started to add new models for new fishes. We've added a whole bunch of items and things you can start to interact with and hope to build this out.

Improved UI / UX
We've been slowly working out with our testers what is the best way to work with the tablet and showing you all the new fancy things you have in your hands and what is around you. It's still a bit buggy but we hope you can see the new devices in the world around you.

Progress Save
A lot of testers have noted that they couldn't save their progress, and we hear you! We have added a save so your progress can be logged.

As a side note, we have made a steampage, a subreddit page and working on a proper website and trailer for you soon! You can contact us through any channel and we will be on in it as soon as possible. Feel free to share the game, screenshots and anything else you find. We value all your feedback so far!

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