Apr 28
Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro
Rebindable hotkeys added.
New context action added to save groups as *.dps file
New context action added to imports *.dps file as group (so you may merge maps as you want).
20 textures added to Dragonville tileset.

Puddle tool added.
Layer hiding added.
Context action to add walls around rectangles, polygons and elipses.
Context action to add ground between walls and arcs.
Rotation and flipping:
- rectangles
- elipses
- polygons
- puddles
- walls
- arcs
- brushes
- lines
- objects
Apr 12
Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro
Workshop support added.

Fairy Valley and Taboo-Tech tilesets added.
100+ textures added to Dragonville.

Fill selected feature replaces textures of selected layers
Layers renaming improved
Object brush editing bug fixed.
Localization errors fixed.
Screen resolution (URealms) export bug fixed.
Adding custom folders (button in the left bottom corner)
Textures search
Confirmation dialogs for Irreversible actions
Hint on the cursor for polygons, lines, etc.
Improved zoom
Fixes of transparency bugs
Added ability to remove and duplicate vertexes for walls, polygons, etc.
The accuracy of the brushtool is doubled.
Brush tool accelerated.
Incorrect definition of the size of objects is fixed.
Switching to edit mode on double click on object or group.
An alogorym of object boundbox finding fixed.
New terrain brush behavior and editing tools.
Small improvements of UI.
New layer context actions for plots, polygons, elipses, polywalls and arcs.

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