Heroes of Arca - SharG
The summer sale in Steam starts today. In this regard, you'll be able to buy Heroes of Arca with
discount for two weeks.

Besides, today we've released the third update of Heroes of Arca, in which:
  • Balance for starting island was completely reworked: we've lowered the difficulty at the game start by players' demand.
  • A windowed game mode was added.
  • Game performance was enhanced, and some textures were remade.
Also, a game manual is available to all players now.
Heroes of Arca - sgpine
New features in this update:
  • Added a Mac OS client;
  • User interface was slightly improved.

Balance improvements:
  • Ordinary Faceless on the first island and in the sea became slightly weaker. Protector Spirit in the desert was also weakened.

Dear players, if you've got any questions or issues with this update, please feel free to contact us! We'll answer all your questions and fix all your issues as fast as possible.
Heroes of Arca - XANDER
New features in this update:
  • An achievement system was added. All 3rd-level achievements that were unlocked prior to the update will be automatically transferred to Steam.
  • Skill raising system was revised: skill points from artifacts are now calculated separately from the skill points gained by experience. In other words, any skill now can reach 15th + (enhancement from artifact) level. All players who managed to pump skills to their maximum level will get some extra distributable skill points.
Bug fixes in this update:
  • The inconsistences between creature descriptions on the map and in combat were eliminated.
  • Sea voyages were refined - the bug where a player appeared in the ocean without a ship was fixed.
Balance improvements:
  • The first boss "Robort" has became slightly weaker.
  • The last boss "Dungeon Lord" has became a bit stronger.
  • Balance for some ordinary enemies was changed.
Dear players, if you've got any questions or problems with this update, please post us about them! We'll answer all the questions and fix all the problems as fast as we can.

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