Community Announcements - Custard
Hello Everybody.

Not a very glamorous update I'm afraid.
A fix for OculusSDK users and another water update(thus the large patch size)
The water has transparency and also supports buoyancy which will be important as we add interaction to the environments (throwing/floating objects).

Excluding any issues that crop up I would like to shift focus toward a major content update next. Including alternative movement and some additional locations.

Thanks to Oculus users for your patience this week.

  • Fixed oculusSDK support
  • Added new water with transparency and buoyancy properties.
Community Announcements - Custard

Hello everybody.

Nature Treks now supports input from motion controllers so you no longer need a separate controller to play.
Here is an image showing the equivalent input for Vive users.
This is a hot fix only. Proper support for motion controllers is in the pipeline.

Also added in a hotfix for water reflection offset. This disables transparency for now. Alternative water solutions are being looked at.

  • Added support for motion controllers
  • Fix for water reflection offset
  • Toned down some bloom

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