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We've had two updated scores some in and Walter has managed to take back the coveted number one spot with a most triumphant score of 64,575!!

There's still time to submit a new score before the table is filled up so keep delivering them tapes dudes!

Feb 23, 2017
Community Announcements - pixeltripstudios
Congratulations to Mason O'Hara for kickflipping into first place with a most bodacious score of 64,100... Only 7 places left on The Videokid Challenge!

Community Announcements - pixeltripstudios
Hey videokids! We just added some rad new achievements and a gnarly leaderboard now too so you can see how far you and your friends have got and most importantly who has the best score in the neighbourhood!

We have also improved the partial controller support. From the game over screen you can hit "a" to restart or "y" to enter the store but you will still need a mouse to buy store items for the moment.

Lastly we improved the performance a little so the game should run even smoother. Keep on truckin...

Community Announcements - pixeltripstudios
The hall of fame is almost half full but still 13 places left to have your name forever etched in arcade history. Who else is oldskool enough to beat the game...?

Community Announcements - pixeltripstudios
Congrats to the new players who beat the game within its first 10 days of release! Still 17 places left to try and beat the hiscore set by Walter...

Community Announcements - pixeltripstudios
If you dig our game then join the group for latest news & giveaways!
Community Announcements - pixeltripstudios
We have the first 3 names up on the Videokid Challenge highscore table! Congrats to Walter for getting the top score so far! Still 22 places left....

Feb 2, 2017
Community Announcements - pixeltripstudios
Hey guys, just posted an update that fixes the truck that you could pass through which crashed the game. Sorry to all those that got stuck at that point :)
Let us know if you find any more and we'll fix them asap! We also plan to improve the controller support plus add leaderboards and achievements to the game soon. Thanks for playing!

In breaking news 2 players have completed the Videokid Challenge so far!!! They will be posted up on the scoreboard tomorrow and on our FB page.

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