Product Update - Valve

* Hurricane Pike recipe increased from 250 to 500
* Silver Edge recipe increased from 300 to 500
* Ghost Scepter cooldown reduced from 25 to 20
* Sange and Yasha proc chance increased from 35% to 40%
* Heaven's Halberd cooldown reduced from 22 to 18
* Slippers of Agility are no longer available in the Side Shop

* Centaur: Stampede Scepter damage reduction reduced from 50% to 40%
* Monkey King: Primal Spring slow rescaled from 40/50/60/70% to 30/45/60/75%
* Monkey King: Spring winding up sound effect can be heard by nearby enemies
* Magnus: Base attack time increased from 1.7 to 1.8
* Magnus: Reverse Polarity cooldown increased from 120/110/100 to 120
* Abaddon: Strength gain reduced from 2.7 to 2.5
* Abaddon: Mist Coil projectile speed reduced from 2000 to 1600
* Lifestealer: Base damage reduced by 2
* Keeper of the Light: Base damage reduced from 43-57 to 43-50
* Brewmaster: Drunken Brawler cooldown reduced from 16/14/12/10 to 13/12/11/10
* Nature's Prophet: Level 10 Talent increased from +225 Health to +250
* Nature's Prophet: Level 15 Talent changed from +35 Movement Speed to +4 Treants Summoned
* Razor: Level 20 Talent increased from +30 Attack Speed to +40
* Razor: Level 20 Talent increased from +275 Health to +325
* Death Prophet: Level 10 Talent increased from +10% Magic Resistance to +12%
* Death Prophet: Exorcism spirit damage increased from 55 to 58
* Queen of Pain: Shadow Strike cast point reduced from 0.452 to 0.4
* Phoenix: Level 15 Talent increased from +120 Gold/Min to 150
* Phoenix: Level 15 Talent increased from +50 Fire Spirits DPS to +65
* Kunkka: Level 10 Talent increased from +25 Damage to +30
* Kunkka: Level 15 Talent increased from +20 Movement Speed to +30
* Lycan: Base strength increased by 3
* Arc Warden: Strength gain increased from 2.3 to 2.7
* Lone Druid: Level 15 Talent increased from +30 Spirit Bear Damage to +50
* Ancient Apparition: Cold Feet manacost reduced from 150 to 125
* Broodmother: Insatiable Hunger lifesteal increased from 60/90/120% to 60/100/140%
* Broodmother: Insatiable Hunger damage increased from 60/90/120 to 60/100/140
* Bristleback: Quill Spray AoE increased from 625 to 650
* Puck: Base damage increased by 3
* Lich: Chain Frost cooldown reduced from 120/90/60 to 100/80/60
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed the wagering panel blocking clicks at the start of the game.
- Fixed the interaction of the ward dispenser and double-tap casting.
PC Gamer

The open qualifiers for Dota 2’s Kiev Major were an opportunity for teams and players throughout the world to earn a shot at one of the biggest prize pools in esports. According to tournament organizer FACEIT it drew the most teams of any open qualifier for a Valve event yet, with over six thousand teams across the globe entering the various regional qualifiers. Unfortunately, even in an esteemed tournament, large crowds can draw troublemakers.

Case in point: a team called ‘Holocaust N****rs’ was able to progress through the first five rounds of the European open qualifiers. When a Reddit user drew attention to the team's name in a thread that has since disappeared, outrage and debate followed as the team continued through the event. The matter even drew ire from OG player Fly.

Many on Reddit and Twitter found themselves wondering where the FACEIT admins were during this period. When reached out for comment, a representative for the site explained that the team had worked around the administrators by using the offensive name in match lobbies. When used as a lobby team name, the FACEIT tournament system wouldn’t display the name to human FACEIT admins.

Had the team been caught before their loss, this means they would have been barred from playing for the duration of the tournament

“Their name while on the FACEIT platform was absolutely normal and contained no offensive language” FACEIT told us. “While on the FACEIT platform all team names are visible to our admins and can therefore be controlled.” “However, once the tournament has started and in-game lobbies have been formed, teams can then use a different in-game name from their FACEIT team account name. So in this instance once they joined the Dota 2 in-game lobby what they do within the new server client is outside of our control as it cannot be seen by our team and it’s no longer part of our platform. By the time the issue was raised the team had already lost the tournament so we were unable to take any action.” 

They point to their policies, which state that an inappropriate name or avatar is cause for a one-week matchmaking ban. Had the team been caught before their loss, this means they would have been barred from playing for the duration of the tournament. This also raises the question of whether opposing teams or spectators in earlier rounds were willing to bring up the issue with the admins, or were aware of the anti-obscenity policies in place (or cared at all). 

Dotabuff co-founder ’Lawliepop’ also responded to the controversy, sharing the site’s official stance:

“This is a cut and dry situation. Names including hate speech are completely unacceptable,” she says. She explains that they already have anti-obscenity and anti-hate policies in place, including censoring avatars and team or player names. However, there’s only so much the site could do, given that they merely scrape data from the Valve API. 

“I think with this particular name, it's an egregious situation due to the fact that it is in a Valve qualifier,” she says. “Ultimately, this is a place where Valve has the opportunity to improve the standards they have for names in Dota. Anything Dotabuff does is just a band-aid on the problem and not a real solution.”

While the Dotabuff staff often comes together to figure out how to implement anti-hate policies, even the moral question of doing so as a data aggregator is tough to answer.

“I want to remove the names, but at the same time I feel conflicted. This is a part of the community, and often Dotabuff will be the only record of it. I don't want erasing the existence of hate to convince the community that these things don't happen. I don't think that part of playing a game should include subjecting yourself to hate speech to participate.”

“I really hope that 5 years from now we can look back on this as part of Dota's ugly past and something we have moved on from.” 

It’s already become a tricky situation. In the brief time between the statement and the time of writing, a Reddit user claimed that the word ‘negro’ got filtered out on the Dota 2 results site. This drew claims of anglocentrism: while the word is a slur in many countries, specifically both American continents (especially in the USA) and Europe, it’s the direct translation of ‘black’ in Spanish. 

Controversy surrounding racism and other “-isms” isn’t new to the Dota 2 community by any means. The most pertinent example of a race-related meme is 'three Merlinis,' referring to the respected Asian analyst, player and caster. The joke is meant to imply that three Asians on a stream look similar, even if they’re far from it.

The community has the ability and responsibility to discuss and inform about harmful actions that could hurt both those within the game and onlookers

Most recently, caster TobiWan became upset when a similar 'fat, normal, skinny Tobi' joke rose to the front page of the Dota 2 subreddit, featuring three white, blond men of different sizes, including Tobi in the middle. While the community came to support him when he expressed his discomfort, many pointed out that when woman personalities faced similar harassment, Tobi himself told them to deal with it or grow a thicker skin, highlighting a double standard in the community for different personalities.

Veteran player Singsing was also recently brought into the spotlight when his channel submitted and had approved racist emoticons, featuring blatantly crude black stereotypes, as well as mods with crude commands for ASCII art, including one that spelled out the n-word in a fancy font. It was also noted that Sing had some of the ASCII commands and modded bots for at least a few months, if not years. While Singsing himself was put under blast for the emoticons themselves, it brought Twitch’s credibility into question given they approved the emoticons. Plus, there was the issue of how Twitch staff would let the streamer use these tools when many staff would spectate and often participate in the stream and its chat.

The community and developers in the Dota 2 community have had mixed experiences with, and reactions to, the various offensive and crude happenings that come with such a vast and diverse international community. While the developers of the game and its peripheral sites hold a degree of power over what makes it into the public, the community has the ability and responsibility to discuss and inform about harmful actions that could hurt both those within the game and onlookers, especially given how user-centric the Dota 2 scene is. A politically turbulent age brings those looking to escape from everyday life into Dota 2, and the scene will have to learn how to confront hostile and exclusionary viewpoints so everyone can play fairly and safely.

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed the display of particles in the portrait window.
- Fixed Shadow Fiend's Demon Eater (Arcana) steaming while in the river.
- Fixed Juggernaut's Bladeform Legacy - Origins style hero icons for pre-game and the courier button.
- Improved threading configuration for AMD Ryzen processors.
- Workshop: Increased head slot minimum budget for several heroes.
Community Announcements - Ward

Today the Juggernaut receives a new 'Origins' style for his Bladeform Legacy Arcana. Score ten kills with Omnislash to unlock this second form. With a new gem counter and overhead effect that track your total Omnislash kills, you can watch your tally increase in each battle as the Juggernaut's mask burns with the energy of the fallen.

This update includes the release of Player Cards for The Kiev Major. Head into the Compendium section of your Battle Pass to unwrap your cards and start planning Fantasy Challenge rosters. You can also add Player Cards to your Dota 2 profile to show off your favorites.
Product Update - Valve
* Bonus Tower Armor based on nearby enemies is now shown in the HUD only to the attacking team
* Fixed an Earth Spirit lane pull abuse
* Improved server region auto detection
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

Jakiro from Dota 2 [official site], once thought to be the world’s most popular flying plastic bag since that one in American Beauty, has been revealed as a two-headed dragon. Valve yesterday pumped out a Dota 2 update which included the long-promised new model for the support character(s), which makes clear that Jakiro are actually a dragon and not a burst bin bag. Who knew! The new Jakiro mostly follows the same concept, though Blue Head’s cute beard o’ barbels has become a jawline so stern even Judge Dredd would envy it. Update v7.03 also brought a fair few balance tweaks, and one of those mega-expensive ‘Arcana’ cosmetic sets for Juggernaut. … [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Ward

Today, the mask is unveiled. Juggernaut's Arcana is now available. Featuring a custom Dragon Spirit ancestor and all-new animations and effects, the Bladeform Legacy marks a new chapter for the wandering warrior from the Isle of Masks.

In patch news, this release includes a new Captains Mode interface, a redesigned model for Jakiro, the 7.03 gameplay update, and various improvements to game performance. Head over to The Bladeform Legacy Update page for more information on all of the changes.

To celebrate today's update, this weekend's Battle Cup is free to all players. You don't need an entry ticket or a Battle Pass—just party up and join the queue by your local start time to answer the call to glory.
Community Announcements - Ward

Announcing the Cosplay Competition at The International, featuring a $15,000 prize pool up for grabs during the Main Event of the year’s premier Dota 2 tournament.

We invite all dedicated cosplayers to craft their best Dota-themed costumes and make the journey to Seattle in August for the Main Event of The International. Contestants do not need to be event ticket holders—all cosplayers who register to participate will be admitted to a Prejudging Phase near the event venue. The Performance Finals will then take place on the Main Event stage to determine who will walk away with the winner’s share of the cash prize.

Regardless of placement in the competition, all registered cosplayers who meet entry requirements will also receive this year's Dota 2 Cosplay Crest upon appearing in cosplay during the Prejudging Phase of the competition.

As with last year, the 2017 Cosplay Competition will be administered by PGL. Please visit PGL's sign-up page to register for more information.
PC Gamer

For over a week, teams on nearly every continent clamored for the final eight spots at Dota 2’s Kiev Major. Now, eight days later, eight teams have emerged from regional qualifiers and must prepare for the next step.

This Major’s qualifiers have been more intense than ever. In SEA, where not a single team was given an invite, teams fought for two chances to represent their region. Meanwhile, South America had its first-ever regional qualifiers, separating its unique community from that of North America, and CIS was given its own chance after being stacked with European teams. Champions of the Winter Battle Cup, the in-game tournament system, were given a chance to participate as well.

To fill out the final eight slots of the Kiev Major LAN event, South America, North America, Eastern Europe/CIS and Western Europe were each given a qualifier spot, and China and SEA fought for two.

With these changes in place, hundreds of teams entered the heat of battle. Now, we have our winners.

Will they surprise in Kiev like they did at TI6?

The first team to reach the finish line was Faceless from the SEA region as the Singaporean squad, which includes vets Black^, iceiceice and xy-, took down three regional rivals with scattered Filipino pros. After tying with two other teams 7-2 in the group stages, they were given a run for their money, especially against TNC Pro, which delayed the inevitable after their base was torn apart. The team has already shown a solid record in its short time together, Kiev aside, and if their LAN run is anything like their qualifiers, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

In the final day of qualifiers, Filipino org TNC Pro caught up in the loser’s bracket to earn the second regional spot. Like much of the region, they also had a hard battle to the top, especially against ex-finalists and local rivals Mineski.GG. They eventually earned the privilege of being their country's representative. After reuniting TI6 member Raven with fellow teammates Kuku and Sam_H, they’ve been one of the more prominent teams in the region (and even internationally) in the time before the qualifiers, so it's a matter of how they’ll stand once again against elite teams. Will they surprise in Kiev like they did at TI6?

In the western hemisphere, Team Secret picked up a hard-fought EU West spot after a difficult run in what’s considered to be a “stacked” region. Alliance, the TI3 champs, had come from defeating fan favorite B)ears in the loser’s bracket for the grand finals, but Secret were able to take them down in a tense but clean 2-0 match. Secret, which is a former European favorite banner that now features vets pieliedie, MP, KheZu and MidOne, had their reputation tarnished after Puppey and Kermal, respectively the captain and owner, were accused of holding back money from winners; EternalEnVy of Team NP claims some is still missing. Kiev will be Secret’s first Majors appearance since the claims surfaced after The International 6.

The neighboring team in EU East/CIS to win the local spot was Virtus Pro, the aggressive Russian team that was favored during the pre-Boston competitive season and won The Summit. With Solo in the captain’s chair and a star squad beside him, they had a perfect group stage and were able to pull off a full run through the winner’s bracket, defeating the roster of long-standing CIS banner Team Empire. After dropping game one, final two games in the match were won in dominating and persuasive fashion, each wrapping up in under 22 minutes. VP will need to bring this fast and furious game to Kiev and hope other teams won’t learn how to shut them down like they did in Boston.

The atmosphere of the North American qualifiers was tense, especially with recent shuffles and drama hanging in the air. BuLba had just left Liquid to form international squad Team Onyx, and CompLexity rose up from the open qualifiers after their mid left, bringing in pub star and 9k MMR player 747.  It came down to these two teams, and Team Onyx rose to the occasion to win for the NA spot. The team is certainly an all-star lineup, especially with DemoN returning from his time with TNC and Fnatic to help the SEA region improve, and now they’ll set out to be the newest crew of celebrity power in NA.

South America’s qualifiers were packed with a few small and unfortunate, but fortunately resolved, controversies. Unknown, whose banner once represented the region at Valve’s Frankfurt Major, ragequit mid-game long before what’s politely acceptable. In another match a caster was assigned to the region but reportedly wasn’t informed on their active channels, and international casters scrambled to cover for them.

In the end, SG e-Sports from Brazil came out on top with an emotionally-charged victory over established squad Not Today

Despite these issues, the South American qualifiers proved entertaining to watch. In the end, SG e-Sports from Brazil came out on top with an emotionally-charged victory over established squad Not Today. Each player has been working hard to succeed in the local professional scene since 2014, and now the recently-formed squad will represent their region and proud country in Kiev.

China’s qualifiers were fairly stacked, as many the teams that fought for Kiev were considered to be fairly equal in tier. In the first set of finals, two different Invictus gaming squads, the main roster and the Vitality squad, faced off against each other for the first qualifying spot. The two sister squads had intense battles, but IG.V proved their worth and took the prize.

IG’s main roster, featuring renown vets BurNing and Q, still had a shot at the second slot, and Vici Gaming’s main roster came up from the loser’s bracket to give them a run for their money with an intense rematch series. IG still proved stronger and won the second spot, filling out the sixteenth slot for Kiev’s main event. 


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