GunHero - Tyyppi_77
It's the spookies time of the year! And to celebrate, I have prepared a special GunHero update!

I have added a super cool halloween theme to the game's menus. The same theme is used actually in all levels during the special scary season. If you play close attention, you might also notice that some enemies have picked up some headwear.

Speaking of headwear, the game now has 17 awesome hats that you can equip from the settings menu. No annoying lootcrates or collectibles, just pick a hat that you like and move on with your life. My favorites include "Mr. Bigguns" and "Brain Slug".

  • Added hats
  • Added seasonal Halloween event
  • Fixed a various minor & majorish bugs
Jun 28
GunHero - Tyyppi_77
Get hyped for the first GunHero content update!

Click here to watch the trailer

Fight your friends on battle arenas! The update features five battle arenas where you can let off some steam by shooting your friends. You can choose between deathmatch, last player standing and score modes, with each mode offering its own unique battle rules.

The level selection has also been polished.

  • Introduced battle mode
  • Cleaned up level selection
  • Improved weapon hitboxes
  • Improved bomb explosions
  • Added a rain color theme
  • Mouse aiming now accounts for current zoom level
  • Fixed minor memory leaks
  • Fixed coop crashes
  • Fixed jumping on the prison boss
  • Fixed dead players not dropping hostages

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