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It's been a couple of weeks since the last update so I just wanted to check in and see how many people were still encountering save file issues. I've noticed a significant drop in the number of emails I've received regarding lost files, so I'm hoping the new backup system really is doing its job.

I wanted to give a shout-out to Evan Todd, a fellow Columbus developer. I spoke with him at a meetup earlier this month and he originally suggested that I implement the backup system. I was so caught up in trying to figure out why files were being lost in first place that this didn't even cross my mind.

Evan is also the creator of Lemma, an awesome first-person parkour adventure game. Give it a look :)

As always, if anyone out there is still encountering file issues please email me at
Community Announcements - anpShawn
I make one of these videos monthly, so here's a quick recap on the Steam launch and me addressing the lost save files:

Community Announcements - anpShawn
- Introduces an experimental new local backup system: the game will maintain a backup copy of your main file and will attempt to restore it if it detects that the original file has been deleted.
- Fixed issue where Shifter’s stats would not appear to update after equipping certain stones.
- Removed portal flash from warp when 'Flash Effects' are set to 'off'
- Steam file imports forcibly turn off 'Low Power' mode if imported from mobile.

If anyone is experiencing a lost save file, please contact me at
Community Announcements - anpShawn
Just wanted to let everyone know that we pushed updates out for both the Android and iOS versions of the game this weekend that allow for the transfer of save files between all devices! Please try this out and let us know if you encounter any issues. The file transfer buttons are located on the title screen, right next to the file boxes:

Please also use this feature to upload your file to the server to use as a backup. If you file is lost you can download it with your retrieval code.

If you lost your save file and never uploaded it, there's a chance I can try to re-construct it for you. Priority for this service goes to players that have purchased game items with real currency.

For any assistance with locating your file or building a new one, please email me at anpshawn [at]

Note: The latest version of both mobile apps is 1.2.02, while the latest version of the Steam app is 1.2.04
Community Announcements - anpShawn
- Remixed some music tracks to hopefully fix remaining audio issues
- Compatibility fix to allow mobile save imports

Hey guys- this is a very tiny update but it included a last minute issue with the save transfer system that needed to be fixed. This might delay us by a couple of days- we're looking to release mobile transfer by the end of this week or early next. Thanks!

If you have lost a save file please email me at anpshawn [at] gmail so we can figure out what options might be available for recovery.
Community Announcements - anpShawn
- Up-mixed sound effects from mono to stereo to hopefully fix the audio issues that 5.1+ users are having
- Turning off flash effects will now also disable screen shaking
- Fixed bug where the cursor would move to the wrong box when clicking an equipped item
- Fixed instances of the "Status: Poor" achievement being unlocked incorrectly
- Fixed issue with the wrong area names appearing in the Lair of Despair

The mobile-to-steam file transfer appears to be working as intended, we may be able to release it next week.

And as always, please please please take a moment to back up your save files if you are able. I know this is not an elegant solution, but we're having a lot of issues pinning down the cause of wiped files and this at least offers a layer of protection. Even if you upload your file and forget your code, or it becomes deactivated, there is a decent chance we can wrestle it out of the database.

Backups are very easy, just click the 'upload' button next to a file on the title screen. More details here:
Community Announcements - anpShawn
We're planning to push a small update to the Steam version tomorrow night (February 16th) around 11pm EST. This will (hopefully) fix the 5.1 audio issues, and some other small bugs.

As previously mentioned, it has come to our attention that some users are experiencing deleted save files. We have not been able to re-create the issue ourselves, and it appears to affect a very small number of users.

Just to be safe, please take one of the following precautions if you are able:

1. Use the "File Upload" feature located on the title screen. This will upload a snapshot of your current file to the server, which can be retrieved later from the same device or another device:

2. Make a manual backup of the actual save file located at %USERNAME%/AppData/Roaming/dungeon/

Community Announcements - anpShawn
Just wanted to make a quick post to address some issues that some of our users have been experiencing.

First off, there is a known problem with sound effects not playing for users that have any kind of surround sound configuration (5.1, 7.1, etc). In most cases a temporary fix seems to be to just disable the surround settings and ensure that the speakers are playing in stereo only. In general, on Windows, you should be able to access this by:

Right click Volume in system tray -> Playback devices -> Select the default playback device -> Click Configure -> Set audio channels to Stereo

(Thanks to Mike)
Shawn (programmer) does not have a surround sound configuration, making it hard to pinpoint the issue. Later this week we plan to upload a build with all SFX converted to mp3 format. (Right now they are ogg). If this doesn't work we can also try wav, but doing so would increase our filesize.

Some users have been experiencing crashes during general gameplay. This seems to be more prevalent on Windows 10, but if we had to guess it probably affects other versions as well. While we don't like crashes, we REALLY don't like when some users then report an erased save file after said crash. Which brings us to:

Save File Backups. First, the game should sync your file automatically with Steam Cloud as long as you have it enabled and don't move the default save file to a new location. Unfortunately, it's possible that Steam Cloud is also uploading empty save files right after a crash wipes it out. In which case...

As a tip, you can also use our save file transfer system as a last-ditch recovery option. When you upload your save file it will stay on the server until the next time it is downloaded. So if you upload the file and never download it, it will be waiting for you in case of an emergency. You can upload the same file over and over again into the same slot, so don't be afraid to do this. We know this isn't an ideal solution, but at least wanted to make users aware.

Lastly, if you're extremely paranoid, you can make a manual backup of the save file. You should be able to locate it at %USERNAME%/AppData/Roaming/dungeon/
Community Announcements - anpShawn
It's been a long journey to get here, so thanks for sticking it out with us! We hope we've worked out any major issues, but please let us know if something strange pops up.

The Steam launch is also the official introduction of our save file transfer system, which can be accessed directly from the file menu. We're working to bring this to Android and iOS by the end of the month to enable full cross-platform support between all versions of Soda Dungeon.

Community Announcements - anpShawn
It's been a long time coming, but we're finally confident to disclose February 7th as our release date for the Steam version. We'll be monitoring additional feedback from our beta testers as we lead up to launch. Making Steam updates is relatively easy, at least compared to mobile. So if there are any unforeseen issues we should be able to deal with them quicker.

A big thanks to everyone that helped test the game for us!

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