Feb 22
TMM: Entourage - CaptainChristian
Change log

-Hero units now inherit stats from other unit types
-Set window mode to full screen by default
-Convention: Unit names are now single word only
-Changed a couple of unit names to conform to this convention
-Added some checks to prevent incorrect building placement
-Added attack boni vs other types to all units
-Now preventing key clicks from opening windows which don‘t make sense for the current game mode

-Added some missing animations

-Fixed a couple of bugs for tooltips
-Now hiding buttons which are invalid for the current game mode
-Re-added selection circles for the currently selected unit
-Now showing unit stats and info for the currently selected unit

-Changed some materials to prevent silhouettes from showing on some units when behind the weapon

Known Issues
-Sometimes units are not playing animations
TMM: Entourage - CaptainChristian
Change log

-Changed which animations are played by different units and at different speeds

-Fixed a bug which prevented icons from being destroyed on game over

-Fixed some minor bugs

Version 0.4.4

-Added hero portraits to the minimap
-Updated text elements of the options menu for better readability

Known Issues: Some dropdown menus may act weird
Jan 22
TMM: Entourage - CaptainChristian
Change Log

-Fixed an issue which culled text in the game over score sheet

-Improved load times
-Added checks to prevent important objects from being created in the void
Jan 18
TMM: Entourage - CaptainChristian
Change log

Open Battle
-Added ~20 maps

-Changed appearance of minimap to only show walkable areas
-Aligned minimap to camera rotation
-Fixed some tooltips (i.e. skills)
-Added colors for hero units on minimap
-Changed local hero color to white
-Reduzed size of minimap icons and made them less intrusive

-Minor bugfixes
-Minor code cleanup
-Reduced the number of props visibile at all times
-Performance improved
TMM: Entourage - CaptainChristian
Change log

-Fixed a bug which caused the map the be really dark at the start of the match

-Fixed a bug which caused some sprites to appear white
-Changed positioning of morale text a bit
TMM: Entourage - CaptainChristian
Change log

-Added campaigns to all game modes which use named maps (all competitive modes and new Stronghold)

-Players now start in a corner of the map
-Objectives are created closeby which need to be captured and held for some time
-After that time, your team scores
-New objectives are created further away
-Score until no more objectives are created
-Added 140 new maps to support the new release

-Added a morale system
-A player kill increases your morale by a small amount
-Death decreases your morale by a big amount
-Gain kill participation by staying in the general vicinity of the victim

-Increased heightmap resolution to support the new maps
-Fixed a bug when generating terrains

-Added 4 autonomous weapons to the gunship
-Players may change the loadout of the gunship at anytime

-Added kill messages
-Made improvements to readability of texts
-Improved tooltips for some elements (mainly appearance and weapon dropdown menus)
-Restructured main menu navigation to improve flow
-Restructured match lobby to show match, campaign and other settings in different windows
-Players need to be ready before starting a new match
-Added a chatbox to the match lobby
-Changed the appearance of loading and game over screens
-Capture bar screen position now adjusts to the objective’s position in the world
-Connected some loose ends

-Implemented various smaller fixes to improve integrity and stability, enforcing synchronicity between players

-Improved general stability of the game and error handling
-Changed perspective to ortographic/isometric
-Fixed a rare bug which prevented players from shooting

Known Issues
-In rare cases some sprites are not rendered correctly
-In some cases the terrain appears too dark after map load, moving into differen areas solves this issue
Sep 21, 2017
TMM: Entourage - CaptainChristian
Change log (v.0.3.0)

Multiplatform release: Added executables for Mac and Linux
Added 2 new coop gamemodes: Open Battle and Corridor Battle
Added a melee unit

Open Battle (Coop)
-Huge open space map with a couple of palisades scattered around the map creating chokepoints and lanes
-Control the flow of battle and outplay your opponent to win
-Production is disabled

Corridor Battle (Coop)
-Stretched area with two teams placed at opposite ends
-Classic tug of war
-Production is disabled

-Added secondary maps to all game modes which support unit production
-Secondary maps act like home maps for a team and may be entered and exited by clicking on a position on the minimap
-Added links between main map and secondary maps at specific points, usually at team starting positions

-Added a close combat unit to all factions equipped with a shield and relatively high health pool, causing splash damage

-Added cannons back to the default production rotation

-Generally increased the cooldowns of all weapons to reduce clutter and adjust pacing

-Unified tooltips for all game modes to make them more consistent
-Added MoveTo/Show function to the minimap, one makes your character move there, the other pans the camera to the targeted location
-General cleanup and improvements

-Improved visual quality of the Fog of War

-Threaded a lot of tasks improving performance

-Added various sanity checks to prevent irregular actions
Jun 30, 2017
TMM: Entourage - CaptainChristian
Change log

-Added 155 new maps to competitive game modes

-Reintroduced the game mode

-Increased their radius to make them more responsive

-Fixed a couple of bugs across the board
-We are now telling the AI which objectives are more important than others

-Added an ingame event log which shows the most important events as they occur, also color-coded
-Made several changes to the score sheet including better tooltips, actual teams in the match and color matching

-Established a common map size for all current game modes and maps
Jun 23, 2017
TMM: Entourage - CaptainChristian
Change log

-Fixed a bug which assigned players to the wrong team in rare cases
-Fixed a bug which prevented the sword which is shown during a skill animation to disappear afterwards, also hiding the original weapon
-Fixed a bug which prevented the campaign screen from showing up
Jun 22, 2017
TMM: Entourage - CaptainChristian
Change log

-Fixed various bugs which were introduced in the last update

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