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I'm very excited to announce Quadrilateral Cowboy will be released on July 25, 2016 at 10AM PST.

Quadrilateral Cowboy is a first-person cyberpunk heist adventure from Blendo Games, developer of titles such as Atom Zombie Smasher and Thirty Flights of Loving.

The initial launch will be for Windows, with the Mac and Linux builds coming in September 2016. Read more info at:

See you in a week!
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% off Atom Zombie Smasher!

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

Product Update - Valve
Release Notes:
- Fixed winter achievement not displaying correctly.
- Bomb pickup now respects player timescale.
- Santa heli now respects player timescale.
- Warning timer now appears at 15 seconds (was 10 seconds).
Product Update - Valve
  • Gameplay: when no more zombie territories, humans win.
  • UI: merc control bar now accommodates any arbitrary amount.
  • UI: can press ESC to skip Territory Score screen.
  • UI: can press ESC to skip New Outbreaks screen.
  • UI: can press left/right to select upgradeable mercs.
  • UI: can press Enter for Yes/No popups.
  • UI: fixed Player 2 artillery cursor mixup.
  • UI: added loading animation to File Share menu.
  • UI: added URL tooltip in Behind the Scenes.
  • UI: vid. resolution menu now shows current resolution.
  • UI: helicopter name limited to 23 chars.
  • UI: add help message for bad profiles.
  • Mods: removed empty mods from database.
  • Fix: custom resolutions are now saved.
  • Fix: fix crash in Zed Bait.
  • Fix: fix crash in Twitter feed.
  • Debug: PAX Demo functionality.
Shacknews - Alice O'Connor

Sales for the "pay what you want" Humble Indie Bundle 3 have passed the $2,000,000 mark, an impressive factoid which also provides a handy reminder that today is the last day you can snap up the mega-bargain. If you haven't yet, do so!

The Humble Indie Bundle 3 is now the most successful of the four Humble Bundles so far (1, 2, the Frozenbyte Bundle, and 3), comfortably passing #2's record of $1.8 million. And it's not over yet: you have until 4pm Pacific today to buy the Bundle. If you already have it yourself, you can always buy more Bundles as gifts, to give away now or save for later.

For the very reasonable price of 'as much or as little as you jolly well please,' The Humble Indie Bundle 3 gives you And Yet It Moves, Atom Zombie Smasher, Cogs, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Hammerfight, Steel Storm, and VVVVVV. All games come DRM-free for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can be activated on Steam and Desura too.

If you pay more than the average price (currently $5.81), you'll also receive the five games from the second Humble Indie Bundle: Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, Revenge of the Titans. These can also be activated on Steam and Desura. Ultra-bargain!

By default, the Humble Bundle money is split between the HIB 2 and 3 developers (27.5% each), the EFF and Child's Play (15% each), and the Bundle's organiser, Wolfire Games (15%), though buyers can adjust the shares. Assuming people don't tinker with the percentages too much, well, that's a whole heap of money for everyone involved and for charity.

Shacknews - Xav de Matos

The Humble Indie Bundle continues to get robust, as yet another title has been added to the growing collection.

Atom Zombie Smasher from Blendo Games is now included with all Humble Indie Bundle 3 purchases. Since it launched on July 26, the bundle--which splits profits between the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child's Play, and indie developers--has been sold over 280,000 times.

This marks the third addition to the third Humble Indie Bundle. Previously, the bundle added the bonus game Steel Storm and then gave away the games included in the second Humble Bundle.

Sold separately on Steam, Atom Zombie Smasher is priced at $9.99 and is available on PC and Mac as a SteamPlay game. The average price for the third "pay what you want" Humble Indie Bundle is currently listed at $5.46, at the time of publishing.

[via game creator & Shacker, Blender81]

Product Update - Valve
Version 1.84
- Gameplay: Chooser gamemode no longer scrambles merc lineup.
- Gameplay: landmines now respect user's gamespeed.
- UI: middle mouse click now opens Merc Chooser window.
- UI: Alt+Enter now toggles fullscreen/windowed.
- UI: added option to quit without saving.
- UI: added social feed.
- UI: added More Games menu.
- UI: increased Report-a-Bug window size.
- UI: campaign log export now includes hours/minutes in filename.
- System: Disable joysticks with "-joystick 0" command line.
- System: Disable sound with "-sound 0" command line.
- System: Added telemetry system.
- Fix: crash in 3D renderer.
- Fix: crash in region generation.
- Fix: crash in newsletter page.
- Fix: crash with empty mod names.
- Fix: crash in music system.
- Fix: crash in pathfinder.
- Fix: crash in text renderer.
Announcement - Valve
This Weekend Only! Grab a special collection of Indie titles for one low price!

The Indie Variety Pack includes: A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda, Atom Zombie Smasher, Capsized, Machinarium, and Swords & Soldiers HD.

The Indie Action Pack includes: AaAaAA!!!, Gridrunner Revolution, Metal Drift, Starscape, and Zombie Driver.

Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time.

Product Update - Valve
1.82 Changelog
- UI: added "Hotkey UI" to display hotkey numbers on mercenaries.
- Mods: particle effect color when helicopter gathers civilians (HELI_GATHERCOLOR)
- Mods: particle effect color when Zed Bait gathers zombies (NECTAR_GATHERCOLOR)
- Fix: crash in cityscape UI renderer.
- Fix: fixed bugs in territory generator.
Product Update - Valve
1.81 changelog
- Mods: parameter for controlling how often zombies chase humans (ZOMBIE_CHASECHANCE 25)
- Extras: added Behind the Scenes page.
- Extras: added Version History page.
- Extras: added Newsletter page.
- Fix: fixed mystery dynamite appearing at 0,0 position.
- Fix: crash in dynamite detonation.
- Fix: crash in texture renderer.

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