Super Blood Hockey - Loren
Hi folks,

The Mac beta is ready for testing. Any one can access it :) I don't personally own a Mac so I have no means of testing this build myself, so I will need your patience and your feedback to make this happen. Please post any feedback / bug reports here:

NOTE: It is likely that the first few builds might not launch at all. If the game does not initially launch from Steam, try navigating to the folder and launching the game directly.

How to Access the Mac Beta:
Step 1. Right click on Super Blood Hockey in your Steam Library and go to Properties.
Step 2. Under the betas tab, enter the password: EnableHipsterMode and then select the build from the drop down menu.

Thanks again,
Super Blood Hockey - Loren
Hi Folks,

Super Blood Hockey now supports Linux/SteamOS. I really appreciate everyone who participated in the Linux beta and helped me work through all the issues. I couldn't have done it without all of you. Next update I will be adding everyone that helped to the credits section of the game.

I will not be revoking beta keys, so if you helped test the game, you get to keep it. But if you enjoyed the game and want to help out, maybe consider purchasing it as a gift for friend :)

Up next is the Mac port. If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping test the Mac port, feel free to contact me here, or on Twitter:

If you encounter any issue with the Linux port, please make a post about it here and I will reply asap:

Thanks again!

Super Blood Hockey - Loren
Hi everyone,

I need your help to get the Linux port running. The current build may not launch. I am currently trying to determine whether there is an issue with the port, or my Linux install. I must confess, I am not an expert at Linux, so this will require some trial and error. Thanks for being patient! :D

I need your feedback on whether or not it launches. Please include any error messages and post feedback here:

How to access the Linux Port
- Right click on Super Blood Hockey from your Steam Library.
- Click Properties and then navigate to the Betas tab.
- Enter WindowsSux0rz in the access code field.

After I get the Linux build up and running, I will then start working on the Mac port. I really appreciate everyone's help!

- Loren
Super Blood Hockey - (Samuel Horti)

Super Blood Hockey

I’m moving to Canada next month. Every Canadian I mention this too ends up asking the same question: “Do you like hockey?” It’s like a religion over there, apparently. I’ve never watched a game in my life, but once you reach international airspace apathy is not an option (and don’t you dare call it ‘ice hockey’). So perhaps playing the newly-released, ultra-realistic sim Super Blood Hockey [official site] would be a good way to assimilate with the locals.


Super Blood Hockey - Loren

This update is a small one, just a few bug fixes. Also, if any one experiences the bug where players do not show up to a face-off, please post about it in the discussion forum. I am having trouble figuring out what triggers this bug, and without being able to recreate it on my side its proving challenging to fix.

It seems to never happen for most people, but a few have seen it multiple times. This leads me to believe there is some behavior or action that can trigger it.

Patch Notes
  • Fixed a bug where fights were triggering far too often in the 12 vs 12 Mega Rumble.
  • Implementing a trial solution for the faceoff bug. This may or may not fix it. If this bug happens to you please make a post about it in the discussion forum.

Thanks for all the help and please keep the bug reports coming. As a solo dev I really rely on community feedback!

Super Blood Hockey - Loren

Some still feel the game is too difficult even on Very Easy. I have changed the names of the settings, but Easy is now even easier than Very Easy was before.

Difficulty Changes
  • Modes have been renamed. I have shifted them all up one. Very Easy is now Easy ; Easy is now Medium ; Medium is now hard ; etc in that fashion.
  • The difference in difficulty has been exaggerated a bit. Easy modes are easier, hard modes are a bit harder.

Now, some have developed some false beliefs about the game, and I have received continuous questioning about them, so here are some myths dispelled.

Myths about the difficulty dispelled
  • No one nation is better than any other. I have not rigged the game in favor of Finland or any other country.
  • The AI on your team is exactly the same as the AI on the enemy team. If you feel the enemy teams AI is way better than yours, than that is just your imagination.
  • The Goalie AI is exactly the same on both sides. Your goalie is not significantly worse than the enemies goalie.
  • The AI does not cheat in anyway. They are not more likely to score, or anything of that sort.

I never intended the game to be a very easy experience. Do not expect to master the game in 30 minutes or less. Goals must still be earned. If you are still having difficulty making goals check out this guide:

Super Blood Hockey - Loren
Hi folks,

I have been receiving feedback that some have found the game to be especially challenging, even on easy difficulty, because of this I have introduced a "Very Easy" difficulty setting. There is also now a "Very Hard" difficulty setting as well, for those that want an even more challenging experience.

If you are still having issues scoring and winning then check out this guide by a community member. I give it my official endorsement and should be helpful to many:

I also have squashed a few bugs. If you encounter any issues, please post about it in the discussion forum and I will reply to you ASAP.

There is one known large bug remaining, but it is somewhat rare. If you encounter a moment where the players do not show up for a face off, possibly resulting in the game hanging, then please post any details about it in the discussion forum: e.g. what mode you are playing, what you just played prior, what team you were, etc. Anything you might think of could be useful.

Thanks for helping make the launch of Super Blood Hockey successful! :)

- Loren

Patch Notes
  • New difficulty settings: Very Easy, Very Hard
  • Fixed a bug related to SFX/Music volume settings being set above 100
  • Fixed a bug on the leaderboards where global rank wasn't being displayed properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Special Options background sprite would be out of alignment if the resolution of the game was just changed.
  • Several other small fixes and a few typo fixes.
Super Blood Hockey - Loren
Hi folks,

I am glad to see so many of you are enjoying the game, but a few issues have come up during the release. I will hopefully have these issues patched by tomorrow. If you are experiencing problems, please try the follow fixes:

  • [SOLVED] If the game never launches: You are missing the XNA Runtime. Please download the following, install it and then reboot your computer and try launching the game again:

  • [SOLVED] If the game crashes randomly throughout a match: It is likely because you have set either the SFX Volume or Music Volume set above 100. If you do, please lower both the SFX Volume and Music Volume to 100 or lower.

  • [Feedback requested] Players didn't show up to face off and the game froze:This is another bug that I am still chasing down. If you start a match and players fail to show up for the face-off, please make note of what game mode you are currently playing and what game mode you played right before that match and tell me. I require more information to chase this bug down, so if you encounter this bug, please consider posting any information you might think is relevant. I suspect this bug is related to the tournament mode. Please post any and all information here:

Concerning the difficulty of the game: Some people have felt the game is too difficult even on Easy. Others have felt the game is too easy, even on hard :D Because you guys have voiced your opinions, I will be releasing a "Very Easy" and a "Very Hard" mode shortly.

If you encounter any other issues or want to leave feedback and suggestion, please post about it here and I will get back to you ASAP:

Thanks again for the excellent feedback and bug reports. As a solo developer I really rely on your feedback to help chase down and squash bugs. I am confident that together we can keep improving Super Blood Hockey.

Super Blood Hockey - Loren
Hi Beta Testers,

This one is just a few small bug fixes. I also did some 4 player local coop testing on a TV and felt the player indicator ring colors were hard to tell apart, so I hopefully improved their visibility. Thanks for the continued feedback and bug reports. We are very close to release!


Patch Notes
  • Fixed a bug where the challenge mode stats were incorrectly uploading to the Most Violent Game leaderboards.
  • The Most Violent Game Lleaderboard has been reset. It will take 10 entries before it will display properly in game.
  • Improved player indicator ring colors. Eliminated their transparency.
  • Adjusted some entries in the credits.
  • Several other misc bug fixes.
Super Blood Hockey - Loren
Hi again Beta Testers,

Once again, thanks for the excellent feedback. This next build represents a possible release version of the game (barring any emergency bug fixes). I would appreciate it if you folks would give everything possible a play through and make sure nothing horrible goes wrong, e.g. crashes/bugs/bad experiences/etc.

Also, any beta testers that have left me feedback, either here on steam, twitter, etc. will be included in the credits for the game. I have gone through and added everyone I could find, but odds are I have missed some people. Please verify you have been added to the credits list, also if prefer to go by a real name or want to be removed or something of the sort then send me a message.


Patch Notes
  • Added a tournament loss screen for team Sweden.
  • Added a credits sequence under options.
  • Fixed a bug for higher resolutions not properly displaying the menus.
  • The "Most Violent Game" and "Biggest Blowout" stats/leaderboards have been reset. This is because of balancing changes and bug fixes leading to inflated scores. The leaderboards won't properly display until there are at least 10 scores in total.
  • Added a 2nd intermission track to be triggered at random.
  • Fixed a bug where using the gamepad wasn't triggering the victory music for the tournament win screens.
  • Fixed a sound bug that would cause a momentary blip of sound right before a new game started.
  • Adjust the movement speed of manual goalie control (turns out faster response time is harder to control).

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