Super Blood Hockey - Loren
Hi Beta testers,

Thanks for the continued feedback. I have a new game mode for you guys to test: Challenge Mode. I would appreciate some feedback on the new game modes, as well as verification that the bug fixes are working as intended.

Thanks again,

Patch Notes:
  • New Game Mode: Challenge Mode.
    • Challenge 1: Outnumbered - Win a 4 vs. 8 game.
    • Challenge 2: Part of the Team - Win a game while controlling only a single person.

  • Germany's Tournament loss screen has been completed and implemented. Only Sweden's loss screen remains unfinished

  • Menus updated slightly.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • The puck should no longer be able to tunnel through the back of the net
    • Fixed a crash related to losing a tournament game
    • Fixed a bug where not all players would show up for the faceoff at the start of a games - Also coded in a timer based failsafe that will reset any bad placements.
    • Some other miscellaneous fixes
Super Blood Hockey - Loren
Hi beta testers!

I appreciate all the feedback and bug reports! Please keep them coming :D I would appreciate some on the new Tournament Mode.

Incomplete Patch Notes- Beta 4:
  • New teams: Czech Republic, Germany, North Korea
  • New Mode: Tournament Mode - Compete in a global tournament, with silly win/loss screens. Some screens are still in development.
  • Updated presentation / menus
  • A few improved / tweaked AI behaviors
  • Several bug fixes: Some already known fixes have not yet been fixed (e.g. puck tunneling behind net when dropped)
  • Adjusted the camera zoom values for each resolution to be more unified and consistent.
  • A bunch of other miscellaneous stuff too.
Next in development:
  • A challenge mode: e.g. try to win a 4v8 game, etc.
  • Expanded and unlockable cheat/fun options

The game is getting pretty close to ready for release. One more decent sized chunk of development left.Thanks again!


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