Smashbox Arena - [BigBox] Gabe

BigBox VR announced that Smashbox Arena, one of the hottest competitive multiplayer games in VR, will be hosting a free weekend on Steam starting Thursday, May 18th to Sunday, May 21st.

BigBox VR is celebrating the upcoming ZOTAC CUP MASTERS, where Smashbox Arena will headline a VR esport exhibition match. Zotac, HTC Vive, ESL and BigBox VR are creating the world’s first VR invitational with the gold standard of eSports production and global livestream on Twitch. Four of the top Smashbox Arena players from around the world are meeting at Computex to duke it out using the ZOTAC VR GO wireless backpack PC.

Watch it live online
Friday, June 2, 2017 at 11:00 pm PDT. (TAIWAN: Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 2:00 pm CST)
Smashbox Arena - [BigBox] Gabe

"A great addition to an already addictive game. The new map and game mode will uncover a whole new set of strategies. Can't wait.......giddy up!"

"Shoot, Dodge, and Dance all at the same time, respawn and do it again, Great time"

"Game Changer, the new game mode will make you rethink your whole strategy to this game"

  • Non-stop action to capture and hold the dance floor to win!
  • Respawn back into the action in seconds

- Fixed issue affecting players joining into the arena when a player disconnects from the room during before a match starts
- Blurring vision is disabled when player is in Spectator mode
- Tie Breaker Missile spotlight effect to red instead of white and made it easier to pick up
- Fix issue where Oculus usernames don't appear
- Fixed issue where players leaving the room can cause other's to disconnect voice until the next map
- Fixed issue where crates could play sounds repeatedly
Smashbox Arena - [BigBox] Gabe

Coming soon to Smashbox Arena, Sundown! An island in the ocean that is our biggest map yet! Compete for supremacy in your favorite game mode!

Smashbox Arena - [BigBox] Gabe
- Fixed issue where some players flash back to SteamVR home regularly
- Updated level lightmaps
Smashbox Arena - [BigBox] Gabe
- Fixed issue where players could teleport and pick up items before a match or round has begun.
Smashbox Arena - [BigBox] Gabe
This is release gets Smashbox Arena ready to support cross-play with Oculus Store users! More info coming soon.

Community Announcements - [BigBox] Gabe

NEW in Smashbox Labs: SNIPER MODE
Smashbox Labs is the experimental lab where we forge the next generation of amazing game modes! Our first creation, SNIPER MODE! Watch the BigBox VR team test out SNIPER MODE on YouTube.

Community Announcements - [BigBox] Gabe

"WATCHER" - Fast Paced Frenzy
Small, fast and furious.

The child of the Catwalk map, WATCHER is the bigger, badder brother that creates all new ways to play. Play this map in Sniper-Mode for ultra fast twitchy rounds that will leaving you panting from all the action!

Community Announcements - [BigBox] Chia Chin
Hello, hello, hello…!

It’s Friday, and we’ve been working hard to bring more joy to the Smashbox Arena Community.
Because #joytotheworld.

I’m super excited to announce 2 new BIG additions to Smashbox Arena that’s coming next week!

First addition: Smashbox Labs

We will be periodically introducing new, experimental game modes that we love and want your feedback on.

The first game mode is the Snipers-Only Mode

This is a new mode lovingly crafted just for you.

We just spent an hour straight playtesting the NEW Snipers-Only Mode, and we were screaming like chickens who were attacked by rabid foxes (in a good way). It made Smashbox Arena feel completely different.

In the Snipers-Only Mode, all weapons become Sniperballs...with a few Shield drops.

The game turns crazily tense with lots of long distance face-offs… You take cover, stealthily move around, and use the scope to carefully THREAD THE NEEDLE and obliterate your opponents from afar.

During our playtest, Gabe (aka ManTiger) sniped me while I was triggering the Tie-Breaker Missile! I shrieked and fell to the ground. I was lying in a fetal position for a few seconds (but it was fun.)

The pacing is way different than the regular mode...and who doesn’t LOVE Snipers?

Don’t just take my word for it. TRY IT next week when it’s out. Our aim is to release it by end of the week… but we won’t release it unless it’s well balanced and polished, just like everything we do.

Second, we have a NEW MAP coming out.

The map is called Watcher.
It’s small, fast, and furious.

This is a sneak peek:

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the Catwalk map, so we’ve created another level with that frenetic feel. It’s probably the most intense map yet. You’re going to love it.

OH… And the last thing about the Snipers-Only Mode. It makes all the maps play completely differently again.

We were trying all the maps with the new mode and discovering the nuances. Different tactics, hiding spots, cover, movement. #joytotheworld!

Thanks so much for your tremendous support! Building a great VR community isn’t easy, and you guys make it all worthwhile.

Please post comments and share your excitement with us!
(It keeps us motivated and it’s better than hugs.)

Can’t wait until next week!
Community Announcements - [BigBox] Gabe
Hi All!

With this release, we're fixing the issues caused by latency.

Some of the problems you've raised include the Ghost Ball, High Latency Player Advantage, and Block Ball Kills.

The experience should be a LOT better now. Please send us feedback and bugs as you encounter them!

Also, we've added a new feature that lets you easily find Steam players you've recently played with. We've all found new friends through Smashbox Arena, and this feature lets you connect easier.

Really appreciate your continued support as we make the game better with each release!

New Features
  • Players you encounter are now listed in Steam "recently played with". You can see this in View -> Players -> Recent Games.

  • AI now recovers faster if their teleporter gets stuck in a location they cannot go
  • "Ghost Ball" - Fixed an issue where a ball getting picked up would never arrive to the controller
  • Added prediction for where a player is going to teleport to make it easier to KO
  • Volume controls are now easier to select
  • Audio volume settings are now applied at start rather then when the controller is detected
  • Werft: Fixed crate spawns
  • HardHat: Removed extra prop
  • Players being chased by Heatseekers can shoot them away more reliably
  • Fixed issue where AI is shooting through walls

Happy Friday!!


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