Jul 18
Brawl of Ages - Ben
Conquest Deck Challenge
Conquest tournaments return with draft deck challenges! Each day you will receive 1 free entry into mini tournament that can be played at your leisure. These tournaments will challenge you to choose one of three random decks each day and win as many games as possible before losing all 3 lives. Great prizes await those who can make it to the end!

League Improvements
Leagues now reset every month instead of every 2 weeks. Now only the very highest level leagues are reset (demoted) every season.

Interface Changes
Now you can hover a unit in-game to see its health value.
Home page layout has been tweaked to better showcase important information.
Colour scheme has been updated to be easier on the eye.
In the last few seconds of a match a small indicator will explain whether the time expiring will lead to a win, loss, draw, or overtime.

  • Manacost from 11 to 12
  • Health from 3300 to 3100

  • Manacost from 13 to 12

Dragon Pups
  • Manacost from 8 to 9

  • Manacost from 9 to 10

Jin She
  • Health from 3300 to 2900

  • Health from 1400 to 910

  • Manacost from 13 to 14
  • Health from 4900 to 5500
  • Initial Leap now does 200 damage (was 0)
  • Damage per second increased from 175 to 200
  • First attack damage increased from 350 to 400
  • Final hit damage decreased from 700 to 600

Imp Spire
  • Manacost from 11 to 10

Treasure Goblin
  • Manacost from 11 to 10

  • Damage from 150 to 110
  • Attack Speed from 1.2 to 0.8s

Bug Fixes
  • Many minor bugs fixed.

What Are We Doing?
  • We’re working on balance, new cards, progression, and improving our new player training.
  • Fixing bugs!
Jun 21
Brawl of Ages - Michael

Mana Generator
  • Now gives +1 Mana every 3 seconds, down from every 4
  • Still gives 17 mana over it's lifetime
  • Lifetime lowered to 51 seconds
  • Manacost decreased from 13 to 12
Bloodlust Totem
  • Bonus reduced from 40% to 35%
  • Lifetime reduced from 10s to 7.5s
  • Max Health unchanged
  • Linger time removed

Bug Fixes
  • Fix some crashes
  • Fix some D3D errors
  • Reduce loading time for some configs when entering a match

What Are We Doing?
  • We are working on bringing Conquest back with the Daily Deck Challenge
  • Fixing bugs!
Jun 7
Brawl of Ages - Ben

Brawl of Ages just got bigger and better with the addition of 2v2! Grab a friend or a Club member and find a game using 2v2 matchmaking. 2v2 has voice chat, awards Valor and Seals, and has its own ladder (each unique pair of players has their own rating, so introducing your newbie friends to the game won’t hurt your stats ^.^).

  • Vault card preview has been improved.


Spider Nest
  • This card was removed and replaced with Cesspool (spawns abominations)

New card: Dragon Pups
  • These feisty little flying units will rise from the ashes… once, anyway.

  • Pull effect increased by 2.25x

Freeze Totem
  • Lifetime decreased from 10s to 8s
  • Time to freeze a unit increased from 3s to 4s
  • Linger time after the totem dies removed

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the tutorial not progressing when using the French translation
  • Fixed a bug with spawners and changing their modes
  • Fixed spawn effects for; Demon Tower, Golem Tower
  • Blazer: Fixed issues with the walk animation

What Are We Doing?
  • We are working on bringing Conquest back with the Daily Deck Challenge.
  • Fixing bugs!
May 24
Brawl of Ages - Michael

  • Mana Cost increased from 7 to 8
The Rat Pack
  • Mana Cost increased from 14 to 16
  • Mana Cost increased from 9 to 10

Bug Fixes

Fix some fatal D3D errors.
Cards that cannot be purchased will no longer show up in the vault.

What Are We Doing?
  • We have made significant progress on 2v2. We should be able to patch it sometime next week.
  • We are also working on bringing Conquest back with the Daily Deck Challenge. More details on this later
Brawl of Ages - Ben

This patch introduces Leagues, a fun way for you to compete in Brawl of Ages.

As you win matches and gain medals you will progress up through the ranks of your league’s divisions, until finally you are promoted and enter the next league. Once promoted you cannot fall back.

At the end of each 2 week season leagues are reset and your new starting position is determined by your rank in the previous season.

General Changes

The launcher (main window) can now be scaled via the Interface Options.

Conquest has been temporarily disabled as we are reworking it significantly.


Support for many languages has been added, however these are mostly automatically translated at this time and may be hilariously inaccurate. If you want to help us translate the game into your language please email Ben@brawlofages.com

Bug Fixes

Fix some crashes when transitioning from the launcher to the game.


Noxious Tower
  • Lifetime decreased from 40s to 30s
Lightning Tower
  • Deploy time decreased from 2s to 1s
Soul Rift
  • Mana Cost decreased from 10 to 8
  • Now spawns only 2 souls, down from 3
Jin She
  • Attack Cooldown increased from 1.3 to 1.5
  • Attack Damage from 90 to 85
  • Attack Cooldown increased from 1s to 1.1s
Golem Tower
  • Deploy Time increased from 2s to 3.5s
  • Range increased from 11.5 to 12 tiles
Demon Tower
  • Deploy Time increased from 2s to 3.5s
  • Range increased from 11.5 to 12 tiles
  • Mana Cost from 7 to 6
  • Spell cost reduction decreased from -2 to -1
Winter Souls
  • Now spawns 1, down from 3
  • Freeze time increased from .75 to 2s
  • Damage on impact increased from 70 to 130
  • No longer stuns when it pushes
Brawler Bomb
  • No longer stuns when it pushes
  • Mana Cost increased from 11 to 12
  • Deploy Time increased from 1s to 2s
Lady Tinder
  • Can now attack air units
  • Mana Cost increased from 12 to 13
  • Reworked
  • No longer knocks back, stuns, or charges up before attacking
  • Now attacks for 225 damage every 2 seconds
  • Attacks always travel a full 5.5 distance and hit all units it passes through
Assassin Temple
  • Max Health decreased from 1500 to 1200

What Are We Doing?
  • Fixing bugs!
  • Working on 2 new game modes.
Brawl of Ages - Ben
0.3.1 Changes
  • Level progression has been significantly accelerated (500%!).
  • Overtime now lasts for 3 minutes before the game ends in a draw (was 2 minutes)
  • Lane towers now start with 75 ammo (was 60)
  • Mana regen is now 0.77 mana/second and 1.4 mana/second during mana mania (was 0.81 and 1.62)

0.3.0 Changes

Due to the significant changes we've made with this patch all players will receive a respec - all cards, decks and cosmetics will be wiped and any currency spent on them refunded. Additionally, any gems spent on the big brawls board have been refunded.

We identified some problems with our previous progression. Unlocking cards was too random and too slow. We also realized that having access to over 85 cards right out of the gate might have complicated the playing field.

To address these issues we have removed the Big Brawls Board as the primary method for receiving cards. Instead, you can now directly unlock cards with Valor (earned through playing) and Gems (real money). We also increased the value of the rewards for playing so that you can acquire cards faster.

We also added in account leveling. With account levels you will receive additional rewards as well as access to unlock cards. 3-6 cards will become available with each level but will still require Valor or Gems to unlock.

Quests have been introduced to game. These give bite size tasks for players to achieve that will jumpstart their Valor to give additional options for card unlocking. This is especially true early in a player’s career.

Each Seal (tower destroyed) is rewarded with 20 Valor
Successfully defending your Throne is rewarded with 30 Valor
*note: these changes include Conquest games
*note 2: the first 25 games played are given double valor bonus

Each game played results in experience earned. Experience is used to level up your account. For each level gained you are given rewards and new cards available to unlock. There is a max level of 15 (all cards available at that time) and infinite ‘Prestige Levels’ beyond that.


Level 1: Starting Level
Level 2: 1500 Valor, 25 Coins, 1 BBB Spin
  • Spider Nest
  • Cyclone
  • Golems
  • Imp Horde
  • Sand Demon
Level 3: 1000 Valor, 30 Gems, 1 BBB Spin
  • Fire Souls
  • Lady Tinder
  • Steel Golems
  • Stoneskin Totems
Level 4: 1000 Valor, 30 Coins, 1 BBB Spin
  • Caprice
  • Shadow League
  • Brawler Bomb
  • Gargoyle
  • Golem Tower
Level 5: 1500 Valor, 30 Coins, 3 BBB Spins
  • Demon Tower
  • Golem Mines
  • GoKong
  • Hellfire Tower
Level 6: 1000 Valor, 30 Gems, 1 BBB Spin
  • Shadow Walkers
  • Lightning Tower
  • Jin She
  • Treasure Goblin
Level 7: 1000 Valor, 40 Coins, 1 BBB Spin
  • Iah
  • Arcane Echo
  • Arcane Duplicate
  • Bastion
  • Mana Crystal
Level 8: 1000 Valor, 40 Coins, 1 BBB Spin
  • Abaddon
  • Baldir
  • Meteor
  • Witches
  • Carter
Level 9: 1000 Valor, 30 Gems, 1 BBB Spin
  • Blazer
  • Faerie Dragon
  • Wizard
  • Arcane Mimicry
  • Arcane Thievery
Level 10: 1000 Valor, 50 Coins, 4 BBB Spins
  • Eclipse
  • Imp Spire
  • Flak
  • Earthquake Totem
Level 11: 1000 Valor, 50 Coins, 1 BBB Spin
  • Polymorph Totem
  • Petrify Totem
  • Blademasters
  • Aemon
Level 12: 1000 Valor, 30 Gems, 1 BBB Spin
  • Tempest
  • Soul Rift
  • Winter Souls
  • Mana Generator
  • PowderKeg
Level 13: 1000 Valor, 65 Coins, 1 BBB Spin
  • Lexikhan
  • Sandstorm
  • Retribution
  • Gargoyle Tower
Level 14: 1000 Valor, 75 Coins, 1 BBB Spin
  • Abominations
  • The Rat Pack
  • Arcane Larceny
  • Moxie
Level 15: 2500 Valor, 30 Gems, 100 Coins, 5 BBB Spins
  • Zaku
  • Krytos
  • Shadow Portal
  • Vex

We have added Quests to the game. This is version 1 of a system we hope to continue to add to. The main purpose of Quests is to give players small tasks to achieve that will result in a significant gain of Valor to give initial card unlocking a boost.

The BBB is no longer the main source for unlocking cards. We will use this mechanism in the future for other content. It is still used, with a single quality spin, for additional Conquest rewards and Club rewards. The BBB still gives a random amount of Card Pieces to a random card. Pieces can be sold for Valor. The ability to purchase spins with Gems has been temporarily removed.
*note: all previous spins purchased with Gems have been refunded.

As before, cards can be unlocked directly with Valor. You may now unlock cards directly with Gems as well. Unlocking cards with gems is now also much better value.

We changed the Club Rewards based on a single BBB spin quality.
1250 Seals: 1 Spin
3125 Seals: 2 Spins
5000 Seals: 4 Spins


All units which deal splash damage will now deal their splash damage on impact even if their primary target is already dead.

  • Now set all pending damage to 1 properly
  • Critical Strike removed
  • Mana Cost from 11 to 12

What Are We Doing?
  • Fixing bugs!
  • Working on 2 new game modes.
Apr 24
Brawl of Ages - Ben

Progression Changes Coming Soon

Our current top priority is improving card acquisition and our progression systems. We decided, based on community feedback, that a larger overhaul was needed than we had initially planned, and so it's going to take a little longer. We think you will be pleased with the improvements!

General Changes and Additions

Conquest is now unlocked after playing 25 Standard matches. As conquest uses win-based matchmaking (instead of skill-rating based like Standard) we want players to gain at least a little experience before diving into what can be wildly varying match-ups.

  • Cyclone, Meteor, and Blazer no longer stun when they push
  • All bashes changed from 20% to 17% chance
    • This changes Blademasters, Brawler Gaurds, Demon Tower, Lexikhan, Shank, Vermillion, and Rat Pack.
  • All Totems have had their health increased from 1000 to 2000 and their decay rate increased from 100/s to 200/s
    • This gives totems some added health to withstand attacks and nukes, but doesn't increase their normal lifetime at all

Arcane Larceny
  • Mana cost decreased from 8 to 7
  • Mana cost decreased from 8 to 7
Brawler Bomb
  • Projectile speed increased from 7 to 8.5 t/s
Brawler Guards
  • Now spawns 3 units, down from 4
  • Fixed not dropping her target if it dies between volleys
Mana Crystal
  • Duration decreased from 20s to 15s
  • Aura now grants +2 Mana for every 8 Mana spent, up from every 7
  • Mana cost increased from 5 to 6
  • Projectile speed decreased from 12 to 10.5 t/s
Shadow Walkers
  • Mana cost decreased from 12 to 11
Steel Golems
  • Mana cost decreased from 12 to 11
  • Mana cost increased from 6 to 7
The Rat Pack
  • Deploy Time increased from 1 to 2 seconds
  • Base damage increased from 35 to 65

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing broken card previews
  • Fixed showing gearset colors that do not exist

What Are We Doing?
  • Fixing bugs!
  • Working on improving card acquisition and progression.
  • Working on 2 new game modes.
Brawl of Ages - Sudsie
Hey everyone, we have been collecting a lot data and received plenty of feedback.

Both the numbers and the opinions have had us busy over the last few days making some design changes to how players progress through the content of the game.

Our motivation in our progression is to drive player defined goals related to the collection of cards. We feel our current system is deficient in 2 key segments:

1.) Pace - currently it is too slow. The changes we will make will increase the speed you gain cards.
2.) Choice - we are unhappy with the ability of our players to get the content they want without being heavily penalized. You will have direct control over what content you acquire.

We also identified that a successful defense of your Throne (your main tower) is deserving of match rewards. This will help assist the pace of progression.

Content acquisition will not be limited to the Big Brawls Board (BBB). We will change its core functionality. BBB will still be used for certain rewards but not the main aspect of the acquisition of cards.

Money spent will also be more direct and give you better value and more control over how those gems affect your progress.

We are working feverishly to deliver these changes as soon as we can. Look for a patch soon that will create much more "feelsgoodman" moments :)
Apr 12
Brawl of Ages - Ben

General Changes and Additions

Conquest tickets are now also purchasable with Valor. The daily free entry and gem entries still exist as before.

Gold and Diamond boards may now be unlocked with Seals. These higher rarity boards are ideal for targeting Epic and Legendary cards.
*This ability becomes unlocked after a player's first 20 Silver boards

You can now click a Club in the finder or ladder to view their roster. You can now also see full clubs and invite-only clubs in the finder (if you want to).

Bug Fixes

Numerous fixes were made to Clubs and Club related activities.
Spectating another player now allows you to move your camera freely (as it does when you are playing).

What Are We Doing?
  • Fixing bugs!
  • Working on 2 new game modes.
Brawl of Ages - Ben
Brawl Clubs Are Here! Steam Early Access / Open Beta Tomorrow

Brawl Clubs are a social hangout where players can work together to climb the Clubs Ladder, earn additional prizes together & challenge each other to practice new decks / strategies.

Brawl Clubs allow up to 50 members

Each Week Brawl Clubs can work together to get Seals and earn Silver, Gold & Diamond Spins

The Medal count of the Club are calculated together and then ranked on the Club Ladder

Club members can quickly challenge each other, challenge the entire Club, text chat, voice chat and spectate other members

This is version 1.0 of Brawl Clubs. We hope to add more features down the road.

Progression Changes

We have slightly increased the Valor cost of cards. This will result in the increase of Card Pieces required to unlock a card.

We have eliminated the Bronze Board entirely. It will now require 10 seals to unlock a Silver Spin.

Conquest rewards have been increased. They have also been altered to remove the Bronze Spin.

Gem Purchasing Enabled

You can now unlock all those awesome cosmetics, premium emotes, premium conquest entry (to get Conquest Coins to unlock the special edition content).

You can also use Gems to increase the speed of content acquisition through the purchase of Big Brawls Boards.

If you have been enjoying the game, "help" us out and "test" the use of Gems :)


This patch will be accompanied by a wipe. This will include matches played, Medals, decks, Conquests, cosmetics, and all card progress & ownership. In order to give fair value for the matches you have played so far in the beta we are awarding the following:
  • 25 Valor per seal
  • 75 valor per conquest win

General Changes
  • Removed the cooldown from units that jump over the river. They should now act more intelligently. If you notice any oddities in their behavior please report them.

Blazer reworked
  • Mana cost from 11 to 7
  • Health from 2200 to 1150
  • MS from Slow to Very Slow
  • Charge time from 4s to 3s
  • Damage from 800 to 100
  • Attacks stun enemies for .5s and push them away with half the force of a Cyclone

Brawler Bomb
  • Mana cost from 12 to 11

  • Now throws 3 bombs at nearby units after dashing across the middle river, dealing her attack damage to them

Earthquake Totem
  • Mana cost from 7 to 8
  • Dmg from 250 to 225
  • Stun Duration from 2s to 1.5s

  • Mana cost from 10 to 9
  • Dmg from 3000 to 2500

Gargoyle Tower
  • Mana cost from 9 to 10
  • Attack Range from 6.5 to 6 Tiles
  • Health from 2400 to 2000
  • Dmg form 300 to 250

  • Health from 5300 to 4900
  • Can no longer be stunned
  • Can no longer be pushed

Petrify Totem
  • Mana cost from 8 to 9

Poison Totem
  • Mana cost from 7 to 6

  • Mana cost from 7 to 8

The Rat Pack
  • Mana cost from 16 to 14

  • Base dmg decreased from 65 to 35
  • Lethal damage time increased from 10s to 12.5s
  • Cooldown between attacking targets increased from 1s to 1.5s

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