Sep 15
Gemstone Keeper - Gamepopper
It's been a while, but a new build is here with some significant improvements!

  • Two new creatures found in the caverns, Scorpions and Crabs.
  • Mouse Input additions and improvements, particularly in menus.
  • Laser bullets had issues which made them overpowered, this has been fixed to avoid easy kills, particularly with bosses.
  • Additional text in transitions and the base hub.
  • The Terminal Guide will now appear with controls during gameplay and the base hub menus (including the gallery and shop) at the press of a button. Bring it up with the H key on keyboards or the X Button on gamepads.
  • Low Level engine updates to improve performance and memory usage.

Hope you like the changes, I've also had to update the save format to make adding new weapons and items possible so more new things can come which will be completely free to those who own it on Steam.
Jun 26
Gemstone Keeper - Gamepopper
Just a small fix after someone reported to me outside of Steam. There was a crash that occured after the final boss in the main game mode. The crash has been resolved.

Thank you all for purchasing the game, including those who bought it on the Steam Summer sale!

Please write a review of the game on the Steam Store page when you get the time to. It's a great feeling as a games developer to see people play something you made and take the time and effort to give their feedback.
Gemstone Keeper - Gamepopper
Sorry for the confusion any Linux users were having. I thought I followed the correct steps to get the Linux depot available to everyone but I missed one along the way.

Thank you to the GamingOnLinux editors for letting me know and I apologise to you all for the error.
Jun 7
Gemstone Keeper - Gamepopper
Gemstone Keeper for Linux is FINALLY here! It's been a while but I'm glad to present the newest patch for Gemstone Keeper, as well as introducing Linux users to the game.

The Linux build should have a similar feel to the Windows build, but with some minor visual changes. Gamepad support is also featured in Linux, but only XInput devices are naively supported, Steam Controllers should be usable through Mouse/Key Bindings.

There are other changes also featured in this build:

- Fixed a crash when using a grenade against certain bosses
- Last seed in a main game will now be saved in the event of a crash, so you can return to the last level you played.
- Numerous updates to VFrame that will hopefully improve stability and performance

Apr 21
Gemstone Keeper - Gamepopper
Due to some bugs addressed by players in the Community Hub, I have uploaded some fixes early so the major issues are dealt with. I still plan to have v.1.0.2 be the build which will also include Linux support, and some minor changes

The key bugs fixed are as follows:

- Achievements for defeating bosses not being awarded. All boss achievements should now work as expected.
- Daily Run Scores being merged. Each leaderboard entry should appear on a separate line.
- Title Screen Menu. Uncommon but a small amount of players were unable to select options.

Other small changes:
- Gamepad API has been changed. Very little affect for Windows users but will mean Linux gamers will get gamepad support.
- Minor menu fixes to avoid mouse input conflicting with other devices.
- Fixes made during Insomnia Games Festival.

Thank you to the players for addressing issues when they appear, and to those who patiently wait for them to be fixed. I understand there are some other issues, which I'm working through to address.
Gemstone Keeper - Gamepopper
Thank you to all those who have bought or checked out Gemstone Keeper during first week of launch. This update mostly fixes some minor issues (mainly input related) following feedback from players:

- Mouse Input should now work on almost all menus, including the pause menu and shop menu.
- Directional-Pad when using controllers should now function correctly.
- Player sprite should no longer appear transparent after being hit.
- Minor animation fixes
- Score Mode should now display the best score achieved by the player on the menu page, with the seed they play with.

In addition to fixes, there has been extra input functionality which most players have not been made aware of. There will be opportunity to explain these in game, but in the meantime:

- In the Pause Menu, on audio options, you can use the scroll wheel for the volume controls.
- In the Score Mode Menu, you can manually enter the seed number using either the number keys or the numpad on your keyboard. This makes it much easier to get a certain seed value.

More to come soon, including a Linux build in the near future!

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