Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios

Some heroes who forgot how to attack (looking at you Rowena, TARROR, Sentriax, and Kizgin)

Minor fixes to minor things.

Final prep for Mire's Den. This new Death and Glory map will be live on Monday of next week.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Thanks to the players last night we were able to identify and squash the matchmaking bugs!

Many thanks chaps!
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
We're aware of a matchmaking bug that is causing players to not be able to join matches already in-session.

Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Phase 1 of language regionalization is in. There is some wonkiness with font not working correctly so some languages may have weird numbers in place of words. We're working on it.

Some menu buttons will still be in English until the next wave of patches.

Lag compensation is under way. This will help correct hits vs. button press for certain ping situations.

Capture the Core has been shifted to allow bots to capture cores again as well as take over locations to help get the team up to 100%.

Many bug fixes with hero abilities.

Minor particle and vfx improvements to certain heroes.

Minor fixes to audio cues.

Updates to Mire's Den, Death and Glory (on beta servers). This is almost ready to go live. 4 player co-op.

F1 ability descriptions have all been updated to more correctly reflect what the hero abilities do as well as to be easier to understand.

Hoods can now hack the experiments in Lava Flow

Region Selection updated.

Some minor animation updates for crouching.

Objective capture rate increased to 10s (up from 5s).

Prepping UI for Mire's Den version of Death and Glory. This version is a stand-up fight for 15 minutes of constant waves. Survive as long as you can.

More LODs fixed and updated for better performance.

Turret sound cue bug fixed.

Turret rate of fire and damage decreased and increased.

Deacon Dave ability updates to do less damage (he's a healer after all).
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
We are in the process (finally) of adding language localization. Soon you will be able to select the language of your choice for the in-game menues and descriptions.

Voice-overs will still be in English for the foreseeable future.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
After a brief power and network outage over the weekend, we have fixed the issue and performed some routine updates.

North America servers are back online again.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
We will be having our servers offline for several hours on Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 for routine network updates.

Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Major Updates to Capture the Core!

Capture the Core Maps have been updated to include capture objective points and a ticket system.

Capture and hold the various strategic points around the CTC maps in order to gain tickets. Major objective points capture 1 ticket per second (reactors, monuments, forward respawn points, forward heal pads) minor capture points 1 ticket per 5 seconds (turrets).

Bring the reactor cores back to your main reactor to earn 50 tickets at once.

First team to 2,000 points wins!

Updates to light maps to all maps to improve performance and visual appeal.

Rager will now attack anyone in her way.

Many LOD updates for improved performance and visual appeal.

Deacon Dave ability updates.

Nav mesh updates and navigation fixes should stop ai bot issues.

Klynt can now dance again.

Nyd's A4 can no longer go through walls

Turrets now over-heat when used for too long.

T to chat in-game and in the main menu now works and doesn't get stuck with the mouse cursor unlocked.

Mire's A4 fixed to not kill himself.

Natural Armor has been removed as a stat, will be replaced with physical damage resistence.

Grachawk A2 fix, knockdown/stun fix.

Added particles and vfx to improve visual appeal to several maps.

Kaet A4 will now work again with Death & Glory maps to remove mind controlled NPCs from the kill counter.

Capturable turrets fire once every 2 seconds now and fire rockets that do 1,500 damage.

Updates to various heroes for bugs and wonkiness.

Fix for special characters in Steam matchfinder to allow players using non-English language characters to play.

Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
We're testing stability but build 1.0099L will be coming shortly.

Improvements to lighting and shadows, LODs, and environment kills being asigned to the killer (toss someone off the edge and you get the kill).

Stay tuned.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Still running testing, but it appears we have knocked out the bugs from the auto-start and join session bugs.

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