Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Major Updates to Capture the Core!

Capture the Core Maps have been updated to include capture objective points and a ticket system.

Capture and hold the various strategic points around the CTC maps in order to gain tickets. Major objective points capture 1 ticket per second (reactors, monuments, forward respawn points, forward heal pads) minor capture points 1 ticket per 5 seconds (turrets).

Bring the reactor cores back to your main reactor to earn 50 tickets at once.

First team to 2,000 points wins!

Updates to light maps to all maps to improve performance and visual appeal.

Rager will now attack anyone in her way.

Many LOD updates for improved performance and visual appeal.

Deacon Dave ability updates.

Nav mesh updates and navigation fixes should stop ai bot issues.

Klynt can now dance again.

Nyd's A4 can no longer go through walls

Turrets now over-heat when used for too long.

T to chat in-game and in the main menu now works and doesn't get stuck with the mouse cursor unlocked.

Mire's A4 fixed to not kill himself.

Natural Armor has been removed as a stat, will be replaced with physical damage resistence.

Grachawk A2 fix, knockdown/stun fix.

Added particles and vfx to improve visual appeal to several maps.

Kaet A4 will now work again with Death & Glory maps to remove mind controlled NPCs from the kill counter.

Capturable turrets fire once every 2 seconds now and fire rockets that do 1,500 damage.

Updates to various heroes for bugs and wonkiness.

Fix for special characters in Steam matchfinder to allow players using non-English language characters to play.

Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
We're testing stability but build 1.0099L will be coming shortly.

Improvements to lighting and shadows, LODs, and environment kills being asigned to the killer (toss someone off the edge and you get the kill).

Stay tuned.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Still running testing, but it appears we have knocked out the bugs from the auto-start and join session bugs.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
After lasts night's game night we discovered a bug in the auto-start system that is causing wonkiness and fatal errors.

We're hot on the trail and are working to implement a patch.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Hooray for Tuebor Tuesday! With it we bring a boat load of updates, improvements, and fixes for your Tuebor pleasure!

Major Updates:

AUTOSTART: We've done away with the lobby leader! The match will now after 90 seconds so you no longer need to text the afk person to pick a hero.

The auto start feature will randomly pick a hero for you if you have not selected one already.

Join MATCH-IN-SESSION: Players may now join a match that is already in progress (we're aware of a couple of minor bugs, but it has performed well in testing so we are rolling out now).

The pick a new hero countdown timer has been reduced to 3 seconds.

THE BLENDER: A new skull ball map has been added. Beware the blender, it will chop you to bits while you try to score.

Keyboard and mouse re-mapping works again.

Capture the Core: We've fixed the bug where the core wouldn't always respawn.

Skysphere's: We've replaced the default engine skysphere with a new and improved one which allowed us to remove the black lines from the sky while in Comic mode.

Slide-removal from hero abilities and attacks: We've updated the animation montages on a dozen or more heroes to remove the root from their ability (so they don't stop before using them) and the allow legs to move to remove the "sliding" animation effect.

Crouch has been fixed so the player capsule is now reduced in size while in a crouch position.

Improved VFX: We've started implementing vfx improvements, specficially to muzzle blasts and gun effects. More to follow (check out Collapse and Brillis for the preview).

Capture-able Turrets in Overpass, New Detroit, and Skull Chasm have had their audio updated to sound beefier and more turret like. Their rate of fire has been reduced slightly.

Player-usable turrets: have had their audio updated to be far better.

Updated many LODs for performance improvements.

Holocones have been removed from health and bonus pickups across maps for better visual appeal. Some pickups have been moved around the map for better play flow.

Some maps have had their lighting updated to improve frame rate performance and give better visual appeal.

Wave 18 has been updated on Lava Flow and it now only features the bosses and their spawns. (some slight bugginess on this wave still, we're working on it).

Fixed a bug in Tollway skull ball map that was causing both teams to get points when scored on the orange goal.

More visual cues have been added across every map to tell players what team their are on. The spawn pads now have vfx and emissive lighting to indicate green or orange.

Fixed several random fatal error bugs when rapid clicking on menu buttons.

Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
We're hot on the trail of having the matches autostart (no more waiting for lobby leader to quit afk-ing), and being able to join a match-in-session.

Patch coming.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
What we’ve completed:
· Upper/lower body animation montages updated to remove hero sliding
· New Skull Ball map added (The Blender)
· New sounds for gun shots, attacks, foley
· Added hero chatter
· Hero stat/ability balance
· Beefed up VFX for heroes, levels
· Updated the cross-hair
· Added stamina to sprint
· Added comic book effect graphics option
· Added VFX to make turrets more accurate
· Balance to Death & Glory game mode
· Added UI arrow element to Capture the Core
· Energy resource removed on all abilities
· Added video options to allow any screen resolution
· Added “windowed and borderless” video option
· Fixed chat client for better functionality in-game
· Added pre-game Grenbias announcement V/O to tell players about the game mode to all maps
· Added many in-game status effect messages to tell players when they are feared, stunned, or crowd-controlled
· Updates to make it easier to search the in-game Skin Shop and Salvage Yard for specific items or hero DLC
· Updates many LODs to allow better performance and remove odd warping effect
· Updates and fixes to the “friends” and “group” system to allow players to better play with friends
· Updates to lighting across all maps to allow for better performance and optimization
· Miscellaneous bug fixes
What we’re currently working on:
· Auto start
· Ability to join in the middle of a match
· Initial game launch in windowed mode
· Implementing key bindings
· Implementing score into the match results screen
· Hero balance and ability tweaks
· UI/UX improvements
· Overhaul of training and an upgrade system to better allow players to customize
· Map and game-play improvements
· Improvements to AI
· Regionalization for more languages
What we’re going to add:
· Additional heroes/NPCs (tanks and healers)
· Add more comic book pages
· Create custom matches for any team size
· Additional skins for heroes
· Additional backpacks and eyewear
· Ability to hairswap
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Many updates to audio cues, connection stability, navigation fixes, hero abilities, and more!
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Happy Tuebor Tuesday everyone!

We'll be doing live streaming with the IGC Stream Team tonight from 7-9pm EST. Everyone is welcome to join.

Build 9960L brings loads of new updates and bug fixes.

Don't forget to watch EchoRose (Eezzle Sneezle) stream live every weekday from 1-3pm EST.

Be prepared for a new Skull Ball Arena - The Blender (dun dun dunnnn!)
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Build 9933L is live on North America and EU West servers over the weekend.

Feel free to play against the bots while we grow our human community.

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