Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
All systems are active and are good to go.

Power has been restored to our office/server location and the network is humming along like a champ.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
There is an interruption in power at our server location in NA.

We're working on it and will post an update when the connection has been restored!
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
We've been diligently moving Tuebor into an updated version of the Unreal Engine (4.16.3) while we continue to look for the right publishing firm.

Moving Tuebor to Unreal 4.16.3 means an easier transition to additional platforms (consoles) as well as updated optimizations for smoother gameplay and more cinematics.

Sit tight as we continue on this great journey!

Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios

Honins A2 now knocks back multiple targets in a cone in front of him.

Deacon Dave's passive aura no longer goes through walls and floors and his A3 now does not blind friendly heroes.

Sliding and "backing" animation no longer play when skull ball is scored.

Dusk is no longer invincible when she is stunned out of her A3.

Fixed a bug where it would ask you in two menus to accept an invitation to a group or lobby.

Fixed Illiria's animations (they had gone missing for a short while).

Minor database updates to ability damages and base stats.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Due to how we've updated hero respawning in Skull Ball after a goal is made the hero will slide a little while stricking a pose.

This has been fixed in the next patch that will be updated today after some final testing.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
We have spent the last year in Early Access to get Tuebor ready for Gold release, using the time to pivot on gameplay towards what our players have requested, and from the feedback given.

Since we began Steam Early Access we've polished all 30 of our heroes to have better animations, better vfx, and overall better "feel" for the game.

We have diligently added a generous helping of maps to give a great value for the game modes:

Death & Glory now has the extremely challenging Lava Flow and Mire's Den.

Skull Ball has an amazing set of arenas: Breath of Fire, Tollway, The Blender, Mire's Lockup, Factor J-03, and Caldera.

Capture the Core has become the crazy good time with capture points and core scores in New Detroit, Skull Chasm, and Overpass.

And our Team Anihillation maps are simply frag-a-palooza's in Drainpipe, New Detroit, Lava Flow, and Power Run.

We are very proud of what we've created and polished for everyone to play.

We are currently in the process of enticing publishers to our game to get the word out and grow our community. We thank everyone whom has played with us along this Early Access path and look forward to seeing you in the game!
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Mire's Den is now available to play! 4 player Co-Op PvE Death & Glory.

Race against the oncoming hordes as your try to surive in Mire's Den. This swampland facility.

See if you can keep both reactors online long enough to face off against the main Mire himself!

Matchmaking and lobbies have had multiple fixes added to stop from dead-lobby syndrome or fatal error crashes related to multiple people picking the same hero at the same time.

Hero updates and fixes:
Illiria and Rift walker now both gain a speed boost when going into the rift and their rift walk is now limited to 10 seconds.

Ekim A4 now does not go through walls or floors.

Collapse no longer steps oddly forward on his A3.

Kizgin and Sentriax bug fixes to stop them from losing abilities.

Skullball backpack has physics removed to stop jaw from becoming wonky.

Stickmen flamethrower ability now fixed to do damage again.

Honin A2 now does conal aoe damage and knockback.

Deacon Dave A3 now a flashbang.

Additional logging added for fixes.
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
Updates and Changes:

Mire's Den

Mire's home has been discovered deep in the south of the Northern American continent. Your squad has been sent in to uncover his secrets and keep his power reactors online while the computers are hacked from remote satellites.

Survive for as long as you are able and defeat Mire himself to secure a victory.

This new Death & Glory map is almost ready and is pre-loaded now with this build. We will be unlocking it in the next 24 hours to test live.

Camera shake has been added to Guinevere's A3 and A4.

Additional camera shake to increase game immersion underway.

Audio cues updated on heroes whose abilities were missing them. We're on the look-out to see if there are more that got missed.

Unreine Kreiger has been told to stay within the bounds of the H5-0TD facility in the Lava Flow map.

Matchmaking system updates to stop players from accidentally creating dead lobbies in the in-between space from match start and lobby transfer.

Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
We've added some quick game play trailers to the Steam store page as well as updated screenshots to show off the comic-book game filter.

Sep 6, 2017
Tuebor: I Will Defend - SiN Studios
More minor tweaks and patches are being implented as we prepare for Gold launch.

Patches include:
Minor bug fixes to hero abilities
Updates to damage and stat values to normalize
Fixes to localization to properly display text in all uses
Camera shake to local client on ability uses
Audio cue updates to missing abilities
Matchmaking stabilization

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