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We are happy to announce we have made the game available on these 3 new languages:

- Traditional Chinese
- Korean
- Japanese
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We've created an Alchemic Jousts Demo, where you can try the Laboratory and 2 quick matches (Combat and Capture modes) with pre-selected Skills, so you can get a glimpse of the early and mid-game gameplay.

Download it from the right side of our store page and give it a try!
Community Announcements - Lunatic Pixels
We've just released a new Alchemic Jousts patch (1.02) with these changes:

- Increased the amount of Reagents awarded even more, now it should be much easier to gain new Skills after each Joust.
- Lowered a bit the "Easy" difficulty in a few Jousts of the campaign.
- Fixed a bug that caused the "Grand Alchemist" achievement not to work under certain conditions.

We also want to announce that we are working on a language patch to be published "soon", which will fully translate Alchemic Jousts to Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
Community Announcements - Lunatic Pixels
After getting some feedback since the game launched, we've decided to increase the amount of reagents rewarded during the campaign. It will be more noticeable on the early levels, but we've increased them through the whole campaign.

The main reason for this change is to give you access to more skills early on, so you can experiment with more skills faster and get a more varied gameplay, and also to reduce the high difficulty you might have experienced if you are unlucky in the lab.

The change can't unfortunatelly be done retroactive, but if you replay one of the completed levels after the patch, you will notice the increased amount of reagents.

This is something we want to keep tracking and adjusting if needed, as we want to keep the game challenging but we also want you to be able to discover powerful skills that unlock many new strategies, so please, give us your feedback on this change.
Community Announcements - Lunatic Pixels
If you're using Intel integrated graphics, your drivers must be updated to the latest version available from Intel. The game requires support for a proper implementation of OpenGL 4.0 and Intel is notorious for poor graphics driver support so if you're using the stock drivers issued by your Windows installation it's very likely you are using a buggy driver.

Listed are the most common Intel HD integrated GPUs and links to the Intel page with appropriate drivers:


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