Friday Night Bullet Arena - Red Nexus Games
Hey Everyone, just a couple of quick updates!

- Steam Trading Cards are live: Each card features some HD scans of the notebooks that were used for brainstorming ( just zoom into the card on the badge screen) (neeeat).

- We've updated some UI elements, let us know how you feel about them and we'll work with that going forward. We're trying to improve readability while remaining consistent with our console versions.

- FNBA @ SXSW, OMGWTF? Ouch my brain! It's true, we're up for the Gamer's Voice Award at SXSW so we'll be bringing the game down to Texas! Definitely drop by and say hi if you're at the show and we'll be more than happy to take you on in person!

Hope you're having a blast taking out your friends!
- The Red Nexus Games Team
Community Announcements - Red Nexus Games
Hi everyone!

I'm super excited to announce that FNBA is a finalist at the Canadian Video Game Awards, for Best Debut Game! We are super excited to attend the awards show and check out all the other awesome games that have been nominated. The full list of finalists can be found here:

The Mac build is also live, so that is a thing! As part of that we've fixed up some more bugs, definitely keep those reports coming :)

Dylan & The Red Nexus team
Community Announcements - Red Nexus Games
Hey everyone,

We're nominated for a Canadian Video Game Award, woo!

We've just released a patch with some big bug fixes in it. Thanks to everyone that sent us reports and videos, they helped a ton. Keep sending any problems you run into our way and we'll get them fixed as soon as possible :)

  • Tweaked collision for fewer stuck bullets
  • Fixed that pesky crash that some of you ran into.
  • Balanced progression a bit
  • Changed one pixel on A Alligator. They're PERFECT now.
  • Changed up some fonts, for... reasons.

Thanks for the feedback, and have a great Friday!
Oct 2, 2016
Community Announcements - Red Nexus Games
Whew, what a weekend! Thank you to everyone that's picked up the game already, and I hope you've had fun with it so far! Just a reminder that if you run into any trouble, you can reach us at :)

We just wanted to post a small update to let you know what we've got planned coming up for the game:
  • Steam Trading Cards (< 2 weeks)
  • Mac version (< 2 weeks)
  • Online Multiplayer (~3 weeks We don't have a solid estimate on this because the alpha netcode is still super rough, but we're hoping to have playable beta in around 3 weeks!)

Thanks again everyone, and we look forward to playing against you sometime!!

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