Streets of Rogue - Madguy
So first off: I released a version of Alpha 31 earlier today, prematurely. If you ran this version, all of your unlock progress may have been deleted. I'm very sorry about this, and I'll be taking more precautions in the future to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again. If your progress got deleted, send me an email (my email can be found at the bottom of and I'll send you a file with everything unlocked.

Pretty much every major thing that was wrong with the previous iteration of Character Creation has been fixed. Check the list below for the full details.

I’ve also started work on Floor 4 - Downtown. It won’t be done for another couple of update cycles (likely September 7th), so the next update (August 24th) will probably be on the light side. If you want to help out with this new area, you can discuss ideas in this week’s Fortnight Discussion.

I’ve also started work on porting the game to consoles. So yeah, that’s a thing now.

Alpha 31
Character Creation (and related gameplay)
  • Custom characters can be used in multiplayer mode
  • Character data is now stored in the My Documents folder (or Mac/Linux equivalent)
  • It is now possible to change a character’s eye type and color, and add an accessory
  • Many balance changes made to point values
  • Character Creation interface has been prettied up
  • Added “Clear Slot” button
  • New selectable traits: Unstoppable-ish, Ultimate Butterfinger-er, Sausage Fingers, Scientist Slayer, Specist, Diminutive, Naked, Blahd Basher, Crepe Crusher, Zombify, Flesh Feast, Fair Game, Serve Drinks, Charismatic, Malodorous, Addict
  • New selectable items: Drink Mixer, Slave Helmet Remote, Steroids, Codpiece, Bacon Cheeseburger, Banana, Whiskey, First Aid Kit, Rock, Combat Helmet, Freeze Ray, Ghost Blaster, Shuriken, Axe, Translator
  • New selectable abilities: Enslave, Sharp Lunge
  • Traits and Abilities are now capable of canceling out other traits and abilities
  • Trait, Ability and Item descriptions may contain “Recommended” text to indicate other things that go along them
  • Custom characters can get Achievements and Unlocks.
  • No longer necessary to switch to Sandbox mode when using characters that exceed the point limit. However, players will be unable to get Achievements and Unlocks.
  • Placed caps on the number of Traits and Items that can be selected before the player exceeds limitations
  • Button added to allow alphabetical sorting in addition to point value sorting
  • Sorting takes “locked” status into account
  • When selecting characters from the Load menu, their information is displayed
  • Gamepad button prompts only appear when using a gamepad
  • Error message will appear if you try to give your character a name that is already taken by an existing character
  • Deleted characters are immediately removed from the Character Select screen
  • Fix for facial hair appearing as the wrong color in the big character select image
  • Pressing Start on the gamepad to save the game while inputting a character name will now save that name properly
  • Assorted fixes for gamepad navigation in character creation screen
  • Fixed more cases where “E_” text was appearing when performing certain formerly character-specific abilities
  • Fix for new custom characters sometimes starting with the wrong hair, skin color, etc.
  • Fix for custom characters who got zombified resurrecting with incorrect body type
  • Fix for custom characters with “The Law” not being able to see whether a person was guilty or innocent
  • Fix for custom characters with “The Law” not being aligned with Cops
  • Fix for Taser not being available to custom characters when No Guns mutator was active
  • Fixed bug where the last button on the Traits and Items lists was not appearing
  • Fix for “Killer” on Stats screen reading “E_Custom” at times
  • Fix for NPC custom characters not having wolf heads, robot heads, etc.
  • Fix for player not being able to change the color of wolf heads, robot heads, etc.
  • Fix for original head appearing behind wolf heads, robot heads, etc.
  • Fix for larger body types not being sized correctly on the Character Creation screen
  • Fixed timing of certain Character Creation screen sound effects

  • Around 100 new sound effects

  • Fix for fan translations not appearing properly when turned on until after the game was restarted
  • Fix for Chinese text not appearing on Linux build.

  • Fix for accessories like Sunglasses sometimes appearing over hair when they weren’t supposed to

UI / Controls
  • Fix for pressing space to select random characters on Character Select working weird in Home Base with more than 1 player active

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for Arresting animation not completing properly when arresting Slaves
  • Studious and Super Studious do not take effect when the player loses XP
  • Turf Warrior has been replaced with one trait for each gang: Blahd Basher and Crepe Crusher

  • Sandbox mutator now allows you to do missions, but does not require them in order to get to the next level

  • Fix for appearances of “purple worm man thing”

  • Updated Unity engine from 5.6.1f1 to 2017.1.0p2

  • Updated 2D Toolkit plugin from to
  • Updated Rewired plugin from to
  • Updated Steamworks dot net from 9.0.0 to 10.0.0

  • Prep work for Downtown levels
  • Prep work for console versions

Alpha 31b
  • Fixed issue where character select wasn't working properly and people's unlocks were getting deleted

Alpha 31c
  • Fix for context buttons and store/chest items not being clickable.

Alpha 31d
  • Fix for clients not being able to select custom characters in password-protected games when joining the game via invite
  • Fix for not being able to select Slave Remote and Drink Mixer
  • Fix for sorting in Character Creation not always working properly
  • Fix for being able to gain Chicken Nuggets by switching off Abilities in Character Creation
  • Fixed gamepad cursor not immediately appearing over custom characters when the player dies and is returned to the Character Select screen
  • Fix for Zombify not infecting people when used with Bite
  • Fixed Zombify triggering people to run away instead of Fair Game
  • Fix for clock not counting down seconds during mutators and disasters

Alpha 31e (August 11)
  • Fix for Zombies not having yellow eyes
  • ‘Zombify’ trait name changed to ‘Zombiism’, and description changed to let players know that other zombies will not attack them
  • Changed Handcuffs description to indicate that these cannot be used on members of The Law
  • Can’t unlock elevator floors or the Shapeshifter by using custom characters
  • Added Safe-Cracking Tool to item list
  • Fix for certain status effects from Lakes not working properly on multiplayer clients
  • Fix for players still appearing to be underwater after dying in a Lake and respawning as a ghost
  • Fair Game cancels out Specist, Scientist Slayer, Blahd Bashes, Crepe Crusher, and Naked
  • Fixed Bloodlust canceling all special abilities instead of just Cannibalize
  • Fix for Bloodlust and probably a few others not working properly for multiplayer clients with custom characters (traits weren’t getting sent to the server properly)
  • Fix for mustache sometimes appearing at the side of custom characters’ faces
  • Fix for list of body type in character creator sometimes appearing as a white square, and not all body types appearing
  • Fix for Character Select menu sometimes getting stuck in multiplayer mode if a custom character was chosen and then the menu was closed and re-opened
  • Fixed Zombiism triggering people to run away after first level (only Fair Game should do this)

Alpha 31f (August 12)
  • Fixed bug where custom characters could sometimes not be used in multiplayer games
  • Naked works properly for custom characters
  • Toss cancels Diminutive and Sausage Fingers, and The Law cancels Naked, Naked cancels Likeable
  • Changed Naked description to indicate that business owners want you to leave
  • Changed cost values of Safe-Cracking Tool and Safe Buster to better reflect their respective strengths
  • Fixed certain Character Creation menu sounds occurring on clients when played on host

Alpha 31g
  • It is now possible to play as Custom characters in non-password-protected multiplayer games, just not overpowered characters.
  • White hair color added, so that gorilla head, robot mask etc. (which are listed under hair types) could have their normal coloring.
  • Fix for Assassin not showing skin behind the mask on Character Select.
  • Fix for Debt amount sometimes not displaying properly for custom characters.

Alpha 31h
  • Fix for fan translations not working

Alpha 31i (August 13)
  • Fixed bug where custom characters could sometimes not be used in multiplayer games, FOR REAL THIS TIME (oh god I hope this is the last hotfix)

Alpha 31k (31j was borked) (August 14)
  • Spoke too soon! Fixed bug where it was impossible to select non-custom characters in non-password-protected internet games.
  • Fixed bug in the very-briefly-released 31j where unlocked data was not loading because the application data directory had been changed without my knowledge (thx Unity)
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
So, I had updated to Alpha 31, but there were some technical issues, so I've reverted back. Alpha 31 coming later today! :p

If anyone's characters got locked again in the reversion, send me an email (email is on and I'll get you a save with everything unlocked later today
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
Yeaaaa, that's right, it's FINALLY possible to create your very own characters! Just click on the bottom slots in the Character Select screen to get started!

This is still very much a work in progress, so there are a few caveats:
- Saved characters may be deleted next build (August 10)
- Unlocks are disabled while playing as user-created characters.. for now.
- User-created characters do not work in online multiplayer mode.
- Many abilities and traits are not available right now.
- Point values were added very hastily and might end up getting changed a lot. Not a whole lot of balancing has been done.

There's also a new Fortnight Discussion up right now:
What is the final challenge/boss/whatever?

Alpha 30
New Feature
  • Character Creation

  • Zombies have correct eye sprite after being arrested and killed

UI / Controls
  • Fix for NPC icons remaining on the minimap after they are transformed into Zombies
  • In 2-player local coop, switched color of split-screen transition effect from white to black so that it would appear less jarring
  • Players can now rebind many controls that were not available for rebinding before
  • Controller rebinding can be done from the initial setup screen before the game begins for the first time
  • Loadout menu includes the number of items that the player will receive

  • Fix for thrown items sometimes dropping beneath the player instead of actually being thrown

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Jock no longer loses 5 Health when using his Charge ability
  • Fix for error occurring when Jock landed on the ground after charging into a wall, preventing sound effect
  • Flesh Feast cannot be used on Killer Robot
  • Player cannot receive “Big Bullets” when they are unable to use guns
  • Player cannot receive “Durabilitacious” when they are unable to use melee weapons
  • Zombies are seen as “Guilty” by Cops

  • Fix for players not falling into holes if they were running at extremely high speeds due to “I’m Outtie”

  • Can no longer receive missions where you need to kill someone of the same class when you have the Class Solidarity trait

Level Generation
  • Adjusted positioning of various Tubes in Factories to avoid instances where the objects they spew out miss the conveyor belt

Artificial Intelligence
  • Cops get angry when the player hits Fire Hydrants and makes them spew water
  • Cops no longer try to whack Fire Hydrants to death when they get sprayed
  • Ghosts and non-party-member Zombies are less careful when walking into dangerous situations
  • Fix for Cops not being initially Hostile toward Shapeshifters
  • Jock has (temporary) dialogue in Home Base

  • Optimizations made to Zombie

Stuff you might have missed in Alpha 29's many hotfix builds
  • Fix for multiplayer having major issues with level transitions
  • Proper support for generic USB gamepads

Alpha 30b
  • Increased player name character limit to 32 characters
  • Fix for custom characters saying “E_<something>” when given certain traits (Edit: ACTUALLY fixed in Alpha 30b1)
  • Adjusted some cost values
  • Fix for Loneliness Killer followers spawning weird
  • Fix for Toss ability not working properly with Pacifist
  • Fix for custom characters not being able to unlock things in Home Base
  • Custom characters are given the correct number of items when starting a new game
  • Fixed “Art of the Deal” not functioning for custom characters
  • Fix for Primal Lunge on custom characters not doing proper damage
  • When you have Loneliness Killer, people will not spawn with you when you return to Home Base
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
Well, it was only a matter of time. Obviously, Zombies were going to appear in this game at some point, seeing as this has not only been the #1 most requested character class, but also.. I mean, this IS an indie Steam game in the 2010s. Right there alone, that guarantees a 30-40% chance of zombies showing up somewhere.

And yes, they're playable.

This has been a pretty interesting class to develop. Originally, I made it so that if you died as a zombie, you'd inhabit one of the other living zombies and keep playing. So essentially, the zombie horde became more important than your individual zombie. But, once the zombie infection grew large enough, it became pretty much impossible to lose the game, since you'd have so many chances to respawn. Since I've already coded this feature, I'd like to find some other use for it down the line. I hate wasting perfectly good code :p

In its current form, I'm sure y'all will find plenty of bugs and balance issues with the Zombie. So make sure to let me know!

Speaking of feedback: There's a new Fortnight Discussion!
NPC Special Abilities - What do you want to see?

Alpha 29
New Features and Content
  • New playable character: Zombie
  • Trait “Zombify” added
  • Trait “Fair Game” added
  • Trait “Class Solidarity” added (also added to Trait Unlocks)
  • Special Ability “Zombie Phlegm” added
  • Status Effect “DNA Connection” added

  • Zombie

  • Fix for sleep Z’s not disappearing when NPCs were afflicted with various status effects while sleeping
  • Fix for dizzy stars appearing if a knocked-out person falls into a hole

UI / Controls
  • Fix for players being returned to “Enter Password” menu if they pressed Esc after being invited to a game through Steam
  • Fix for AlienFX setting going from Off to On at certain times without user consent
  • Fix for camera sometimes not following the player when they canceled out of various “operating” bars
  • Fix for the camera not focusing on player when Arresting/Enslaving as multiplayer client
  • Game can no longer go into slow motion when players are on the Character Select screen due to background activity like explosions
  • If the player is holding Extra Info and someone dies, their info will disappear
  • When determining what interactable objects should be highlighted, the game will de-prioritize certain less important objects like Bushes
  • Fix for players having difficulty interacting with certain objects (particularly doors) when other players were standing right next to them
  • If the player is standing near an object with a full inventory, and an item is on the ground, they will interact with the object instead of the item

Playfield Objects
  • Fix for players not receiving credit and Destruction bonus for destroying Generators
  • Bullets no longer hit wall-based Pipes
  • Fix for throwable objects being able to pass through certain Park-based objects where this was not intended
  • Explosions set oil spills on fire
  • Read Email context button on Computers has been moved to the bottom of the list
  • Noise indicator appears over objects hacked with Laptop to further indicate the noise created
  • Fire does not cause as much knockback, to prevent situations where a player would bounce into a nearby wall and back into the fire
  • Context buttons for using Wrench on Generator now indicates that durability will be lost
  • Fix for objects like Red Barrels not exploding on multiplayer client when client threw items at them
  • Fix for thrown items on multiplayer client not triggering Fire Hydrant spray

  • Fix for multiplayer bug where a client’s equipped weapons and armor would not appear properly to other players when a new level was first entered
  • Certain items, such as the rock and shuriken, will be thrown a bit of extra distance to avoid situations where the player clicks on an enemy and it is thrown to their feet
  • Doctor can use Taser, it’s now flagged as non-violent
  • Fix for audio and music notes appearing multiple times for Boombox if the multiplayer client went far away and came back
  • Fix for weapons purchased out of people’s hands by Shopkeeper not being unequipped by the weapon-holder, creating a duplicate weapon in your inventory
  • Chainsaw can no longer be found in the game (it’s not ready yet, it shouldn’t be appearing)
  • Fix for Slavemaster being able to attain multiple undroppable Tasers
  • Fix for Slavemaster not being able to combine weapon add-ons with Taser
  • Pouring oil causes a small noise
  • People will get angry if they see you spilling oil on the ground or lighting it on fire
  • Fix for Slavemaster not receiving Taser when No Guns mutator is active
  • Slave Helmet blows up properly when Slave has Resurrection status effect
  • Slave Helmet causes correct-sized explosion when Slaves venture too far away from their Slavemaster
  • Fix for Slavemaster being able to give Taser to party members
  • If Doctor misses with their Chloroform Hankie, cooldown will not trigger
  • Fix for multiplayer client not always receiving credit for killing someone with a Banana Peel

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for player continuing to Arrest/Enslave people after they have been killed
  • Fix for player continuing to interact with nonexistent objects and people if they were destroying quickly while the player was “operating” them
  • G-P-Yesssss is no longer available on multiplayer client. I will make it available again once I find a fix for issue where it was not working properly
  • Potential fix for Jock sometimes getting stuck in a Charge animation when next to Steel and Border walls
  • Fix for Comedian not being able to add people to his party with Joke if they were already Loyal
  • Fix for Cannibalize icon appearing while the player was a Ghost
  • Fix for “No In-Fighting” not always working properly in all cases with NPCs
  • Fix for “No In-Fighting” working between players in multiplayer but displaying faked hits
  • Fix for player being super-fast if they were resurrected when they had the trait “I’m Outtie”
  • Fix for Wrestler sometimes not being able to pick up certain mission-related objects
  • Vampires in multiplayer games get proper credit for killing other players with Bite
  • When Resurrecting through use of Resurrection Shampoo, people receive a minimum of 25 health
  • Certain traits will no longer appear as level-up choices under certain circumstances.
    • Bloody Mess does not appear for Cannibal
    • Medical Professional does not appear for Vampire
    • Studious no longer appears for Slum Dweller
    • Durabilitacious no longer appears with “No Melee” mutator
    • Hard to Shoot and Big Bullets no longer appear with “No Guns” mutator
    • Butterfinger-er no longer appears with “No Melee” and “No Guns” mutators both activated
    • Friend of the Common Folk no longer appears with “Everyone Hates You” mutator
    • Let me know if you can think of any others like this!

  • Players will auto-aim at objects again, but only if they are meant to be destroyed for a mission
  • Fix for some cases where Giantized players were able to hit and destroy walls from behind Steel walls
  • Fix for Shrunk players being able to shoot bullets through north/south-facing walls

  • Sound effect plays upon pressing “Complete” button on Missions screen

General Gameplay
  • Fix for player not being able to teleport in Graveyards and other outdoor buildings

Stats / Unlocks
  • Fix for Comedian unlock not always triggering for multiplayer clients

  • Fix for “Break Out” not always appearing over prisoners’ heads during Prison Break missions
  • After breaking people out of prison for missions, their character-specific minimap indicators (like Drug Dealer or Shopkeeper) will appear properly
  • Fix for certain objects being marked as targets on “Destroy All” missions when it was not actually necessary for the player to destroy them
  • Fix for Rescue missions immediately failing if a player entered a multiplayer game with a character that the prisoner hates
  • Fix for Rescue missions immediately failing if the player Possessed someone with the Shapeshifter who was Hostile toward the Prisoner

Level Generation
  • Fix for Bars/Fences/Barbed Wire still occasionally not facing the correct direction on multiplayer client

Artificial Intelligence
  • Fix for NPCs getting stuck when pathing past Fire Spewers
  • Fix for rescued people sometimes not joining player’s party if they had no room for more people
  • Fix for people sometimes not being scared of Werewolf and Killer Robot when they should have been
  • Fix for Slaves technically remaining in the player’s party when Slavemaster is Depossessed by Shapeshifter
  • When Slavemaster is Depossessed, Slaves will follow him rather than running back to their home immediately and likely blowing up
  • Slaves do not become Annoyed when Slavemaster is Possessed
  • If Shapeshifter Possesses a Slavemaster and dies as the Slavemaster, Slaves will not become angry at the Shapeshifter
  • Fix for Slaves becoming Hostile toward the player, and Slavemaster becoming Hostile toward Slaves following Depossession
  • When Shapeshifter Depossesses, nearby people who see the Depossession will return to their initial relationship with the Depossessed person
  • Ghosts are excluded from Ideological Clash
  • Fix for NPCs continuing to dance or sleep while being bitten by Vampire
  • Fix for questgivers not having their normal context menu actions available after the player completes a Rescue mission for them
  • Fix for followers saying “I can’t exactly get there” at inappropriate times
  • Fix for rescued NPCs returning to their prison cells after the mission is complete
  • When a Slavemaster captures multiple Slaves, those Slaves will become Loyal to one another
  • Fix for NPCs who are Loyal or Aligned with the player becoming Hostile toward the player’s newly enslaved party members
  • If the player Neutralizes a Slavemaster, his former Slaves will become Loyal to the player
  • Fix for NPCs who join a player’s party sometimes having the wrong alignment toward other followers and party members
  • Fix for NPCs continuing to talk after being Electrocuted
  • No longer possible to make followers attack broken windows, which would cause them to attack forever since the windows can’t be broken a second time
  • Fix for non-owners of buildings not running away from fires in their building
  • Fix for follower NPCs not following the player or properly taking orders after dying and resurrecting
  • NPCs no longer yell things at inanimate objects when attempting to destroy them
  • Fix for NPCs being stopped in their tracks by stationary Saw Blades
  • NPCs who are Loyal to the player will offer Keys, Safe Combinations and Mission Objective items
  • In Radiation levels, people always run back to their original position (as opposed to walking) if they finish their current activity and they are outside
  • Potential fix for NPCs sometimes trying to look at Shelves through walls
  • If the player gets a Slavemaster to join their party through some means, his Slaves will follow him instead of standing in their original locations
  • If a party member has to leave due to being injured, the player can still give them items for healing purposes so they can re-hire if they wish
  • If a player is a Cop or has the status effect “Above the Law”, rescuing a Prisoner for a mission will not result in other Cops attacking that Prisoner
  • NPCs take “No In-Fighting” into account when deciding to attack when it would normally hit the player
  • Party members of Player A will not be scared by Player B if Player B is a Werewolf/Zombie

  • Quitting the game from the title screen no longer states that your progress will be saved
  • “Resume Game” replaced with “Resume Save” on title screen
  • Scientist says something different when you ask him to identify a Syringe

  • Fix for Windows occasionally being missing

  • Experimented with Unity 5.6.2f1, reverted back to 5.6.1f1 due to crashes and Linux instability. Will be looking into Unity 2017.1.0 for a near-future update.

  • All tracks updated to 320 kbps versions (these were previously 192 kbps)

  • Updated NAT Traversal plugin to 1.54

Alpha 29b
  • Fix for Traits not properly appearing in Level-Up menu.
  • Questgivers no longer run away from Zombies.

Alpha 29c
  • Fix for "Neutralize Some Folks" missions sometimes not being completeable if someone was Zombified.
  • Fix for Zombies not always turning against their former allies upon becoming zombified.

Alpha 29d (7/14/17)
  • Added Zombie ability “Flesh Feast” which gives the player (and only the player) 2 health for each Fist hit on an NPC
  • Removed Zombie starting item Food Processor
  • Zombie Spit does 10 damage in addition to DNA Connection
  • Zombie Spit travels through the air faster
  • Zombie followers are much less prone to running off and attacking random people
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes running from danger that they can’t see
  • Fix for Loneliness Killer issue where new party member zombies would sometimes fight other zombies
  • Increased radius in which Zombies will decide to attack people
  • Ghosts do not become Scared or Hostile toward Zombies
  • Zombies do not become Hostile toward Killer Robot
  • Zombies will not be initially Hostile toward people who need to be rescued for missions
  • Team-Building Expert trait will not appear if the player has Zombie Army trait
  • Zombies will not hate other zombies with “Everyone Hates You” mutator, since they can’t attack each other
  • Fix for players not receiving Skill Points if they killed and Zombified someone
  • Fix for people not becoming Zombified if the player killed them on the first hit
  • Fix for Zombies sometimes becoming Annoyed with other Zombies
  • Fix for NPCs Hostile toward Zombies sometimes becoming Alerted and then immediately Fleeing if they were far enough away
  • Fix for Zombie and Shapeshifter eyes being the wrong color when they were burnt to death
  • Non-follower Zombies are not as careful about avoiding traps, because they are stupid zombies

Alpha 29e (7/15/17)
  • NPCs are no longer Scared by Zombies who are Invisible, Hidden in Bushes, or under a Cardboard Box
  • Fix for radiation’s green hue getting stuck after killing people who were meant to be Zombified
  • Fix for Shapeshifter not resurrecting properly after Possessing someone and falling down a hole
  • Fix for Zombie having a weird appearance in “New Character Every Level”
  • Fix for “New Character Every Level” not having the full selection of characters in offline games. I had forgotten to revert a change during testing.
  • Fix for Zombies being able to run at certain times when they weren’t supposed to be able to, such as when they are near danger
  • Added a few Zombie related sound effects
  • Fixed issue where “Neutralize” could remain above certain character classes’ heads after neutralizing them on “Neutralize Some Folks” missions
  • Reverted some code I had secretly added to prevent piracy group ALI213 from playing online, after negative Chinese reviews about a lack of players online. Whatever, I ain’t messing with this. :P :P :P

Alpha 29f (7/18/17)
I wanted to release this build because it includes a fix that I think might solve some of the issues with multiplayer level switches that people are having. Please see this thread for information on how you can help me solve these issues.

This build also includes a bunch of other fixes that I haven't had time to write up. I'll include those in the patch notes for Alpha 30, still scheduled for next week.

Alpha 29g (7/20/17)
Alright, one more! I might have a fix for issues that people were having with generic gamepads not working properly. If you've been having gamepad troubles, try this and let me know how it goes. Note that you will probably need to rebind most of your controls.

For everyone else, all your gamepad bindings will be reset in this build --

Controller problems? Go to the Settings -> Control Setup -> Gamepad Setup -> Restore Defaults.

If that doesn't work, try the first answer in Troubleshooting
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
Everyone's favorite cuddly leather-bound scoundrel is now playable! Use your taser on random people and strap an exploding helmet to their head while they're incapacitated, linked to your handy remote control! That'll keep your new conquests in line! Unless they decide to mutiny. Which does happen. So watch out.

I'm also starting something called "Fortnight Discussions". With each bi-weekly update of the game, I'll post a thread in the discussion forum asking for feedback on some specific feature. The first of these can be found here: Difficulty Levels

Alpha 28
New Features and Content
  • Added support for Alienware Alien FX, which causes Alienware keyboards to light up in flashy ways during gameplay. This can be turned off in Gameplay Settings.
  • Slavemaster is now a playable character
  • Special Ability "Enslave" added
  • Taser item added
  • Status effect “Electrocuted” added
  • Trait "Ideological Clash" added
  • Trait "Poor Hand-Eye Coordination" added

  • New Korean translations added

  • Slavemaster

  • Player always stops pointing their gun when the “Operating...” bar is present
  • Fix for player identifier circle appearing in the incorrect position if the player was Shrunk or Diminutive while underwater
  • When Shapeshifter possesses someone, their eyes become red
  • Fix for geyser of blood appearing on multiplayer client when Cannibal ate someone
  • Fix for knocked-out people on multiplayer client not always having their eyes closed
  • Fix for dizzy stars sometimes not appearing over the heads of knocked-out people on multiplayer client
  • Fix for dizzy stars animations sometimes appearing ‘out of sync’
  • Fix for sleep Z’s not appearing on multiplayer client
  • Fix for bullets being nearly invisible in Werewolf mode

UI / Controls
  • Player’s character type now appears on Stats screen
  • Fix for an NPC’s map marker disappearing after they teleport
  • Fix for Context Buttons interface getting glitchy when there were too many buttons
  • Fix for incorrect item slots flashing when an item is equipped when the “use item on object” interface is present
  • Fix for “Mission Complete” notification appearing a bit too quickly when objects were destroyed for a mission
  • Made it less easy to accidentally cancel out of handcuffing someone if you were spamming right-click
  • When selecting Object Context Buttons, pressing Up on the first button brings you to the bottom of the list and vice versa
  • Inventory slot “cost” text moved slightly up so as not to obscure the image as much
  • Fix for inventory items sometimes disappearing when assigning toolbar slots with Auto-Sort Inventory set to Off
  • Fixed incorrect character being initially selected in Character Select in multiplayer mode when Shapeshifter player died while Possessing another character

Playfield Objects
  • Fix for vertical-facing Bars/Fence appearing weird sometimes
  • Fix for Gas clouds being able to affect people from behind walls if the person hugged the wall
  • Hacker can’t clone a person by hacking the Clone machine if they have reached their follower limit
  • Turret does not shoot at Vampire when Security Cam detects someone
  • When hacking Cameras and Turrets, the interface now indicates the current setting to the player (i.e. whether turret is targeting owners or non-owners)

  • Fixed bug where Wrestler picks up a weird looking item and tosses “E_TossItem”
  • Fixed some important bugs relating to the instantiating of items when there were more than 50 items in existence. This may fix some random problems
  • Fixed issues relating to equipped items at the beginning of levels causing various bugs
  • Fix for issue where Shopkeeper purchasing a weapon directly from an NPC’s hands would cause the weapon to appear equipped in the inventory without actually being equipped
  • Fix for Slave Helmet sometimes not exploding when they Slave went too far out of range of its Slavemaster
  • Slave Helmet does not blow up immediately after its wearer dies, it takes a second now
  • Slave Helmet cannot blow up while the wearer is falling into a hole
  • Slave Helmet no longer drops to the ground after a Slave is freed
  • Slave Helmet produces Normal sized explosion instead of Big one
  • Slave Helmet Remote now blows up multiple owned Slaves at once
  • Slave Helmet Remote cannot be dropped when in the possession of Slavemaster
  • Fix for Gorilla not being able to use Oil Container
  • Oil Container does not disappear from the player’s inventory when it runs out
  • Cigarettes and Cigarette Lighter are available as loadouts and from the Item Teleporter
  • Doctor can now throw Banana Peels
  • Ammo Processor and Kill Ammunizer can no longer be used on Oil Container
  • Fix for player exiting Cardboard Box when walking over dead bodies
  • Fix for head-based armor not being properly equipped on NPCs brought to the next level

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for issue introduced in Alpha 27 where player would not receive health bonus for gaining a level if the level was gained after the floor was finished
  • No longer possible to gain extra health from leveling up while dead or a ghost
  • Fix for player being able to transform into Werewolf immediately after returning to human form if the Special Ability button was pressed quickly enough
  • Fix for player being able to Possess a person a second time after leaving their body if the Special Ability button was pressed quickly enough
  • Jock stops Charging when teleported
  • Fix for client being Tranquilized and countdown numbers not appearing for host or other clients
  • Fix for issue where, if a Shapeshifter who was Possessing someone was knocked out and then killed before they woke up, they would not Depossess properly, and would become a ghost instead
  • Fix for Gorilla being able to do multiple lunges without charging if the Special Ability button was pressed at the exact right time
  • Fix for Shapeshifter becoming a normal-sized human after Depossessing while Shrunk or Giant
  • Player does not lose most status effects when knocked out. Rather, they are only paused.
  • Fix for Jock falling down immediately if a wall was behind him when beginning a Charge
  • Doctor’s Chloroform cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 5

  • Fix for “can’t do” sound effect sometimes playing when cycling to Fist

General Gameplay
  • Fix for Shapeshifter player disappearing after possessing a Slave and falling into a hole
  • NPCs can no longer bump Cannibals out of their hiding spots if they walk on top of their position

Stats / Unlocks
  • Fixed issue where if the Shapeshifter entered the elevator while possessing a person, that person would be counted as an “angered” person in Stats
  • Alerted stat does not increase when the Rage poison is used on someone

  • Fix for missions being failed if the NPC holding the item teleported

  • Fix for Cop losing XP for killing hostile NPCs in Everyone Hates You
  • In Low Health mutator, players now only need 10 health to revive a teammate rather than 20
  • Fix for sleep Z’s in Rogue Vision not disappearing when a not-in-vision NPC got up and started walking around

Level Generation
  • Fix for Trash Barrels and Vending Machines occasionally blocking the player’s path when a wall was nearby diagonally
  • Fix for Air Conditioners sometimes spawning directly next to each other and blocking the player’s path

Artificial Intelligence
  • Fix for prisoners sometimes walking back to prison after escaping
  • Fix for Cops not becoming Hostile after seeing the player Tranquilize someone or shoot them with a Water Pistol
  • If you own a Slave that is Aligned with someone else, that other person will become hostile toward you
  • Slaves no longer refuse to obey your “Attack” commands on the grounds that they “would get killed”
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes not attacking the player if they became Hostile while they were Loyal towards the player
  • Fix for non-partied NPCs sometimes following invisible players
  • Fix for NPCs not giving the player normal interaction options after being rescued for a mission
  • Fix for NPCs not being able to sell items to the player after being possessed by Shapeshifter
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes running into walls after being Depossessed from Shapeshifter. Might have fixed some other cases of this occurring as well
  • Fix for party members who become hostile towards the player sometimes appearing again on the next floor
  • Fixed cases where a Hostile person would not attack the player if they became Hostile when the player was extremely close
  • Fixed cases where a party member would become hostile toward another player but not attack them
  • Cops do not care about crimes committed by friendly/loyal people
  • Fix for NPCs being able to hear certain crimes while having the “Hearing Blocked” status effect
  • When commanding groups of people at the same time (“All Attack”, etc.), only those that speak your language will obey
  • If a person A is hostile toward person B and person B is Aligned to the person C, person A will only become hostile toward the person C if person B is in person C’s party. In the previous update, this only applied to Loyal people and not Aligned people. Also, the employment rule is now only necessary if person B or C is a player, and not if both are NPCs
  • NPCs who are Loyal toward the player don’t mind the player committing small crimes toward them, like stealing their stuff.
  • NPCs that you are rescuing for a mission will not go out of their way to attack Turrets, Fire Spewers, etc. due to the probability of them getting themselves killed.
  • Fix for Prisoners sometimes running into their cell doors when the prison wall has been destroyed
  • No longer possible for someone to quit your party due to low health, and then join again with full health if their health was within a certain small range.
  • Not being able to hire NPCs with low health now extends to all classes, whereas before this only applied to gangsters
  • Party members will take a bit more damage before they decide they’re too hurt to continue
  • Fix for NPCS being rescued for missions not always obeying Attack commands properly
  • Fix for NPCs standing still when being told to Stand Guard behind a locked door

  • Fix for endgame stats screen not stating the cause of death properly when a Jock charged into a wall killed himself
  • Fix for Stats screen sometimes showing the player’s killer as “E_ObjectAgent” when player was killed by Generator explosion
  • Changed G-P-Yessss description slightly to be more clear
  • Werewolf no longer says human dialogue when attempting and failing to teleport

  • Fix for NPCs not being interactable on client after certain status effects
  • Fix for clients sometimes not receiving skill points or mission credit for killing NPCs
  • Fix for issue where it was sometimes possible for client to interact with NPCs if they were being arrested or being bitten

  • Potential fix for issue where people’s save data could be deleted on rare occasion. At worst, there’s now a rare chance that a save could fail, but this shouldn’t affect your existing data.

  • Lots of preparation for incoming new batch of sound effects

Alpha 28b
  • Fix for game occasionally getting stuck at 87% loading on Park levels.
  • Fix for Slave Helmet Remote having 0 charges when a Slave was purchased.

Alpha 28c (6/30/17)
  • Fix for Taser not working properly if the player exited a level while it was recharging.
  • Fix for Taser not working properly if the player resumed a saved game.
  • Fixed a few other issues with items not having correct properties when saved games were loaded.
  • Taser no longer recharges while certain events are occurring to the player, such as teleportation or being knocked out.
  • Taser can no longer be refilled at Ammo Dispensers.
  • Taser's recharge counter appears correctly when being viewed in the "Use Item On Object" variation of the inventory
  • Taser and Tranquilizer Gun are available as Loadout items, and within the Item Teleporter.
  • Fix for non-Slavemasters being able to sell Taser at high prices if they sold it while it was recharging
  • Fix for Slave Helmet Remote not working for multiplayer client Slavemasters after they died and resurrected.
  • Fix for Slave Helmet Remote not losing charges on multiplayer client
  • NPCs chosen to hate the player based on "Ideological Clash" are the same for all players who have this trait.
  • Slaves can now be commanded to attack NPCs with whom they are Aligned, and objects that they own
  • Fix for Slaves not being freed when multiplayer client Slavemaster died
  • If a Slavemaster player is killed and resurrected, their former Slaves will be hostile toward them
  • When NPCs are Enslaved by a player, they become Neutral toward other players instead of sometimes becoming Hostile.
  • Chance of Slave mutiny reduced by a bit
  • "You're Free" button moved to bottom of context buttons when you didn't purchase the Slave
  • Now possible to ask Enslaved people for items instead of needing to bribe or threaten them
  • Fix for enslaved people that are set free just wandering around afterwards instead of going back to their normal routine
  • Fix for enslaved Slum Dwellers attempting to walk away after causing a Ruckus
  • Fix for player being able to receive multiple bonuses on Armor items when transferring them to different inventory slots while Auto-Sort was turned off
  • Fix for Armor items not appearing on the Character Select screen list
  • Fix for "Break Out" quests being uncompleteable if prisoner was blown up by an explosion at the exact same time he was released from prison (typically by a wall being blown up)
  • Added more safeguards to hopefully prevent the stupid E_TossItem bug. So stupid.

Alpha 28d (7/1/17)
  • Added safeguards to ensure that NPCs cannot melee attack other NPCs who are being arrested/enslaved, particularly during periods of online lag
  • Added safeguard to hopefully prevent issue with Taser unequipping when fired
  • Fix for Wastebasket in Home Base appearing as “E_Wastebasket” and only appearing sometimes
  • Fixed issue with some NPC types attempting to leave the player’s party due to low health when enslaved
  • The only types of NPCs who will refuse to go on due to low health, are NPCs who will also refuse to come with you to new levels
  • Fix for bars/fences appearing at incorrect angles on multiplayer client
  • Fix for slaves going back to their normal routine after one of their owned doors was destroyed
  • When you tell NPCs to stand guard somewhere they they can’t get to (like behind a laser), they’ll inform you of this
  • Fixed Slavemaster being able to sell Taser
  • Fix for player being able to get infinite XP if they kept enslaving and freeing someone
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
It's been a busy couple of weeks in the real world, but I managed to add a pretty sizeable number of bugfixes. Not much else to say about this update, I'll let the changelog speak for itself.

The next update (June 29) will be the last primarily-bugfix-oriented update that I do for the time being. After that, it'll be back to features and content...

Alpha 27
  • Fix for objects sometimes flashing after being destroyed as if the player could still interact with them
  • Character select screen animation plays properly when the random character button is pressed

UI / Controls
  • Windows appear as a shade of grey on the minimap instead of not appearing at all
  • Fix for context buttons disappearing when the player is talking to an Investment Banker, and he loses health due to Withdrawal
  • Fix for controls not appearing at the start of the game in 3-player and 4-player co-op mode
  • Fix for menus not scrolling properly with gamepad on 4:3 resolutions
  • Fix for issue where player would attack if they clicked to drop an item while the inventory was closed
  • Player can hold the Extra Info button while interface elements like the Inventory are visible
  • Fix for gamepad players not being able to press the Stats button while viewing Missions
  • Player markers disappear from the minimap when a player exits the level
  • Fix for levels completing in coop mode if one player finished a level, and another player ended the game from the Main Menu

  • Comedian starts with Team-Building Expert
  • Fix for issue where ending the game and returning to Home Base while
  • Possessing someone as Shapeshifter would cause you to spawn as the possessed character
  • Fix for characters appearing in the Home Base with the wrong skin and hair if the player’s game ended, then they selected a character, changed their mind, and went to the Home Base
  • Fix for player being able to have an Assassin mask over a Slum Dweller head if they started the Tutorial as an Assassin
  • Fix for issue in online multiplayer where if a person selected a character in the Home Base and backed out, then closed the Character Select, mousing over that player would show the other players “E_”
  • Werewolf no longer speaks English when attempting to interact with Elevators
  • Fix for Cannibal’s face getting fixed when Possessed by Shapeshifter
  • Slaves no longer blow up if a slave owner client in multiplayer games brings the slave to the next level and teleports

Playfield Objects
  • Fix for fires not always starting properly when wooden walls were hit with the Flamethrower from the south
  • Fix for issue where windows could not be destroyed by extremely powerful melee attacks if they had already been shattered
  • Goodie Dispenser can only dispense 3 goodies, which should fix the “Hacker getting infinite cash” exploit
  • Players cannot be teleported onto Slime Puddles
  • Fix for Slot Machine sometimes not dispensing money properly
  • Potential fix for people being teleported a few steps back when walking through destroyed windows
  • Fix for Vending Machines sometimes facing toward a wall instead of away from it
  • Turret, Security Camera and Fire Spewer no longer block people’s paths with collision detection
  • Another attempted fix for issue where players could be teleported on top of Flame Grates and Mine Cart tracks

  • Bulletproof Vest no longer protects from Flamethrower and Fire Spewer
  • When purchasing Loadout items, the player is given the same amount of the item that they receive when the item is given as a quest reward
  • Hypnotizer, Haterator, etc. can no longer be used on Hologram
  • If the player throws the last item in a stack, fists are now selected instead of weapon types

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Cyanide gibs people again due to popular demand, despite making no sense. Whatever.
  • Fix for bug introduced in Alpha 26 where Kneecapper chance to activate was set to 98%
  • “No In-Fighting” does not work on NPCs who need to be neutralized for a mission
  • Fix for instances where “No In-Fighting” would be active on an NPC who hates the player
  • “No In-Fighting” now applies to NPCs who are Loyal or Submissive, in addition to Aligned
  • Fix for Backstab not gibbing people when Bloody Mess is active
  • Fix for Thief not being able to steal items from people when they had a full inventory, but the item was stackable
  • Players with the “Loud” trait no longer make noise when they are Ghosts
  • NPCs will not laugh at Comedian’s jokes if they are already Hostile
  • Assassin’s Camouflage is not immediately removed mid-swing when hitting dead bodies
  • Fix for player becoming visible if hiding in Bush when Camouflage wore off
  • Antisocial trait actually works as stated, and prevents the player from attaining party members much of the time
  • Fix for players not receiving health boost on level-up if they are teleporting
  • Fix for Thief being able to move while Paralyzed by using Sticky Glove
  • Vampires and Cannibals no longer continue to devour their prey after they have been killed themselves
  • Fixed cases where players were able to be damaged after finishing a level

  • Auto-Aim no longer targets NPCs who are hidden in bushes

  • Fix for “picking up” sound not always playing the next time something is picked up after Thief uses the Sticky Glove

  • Fix for issue where during slow motion, people would often be teleported out of a wall before the wall was triggered to be broken

  • Fixed issue where player could hire someone and teleport to automatically complete Neutralize missions

  • Player can teleport again if Killer Robot is killed

Level Generation
  • Gravestones should no longer spawn in the middle of Lakes
  • Potential fix for Park loading getting stuck at 87%
  • Fix for cases where trash barrels and vending machines could spawn in tight spaces and block the player’s path

Artificial Intelligence
  • Cannibals cannot be triggered out of hiding by Ghosts
  • Fix for AI not pathing properly around Slime Puddles
  • Cops get angry at the Thief for using the Sticky Glove on someone
  • NPCs who start in an “idle” state will always return to their original position after being lured away
  • Fix for NPCs laughing at a Comedian’s jokes if they have teleported halfway across the map
  • Fix for issue where player would kill someone, later gain a follower who was aligned with the dead person, and then the follower would be angry at the player upon seeing the dead person
  • NPCs are better at determining when to get out of the way of dangerous traps like Fire Spewers when they are in the trap’s direct path
  • NPCs stop at Fire Spewers slightly before they start spewing
  • NPC followers are especially better at not stepping in a trap’s direct path in their efforts to follow the player closely
  • Cannibals are triggered to pop out of bushes by any Hostile person, rather than just specifically “any player”
  • Party members who are following the player will walk toward the player’s position when he is not in their line of sight
  • If a person A is hostile toward person B and person B is Loyal to the player, person A will only become hostile toward the player if person B is in the player’s party
  • If a person becomes Loyal to the player, other people who are loyal to the player will only become loyal to that person if they are a member of the player’s party
  • It is now possible to command people who are Loyal to you to attack other people who are Loyal to you
  • Prisoners who start the game in Prisons or Police Stations are marked as Guilty if they escape
  • Fix for Slaves and Gorillas not following clients in multiplayer games through 2 consecutive elevators
  • Fix for Slaves not having full list of commands for Slavemaster clients who brought the Slave to the next level
  • Fix for NPCs in a multiplayer client’s party not having the correct relationship to the client when brought to the next level

  • Fixed “Death By” not appearing properly when players were Stomped, Chaaarged, or Electro Touched
  • Fix for incorrect text appearing when attempting to hire more Soldiers than you’re allowed to
  • Changed Park sign text slightly to indicate more clearly that Cannibals are hostile toward outsiders specifically
  • Invisible box for status effect text at the side of the screen has been extended to accommodate languages with really lengthy text
  • Fix for “Accept Mission” chat announcement not appearing when host accepted the mission

  • Fix for issue where items could be retrieved from chests twice if client retrieved the item first
  • Fix for Suicide message not appearing in the chatlog when the host ends the game
  • Fix for all chests on the client side that contained money, containing exactly $5 instead of the correct server-side amount

  • Updated Rewired plugin to
  • Updated 2D Toolkit plugin to
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
Whoa, wait a minute, it hasn't been 2 weeks since the last update!

I'll be traveling outside the country from June 6 to 11, so I wanted to push out an early update before then. The next update will be on June 15, so it'll be back to the normal schedule.

This may look like a lot of bugfixes, but believe me when I say that there are a TON more bugs on my list where these came from. Most of these bugs were found through player submissions. So keep sending those reports!

Alpha 26
  • Fixed issue with Player 2’s lighting not appearing properly in 3-player or 4-player local coop mode
  • Fix for Bushes having bright lighting on client in multiplayer mode
  • Fix for stars continuing to appear above the head of a knocked-out person after the Cannibal has eaten that person
  • Dizzy stars disappear properly if a person is teleported when they are active

UI / Controls
  • Fixed issue with Player 2’s buff display not appearing properly in 3-player or 4-player local coop mode
  • Fixed issue where highlighted characters could remain highlighted permanently if the player entered the Main Menu or Missions Screen while they were highlighted
  • Fix for “targeting” cursor (used when hacking, using hypnotizer, etc.) remaining onscreen after player has died and will soon be resurrected in some way
  • Changing filters in server browser scrolls to the top of the browser list

  • Poisoned lakes can no longer cause “Paralyzed”

  • Killer Robot can no longer be gibbed
  • No longer possible to “ice gib” frozen players who have the Resurrect status effect

Playfield Objects
  • Another (hopefully fool-proof) fix for players being warping on top of holes after falling in the first time, causing a falling loop
  • Fix for Gravestones not spawning Ghosts or counting towards Vampire unlock when thrown by Wrestler
  • Fix for Crushers sometimes being able to damage the player from the other side of walls
  • Fixed issue where Crusher was harming the player when it began extending, rather than when it actually hit the player
  • Fire Hydrant’s water spray does not push characters back so hard that they can’t walk against the current
  • Goodie Dispensers no longer gives Guns and Melee items when the “No Guns/No Melee Weapons” mutators are active

  • Fix for Loadout items not appearing in-game when player takes Elevator to higher levels
  • Player can no longer quit the game after choosing a loadout item, and take it into the Daily Run
  • Cube of Lampey functions properly when Wrestler throws Lamps
  • Cube of Lampey no longer spawns items 100% of the time
  • Silencer and Accuracy Mod can no longer be used on Oil Container
  • Important items such as the Possession Stone can no longer be stolen from a player’s inventory
  • Fixed instances where kill profiting devices like Kill Ammunizer could be triggered more than once from the same person
  • Kill Ammunizer must restore at least 1 ammo to a gun. There were instances where it would restore 0.
  • Ammo Processor can no longer be used on Water Pistol
  • EMP Grenade does 100 damage to Killer Robot in addition to Paralyzing him
  • EMP Grenades can be used to disarm Door Detonators
  • Fix for thrown items bouncing for a frame or two after they are supposed to be destroyed
  • Bear Traps in the Park level have a more visible light
  • Fix for music notes appearing on random items after Boombox was destroyed
  • Boombox no longer continues to play music if it falls into a hole
  • Fix for player being able to drop the Cardboard Box while hidden under it
  • For for issue where if the player was wearing Hard Hat and Codpiece and removed one of them, they would lose “Resist Damage (Small)”
  • Syringes are identified when the player gives the Syringe to a follower and they use it
  • Tranquilizer Gun, Shrink Ray, Freeze Ray etc. can be used to trigger switches and other trigger-able things, just as normal bullets do
  • Bracelet of Strength effect “Strength +1” replaced by “Strength (Small)”, which also fixes an issue where strength from Bracelet would be added to player’s base strength at the start of new levels
  • Fix for equippable items sometimes not giving traits to the player if they were added to the inventory while another item of the same type existed
  • Fix for Mixed Drinks not working properly with Water Pistol
  • Player armor is not depleted when attacking other players while “damage other players” is turned off
  • Player is prevented from using Health items when their health is already full
  • Player can no longer be teleported onto Bear Traps and other dangerous items
  • When ““No Guns/No Melee Weapons” mutators are active, player will no longer see gun and melee related items, like Silencer and Ammo Stealer
  • Fix for certain guns like Flamethrower and Water Pistol still appearing when “No Guns” was active
  • Potential fix for NPCs dropping “E_” item sometimes, particularly when “No Guns” and “No Melee” were active

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Electro Touch no longer damages Ghosts
  • Electro Touch does 3x damage when the victim is underwater
  • Cannibal cannot eat bodies while they are on fire
  • Chloroform can no longer be used on Killer Robot
  • Fix for Jock being able to move normally while in his “pre-charge, revving up” state
  • Fix for Jock taking damage from non-hazardous objects while charging
  • Fix for Jock taking excess damage from hazardous objects while charging
  • Fix for Jock stopping his charge when near water bodies
  • Fix for Jock sometimes jumping in the wrong direction when charging into bodies of water
  • Fix for objects’ Destroy function getting called multiple times when Jock charged into the objects, resulting in weirdness
  • Jock’s charge attack can destroy Bushes now
  • Fix for player losing status effects tied to wearable items after dying and resurrecting
  • Cyanide no longer gibs people
  • Fix for issue where player would retain super-fast speed when using “I’m Outtie” trait and depossessing as Shapeshifter, or returning to human form as Werewolf
  • Fixed player not gaining “I’m Outtie” benefits immediately when entering Werewolf state or Possessing someone
  • Kneecapper cannot cause Slow when the player causes harm to themselves
  • Kneecapper does not cause Slow on other players when “Damage other players” is turned off
  • Status effect-causing bullets do not work on other players when “Damage other players” is turned off
  • Shapeshifter possessing an un-transformed Werewolf cannot transform into a real Werewolf, this was causing a bunch of bugs and would have been a pain to program properly. Saving for later.
  • Shapeshifter cannot possess a transformed Werewolf
  • Shapeshifter is more clear about why they can’t possess certain people
  • Regenerate Health When Low will not continue restoring health if the player’s health has reached its max, for example with the Low Health For All mutator
  • Being Knocked Out does not result in an immediate Game Over
  • When Shapeshifter levels up while Possessing someone, their original body is given the Full Health bonus
  • Fix for “No Effect!” being spammed when Killer Robot jumped into a poisoned lake
  • As Shapeshifter, players can no longer Possess a person who is being Arrested or Bitten

  • Ghost can no longer squash people who are Shrunk
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes not attacking objects when their AI dictates it
  • Sticky Glove can no longer be used to deflect melee attacks
  • Auto-Aim no longer attempts to target certain objects
  • Fixed issue where Flamethrower and Fire Spewer could break windows when aiming in the direction of the window, rather than the fire actually hitting it
  • Fix for Flamethrower/Fire Spewer damage and knockback being higher than it was supposed to be at times

  • Fix for looping weapon sound effects continuing to play if the gun was firing directly before the player was teleported
  • Sound effect plays when you try to equip a weapon that is out of ammo, or if the character is unable to equip weapons of that type
  • Fix for player death sound effect playing a second time if the player was gibbed after being killed

Stats / Unlocks
  • Fix for “Death By” and … reading as “E_” if a ghost progressed to the next level, and then a Game Over occurred

  • Fix for owners of buildings with bombs in “Find Bombs” missions not being flagged as Guilty
  • Fix for item “E_” sometimes appearing as mission reward when No Guns and No Melee mutators were active

  • With New Character Every Level, players will not get repeats until all unlocked agents have been used
  • Fix for issue in Daily Run where starting character could vary in New
  • Character Every Level when the game was restarted after death
  • Potential fix for game freezing at times when Investment Banker cleared a floor on New Character Every Level

Artificial Intelligence
  • Ghosts no longer follow Comedian when they like his jokes
  • Potential fix for NPCs being rescued for missions following Ghost players
  • Two people can no longer sleep in the same bed (apparently this is a more puritanical city than one might expect)
  • Cops do not get angry when you attack dead bodies
  • Fixed NPCs refusing to path over conveyor belts in any circumstance
  • Fixed issues NPCs were having pathing past Crushers
  • Fixed NPCs not avoiding Flame Grates in their pathing
  • NPCs will not enter a Flee state after walking onto a Conveyor Belt
  • Fix for NPCs having a tendency to walk too close to Killer Plants
  • Fix for NPCs not pathfinding around certain obstacles properly in multiplayer mode

  • Added note in Laptop description letting players know they can move while hacking
  • Changed Strict Cannibal text to make more clear that you can still drink alcohol
  • Modified “No In-Fighting” description to indicate that it only applies to melee and bullet attacks

  • Fix for Shopkeeper not being able to revive other players

  • Added Gameplay Settings menu option “Delete Save Data”
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
By popular demand, the Cannibal is now a playable character. For the first time ever in Streets of Rogue, you can enjoy the perks of eating dead bodies. Rejoice. I've also added a bunch of fixes and changes to the Park area. Expect more in the future. But for now.....

....For the next couple of updates, I'll be switching gears to straight-up bug-fixing. Over the past couple of months since the game was released into Early Access, I've been primarily focused on addressing major issues and adding additional content. However, players have been doing an excellent job of reporting bugs to me -- so good, in fact, that if you were to print out my bug list, it would stretch across the United States and back 3 times. That is a lie. But it's still pretty huge.

Alpha 25
  • Cannibal is now a playable character
  • Soldier now has proper “Joined” dialogue instead of saying “E_Joined”
  • Fix for “E_HireAsProtectionVoucher” appearing when hiring Soldier with Hiring Voucher
  • Cannibal no longer has trait “E_Dumb”

  • Ambient lighting added to Lakes
  • Fix for shadows being visible in Rogue Vision after characters jumped out of water while out of sight
  • Fix for shadows being visible in Rogue Vision while characters were underwater
  • Fix for light appearing on NPCs hidden in Bushes in Rogue Vision when playing as client
  • Fix for weapons appearing behind people’s hair

  • Fix for player’s name appearing as “Player (Player)” after Level 1
  • Bars and Barbed Wire Fences appear on Minimap
  • Fix for minimap not appearing when first starting online multiplayer games

  • Glass Walls

Building Types
  • Greenhouse

Playfield Objects
  • Killer Plant
  • Well (throwing money in doesn't do anything... yet)
  • Barbecue (can't cook things... yet)
  • Fireplace
  • Player can hide in Bushes by pressing Interact
  • Player Ghosts float over water
  • Ghosts’ movement is not affected by ice or water
  • Characters are better at determining which direction to jump when entering and exiting water
  • Status effects added to water bodies last 60 seconds instead of 90
  • Computers in certain buildings can be used to poison all water bodies in the level
  • No longer possible to teleport directly next to chests in the middle of hedge mazes, or other objects in the middle of outdoor “buildings” for that matter
  • NPC vision is blocked by Boulders and Trees
  • Trash Cans can no longer spawn in front of Doors and Windows (thanks to the 300 people who notified me about this)
  • Fix for not being able to destroy Bush with Flamethrower as multiplayer client
  • Fixed collider size on small boulders

  • Keys for new building types no longer say “Key (E_…)”
  • Bear Trap does 15 damage instead of 20

  • Fix for melee hits sometimes not registering

  • Added Unlock for Cannibal
  • Added Achievement for Cannibal

  • “Destroy All” mission type added

Level Generation
  • Water bodies spawning near factories may be poisoned with random status effects
  • Water bodies spawning near factories may have Slime Barrels nearby
  • Fix for Water Pump spawning on top of other objects
  • Fixed bug where Graveyards and Hideouts could not appear in Park levels
  • Changes to level generation algorithm that allow me to better control the frequency of certain building types
  • Elevators can no longer spawn in the middle of Lakes
  • Level generation attempts to force each type of Vending Machine (Ammo Dispenser, Sell-O-Matic, etc.) to appear at least once per level

Artificial Intelligence
  • Fix for party members not wanting to follow the player through Water
  • NPCs are better at navigating owned outdoor “buildings” like Hedge Mazes and Caves
  • NPCs in a “wander” state now pause for a longer period of time after reaching their destination to allow the player a bit of time to react if they were attempting to sneak by them or something
  • Player can no longer command party members to attack Boulders, since they are (nearly) indestructible
  • Fix for NPCs continuing to avoid pathing through certain objects after they had been destroyed
  • Cannibals hiding in Bushes only pop out if the player is within their line of sight
  • NPCs no longer immediately become angry if the player shoots an owned fireproof object with the Flamethrower

  • Fix for Home Base Elevator to higher floors not being usable

  • Updated to Unity 5.6.1f1
  • Updated Rewired plugin to

Alpha 25b
  • Fixed various issues with Cannibalizing on multiplayer client
  • Updated A* Pathfinding Project plugin from an ancient 2-year-old version 3.5.x to younger, hotter 4.0.10

Alpha 25c (5/26/17)
  • Fixed Holes sometimes not appearing in Park level Factories
  • Another fix for Vending Machines and Trash Barrels sometimes appearing in front of doors/windows. This one should cover 100% of cases.
  • Fix for NPCs spazzing out while investigating hackings, and in a few other cases
  • Fix for NPCs failing to avoid stepping on Floor Switches
  • Fixed NPCs failing to path over unopened Trap Doors
Streets of Rogue - Madguy

Yayy, the first iteration of the Park level has finally been added to the game! Bear in mind, it's still very much a work in progress, and and I have more new elements in the works. Not sure people will find the balance of this level in its current state (too easy/hard?), but I'm sure I'll find out soon! If you have suggestions for stuff you'd like me to add, feel free to post them in this thread. And as always, let me know if anything is buggy/broken!

Alpha 24
  • Park Levels 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3 added

  • 3 New tracks added (mp3s are available to soundtrack owners)
  • Floor 3-1 Ace of La Boots
  • Floor 3-2 Do the Gorilla
  • Floor 3-3 Don't Stop Movin'! Like Really! Killer Robot is After You!

Level Generation
  • Lots of small and large changes made to level generation for Park levels.
  • Lamps and Trash Cans are now placed at random instead of being tied to specific level chunks
  • Fix for some issues where objects could be spawned in narrow passages that blocked the player’s path
  • Fixed a couple instances where fire pits could block the player from achieving objectives

  • Water Bodies
  • Frozen Water Bodies

Building Types
  • Cabin
  • Farm
  • Military Outpost
  • Hedge Maze
  • Cave

  • Cannibal NPC
  • Soldiers may now appear as NPCs
  • Free-roaming Gorillas

Wall Types
  • Cave
  • Hedge

  • Tree
  • Bush
  • Boulder
  • Small Boulder
  • Water Pump (needs art)
  • Barbed Wire Fence
  • Mine
  • Fixed issue where Overclocked Generator could not be destroyed after being hit with EMP Grenade
  • Added measures to prevent certain things like Fire from damaging the player multiple times within a short timespan

  • Active Bear Traps may appear in the environment
  • Fix for a change in the previous build, where Rocket Launcher was supposed to have a lower monetary value in Rocket Launcher Chaos, but this instead occurred in Everyone Hates You

  • Park President
  • Unlock Elevator Access (Park)

  • Fix for dark bar sometimes appearing over Win screen

  • Fix for human eyes appearing on gorilla faces

Status Effects
  • "Slow" reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds

Artificial Intelligence
  • Lots of modifications to allow the AI to deal with new terrain types and objects
  • Non-owners will no longer try to walk through owned property, even if the walls have been destroyed

  • Game now pauses when minimized

Alpha 24b
Fix for Level 3 loading sometimes getting stuck. This bug was a mean SOB. I think it's fixed, but let me know if this happens in 24b.

Alpha 24c
Fixed a different and less common issue that was causing Level 3 loading to get stuck.
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
Some bad and good news! The bad news: This week's update will be delayed a couple of days until Saturday May 13th. The good news: It will contain the first iteration of the Park level! I was hoping to have this ready for Thursday, but there are still some kinks that need to be worked out, so I'll need a bit of extra time. That is all, apologies for the delay!

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