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Eager to find out what happens next to Sofya and Heremon? Check out our Kickstarter campaign for the next episode, Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament!

The Last Sacrament will be bigger in scope than anything we’ve made yet. We’re building the game using Unreal Engine 4. This might seem like an unusual choice for a visual novel. But UE4 allows us to create complex 3D environments and multiple camera angles for each scene, resulting in a more cinematic experience.

We’re also adding a unique gameplay element in the form of a mini-game called RiftRealms. This is a tabletop game that exists in the world of Echoes of the Fey, and as Sofya you can play with other characters. We thought this would be an interesting way to showcase each character’s personality based on how they treat you as a Dungeon master. It also explores the question: what do people fantasize about in a fantasy world?

You also have several romance options in The Last Sacrament. If you proceed carefully, you can develop a romantic relationship with Katerina, Arkady, Nikolai, or Heremon.

Check it out here:
Kickstarter Campaign
Community Announcements - woodsy_studio
On February 7, Episode 0: The Immolation releases free here on Steam! Play through the backstory of Sofya's powers and her relationship with Heremon as it all unfolds. To honor its release, we've put Episode 1 on sale this week, and we're also patching it with a few updates!

Update changes:
- The game now fully supports Xbox Controller. The interface and prompts will change automatically depending on whether you're using mouse, keyboard, or controller
- The game HUD can now be completely hidden at all times (from Options menu)
- "Skip" function is now on the left Shift key. This is to ensure the controls match Episode 0, and to prevent anyone from skipping accidentally when pressing Ctrl+PrtScn

Thanks everyone for playing, and let us know if you have any issues!
Community Announcements - woodsy_studio
Greetings, Echoes of the Fey fans! We're deep into development on our next installment, a short FREE prologue that will delve into the backstory of both Sofya and Heremon. If you want to see Episode 0: The Immolation on Steam, go and vote for us here: Echoes of the Fey Episode 0: The Immolation on Steam Greenlight
Community Announcements - woodsy_studio
Hey folks! The Echoes of the Fey team was featured in an interview over at Super Philip Central this week. Go check it out for background on our creative process, why we make visual novels, and more! Read the interview here!
Community Announcements - woodsy_studio
We hope that everyone has been enjoying "Echoes of the Fey" so far, and we would love to know what you thought! Please remember to leave a review once you finish the game. Otherwise we have no way of knowing what you enjoyed, or what you might like to see in future episodes!

- Jenny and Malcolm
Aug 20, 2016
Community Announcements - woodsy_studio
We've just pushed an update with a slight alteration to the controls so they are a bit more comfortable for people accustomed to VNs made with Ren'py.

"S" key --> Now takes a screenshot of the game that gets placed in your local save directory
"Ctrl" key --> Now skips through text (read or unread)
"Space bar" will no longer select a choice; press Enter to do that instead

The log feature previously mapped to "L" has been removed; this was never meant to be a supported feature. You can use the mouse wheel to rollback through text in the game, back to the latest choice point (you can't redo choices, which is a significant but intentional change from Ren'py).

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