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It took a lot of tuning, but Cloudbase Prime is working well with controllers now! Even Switch joycons, if you pair both of them! Since you look up and down a LOT in this game, there are dedicated buttons to snap your look down/forward/up.

A note on Steam controllers: I'm curious about your feedback here! Steam controllers emulate Xbox 360 controllers when possible! I do support that, but you're missing out on a good few Steam controller features then. You may want to use them in "mouse and keyboard" mode instead.

There are a good deal of other changes in here, too. A pile of bug fixes, an easier food chain mode, and a pretty cursor for menus.

Full change notes:

  • Controller support!
  • New options menu (now controller-friendly)
  • Added hint text on how to throw balls and detach from grabbed terrain
  • Updated look bindings, they can now be customized. I tried to keep mouse sensitivity identical: tell me if I didn't!
  • Added snap look controls: up, down, forward. Only bound on controllers by default.
  • Reload/interact are now the same binding
  • You can now throw held items by hitting interact a second time.
  • New cursor for menus
  • Food Chain mode is now easier: collector has more HP, enemy factory stays vulnerable longer.
  • Improved control help text in 1-intro: better text, colored control bindings.
  • Added move help text to 1-intro.
  • Lowered fall death height on all levels in zone 5.
  • You can't change the direction of the architect while your hands are busy any more (caused animation bugs, confused people).
  • Exiting the end credits now requires you to press a specific button.

  • Improved corrupt save file handling, automatic loading of backups on failure.
  • Exit cannon can no longer be disabled by enemy terrain destruction
  • Fixbot voices are now consistently affected by the "voice" volume setting.
  • 6-boss no longer becomes harder the more you die... sorry about that.
  • Fixed duplicated subtitles, hand animation bugs in 5-intro.
  • Enemy shield repulsor is no longer active during 5-boss's intro cutscene.
  • Fixed Atlas's voice lines being too quiet in the intro to 6-boss.
  • Fixed 5-1's starting checkpoint not consistently respawning the player.
  • 5-1's food chain stuff no longer shows up outside of food chain mode.
Cloudbase Prime - Tyrus
Hey look, new store art!

Beta 0.13 is out! It focuses on tutorials/help, while improving player movement with a new boost ability and swapping "survival" mode for a more fun "score attack".

With this beta release I now consider the game to be far friendlier to new players! I made this video to show off all of the new stuff in the game since it reached beta:

We're pretty far along now, so get that Early Access feedback to me if you've got it. Release is getting close!

Full change list:

  • Added a post-launch boost button (left ctrl by default!) to make level traversal faster and more fun
  • Added help manuals to the pause and HUB menus
  • Added/improved tutorials
  • Removed survival mode, replaced it with score attack
  • "Alternate" level modes are now locked until the primary mode is beaten
  • Strategy HUD is now always unlocked

  • Fixed bunny balls being gigantic while held, especially when playing as the second character
  • Improved audio levels on some Atlas dialog in 6-boss
  • Strategy HUD now looks better with few unlocks, hinting at how many unlocks remain
  • The pause key binding now applies in the level picker menu
  • Gave freeze ammo a proper model in the HUB weapons menu
  • Empty strategy HUD text now reflects actual key bindings
  • Hitting escape with the key binding menu can no longer unpause the game
  • Hitting the strategy HUD key can no longer unpause the game.
Cloudbase Prime - Tyrus

Cloudbase Prime's beta now! The big thing here is that the game's story is now complete. It has end credits and everything! There's a new story level and a pretty hefty boss fight. Also, I apparently hadn't released the ice ammo yet. It's hidden somewhere in 5-1 if I remember correctly.

These levels took a while. Complex story scenes really take a lot of effort, and 6-boss is my most complex yet. 6-2 was no slouch, either!

I hope you enjoy the update and, as always, am looking forward to hearing your feedback.

  • 6-2: get help to go and attack the tower's evil robot factory!
  • 6-boss: the end boss!
  • ice ammo
  • win music! most non-boss levels now have win music that joyfully blares out your victory.
  • fixbot heals are now more noticeable
  • fixbots no longer talk every time you respawn
  • powers are now introduced in 1-1's survival mode, too

  • player no longer gets stuck on tiny terrain edges at low speeds
  • homing weapons no longer lock onto dead stuff
  • fixed jump drop pod in 1-intro
  • fixed fixbot names being at odd angles on 6-1
  • fixed homing hands getting stuck in "lockon" mode sometimes
  • fixed angled and extra-large terrain breaking grappling hook
  • fixed grappling while on rails

Community Announcements - Tyrus
This is hopefully the last in a flurry of alpha releases to get the current stuff in the game up to "beta" quality. Its main features are auto-quality and more in-game settings options! If anything's missing, please feel free to make requests.

The game also now has a splash screen, but it shouldn't slow down your game bootups at all (except perhaps the first time, while the automatic quality check is running!)

  • auto-quality assignment on first run
  • new in-game graphics and keybinding settings.
  • sound settings now have separate settings for sound, voice, and
  • a splash/loading screen
  • tutorial text now reflects key bindings.
  • increased minimum animation quality
  • increased minimum lighting quality (tell me if things are too slow! seemed fine on my min-spec machine)

  • fixed 2-boss's core model loading improperly.
  • fixed charge shot possibly getting stuck on hand after closing the Strategy HUD.
  • fixed giant lockon dot indicators while using the Strategy HUD

Community Announcements - Tyrus
Fixed: angel spheres couldn't shoot bullets any more!

That bug made angel spheres into pretty boring enemies :(.

Sorry about this bug! I brought it about by fixing another bug where enemies couldn't hit themselves ever in alpha 0.11.2. So... you can do that now, too! They can't kill themselves, but it's a decent way to avoid homing missiles.
Community Announcements - Tyrus
I've added a new Strategy HUD to the game! The upgrade pod for it can be found on 3-1. It lets you slow the game down while you use a radial menu to cast powers or change equipment. This is the only way to change weapons mid-level, so that's a thing you can do now!

I'm a little torn about making this an unlockable. It could be especially useful for controller-bound users, so I'm a little nervous about hiding it away at all. That said, having something change the game this much while being casually hidden in a level is very appealing to me. It feels neat and provides a handy spot to introduce you to the controls.

Enjoy your new slower, more strategic Cloudbase Prime.
Community Announcements - Tyrus
This is a bit earlier than I was planning on, but the rest of the changes I have planned could take a while. I'd rather get this update in your hands right away!

Your crosshairs will now change shape and color to give you a better idea of what your grapple will do when you fire it. It’s always been consistent that you swing towards terrain that’s above you and slam-attack into terrain that’s far enough below you, but this will help it be obvious at a glance!

Also, you can’t spam the grappling hook repeatedly to fly any more. Sorry ;).

Full change notes:

  • Grappling hook status is now visible in the HUD.
  • There is now a cap on how many mid-air grapples you can do before landing or grabbing onto terrain (2).

  • Homing shots can now lock onto carrier maintenance hatches.
  • Fixed poopbot’s beautiful face
  • Fixed the level picker menu’s zone 6 fixbot counting issues
  • 6-1′s exit cannon now points toward the tower.
Community Announcements - Tyrus

I'm excited to finally add zone 6 to Cloudbase Prime! You'll start your trip back to the tower and see a sunrise. Gradients!

I'm planning a minor update soon to improve the HUD's feedback for grappling, and to make grappling less spammable, in general. Enjoy its exploitability in the meantime :).

Change notes:

  • Added zone 6 to the hub (beat 5-boss)
  • Added 6-intro and 6-1
  • Added climbable/boardable hex carrier ships and hex fighters
  • Body shadows/reflections for both characters
  • New menu model for the second character
  • 5-intro now mentions grabbing and jumping off of terrain while grappling
  • Added a friendly explanation fixbot to 3-3 to help explain electric poop and rails
  • Loading the game now returns back to the last played zone in the level picker instead of always selecting zone 1.
  • Dying hex terrain now highlight in a different color when targeted by the player, and no longer highlight when entirely dead.
  • Added pretty scenery bits to levels in zones 1 and 2

  • Fixed a grappling bug that could result in the player being unable to move if launched mid-grapple
  • No more slow grapples while falling: player velocity resets to 0 on grapple
  • Fixed turret collider bug
  • Fixed player and others being smashed by terrain they shouldn't get smashed by.
Community Announcements - Tyrus

I'm very excited about this alpha! It has some great weapons/grapple improvements, neat story bits, a new food chain level featuring MEGABUNNY, and a wild new boss fight in zone 5.

Here's the official change list:

  • Improved 1-intro. The player actually rides the pod down in the beginning, a dude waves at you, and enemy spawn locations are marginally improved.
  • Adding a foodchain mode for 5-1. Features the new megabunny and the ability to heal the collector!
  • Adding 5-boss.
  • BIG improvements to responsiveness and speed of fire for rapid-click firing of homing/charge guns. One normal shot fires immediately on mouse down now.
  • Grappling hook now allows the player to hang onto terrain. The player can launch themselves from this position by moving said terrain.
  • Grappling hook grapple and slam states should now be far clearer.
  • Damage flash color is now orange, to help with player confusion when shooting enemies' glowing red bits. This may need balancing on orange-skied levels.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed missing arrow in 3-3 that confused some solving the tree puzzle.
  • Player can no longer EMP while playing as the second character.
  • Player grappling hook is now canceled/interrupted if the player is launched by terrain.
Community Announcements - Tyrus
This also marks the release of alpha 0.9! You can check the full change list here.

Back to it, though: EARLY ACCESS! It's happening! Neat. I hope folks enjoy the game, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say about it. While major content updates will have a 6-8 week update schedule, I'll also release faster minor updates for bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, depending on your feedback!

So, where to send that feedback?

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