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Introducing the Roadmap.

In this document (read: image) we will keep you up to date on development of Team Racing League. In it we list the stuff that we are working on: 'Current Lap'. And stuff that we want to do after that: 'Next Lap'.

This does mean that everything that is listed will eventually make the game. Sometimes stuff takes longer. Sometimes we decide, after testing, that something needs to be removed before it got into the game.The Roadmap is a fluid document. It will change and it won't always end up in the game the way we may have envisioned.

The next update is planned for the end of April.
Here is the very first TRL Roadmap:

Team Racing League - Gamious Dev
Hi all,

Just in time for tomorrow's Alpha Event, we are updating the game for you! The event will start on Saturday at 4pm ET/10pm CET.

The biggest changes include an overhauled user interface, Time Trial Leaderbaords and the new Toasting mechnic. Hotter than a Pop Tart!

We've updated the game several times, but from now on we'll number them and also let you know what we are working towards. We'll do that in The Roadmap, literally. You'll see that for the first time in the coming weeks.

For now, here is the changelist. And please join us tomorrow!

  • UI improvements
  • Time Trial Steam Leaderboards
  • Abilities overlay
  • Toasting blocks
  • Toasting hovercrafts
  • Fixed broken-state slip-effect
  • Visual effects improvements
  • Quick-chat
  • Added various sfx
Team Racing League - Gamious Dev
Hey all,

Join us online for the third Alpha Event! We're starting at 4pm ET /10pm CET.
Check what time that is in your neck of the woods and mark your calender:

If you want to connect with other player, we have opened up a Discord channel for exactly that! Here it is:

We hope to see you all online on Saturday!

Team Racing League - Gamious Dev
Hi all,
Gamious now has a Discord server:

Join the server to find other players and communicate via Voice over IP during matches.

The next Alpha Event will be held this Saturday. So get on Discord and meet up beforehand, and maybe find a match or two.
Team Racing League - Gamious Dev
Hi all,

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 7th, we're online again for our second Alpha test. If you received a code, or signed up at you should be able to download the game and play the game right now.

The second test event wil start at 4pm EST/ 10 pm CET. Hopefully this way we will be able to accomadate more US players and include them in the test.

We're very happy with the current status of the game, so we would love to know what you think as well! Join us tomorrow!

Community Announcements - Gamious Dev
Hello everyone!

We are about to start our first playtest with the players who signed up for the Alpha!

If you received a key (only if you signed up) then please join us Thursday 8pm CET/ 2pm EST.

We hope to see a lot of players there. It's important for us get a bunch of players online and in a race. Just to see if things work. After tomorrow we'll start more focussed tests.

Please be aware: there will be bugs! It's not a polished and/or final version of the game. Not by a long shot.

Want to read up on the game mechanics?
Community Announcements - Gamious
Team Racing League
Team Racing League is the first team-based racing game where you win and lose together as a team. Compete in an online 3v3 race where skill and collaboration are key to victory. Team up, strategize and use tactics to disrupt and beat the opposing team in a MOBA-like clash!

Alpha Access
Team Racing League has been in development for over a year. Now we are almost ready to head into Early Access. Before we do that, we still need Alpha testers. So if you are interested in helping us out, please keep an eye on our social media channels as we will be giving away Alpha access.

Gamious on Twitter
Gamious on Facebook


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