Sep 6, 2016
Community Announcements - simplevr

New features this week include A/B Looping, next file buttons, more accessible options, and additional 180/360 settings to play around with such as 3D stereo separation, z scale distortion, and screen radius.

  • A/B Looping. Loop playback between two start and end times.
  • Previous/Next file buttons
  • Stereo Separation sliders for 2D/180/360. Adjust the screen distance between the left and right eyes.
  • New Z Scale Distortion setting for 180/360 Videos (Under More Settings)
  • Screen Radius slider setting for 180/360 (Under More Settings)
  • Added "More Settings" options underneath the 180/360 menu
  • Added Slow Mo button to the 2D screen quick menu
  • Added Flip L/R button to the 2D screen quick menu
  • Fixed screen menu getting cut off by curved screens.

Adjustable 3D Stereo Separation Distance

AB Looping
Aug 28, 2016
Community Announcements - simplevr
A small update with bug fixes and a few key features such as image viewing capability, gamepad support, increasing max screen curve, and a slow motion button.

What's New v1.0.8
  • Image viewing support (jpg and png)
  • Gamepad support
  • Slow motion button in 180/360 screen menu (.75x, .5x, .25x, .1x speeds)
  • Increased maximum screen curve value from 100 to 120
  • Highlight currently viewing file in file list
  • Fixed SteamVR Environment texture bugs which could cause issues when loading
  • Tweaked distance control for mouse/gamepad users to be able to use adjust distance with head pointer
  • Fixed screen resizing bug on curved screens which cause a slight offset in screen size
  • Fixed audio bug which would reset volume when a new file was loaded

Gamepad Controls
A - Select
B - Hide menus
X - Play/Pause
Right Bumper - Skip forward
Left Bumper - Skip backward
Start - Open menu
Right Stick Button - Recenter screen
Left Stick - Move pointer
Right Stick - Scroll up/down or Tilt/Distance in 180 screen mode
Aug 21, 2016
Community Announcements - simplevr
  • Improved DirectShow performance especially for large resolution videos
  • New on screen quick menu with buttons to recenter screen and change aspect ratio
  • New gizmo to move the screen vertically up and down
  • Fixed Flip Left/Right to work for SBS (under Super Advanced Settings)
  • Fixed bug where motion controllers wouldn't swap properly on trigger
Community Announcements - simplevr

SteamVR Environment Support is Here
Simple VR Video Player now supports SteamVR Environments. This allows limitless possibilities for user created content to be used as 3D environments from within Simple VR Video Player. It's still experimental so there might be a few bugs, but you can try it out now.

To enable, you must "Subscribe" to SteamVR Workshop environments and backgrounds of your choice.

Then go to SteamVR's overlay menu and click on the Settings->Customize icon from the bottom right corner to choose your "subscribed" environments or backgrounds.

Your selected environments and background will show up as additional options in the Environments menu within the app.

What's new v1.0.6
  • SteamVR Workshop Environment support. You can now load SteamVR backgrounds and environments created by users.
  • Environment menu settings can adjust scale, rotation, floor height, and brightness
  • Teleport in environment (or use WASD keys to move for mouse users)
  • Save environment settings
  • Screen On Top button will show the screen on top of the environment (by default)
  • Force aspect ratio in Super Advanced Settings
  • Fixed unicode path bug that caused certain foreign language files to not load with Media Foundation
  • Fixed directory sorting bugs related to directory names and sort date
  • Fixed skip back one frame button on touchpad when video is paused

Jul 29, 2016
Community Announcements - simplevr
This update includes a few minor features and updates including an option for hiding the rendered output in the display window, inverting scroll direction, sorting files by date, and correcting brightness levels across the different rendering engines.

What's New v1.0.5
  • Corrected brightness levels across all rendering engines. If you've adjusted your gamma due to over brightness, you should readjust it back to 1.0 again.
  • New option to disable mirror display out under Options. This will disable rendering to the app window outside of the VR headset.
  • Invert scroll wheel under Super Advanced Settings.
  • Added sort by Filename or Date Modified button under the files list.
  • Reset 2D Screen is now in Options menu.
  • Fixed bug where menu would disappear if clicked too quickly.
  • Using trackpad buttons while controllers are hidden will no longer automatically unhide the controllers.
Community Announcements - simplevr
Going from a motion controller with six degrees of motion to a mouse with two degrees (X/Y) in VR is quite a challenge. Is it even possible?

Lets find out.

What's New v1.0.4
  • Mouse controls. Click inside the window to enable it. Hit escape or your motion control trigger to disable.
  • Fixed bug with uppercase file extensions not being recognized
  • Added 2D reset screen button (hidden right now in Super Advanced Settings)
  • Space bar to pause, left/right to skip forward/backward keyboard shortcuts
  • You can now start a video at launch by dragging a video into the .exe or using Open With and finding the .exe in Windows File Explorer
  • Tweaked the z offset to be a littler lower when you use the distance control closer to your hmd
Jul 19, 2016
Community Announcements - simplevr
It's about time, amirite?

Simple VR Video Player is the first dedicated VR video player app to be released with a "motion controls first" design. That means it was designed with a philosophy to work entirely with motion controllers as its first priority without compromise. Unlike other VR applications, we decided to go "all in" with the HTC Vive and motion controls because frankly, it's where the future of VR apps are headed.

Fumbling for keyboard shortcuts while in VR just doesn't make sense. The awkward feeling of UI blindness in VR will shortly be a thing of the past. We'll all look back and wonder how we put up with all of it.

Another thing, we're not trying to invent a new wheel with a completely new UI paradigm in VR. No, you don't have to a open a virtual drawer or turn a random knob to reach a feature. That's just silly. We wanted something with simple controls that we're all familiar with. Buttons you click on, things you can drag, and sliders you can slide back and forth. That's it. Just keeping it simple.

Now go play your videos.

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