Emergence Fractal Multiverse ᵠ - 17th Dimension
I successfully managed to utilize the full field of view with the render area.
There are a number of new features in this version along with a new soundtrack!

New UI:
I Modeled the UI off of other VR programs like tilt brush so hopefully its more usable than the old one, its essentially a menu in one hand with knobs to twist and a pointer in your other hand.

Performance Improvements:
The shader is now running through a render texture so the frame skipping is replaced by a blurrier scene if the computer is unable to render fast enough.

Fun new Features:
ISOLine, Feedback, Diffusion and Kaleidoscope features were largely added for the VJ mode (accessible via launch game editor) however I noticed that I really enjoy the Diffusion mode in VR. 2 Color knobs are also available for your viewing pleasure.

Special thanks:
Big thanks to the new version of unity 2017
Keijero Takahashi for the Klak & Kino libs
Community Announcements - 17th Dimension
After quite a bit of tinkering, I've discovered a way to increase the stability and frame-rate of the Emergence Raymarcher!
I am excited to release a new version with full FOV and proper near field depth perception as well as a novel control scheme. I expect the new rendering format to hit beta users by the end of feb and do full release in march.

~Cosmic Regards
Community Announcements - 17th Dimension
I've created a second launch option which allows emergence to be run using mouse and keyboard controls ~ feedback is appreciated ~
I continue to research methods to remove the FOV limitation while maintaining fps, with no success so far. For now, I've made it possible to render on full screen monitors with glow bloom and fog controls.
PC version has one new fractal JULIA

- Edit:

I've made this available to folks in the beta branch until some bugs are worked out ~

Comment below to be added to the experimental build group.

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