Nov 21, 2011
Product Update - Valve
- Radio stations now use direct IP address for faster start-up
- Fixed URL for Germany Number 1 Radio Station
- Radio stations now hardcoded in the game, so please now use Radio2.txt to add custom stations
- Fixed game forgetting home music folder
Community Announcements - Starg
Oct 31, 2011
Product Update - Valve
- Added Local 2 Player & Online Boss Rush mode
- Added Local 2 Player & Online Survival mode

Community Announcements - Starg
Probably next week sometime.
So yeah! There you go!

Oct 20, 2011
Community Announcements - Starg
Hi guys,

Just a reminder that Beat Hazard & Ultra are now out for Mac under Steamplay!
The Complete pack and Ultra do work even though there's no Steamplay icon (Trying to get this fixed)

Also, you don't need iTunes support for Mac. This is built in to the OS.

Community Announcements - Starg
Hi guys,

The Mac version of Beat Hazard / Ultra will be out on the Tues 18th next week!
It'll use Steamplay so if you already own the PC version you will also get the Mac one.

Oh yeah, the PS3 version is also out on PSN on the 18th in the US and 19th in EU!
So spread the word if you can!

Aug 23, 2011
Product Update - Valve
  • Fixed support of ogg radio streams
  • Fixed crash when reflecting lots of mines
  • Online port fix
Shacknews - Jeff Mattas

In last week's picks, I included a trailer for the indie adventure game TRAUMA (see top image) by Krystian Majewski. It's an adventure title that garnered several award nominations at various indie festivals in 2010, but has just recently been released for public consumption. It's a refreshingly adult experience that takes place inside the dreams of a woman recuperating from a car crash. Each "chapter" of the game is a surreal micro-story that informs the larger narrative and character development. All of this is presented in an intuitive interface that allows players to navigate the game's 2D photos--its primary art assets--in 3D space.


I enjoyed my experience with TRAUMA quite a lot. Despite being about navigating complex emotional landscapes, the actual playing of the game is surprisingly intuitive. It's one of those titles you could sit a non-gamer friend in front of and set them loose without much guidance. We'll also be discussing the game on the Weekend Confirmed podcast the week after PAX.

You can read my full review on Indie Games Channel, and the game itself can is available on Steam ($6.99) or the developer's website (5 euros). If you want to give it a test run, there's also a free (lower fidelity) browser-based version playable on the official site.

I've also got a couple of great indie interviews with developers Young Horses (Octodad 2) and Cold Beam Games (Beat Hazard) about their upcoming titles:

With the Indie Games Summer Uprising kicking off on XBLIG beginning this Monday, August 22, I figured it's only appropriate to share another trailer from one of the more interesting looking entries, SpeedRunner HD. Developed by Doubledutch games, SpeedRunner began its life as a Flash title, but the XBLIG rendition will include some crazy looking local competitive multiplayer for up to four players (starts around the 0:52 second mark). SpeedRunner HD will run 240 Microsoft Points ($3), and will be out on XBLIG before the Uprising ends on September 2.

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% off Beat Hazard

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

Jul 27, 2011
Product Update - Valve
  • Important fixes for Radio support
  • Fixed radio corrupt save bug
  • Premium radio station will now work
  • Radio does not pause when game paused
  • Less stalls when radio played
  • No scrobbling of music played in menus
  • No scrobbling of radio adverts
  • Fixes to Perk achievement bugs
  • Fix for zero progress on track info

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