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When you look at RPS, wherever you might be, RPS looks back at you. We’re a lot like The Void in that way. Fear not, however, for our uncanny glare should not intimidate you. Usually we simply squint through the screen and ponder what it is about our words and faces that attracts the most handsome readers of all. I can’t confirm whether or not Natural Selection 2 developers Unknown Worlds watch players of their game battling one another in the people vs aliens team-based shooter, but they are evidently pleased with their lovely playerbase because today they are releasing the Gorgeous expansion for free. “It includes Railguns, Gorge Tunnels, Descent, and quite a few fun surprises.”


Community Announcements - UWE.Strayan (NS2HD)
Community Announcements - UWE.Strayan (NS2HD)
<a href="">
Community Announcements - UWE.Strayan (NS2HD)
<a href="">February 28th! Read more on the UWE Blog (Click here)</a>
Community Announcements - UWE.Strayan (NS2HD)
<a href="">Click here for details</a>
Feb 20, 2013
Community Announcements - UWE.Strayan (NS2HD)
Catch up on all the latest competitive play, development and banana related news! <a href="">
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There are quite a few communities bustling away in the General Sociability forum, and some of those have produced of videos of their antics. I’ve embedded just a few of those below. There are many more, and I am sure others still I haven’t seen.

Are you> doing video stuff with the RPS community? Link your work/play in the comments! (more…)

Feb 16, 2013
Community Announcements - UWE.Strayan (NS2HD)
Tune in to <a href="">Twitch.Tv/NaturalSelection2</a> !
Community Announcements - UWE.Strayan (NS2HD)
<a href>""> to sign up!</a>
Community Announcements - UWE.Strayan (NS2HD)
<a href>"">

Archaea and Nexzil are arguably the best teams in Natural Selection 2 right now. Arc EU, Nexzil US... Who is the best? Tune in to twitch to find out...

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