Frost - bodsey

"Winds of Change" is out!

It includes:

- A new Scenario
- A new Character, the WindTracer
- New type of meteo Event: Winds
- New cards
- A bunch of small fixes

Hope you'll like it! See you in a couple of months for the FINAL update for Frost: "Revolution Edition"

Love, Jérôme
Frost - bodsey
- Fixed an issue with the Guide power
- Fixed an issue with unlocking Endless achievement in Meditation scenario
- Fixed an issue with the zoom feature
- Improved font readability on a couple of texts
- Changed Snow Mouse ability cost
- Reduced some menu items in the main menu
- Improved discard display size
- Fixed an issue with the cannibal food display
Frost - bodsey

Fresh Start & Companions extension is out! Discover the new Pets cards, the new Scenario and the Custom Game mode!

  • Custom Games! Standard and Hard modes have been taken out so you can craft your own set of difficulty settings
  • New Scenario: The Guidance. Gather animal pets and lead them to the Refuge
  • Pets! You can find them as a Resource but they offer valuable options
  • New Survivors portraits
  • New zooming options for people with sight troubles and people with small devices
  • Graphic quality options have been cleaned and set up. "Simplest" setting should work fine on older computers.
  • Cleaner and more beautiful UI VFX
  • Several fix for issues brought up by the community, including Achievements fix

To celebrate, the game will be 25% off for a week! Tell your friends :)

Community Announcements - bodsey

"Beyond the Wall" is out!

This new content update features...
  • The Skeptic Scenario: is the Refuge an illusion? Try to find and climb the Wall, and lead your people beyond it.
  • The Recruiter Scenario: people from beyond the Wall need workforce. Your work is to find some of those primitive survivors to bring them back.
  • "Tactics", a new mechanic that allows you to change the current Event
  • "Teach", this ability will add a random ability to one your Survivor
  • 5 new cards based
  • And a brand new menu, Collection, where you can check the cards you unlocked!

Community Announcements - bodsey
Frostbite & Beliefs is out!

This content update includes:

  • A whole mechanic: Temperature. It affects the size of your hand
  • 2 new characters
  • 2 new Scenarios
  • New Events, Idea cards, and Regions cards

It also includes a bunch of fixes and features coming from the community!

Enjoy! <3


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