Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
Just a small update to resolve a few problems that players were reporting.

Change Log: - Fixed issue with reflections in Secret Location Bumper - Fixed audio issue where a number of sound effects failed to play - Fixed a bug where flying enemies were not being hit while using frame specials - Fixed an error in challenge modes - Fixed a missing material error on the Ground Shield.
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation

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Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
Just a minor update to fix a few issues we noticed after the last patch.

Change Log - Fixed issue with leaderboards not loading when switching between Casual and Hell modes - Fixed / Improved 'Frame Special Ready' popup - Fixes / Improvements to support future platforms / HMDs
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
We've heard the feedback that players want to be able to block and dodge the jumping crawlers, so we've reworked them to support just that! Block them with your shield or jump out of the way!

Change Log - jumping crawlers are now blockable and dodgeable - fixes to a number of enemy animation bugs - balance pass to challenge modes to make them a little easier - fixed a bug with the static ground shield - Other minor bug fixes here and there through the game
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
We're super excited to get this new update out and into everyone's hands. By popular demand, we've added difficulty modifiers for those struggling on making progress in the game. You can unlock weapons and levels in any difficulty, so you can get a few unlocks and items to help make progress easier in the hard mode.

We've also improved the reloading detection to resolve a number of problems people were having about getting their magazine into the correct place to trigger the reloading.

Lastly, we've made a number of haptic improvements across the board. You'll get much better haptic feedback now when reloading, blocking, etc.

We've got another update coming very soon that will also greatly improve the charging enemies and make them a little easier for players to deal with.

Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
Just a minor bug fix update and some balance adjustments based on player feedback from launch.

Change log: - Fix to some minor game-play bugs in Barrens - Minor difficulty adjustment to game-play in the Barrens - Minor difficulty adjustment to the Boss in the Barrens - Minor bug fixes with some enemy behaviors
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation

We are unbelievably excited to announce that Blasters of the Universe is now out of Early Access and fully available now!

It's been a long year of community-driven development but we couldn't be happier with how Blasters has turned out. It truly wouldn't be the game it is today without all your support through Early Access.

We can't wait to see what everyone thinks about the full game. We've put a ton of work into making it a unique experience for new and existing players. The full game includes four epic boss battles, tons of new weapon parts, a progressive unlock system, rotating challenge modes, and much much more.

Thank you again!
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
We are super excited to announce that we'll be launching the full version of Blasters of the Universe on August 31st!! It's been a long road to get there and we couldn't have done it without our communities support as we worked though Early Access. Thank you all for helping to make this game become a reality.

Here are the full details of what the final game will include!!

Blasters of the Universe is the first of its kind, bringing the bullet hell genre into first person VR. Build a bad-ass gun from thousands of combinations then get ready to duck and dodge your way through a shit-ton of bullets in this nostalgic – and nerve-wracking – VR Bullet Hell shooter for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

You'll need to physically duck, dodge, twist, and turn your way through hundreds of bullets. We scale the action dynamically to make use of the space you have available, so the more you move around the better!

Like in a traditional bullet hell game, the key to success is finding the 'sweet spot' to be in while the onslaught of bullets flies toward you. The only thing that can take damage in Blasters is your head. When you see a circle of bullets, often the best thing to do is to keep your head right in the middle and let the bullets breeze right by you.

You can also block bullets with your shield as a last resort, but it's impossible to block everything. Avoidance is the best strategy, so start moving around your play-space and dodge those bullets!

You will encounter a variety of enemies within Blasters that you need to dispatch. From fast moving ground enemies, to agile flying enemies, and deadly lumbering tanks. Each enemy will pose a different threat level to you, so you'll need to quickly identify what enemies are the most important to destroy first.

Blasters of the Universe features a 4 level Campaign for you to battle through, each ending with an epic boss battle. In each level, you'll battle new enemies, unlock new weapon parts and shields, and work your way towards glory. Each level also features an Endless Mode where you can fight for a high score on the leaderboards.

As you progress through the levels, you'll unlock new weapon parts to take into battle. You can build a custom weapon that suits your play style and the challenges you face. Want a super-fast firing hit-scan weapon that deals poison damage to enemies? No problem. What about a scatter-shot cannon that deals explosive damage and arcs shots towards nearby enemies? Can do. With tens of thousands of unique combinations to choose from, you have the ability to create a weapon that perfectly suits your style.

The Frame is the core of every gun. Each Frame in Blasters has a unique special ability that you can unleash to deal devastation to the enemies attacking you and help turn the tides during an intense battle.

These specials range from a bad-ass giant laser that melts anything it hits to a time-bubble that slows everything down and gives you the upper hand for dodging incoming bullets. Each special is unique and has different strengths that you can use to your advantage.

Constantly updating Challenge modes with unique gameplay ensure there is something new and exciting to play every day. Compete for the top score in Time Attack, Endless, and Speed-run challenges that push you to play in unique and difficult ways.
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation

We are very excited to announce our latest major update to Blasters of the Universe, A Brave New Level! In this release, you'll be able to battle against Alwyn and his minions in The Facility. The update includes new enemies, new attack patterns, and an intense new boss battle.

Update 6 Change Log - New level added, The Facility - Added new boss battle for The Facility - Added new endless mode for The Facility - Added new enemy, The Heavy Gunner, for The Facility - Added TONS of new challenging enemy patterns for gameplay in The Facility - Shortened campaign leading up to Boss in The Barrens - Updates to Barrens boss battle to address player feedback - New enemy models for difficulty variations of the Trooper - Tons of little fixes and optimizations to the core game / code

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