Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation

We are very excited to announce our latest major update to Blasters of the Universe, A Brave New Level! In this release, you'll be able to battle against Alwyn and his minions in The Facility. The update includes new enemies, new attack patterns, and an intense new boss battle.

Update 6 Change Log - New level added, The Facility - Added new boss battle for The Facility - Added new endless mode for The Facility - Added new enemy, The Heavy Gunner, for The Facility - Added TONS of new challenging enemy patterns for gameplay in The Facility - Shortened campaign leading up to Boss in The Barrens - Updates to Barrens boss battle to address player feedback - New enemy models for difficulty variations of the Trooper - Tons of little fixes and optimizations to the core game / code
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation

We're super excited to release our 5th major update to Blasters of the Universe! In this update we've added the first boss battle against the massive Destruktor in the Barrens.

We've also added a short introduction cinematic covering Alwyn's rise to VR godliness. We're really excited to see this story grow and expand as we work our way through Early Access and towards the full release later this year!

Update 5 Change Log - Campaign mode unlocked in Barrens - Boss Battle enabled in Barrens Campaign - Added introduction cinematic - Enabled Single Pass Stereo Rendering - Remade tons of shaders and effects to support single pass stereo rendering - Cleared leader-boards to reflect new balance changes - Added new UI options in the settings - Tons of updates to sound effects in-game - Update to all shields to change colours as health reduces to help make health more instantly readable - Tons of little balance and performance improvements
Community Announcements - SecretLocation
The latest update is just a minor change to fix a bug some players were having with flying enemies getting stuck in the level. This update should address that problem.

If you have any other issues, please let us know in the community forums and we'll fix them as soon as possible.
Community Announcements - SecretLocation
We've been working on the next major update but in the meantime we wanted to get a little update out that addresses some balance changes we've made as well as some quality of life improvements we've made. Details below

  • Health bars on armoury targets and enemies!
    This should make it much easier to understand the damage you're dealing to enemies as well as what enemies are low and just need a few more shots to finish off.
  • New ground and flight enemy participation system
    Enemies now will only ever fire from their designated participation area. This means no more enemies incorrectly firing at you from behind / above / extreme left or right
  • Adding more information for splash damage kills on explosive shots
    You'll now see the pop-up text recognise a kill from the explosive shot splash damage
  • Balance changes to projectiles
    Non-explosive shots now deal more direct damage than explosive shots. Explosive shots now deal better splash damage and do so in a larger area. This makes the trade off of strong against ground enemies vs flying enemies a little more distinct for the player
  • Balance to the multiplier system
    There is now a hard cap at 35 multiplier and the punishment for being hit has been revamped. You only only lose 25% of your current multiplier amount when you get hit instead of a complete reset. This returns the focus of the game back to more sustained play instead of extreme multiplier chasing
  • Balance to the shields
    Float shields have been buffed to give them more health and earn more points on a block. Reflective shields point rewards from blocking / reflecting have been reduced.
  • New in-game UI options
    We've added a gaze triggered UI option for players that want to see their score in their view a little easier. Score is also displayed on the gun hand. Health can now be displayed on the shield hand / around feet / in-view. All of these options can be turned off or on based on your personal preference in the options menu
  • Option to restart level from menu during gameplay
    No more having to go back to the armoury or waiting for death if you want to cancel a round and start again with the same loadout.
  • Balance to number of laser enemies in later difficulty during endless mode
    We know we probably over did it with the laser enemies in the late difficulty. We've dialled that back at your request.
  • Anti-Cheating measures + maximum play space limit
    We've added some inside geometry detection as well as some maximum play-space limits. The limit is very large, 3.2m x 3.2m, but we wanted to make sure some players with extremely large play-spaces don't gain a huge advantage during play. This change shouldn't effect most players but it should help to make this a little more fair when chasing that high score
  • Tons of other little improvements here and there
    We've fix a bunch of under the hood bugs and done some major low level work to support the next few months of development. We're working to make sure the base game is as good as it possibly can be for the full release of the game this summer.

Did we miss something you wanted? Let us know in the community forums!
Community Announcements - SecretLocation

We're excited to announce that Blasters of the Universe is now 50% off for the Steam Winter Sale! Full Vive and Oculus Touch support! Get it while it's hot!
Community Announcements - SecretLocation

We're super excited to release our 4th major update. This adds full support for the Oculus Rift + Touch. And just to make things interesting, we've tagged every score on the leaderboards with the players HMD. Prove your headset choice is best by holding the number one spot!
Community Announcements - SecretLocation
Just a quick minor update that resolves an issue of using the Oculus Rift + Touch via SteamVR. You should be able to play Blasters now with your Oculus + Touch via SteamVR without issue.

We're working on a full, bigger, and better update that fully supports the Oculus Rift + Touch. That update should be out soon.
Community Announcements - SecretLocation

We're excited to announce that Blasters of the Universe is now 35% off for the Steam Autumn Sale! Get it while it's hot!

Sale ends Nov. 29th
Nov 20, 2016
Community Announcements - SecretLocation
We just pushed a quick hotfix to solve a problem some people where having in later difficulties. Be sure to update!

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