Jan 16
QuiVr - Blueteak
Boss Event Updates
Thanks to everyone who has given feedback on the boss over the past week. We caught a number of bugs (including freezes and difficulty starting the event) which should now be fixed.

I am still looking at difficulty tuning, but feel that we are getting close to final values.

Work has begun on the next event tile (work has gone into many event tiles, but not all of them feel good enough to be fleshed out completely) and I hope to have it in a preview state in the main branch by next week!

Item Database Updates
This week also saw a number of changes to the inventory database system to try and prevent additional issues with items failing to save. I don't think we're completely free of issues yet, but hopefully these changes will make database errors which cause item-save failures to happen much less frequently.

Please continue to reach out to me (support@alvios.com) if you find that your items are not saving so that I can fix the issue manually while I try to find a more robust automated solution :)

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Fixed issue with Event Intro sphere displaying cracks before opening
  • Fixed all other arrow-tip visual effects causing Output_Log spam
  • Updated map seed
  • Transparent glove visual replaced with standard glove

Edit: Updated to fix boss event spawning too frequently
QuiVr - Blueteak
First Event Tile Available
The first Event Tile is now ready for wider testing in the main branch!

I won't spoil what it is, but it is available at gate 10. This is not representative of the eventual distribution of events, but until there is more variation the event tiles will be spread out so as not to become too repetitive.

During this week I will be monitoring feedback and starting work on the next event tile boss, using the current one as a framework. If things go smoothly I expect to be able to bring new bosses and interesting events to the game at a more rapid pace in the coming weeks.

Please let me know what you think of the boss either on the forums or the Official QuiVr Discord!

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Fixed high-quality elite particle placement
  • Fixed error with Chain Lightning effect filling up log files
  • Slight improvement to menu performance

Item Saving
I am still getting reports of items not correctly saving for players, this is a database bug that is easily manually fixable, but I am still looking for the root cause for the corrupted data.

Please let me know if your items are not correctly saving in the forums or Discord and I will be happy to help fix it!
QuiVr - Blueteak
Unity 2017.3 Upgrade
This update includes an engine upgrade to Unity 2017.3. This includes a number of great things like particle system improvements, GPU performance improvements through material instancing, and some editor improvements which should improve development workflow for more content updates in the future!

Event Tile Progress
We are nearing the final stages for the rough polish stages of our first Event Tile! I expect that the next update will be able to include the current event tile into the main branch (though with more gates in-between each event since there is only the one).

Once we get more feedback on network synchronization and general event functionality we can move on to creating many more events with this current one as the backbone.

Other Changes
  • Updated map seed
  • Starting gloves can no longer be disenchanted (which prevented new items being saved)
  • Improved fire effect performance
  • Added temporary invincibility period after respawning (still working on visual effect)
QuiVr - Blueteak

Year in Review
A few days ago (Dec 21) marked out one year mark in Early Access. Over that time we've improved the game in a ton of ways, improving and stabilizing performance, adding new features, and redesigning game systems to give new players a more stable footing as well as provide varying challenges for those who have honed their skills.

It has definitely been a busy year for QuiVr development, there have been over 360 updates to the game (main and beta branch) since this time last year and 30 pages worth of patch notes since last December (140 Announcement posts!). With an average of an update every day for a year I can only thank the community for being willing to come along for the ride this far!

Some of the notable additions this year have included:
  • Procedurally Generated Maps
  • Varying map environmnents
  • 4 new enemy types
  • Redesigned armory system
  • New 'Home Base' area
  • Updated tutorial systems
  • Merging of game scenes to avoid in-game loading screens
  • Updated reward system (still working on fixing bugs)
  • Improved enemy pathfinding
  • Improved enemy collision detection
  • Improved map object performance (50% fewer triangles to draw!)
  • Improved rendering performance using custom shaders
  • Tons of new items and abilities (+ updated effect visuals in April)
  • Dynamic lighting system
  • New Graphics/Audio/Gameplay settings menu options
There is much more planned for the coming year where we are targeting leaving Early Access. We have already started beta testing out big event tiles and bosses on the Beta branch and once we have enough to create a varied experience they will be migrated over to the main branch.

Patch 0.43.43
Only a few minor changes for this update as most development time this week has gone into the event tiles.

Camera Shake
Added camera shake when gates are closed/destroyed. This is a system that was implemented for the Event Tiles but I wanted to try it out more broadly to get a sense of people's experience with motion sickness. The current testers on the beta branch have had no issue with the current implementation but I'd like a larger sample size.

Oculus Rotation Update
Previously Oculus users could rotate their play space by using the A+X buttons on controllers. This has now been changed to using the Analog Stick on the free hand.
Dec 19, 2017
QuiVr - Blueteak
Event Tile Progress

Over the past week, significant work has begun on the first real event tile. This will be a massive boss with some classic (and some new) boss mechanics to test out how true single-enemy boss fights might look like in QuiVr.

The image above is what you will see when you first enter the arena, but I don't want to ruin the surprise yet of what happens next :D

I think that this boss will require the most time to complete and polish as this is a new form of development that I am not as familiar with and am learning lessons as I go, but it should pave the way for more interesting and engaging fights in the future!

Updated Design Doc Progress
We are also still working on the updated design document and should have a published, public version in the next few days.

Changes and Fixes
  • Fixed issue with Steam connections
  • Fixed invisible pillar in Void area blocking arrows
  • New map seed
Dec 12, 2017
QuiVr - Blueteak
New Environment

I wanted to try something new with the tile environments, so this new one is a bit more 'fantastical'. The Void is a new environment with a shifting floor and monochromatic aesthetic.

I look forward to feedback about the style and feeling of the new area!

Upcoming Updates
As the first year of Early Access draws to an end, it's a good time to reflect on what has been accomplished so far and what still remains to be done to transition into a full release. There have been massive changes to the game, from the addition of procedural maps with new, varied environments, new items and enemies to completely redesigning the lobby area from a watchtower to a full mountain-top terrace.

Many of these changes were planned (or at least interpretations of other planned features such as procedural maps instead of multiple levels), but some were made due to player feedback or discussion about the path forward.

We are working now on updating the public design document to reflect the changes that have been made this year and to outline the required features still remaining to exit Early Access, and we hope to be able to share it with everyone in the coming weeks!

The main goal now is to begin work on implementing the Event Tiles (which will include our final interpretations of the Giant Climbing mechanics laid out in the current design document), so while some of these patches may seem a bit sparse in content, please know that there will be some huge content updates in the near future as we start to roll out the events and bosses for testing.

Other Changes
  • Small performance increase with wrist UI
  • Fixed extreme glow on player social symbols
Dec 5, 2017
QuiVr - Blueteak
New Item

A new item has been added to the loot table! The Seeker's Battleplate is sure to strike fear through the hearts of many enemies.

Social Symbols
Thanks to some insightful community feedback, a new communication system has been added to the game.

Now, in multiplayer, the touchpad on your bow hand will bring up a radial menu to select an emotive symbol. Selecting it will cause the symbol to appear over your head for other players.

This should help communicating with players who are not using voice chat, don't have their sound on, or speak different languages. Let me know what you think!

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Added "Expert Nocking" option to revert nock trigger system to old way
  • Minor bug fixes
Nov 29, 2017
QuiVr - Blueteak
This weeks patch is a little content-lite due to last week's holiday, however there are still some new things to test and some bugs that have been fixed!

Resume Game

A system has been put in place to help players who can't commit to a long single player session in one sitting (particularly if going for a high score). If you quit a game using the menu (doesn't work yet if you quit the game externally) while in a single player game, your current difficulty will be saved to resume at a later time.

This will not work in multiplayer (though playing multiplayer games will not clear your saved single player game) and can only save the most recently played game (so choosing not to resume from your saved spot in single player will overwrite that slot).

There are a lot of potential ways that this might be activated, and I am not able to test each one individually, so please let me know if you experience any issues with the system!

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Fixes issue with "Undefined" items showing up in inventory
  • Added microphone audio feedback in Audio Panel while in multiplayer game (to check and see if mic is working)
  • Bow of the Brood is useful again
Nov 21, 2017
QuiVr - Blueteak
Over the last few weeks there have been many content additions to QuiVr. New inventory systems, items, tutorials, and enemies have all improved the game's depth and features.

However, with new additions come new bugs, so it is good to to take time every so often to focus on fixing issues instead of adding new features. This week's update contains mostly bug fixes and performance improvements to keep up with the expanding feature-set.

Teleporter Enemy Attacking Early
As this is the longest standing bug in QuiVr, I started writing an explanation about it, but after getting to 10 paragraphs and lots of images I realized that it really deserves its own post.

This update improves a number of things to help reduce the occurrence of the issue, but does not fix it entirely. Some of the navigation changes to help fix the bug also improve general navigation performance and some other rare issues.

Corrupted Player Inventories
There are still some issues regarding invalid inventories being generated for new players. While I am still working on an automatic solution (and more importantly searching for the cause of the last few rare issues), I am doing my best to manually fix individual player inventories as I am notified.

If you find that your new items are not saving between sessions, please email me (support@alvios.com) with your steam username or SteamID so that I can fix it! I apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the issue permanently solved soon.

Multiplayer Freezes and Disconnects
Last update introduced a number of issues that affected players wearing specific items (and affecting anyone they played with) including long game hangs when players joined a multiplayer game. These issues should now be resolved.

I am still investigation issues with occasional disconnecting (without warning) as I am not certain whether this a game or multiplayer server issue.

Debug Console

While technically a feature addition, this should help debug issues in the future. A debug console has been added to the game and it can be brought up using the '~' key. Currently there aren't many commands (pause, resume, help, environment-info) but more will be added as needed.

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Updated to Unity 2017.2.0p2
  • Changed pillar arrow to damage ability
  • Game boost box now increases difficulty based on personal high-score
  • Adjusted arrow nock-trigger to help new players
  • Adjusted tutorial to grant temporary orb-gloves if none are equipped
  • Fixed issue with scoreboard reward for players over rank 10
  • Limited power on bow during first fraction of a second (preventing arrow spam)
  • Owls getting restless
  • Fixed enemy cleanup on death
  • Fixed errors regarding enemy death
Nov 14, 2017
QuiVr - Blueteak
New Inventory Interaction System
This update includes the second half of the new Inventory Management system.

The first addition is a new system for selecting items. Instead of using UI on the mannequin, a new selection system has been created. It consists of two sets of three infinite item selectors. They spin infinitely bringing new items into view as they rotate. A lot of work and care has been put into the actual spinning mechanism to make it feel really great to spin (haptics, audio, and inertial transference from hand to shelf).

The second addition is a change to item equipping, which now works similarly to the Item Reforge station. Equipping the item now consists of dragging the item orb from the item spinners over to the mannequin.

There may be some more experimentation done in the future with different methods of equipping items as well. For instance I tried creating a Mirror system which looked really nice but the performance of the mirror alongside all the other things going on in the Armory was too much of a hit and I couldn't keep the framerate at acceptable levels.

I'll continue experimenting with it as the effect does look pretty cool.

User Item Database Issues
This week an issue was discovered that affected new players' inventories.

Unfortunately the system for populating the starting items was not working as intended and resulted in new players having "undefined" inventory entries.

This wasn't immediately detected as the game tries to handle corrupted inventories gracefully, so I am unsure what issues it is actually causing players.

The issue has been fixed for new players, though that still leaves a few hundred people with corrupted inventories. I have implemented a temporary server-side fix that will attempt to detect corrupted inventories and make repairs when a new item is earned/replaced.

As I am not sure what issues this may have caused I wanted to let everyone know about the issue. If you see anything strange going on with your items please let me know in the forums or on Discord and I will try to sort it out!

New Death Location

The teleport location for death has been updated to be a special teleporter location that is only used when dead. It is located above and behind the currently defended gate (with a translucent platform to prevent issues with fear of heights) and is only visible while there. This is to prevent dying and respawning at the same teleporter as well give you a slightly different perspective on the battlefield while dead.

Official Discord
In slightly non-game related news, the QuiVr Discord server has now been verified and is now a "Verified Discord Server". We even get our own invite url (discord.gg/quivr) which is pretty sweet!

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Added first-time-user Summit layout
  • Fixed player shield timing for Aldur Wards
  • Fixed item replacement for worse items
  • Fixed issue with Hallowed/Primordial item rerolls not saving
  • Fixed lobby activation issue when leaving armory
  • Implemented initial Rich Presence for QuiVr on Discord
  • Fixed enemy pathing after gate tiles
  • Added server message system

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