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Viking Conquest 2.036 is live! Server admins and modders can access the latest files over on our Viking Conquest Reforged Edition download page.


- properly indicate all members of player's team in minimap (not just player party)
- redo Doccinga coastal assault so that Danish allies show on minimap as allies
- fix short sword stats
- position Ashdown ruins correctly
- disallow complaining when there is no ship crew to complain
- attempt fix of hof quest strings
- have Drywei's and Helgi's skills match their description
- fix kingdom/MP culture shields
Mount & Blade: Warband - Frank [TaleWorlds]

Viking Conquest 2.032 is now available for you all to enjoy! Server admins and modders can pillage the latest files over on our Viking Conquest Reforged Edition download page.


- update and fix various texts
- update Spanish localization
- fix removal of stray dog dialog from Doccinga tutorial
- player gets renown reward for recruiting in story only if recruits (exploit)
- free villages of captured centers from raids (party fights itself bug)
- use proper slot for faction religion
- player kingdom takes player's religion
- consolidate conversion routines, slow down rate by 4x, implement player converts
- remove text to fit all lords into lords relations box
- map creep to crouch key and generalize it from hunting
- fix siege attacker reinforcement levels
- initialize $encountered_party for Solveig encounter
- prevent indictment of prisoners
- change historic but duplicate Welsh name
- reblock ambiance agents after drunk fight
- fix slain companions
- fix bug where player is sent to recruit 0 troops
- fix logic of Boar Grove
- add warnings of treasonous plots
- remove duplicate battle victory trigger at Ashdown
- close quests properly without double messages

- 7 fixed scenes
Mount & Blade: Warband - Callum [TaleWorlds]

We are extremely excited to be able to share with you two new videos showcasing our advanced battle AI and deep and intuitive combat system! Both of the battles shown are available as demos for press to play throughout E3. This is the first time we have made the game available to play outside of our office, marking a huge milestone in the development of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. We hope you enjoy them!
You can read the full article on our website.
Mount & Blade: Warband - Callum [TaleWorlds]

We are extremely excited to be at E3 this year demonstrating battles in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Our focus at this year’s expo is to showcase the game’s deep and intuitive combat system and advanced battle AI in more depth.

Your first chance to see some of what we have to reveal will be on the PC Gaming Show which starts today at 10:00 PDT / 18:00 BST. Our announcements will follow, so make sure you keep an eye on our channels for all of the latest news on Bannerlord!

We look forward to showing you more from the game and hope that you enjoy what we have to offer!
Mount & Blade: Warband - Frank [TaleWorlds]

E3 is just around the corner now and this year we're back in force! For the first time at an event, we'll be giving hands-on demonstrations of battles in Bannerlord to the world's press. Look forward to our videos that will come out during E3 and hopefully the thoughts of those who try out the game!

TaleWorlds Entertainment will offer hands-on demonstrations of its upcoming title to press at the expo in Los Angeles, June 13-15. Attendees will experience Mount & Blade’s deep and intuitive combat system firsthand in an epic, large scale battle, featuring hundreds of on-screen combatants; supported by an all-new tailor made engine. Multiple gameplay videos will be shared during the event, giving fans a detailed look at the game’s field combat.

“We are excited to see how attendees react to playing Bannerlord and receive feedback on the game. Putting the game in the hands of players represents another major milestone as we work towards a release.”
Ali Erkin – Managing Director, TaleWorlds

This will be the first time Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has been available to play outside of the TaleWorlds studio. A team of TaleWorlds developers, led by company CEO / Founder Armagan Yavuz, will be on hand to guide attendees through the demo and answer questions.

“Last year E3 was a tremendous success and learning experience for us as a company. This year, we have a great hands-on demo lined up and are thrilled to be giving visitors their best-ever look at Bannerlord.”
Armagan Yavuz – CEO / Founder, TaleWorlds

Demonstrations will be given by appointment only, conducted at TaleWorlds booth in the Concourse Hall (Booth Address: 8613/8712); those attending E3 this year should contact Jesse Radonski ( for a press appointment.
Mount & Blade: Warband - Captain Lust [TaleWorlds]
Thanks for watching the Battle of Bucharest 2017 last weekend! We are pleased with how successful the tournament was and really happy to see so many positive comments.

The event was organized by the Lithuanian Esport Federation and hosted at the PGL Studios in Bucharest. They did a fantastic job with everything, which allowed us to stay focused on Bannerlord. ⚔️

We'd like to extend our thanks to them, and everyone else involved in making it so memorable!

Battle of Bucharest, the first live Mount & Blade esports event, is already over – but the echoes of its battle cries can still be heard around the world! 20 players from 10 countries competed for $10,000 in prize money as well as for the Audience Choice Award. 120,000 unique viewers watched the live stream on May 20, 2017 through Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE and Twitch, with the overall daily reach exceeding 1,200,000 people – the tournament was covered by international media in 14 different languages.

Team Castellans emerged victorious in the TEAM category after a thrilling and surprising final against Apis Europae Yellow, who had previously knocked out French side, Unity, in a semi-final upset. Third place was won by Apis Europae Black, a sister-team of the runners-up. In the DUEL category, Pierre Lecler – acclaimed as one of the best individual M&B players in the world – beat Jordan Gibson 7-6 in a nerve-racking final. Mark Glasspole won the playoff for third place -- and also the Audience Choice Award, presented by (based on 2,000 votes from the audience).

"We are pleased with the success of the first live Mount & Blade tournament and its reception among the community and press", stated Ali Erkin, managing director at TaleWorlds. "In particular, we are grateful to the Lithuanian Esport Federation for organizing everything while the TaleWorlds team remains focused on Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord".

Watch the full Livestream VOD here:



GOG.COM (Audience Award)







Mount & Blade: Warband - Captain Lust [TaleWorlds]

Battle of Bucharest 2017 - RESULTS

1st Place – Peter
2nd Place – Gibby
3rd Place – M

1st Place – Castellans
2nd Place – Apis Europae Yellow
3rd Place – Apis Europae Black

"Best Skills" Audience Award - Mark "M" Glasspole

The Battle of Bucharest, Mount & Blade's first live esports tournament, has now drawn to a close. Thank you to our partners the Lithuanian Esports Federation and PGL for making this possible! We would also like to thank our sponsors Intel and G-Core Labs for supporting the initiative, and GOG for sponsoring the “Best Skills” audience award!

Our gratitude goes out to our fantastic commentary team, Lisa “Purzelblume” Hellert and Karl “Greedalicious” Naess, and to all of our community support team, in particular Aeronwen, Scar and our team of volunteer referees, for their outstanding work during the tournament. We would also like to thank and congratulate the competitors for putting on such a fantastic spectacle for the audience with their amazing skills and great attitude in the competition!

Congratulations to our duel tournament winner Peter, and the team tournament winners Castellans for their well-deserved victories. They handled the pressure of performing on such a big stage admirably and blew us away with their mastery of the game! Well done to M for winning the audience award and for being such a great sport throughout the event.

Finally we would like to thank the Mount & Blade community for tuning in and for supporting the event. The support of our community drives us as a company, so to see the positive response has been truly heartening.

Happy Mount & Blading and watch out for Bannerlord at E3!
Mount & Blade: Warband - Captain Lust [TaleWorlds]

The grand finals of the Battle of Bucharest are upon us! The Lithuanian Esport Federation and PGL have done fantastic work to make this event truly special and we really hope you enjoy it.

You can watch LIVE on Saturday May 20, starting 9:45 am EEST @

Four teams of five warriors and eight individual duelists made it through the qualifiers and are ready to fight for the honor of being the winners of the Battle of Bucharest, the first Mount & Blade live esports event. During 3 days, 128 duels and 26 team matches (total of 208 rounds) were fought in the qualifying rounds. That’s an approximate total of 125 hours of combat, more than 5 days – as a comparison, that’s like 15 Battles of Hastings or 5 Battles of Grunwald fought one after another! Today Battle of Bucharest releases the schedule for its final round, to be celebrated in Bucharest on May 20.
Mount & Blade: Warband - Captain Lust [TaleWorlds]

The Battle of Bucharest is the first live Mount & Blade esports tournament. The event is organized by the Lithuanian Esport Federation in partnership with the game’s developers TaleWorlds Entertainment. The finals of the tournament are hosted at the PGL Studio in Bucharest, Romania with the support of Intel and G-Core Labs.

20 players will compete live in Bucharest, Romania on May 20 in the team mode, and 8 players will compete in the duel mode – playing Mount & Blade: Warband. Mount & Blade: Warband has a long history of competitive play, spanning right back to its closed beta phase in 2009. A strong and resilient core of players have carved out a rich history, tracking the rise and fall of great players and teams.

Today, the competitive scene is comprised of thousands of players, many with hundreds and hundreds of hours of playtime logged, boasting a level of skill that it is both impressive to witness and fearsome to oppose. With The Battle of Bucharest, our intention is to pave the path for the competitive aspect of the game to develop further, offering the top players a chance to showcase their talents to the wider community all over the world.

Hi All,

We're really excited to be partnered with the Lithuanian Esport Federation and PGL to bring this great event to the community! If you think you have what it takes or just want to find out more visit:

Or just hop over to the Steam forum discussion thread to ask a question:

Sign-ups close May 9th!


Mount & Blade: Warband - Valve
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