Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project
A text about the incoming HEAVY stuff + and an update of how the things are going.

Past weeks, all the new tank modelling and texturing works have been finished, in the coding side, mainly upgrades to the menu logic, vehicle system and firing mechanics have been implemented in order to properly manage wheeled vehicles and very high rate firing units such as the AA. Now the road is paved for the new release with (hopefully) no big surprises ahead. If you need a number to get the big picture, 70% progress is what U're looking 4.

Aside from the JP maps, the update will feature non JP themed maps such the Winterlands, witch will be moved to the Mod Maps sections. These maps will enrich the game with a variety of scenarios and give alternate experiences to the mostly urban warfare of the JP maps. These maps are atm finished and awaiting for tweaks based on further testing with incoming tanks behaviour.

Its my plseasure to announce that WWII TANKS are on their way to Japan.

No less than 13 NEW TANKS! to add up to the already announced modern units." You should be in position to guess 7 of the new units and you might be able to guess already the left ones with a bit of effort. Thanks @chobi_luck for your support on adding some of these new models.

You can check em here:

And yes you have implicitly discover that a new faction is added to a total of 5 so far!.

In few days will be time to depart to Japan for a massive data gathering process in a move to provide the ultimate upgrade to Tokyo Warfare. Now yes, spect a massive blackout in coms from the dev side till close to release.


If you're enjoying the game I would like to ask you a personal favour that it is that you please recommend and write a short review of what U like, and why not, what U dont. This will help greatly for the game to get noticed plus gives unvaluable feedback.

In the other hand, if you're watching this from the sidelines, it might be a good moment to jump in and get a copy, giving an extra push to this process so the best can get out of this update.


The ongoing hard work is adding up to the already built up fatigue, plus the new update is featuring a lot of changes and content causing some changes in the initial schedule.

That said, I want to personally assure you that no matter how much effort it takes, no matter how silent might be from the dev side, the game update will hit Steam.


T.W Dev.
Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project
_MIMIT_ has prepared this awesome greeting card for U ppl.


It may take longer than ussual to answer chats, mails etc due to winter flu having steamrolled me, I'll be back at full throtle in few days.

Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project
To commanders all over the globe.

Now that 2016 is dying, its time to look back and admit that this has been a tough year.

2+ years ago I left my Civil Engineering job to follow my dreams, developing video games.
Even the engineering design world is hard, hard enough to make you work 24-48h in a row from time to time, I can tell you now that building a game is no easier venture.

So far I've put a shitload of money, time & effort into this until finally this month, after the major upgrades that took place in 1.4x and a week sale, the boost on sales and the response from players was encouraging enough to build up an ambitious Q1 roadmap. All the kudos earned are going back into the project to pay artists, taxes&fees, assets and to defray the inevitable Japan expedition to aquire data on the field.

Q1 2017 will be the time where T.W will fully develop its potential, specially when new JP maps kick in, will be the point where the market will decide if this project deserves to keep moving or die forever.

A new urban map that was based on third party data provider was halted in order to meet the new (higher) quality standards. New JP maps are already on the works,and are pretty complex and big, built from the ground up with the help of CAD expert mate, Meritxell, will allow to achieve the targeted level of quality.

We'll see how Q1 goes, if sales allow for the game to keep development during Q2-Q3 I can promise you people crazy stuff coming aside form the regular content extensions. Stuff like this:

I want to THANK all the people that has worked on this project, thank you Mimit for your awesome artwork, Meri for your unvaluable CAD support, Chobi for your code base and dev support and to many others involved into the making and to my closest personal circle.

And of course, THANK YOU for playing T.W and supporting it. I'm sorry for the ones that left, they'll be allways welcome.

T.W Dev.

Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project

The removal of VR support in 1.4 made necesary to make a move to solve that situation.

  • VR>OpenVR Integration>DK2,CV1 & Vive support. (tested on DK2)
  • Audio>Global Volume Slider

Fixes & changes
  • Osaka-->There was a building that might or might not collapse
  • Osaka-->Some trees that where collideable in the past where not
  • Winterlands forces specific filters to enable /dissable. modified in V1.4601
  • In 4:3 at resolutions higher than 800x600 was not showing camera filter names in Russian.
  • VR mini mode moved to Misc submenu.
  • Few minor fixes

Known VR issues
Open VR does not allow to drag UI elements like sliders
When HMD goes out of sight of the sensor camera stops rendering to HMD.

Winterlands map, unlike previous version will force a set of specific filters on/off unless you're in manga mode.
Left as it was in v1.45

In main menu, (online, arcade, flycam), VR enable button will appear if HMD is present.
Click to switch betwen VR and desktop mode. If HMD is off on start will switch to Desktop mode if it was in VR mode.

In the same menu, in VR mode, if press ESC, Open VR menu will display in the computer monitor (not in HMD). It allows to render at lower resolutions, should give you higher frame rate. Keep in mind that CPU can easily be the botleneck at the moment so lowering further the resolution will make no effect.
Face the HMD downwards to avoid clicking game menu buttons.

Be extremelly cautious increasing AI number in VR. 3-4 is recommended max. Depends a lot on your CPU hardware.

Winterlands works awesome in VR in terms of performance, the urban maps not so much due to higher acces to CPU due to high drawcall counts, the Oi-terminal still works pretty nice here.

In this release the draw distance in VR is changed depending on the scenario, in future an slider will be added to the menu.

This time, it has been possible to make the UI VR compatible without the need to duplicate the UI, this is a very very important achievement (from the devs point of view) that will reduce the maintenance of the VR and key for it to be part of the game as the resources must be put in othere areas.

If you've custom music in music1 and music2 folders, before you update backup the folders as these will be overwritten, this was a design flaw, this will be solved.



This is the last game update of the year.
Ther will be another post soon.
Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project
This announcement was expected to be made after the remaining 2016 update (V1.5) (V1.46) but as it is going to take some days, lets unveil what is the plan for future upgrades:

  • new vehicle types
  • new weapon types
  • new factions
  • new modern MBTs
  • new JP urban maps
  • new Offtopic maps-->Desert maps + 1City map
  • new arena map
  • WWII units (for GUP fans)
  • extend skins and "accesories"
  • Multiplayer co-op--> multiplayer bots
  • Realistic explosions, FX (optional)
  • Realistic/ HD XL shading mode
  • More visual filters
  • Enhanced UI
  • Extended voice overs and events (revenge, double kill...)
  • Photo mode/Tank specs showroom
  • Other minor addons that come in buckets every major upgrade
  • + Stuff I might have forgotten & ideas yet to discover...

Dec 6, 2016
Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project
Tankers, with V1.4 still warmn, here it comes a new update.

  • MAPS>> NEW MAP>> Winterlands
  • MAPS>> Christmas mode
  • FX>>Cold color grading
  • FX>>VHS>>Reworked filtering
  • CAMERA>>Unbounded camera control
  • OPTIONS>>Misc>>FPS counter
  • MENU>>Polished loading screen

-translation corrections
-Cannon stabilization minor fixes
-Hz menu could show nHZ + No HZ limit both enabled the first time it was launch :\
-Menu/Crew/Radio/Music Sliders where seriously messed up! when did this happen!... fixed...

Winterlands, this new map, has a different visual style, comment if you like. Its marked with a tiger logo because its part of the early prototype of this game that had a different visual style. When new urban maps are made available, the maps of the prototoype will be enabled by clickling a tiger but on the map select screen. Comment what you think of the new map, on the discusion board or in the comments section below.

In Winterlands map, if HDlighting is enabled and Manga mode is not enabled, a series of filters will be enabled and dissabled in order to get addecuate visual style.
HDlighting alone will burn the image so the following set of filters are enabled dissabled in case the level is loaded with hdlighting enabled.

DrawEdges OFF
AnimeLighting OFF
ContrastStretch ON
Vignette ON
FilmicNoise ON
ColdGrading ON

Keep in mind that values are not reset at the end of the game.
If your CPU can handle enabling GLOW, can add to the visuals in the winter map. This map is less resource demanding than urban maps, you can finetune the settings by enabling the FPS counter.

The cold color grading adds a very interesting visual feeling, enhancing shadows depths and reducing the drawing feel.

The VHS/90s filtering has been tweaked so that is less agresive with the image and more playable.

Report if you like the new unbounded camera or you miss the clamped style so its considered to add the option to enable clamped mode or not.
May be the exterior should allways be clamped as it can now penetrate below ground... definetly should... for next update.

New color grading

New 90s mode


Happy tanking!
Dec 1, 2016
Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project
This month a new map will be released. Featuring a winter ambient and a totally different mood.

All is coming along well but as allways issues are, for some reson the fps drop when zoomed witch is totally nonsense. Working hard for all to be ready as soon as possible.

Some players might feel a bit confused about the new map looks. Its ok, this is because in early stages the game was a prototype focused on more realistic style environments. The VR prototype was code named Tigers of Steel. You can check it here:

There are some nature environment maps that are halfway from finish that are worth finishing and adding to the game. Will be done in a way that does not interfere with the arcade nature of the game.

These maps while are more in tune with actual tank games, take A LOT less time to produce than urban maps the game is focused on, this is why these will be finished and added.
Extracting all the urban features like roadmarks signs etc is a very tedious work that while its done with passion these take a lot of time. Will post about incoming urban maps but just to make an idea of the work involved you can check this post.

This will be pretty much like a MOD already withing the game, if you preffer we can make it a pay DLC but u know.. we preffer giving it 4 free.
Nov 25, 2016
Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project
Tankers>> get ready for combat!

1.4 is here featuring a number of upgrades:

4 new +1 Upgraded model.

  • T72 (modernized version)
  • T95
  • T14 armata
  • Type90
  • Type10 upgraded model
In order to acommodate new tanks and future new factions, an important change in the management of the teams and vehicles has been done.
These changes will allow to scale up tanks, vehicle types, factions, without major issues aswell as vehicle specific upgrades or other kind of features associated to specific vehicles.

Specific skins for each tank.

As you people love microtransactions you can now pay for the skins as in nowadays major titles love to do.... whait what?! LOL. Of couse not!
F**k microtransactions business model. All the skins are available out of the box once a tank is unlocked. XD.

  • Welcome tutorial
  • Extended menu features and sounds
  • Updated translation, TX Chobi & Κλάδεος !!

  • Cabinet controls
  • New turret behavior system
  • New turret input system
  • Drive sensitivity control
  • Turret/view sensitivity
  • Keyboard only mouse free mode
Check the ingame tutorial for more details.
Check kyemapping ingame or download from store.

  • Custom music files support!
  • Japanese ambient radio chatter
  • Crew voices volume control
  • Ambient radio volume control
Two custom music radios, drop your music files to Tokyowarfare/music or Tokyowarfare/music2 folders in *.OGG or *.WAV format.
When playing customFM stations the tracks will start playing randomly but unlike with preset stations when pressing change track will linearly cicle trough tracks rather than randomly.

VR temporarily dissabled! :(
read more

There are many reasons for this now but since the last OVR client update it is behaving more like a malware than anything else.
No more efforts will be made to re-implement oculus VR and all efforts will be focused on implementing Valve's Open VR.

For more details read this forum post.
[writing post atm allow 24h]

  • Classic(previous)
  • Mainstream(default)
  • Minimap now follows turret orientation
  • Tv Camera
New camera behavior following the actual tank games style.

  • EARTHQUuUUuuAaAaaKE mode for Osaka map .
  • Arcade cabinet style Enemy/Team markers.
  • 90S VHS Filtering effect.
  • Track system modified. Track destruction now is dissabled.
  • Building debris.
  • Hide ID option, for more private Youtube videos.

  • UI 4:3 ratio fixed for gameplay UI.
  • Mouse hidden in flycam by default.
  • Even smoother collisions with elements, no more fence kickbacks.
  • Smoother wheel behaviour.
  • A number of fixes/upgrades all over the place.

If you're enjoying this game please vote up and may be write a short review or share on twitter, reddit... U know. You can allways share what would you love to see in the game or talk about any issues in the forums or contact directly.


Selfkills caused by self bullet are only considered as friendly kill and not added as selfkill.
When AI pointblank shoots may miss target.

Track deformation can be a bit weirdo if the destroyed tank is upside down. FIXED

Camera might shake when zoomed in when body and turret rotate in opposite directions, more noticeable with gun camera --> this is high a priority issue, working on finding causes, its a turret jitter related.

Online:While building destruction as well as tanks damage do sync correctly the destruction event of the highway could not sync ocasionally.

A superfast & free way to convert audio files to *.OGG in bulk is Pazera Free Audio Extractor.

Portable version:



has kindly created a VK community, so, Russian players check it out!
VK site

Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project
Hi Tankers>>

Sorry for the radio silence but there is a lot of work being done behind scenes. V1.4 is coming fully packed by the end of next week. It will be for sure the biggest upgrade to date.

Steam seems to have issues allowing screenshot upload for this account so while they solve this issue here goes an sneak.

Stay safe>>

T.W Developer

//Update --->//OK its now live
Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project

Its no secret that Multiplayer servers are shy, much more than desirable.

T.W Player __>>Alexlrey63 こんにちは<<__ sugested to create a Team Speak channel so all players looking for a multiplayer battle could join and arrange one until the user base grows enough.

Three main channels refer to each regional server available in the game, each offering 3 chat rooms.

Main channels:
*United States
*Asia || Japan
*EU || Russia.

>>Asian server is in Japan and also there is an important user base in there this is why its shown separated, same for EU-RU, server is in the Netherlands.

For Downloading the TeamSpeak Client (no need for overwolf):

Once installed simply go to Connections>>Connect and enter the server ID:

Thanks also to player __ >>JIu3HyJI_HocoK<<__ who proposed a similar initiative on the discussion board. If Russian players are more confortable with its propossal feel free to follow that. EU players will be also happy to fight against Ru players so may be post a notice on Team speak if you arrange some battles :D.

Remembar that players on each regional game servers see only players in that server.

The T.S channel si there to arrangel MP battles or chatting about the game. NEVER share your passwords in there, NO transactions, NO disrespectfull language, NO SPAM or any other kind of bullshit.


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