TOKYO WARFARE - Tokyo Warfare Project
Here we're again!!

  • GAMEPLAY Missiles
  • GRAPHICS Thermal vision
  • GRAPHICS Upgraded visuals & new filters
  • AUDIO new 5 Metal , 5 new J-pop & 4 new WW1 era tunes
  • MENU options accesible form main menu

Fixes & changes
  • (1.531) XBOX 360 input fixed and full remap
  • Oi Terminal map is now complete
  • Bagger Länder map is now complete
  • Critical damage fx showing again
  • Music pauses on death instead of stop
  • Meshes--> M1 7th wheel, maus secondary cannon flipped
  • Simplified tank selection without categories
  • Online max players raised to 10
  • Multiple fixes in MP
  • Many minor changes & fixes



All the visual modes have been upgraded and tweaked to get the best of each map. A visual filter manager has been built for that purpose in order to manage this properly.
-Legacy SD mode is now an Anime mode and as it name says mods the visuals so it feels like it.
-Former manga mode has ben BASTLY upgraded and now comes in two manga modes, second one being more sharper than the other.
-HD mode is also fine tuned to get best visuals, usually it comes in pair with the new anime lighting, anime lighting retains the legacy mode and a new auto mode that loads values depending on the selected map. The new anime lighting uses nearby objects to affect nearby areas colour and lighting, resulting in a nice visual outcome for both anime and HD modes.
-90s arcade mode has been modified to resemble more the classic arcade stations.
-New World War visual mode, it is recommended to pair with WW1 music station. It should go that way out of the box. This visual mode works best with nature environments.
-UI is now affected by filters in some visual modes.

**Anime ligthing will get internally dissabled in some maps overriding menu selection for better visual output.


Requested a number of times it finally gets into the game. Press "R" to toggle thermal modet or "B" in the Xbox pad. This mode provides a more clear view of the battlefield, specially where a lot of dust is blocking your sight such can happen in desert maps.


Two types of missiles have been added. ATGM and Lock on Misisles. For vehicles equipped with missiles and a secondary gun such is the case of BMD, simply press the round change key to enter "missile mode" and fire missile with secondary fire input. Vehicles such Sa-19 have directly enabled the missile mode. For lock on missiles you need to set the target in the lock region and input secondary fire, UI will display diamond tgt when missile lock is achieved. To avoid abuse, there is a "reload" time. Missile equipped vehicles form other factions will be added in the future.

Multiple fixes and changes. Perhaps the most remarcable upgrades in menu are the simplification of tank selection and the options being accesible from it (finally! :D).

In regards to maps, Oi terminal has gone trough an in depth cleanup by completely redoing the container sets geometry and textures, container groups are now destructable. The guardrail meshes have been upgraded and should be easily run over. Fences should also be easily run over. Some new assets have been added such as ships and ambient sounds.

The Bagger Länder map is now finished, vegetation, wider bridges and overal polishing.


Remember that theese days a meetup to play online will be taking place

You can allways join directly the game lobby but I would recommend you join Discord server and enroll into fights in there as there may be private matches being setup.

EU región, lets play
FRI 13, 7 pm CET. (UTC+2)

US region, lets play
SAT 14, 3.30 pm ETC (UTC-4)

ASIA región, Tokyo Server , lets play
SUN 15, 7 pm JST (UTC+9)


pd: I've not yet updated the credits but there is some art that I would like to credit

Red star flag: Premier Rik Latyeskov

Metal fm themes: DavidFau,DEgITx & Matty M
J-pop themes: GTK &nash music jp
WW1 themes Evil Mind Entertainment,
TOKYO WARFARE - Tokyo Warfare Project
Hi Tankers,

Tokyo Warfare 1.53 Is coming next Friday 13.

I'm also reaching you to invite you all to an online match meetup to see if we all together can make the Tokyo Warfare servers catch fire, at least for a day or two.

You can allways join directly the game lobby but I would recommend you join Discord Channel and enroll into fights in there as there may be private matches being setup.

EU región, lets play
FRI 13, 7 pm CET. (UTC+2)

US region, lets play
SAT 14, 3.30 pm ETC (UTC-4)

ASIA región, Tokyo Server , lets play
SUN 15, 7 pm JST (UTC+9)

See U soon!
TOKYO WARFARE - Tokyo Warfare Project
Woah, 12 months since the release!! The ones aboard since 0day will remember how harsh the landing on steam was. During a week or two saw the sun rise all every day :D

As you may remember the performance in sales of V1.5 was going to define if the project's future. I gave it all with 1.5 and IMO the game made a big step ahead. The Summer Sale was not bad but I burnt a pile of cash in adds so return is going to end up being quite minimal, yet, the sales since 1.5 are taking off and is not just the summer sale but afterwards, theese are bringing a bunch of players every day.

Still, if you put together all the returns it would be better for me to go flip some burgers to some random greasy restaurant but I'm commited to extend Tokyo Warfare to the max, even more now with sales on the rise. To get you ppl an idea with how much sales pumped latelly pretty much a third of sales have been made on the last month, this is a clear signal that I must keep working hard or even harder.

T.W is my first game, I left an civil engineering career for this, I've learned A LOT in not much time, now I feel much more skilled to face the challenges ahead and as I did till today will give it all to keep the game amusing.

I want to specially thank all the people that has worked close to the project, creating art and assets and to all of you who have supported it spreading the word or by grabbing a copy. THAAAANKS!

-MAPS New bonus map based on German countryside.
-FIXES JP audio voices when damaging enemy unit where flawed (since 1.51)

Notes. The new bonus map is ALMOST finished, lacking some polishing on terrains and navigation meshes. Spect some occasional crazy behaviour due to this but overall it runs great. I've decided to release because I NEED a summer break asI feel I've not had a one since reléase, so better you can enjoy it already tan wait longer.

This is first time to feature traffic, hope you like the feature, if so I'll extend it with new vehicles and FX.
EDIT: Forgot to mention that you may whant to dissable anime lighting on the new map as some minor artifacts could appear.
EDIT2:SSAO darkens a bit too much parts of the new map, this is probably due to some ground textures missing normal map, you may consider dissabling it for now on that map.

Awesome stuff ahead such as missiles, skins editor, new servers with extra online performance, Akihabara map.... things... and much moar.

I know new Japaneese maps are takin long, but this is for a good reason. Will write about this on the fórums.

As allways, if you like the game, please recommend on Steam :D

Stay tuned and see you in the battlefield!!


T.W Dev
TOKYO WARFARE - Tokyo Warfare Project
World keeps rolling tankers!

-GRAPHICS New [VERY FAST] Glow/tracers
-AUDIO English crew voices for US & UK
-AUDIO English ambient radio chatter
-PERFORMANCE Osaka & Terminal should perform better
-ONLINE New desert map added to the online maps pool

Well, finally the game gets a very high performant glow effect for bullets. The deprecated glow approach was very cool but a crime in terms of resource needs. This new approach is as cool as previous but comes at a fraction of computing cost and is scene complexity independent.
Some Oi-Terminal map destruction scripts were sucking resources like a black hole. Theese have been swaped by less demanding ones and CPU load is reduced about 15-20% , Osaka map should also benefit but not that much.

-PanzerII had biased main gun. Tx for reporting.
-Controls mapping getting blurred in low settings
-Some MBT drive enhanced for higher maneuverability
-Entry level tanks do not get cannon & turret damage so easily. Sorry for the frustration caused by this!! :D

HE is default round now

Enjoy this update and see u in the battlefield !!

A short clip featuring the main stuff

pd: will add the tank unlock map/chart soon as I could not fit it for this release.

Winter Carrot has translated tutorial to Russian!. Will soon be added to the game.
Jul 14
TOKYO WARFARE - Tokyo Warfare Project
OK!! TOKYO WARFARE 1.5 is finally here! >>
This update is the most massive to date featuring a landslide of content


--3 new factions, DE, US, UK !!
--22 new vehicles!! 
--WWII tanks
--New vehicle types: SPAAG, APC

Complete list:
-Morser Karl
-PanzerVIII Maus

NEW Desert map: Smoky Freedom
NEW Urban style map: Industrial District
Arena map rebuilt
Desert map variant. [ since 1.505q]

Better shaders (optional)
Realistic particles (optional)
i-Tron mode
Upgraded motion blur
Upgraded FXAA
Dynamic depth of field

Smoother external cámera with configuralbe parámeters

Event annoucners, First blood,double kill...
Male & Female announcers.
Volume control for announcers.
Largely extended SFX.

Upgraded online menu
Upgraded player and AI menus
Upgraded runtime UI.
Several other improvements

CO-OP mode
Upgraded code for performance increase
Upgraded code for stat management

Nerfed machineguns
New fire system for hi fire ratio guns/machineguns
Auto recover wen you flip your tank
FPS style camera mode
Occlusion Culling
Upgraded to latest SteamVR version

wiggle wiggle wiggle camera gone*
Many, many, Many, many minor upgrads and fixes.

More vehicles has been a demand like from day 1, a titanic effort has been made to try to satisfy the need of such.
The actual wide range of vehicles makes the battles really different one from another, and each vehicle has its point so each one its meant to be played rather than being an excuse to move to a higher end one.
As a rule, WWII tanks will struggle against modern MBTs while some of the higher tier have yet something to say in a modern tank battle, not to talk against APCs and SPAAGS.
Its not only the models but the sounds, each vehicle has its own inspired in real world vehicle engines and cannons!
Remember there are 2 turret modes and the fastest and craziest vehicles might be more confortable to be played with non angle hold turret mode.

This update comes with some new awesome maps, the classic arena while will retain its crazy open field battles, features an upgraded environment which will lead in the future to some unique features.
The urban industrial map offers a unique style and layout which fits better to WWII tanks, while there are no restrictions. Constant firefights are achieved with about 10 units in the field. Try not to choose multiple BIG vehicles for this map. This maps is really cool too to be surfed in FPS camera mode as a number of buildings allow to get inside and into the roofs.
The desert map is the biggest map of the game, designed with modern MBTs and fast modern vehicles in mind. Offers great visuals and great performance too, allowing to have up to 14 AI and graphics to the max for most of hardwares, some might be able to enable glow too as in nature maps it is less demanding. As you maight have noticed its inspired in the Kuwait invasion by Iraqi army, 90s stuff.
Theese maps have been moved to the bonus maps section in the menu so that are kept aside form the Japan themed maps.

In this update the visuals are pumped in many ways, the game by default comes with all goddies enabled but the realistic particles, give theese a go by enabling from options menu, if you want the legacy look simply check the SD preset.
Further a new visual mode has been added, the I-tron which you'll find familiar with as you see it.

A largely requested feature has been added, co-op, in the create game menu, enable ai bots checkbox and setup online bots, once you're done enable desired factions for each team.
The multiplayer traffic use has been reduced to about a third which should ressult in an smoother experience. The previous data interpolation method has not be touched tho. Please report any performance issues, I've ideas to further improve te actual methos.
The way the stats are managed is now more robust, yet I've an idea to further improve it.


The deployement of 1.5 will take some days yet as some issues and media material is made, you can follow theese on the discussion board.

Despite the limitations and such, just to let it clear, Ican tell you the build is a blast. But hey, grab your copy and judge by yourselves!!

I've worked extremelly hard for this update, I need a break. Enjoy!!

Try it and share your thoughts!!!

pd. I'll upgrade announcement with screenshots in a couple of days, as I said working flat out for so long has let me kinda knackered.
TOKYO WARFARE - Tokyo Warfare Project
Whats up tankers!

It took sooOOooOOoo long that it felt like never was gonna happen, but is happening.

Tokyo Warfare V1.5 Is going to be released June 16 12:00 CET .

As E3 is capturing all focus atm and will do till no less than June 15, there will be no way to get a chance on the already complicated world of gaming press for this update to be featured if launched sooner, so, 16 is D day.

All I can tell you players is that this update is gonna be BRUTAL .


T.W Dev.
Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project
A text about the incoming HEAVY stuff + and an update of how the things are going.

Past weeks, all the new tank modelling and texturing works have been finished, in the coding side, mainly upgrades to the menu logic, vehicle system and firing mechanics have been implemented in order to properly manage wheeled vehicles and very high rate firing units such as the AA. Now the road is paved for the new release with (hopefully) no big surprises ahead. If you need a number to get the big picture, 70% progress is what U're looking 4.

Aside from the JP maps, the update will feature non JP themed maps such the Winterlands, witch will be moved to the Mod Maps sections. These maps will enrich the game with a variety of scenarios and give alternate experiences to the mostly urban warfare of the JP maps. These maps are atm finished and awaiting for tweaks based on further testing with incoming tanks behaviour.

Its my plseasure to announce that WWII TANKS are on their way to Japan.

No less than 13 NEW TANKS! to add up to the already announced modern units." You should be in position to guess 7 of the new units and you might be able to guess already the left ones with a bit of effort. Thanks @chobi_luck for your support on adding some of these new models.

You can check em here:

And yes you have implicitly discover that a new faction is added to a total of 5 so far!.

In few days will be time to depart to Japan for a massive data gathering process in a move to provide the ultimate upgrade to Tokyo Warfare. Now yes, spect a massive blackout in coms from the dev side till close to release.


If you're enjoying the game I would like to ask you a personal favour that it is that you please recommend and write a short review of what U like, and why not, what U dont. This will help greatly for the game to get noticed plus gives unvaluable feedback.

In the other hand, if you're watching this from the sidelines, it might be a good moment to jump in and get a copy, giving an extra push to this process so the best can get out of this update.


The ongoing hard work is adding up to the already built up fatigue, plus the new update is featuring a lot of changes and content causing some changes in the initial schedule.

That said, I want to personally assure you that no matter how much effort it takes, no matter how silent might be from the dev side, the game update will hit Steam.


T.W Dev.
Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project
_MIMIT_ has prepared this awesome greeting card for U ppl.


It may take longer than ussual to answer chats, mails etc due to winter flu having steamrolled me, I'll be back at full throtle in few days.

Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project
To commanders all over the globe.

Now that 2016 is dying, its time to look back and admit that this has been a tough year.

2+ years ago I left my Civil Engineering job to follow my dreams, developing video games.
Even the engineering design world is hard, hard enough to make you work 24-48h in a row from time to time, I can tell you now that building a game is no easier venture.

So far I've put a shitload of money, time & effort into this until finally this month, after the major upgrades that took place in 1.4x and a week sale, the boost on sales and the response from players was encouraging enough to build up an ambitious Q1 roadmap. All the kudos earned are going back into the project to pay artists, taxes&fees, assets and to defray the inevitable Japan expedition to aquire data on the field.

Q1 2017 will be the time where T.W will fully develop its potential, specially when new JP maps kick in, will be the point where the market will decide if this project deserves to keep moving or die forever.

A new urban map that was based on third party data provider was halted in order to meet the new (higher) quality standards. New JP maps are already on the works,and are pretty complex and big, built from the ground up with the help of CAD expert mate, Meritxell, will allow to achieve the targeted level of quality.

We'll see how Q1 goes, if sales allow for the game to keep development during Q2-Q3 I can promise you people crazy stuff coming aside form the regular content extensions. Stuff like this:

I want to THANK all the people that has worked on this project, thank you Mimit for your awesome artwork, Meri for your unvaluable CAD support, Chobi for your code base and dev support and to many others involved into the making and to my closest personal circle.

And of course, THANK YOU for playing T.W and supporting it. I'm sorry for the ones that left, they'll be allways welcome.

T.W Dev.

Community Announcements - Tokyo Warfare Project

The removal of VR support in 1.4 made necesary to make a move to solve that situation.

  • VR>OpenVR Integration>DK2,CV1 & Vive support. (tested on DK2)
  • Audio>Global Volume Slider

Fixes & changes
  • Osaka-->There was a building that might or might not collapse
  • Osaka-->Some trees that where collideable in the past where not
  • Winterlands forces specific filters to enable /dissable. modified in V1.4601
  • In 4:3 at resolutions higher than 800x600 was not showing camera filter names in Russian.
  • VR mini mode moved to Misc submenu.
  • Few minor fixes

Known VR issues
Open VR does not allow to drag UI elements like sliders
When HMD goes out of sight of the sensor camera stops rendering to HMD.

Winterlands map, unlike previous version will force a set of specific filters on/off unless you're in manga mode.
Left as it was in v1.45

In main menu, (online, arcade, flycam), VR enable button will appear if HMD is present.
Click to switch betwen VR and desktop mode. If HMD is off on start will switch to Desktop mode if it was in VR mode.

In the same menu, in VR mode, if press ESC, Open VR menu will display in the computer monitor (not in HMD). It allows to render at lower resolutions, should give you higher frame rate. Keep in mind that CPU can easily be the botleneck at the moment so lowering further the resolution will make no effect.
Face the HMD downwards to avoid clicking game menu buttons.

Be extremelly cautious increasing AI number in VR. 3-4 is recommended max. Depends a lot on your CPU hardware.

Winterlands works awesome in VR in terms of performance, the urban maps not so much due to higher acces to CPU due to high drawcall counts, the Oi-terminal still works pretty nice here.

In this release the draw distance in VR is changed depending on the scenario, in future an slider will be added to the menu.

This time, it has been possible to make the UI VR compatible without the need to duplicate the UI, this is a very very important achievement (from the devs point of view) that will reduce the maintenance of the VR and key for it to be part of the game as the resources must be put in othere areas.

If you've custom music in music1 and music2 folders, before you update backup the folders as these will be overwritten, this was a design flaw, this will be solved.



This is the last game update of the year.
Ther will be another post soon.

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