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As you know, the 1.06 update was pushed on Wednesday, and while some changes were beneficial to the experience, others negatively impacted it.
Update 1.07 has just been uploaded on Steam to correct these issues:

- we have identified a bug which caused animations to play incorrectly and hits not to be detected: this has been fixed and is included in the 1.07 update.

- from a gameplay side, we probably made too many changes at the same time; we have therefore reverted changes made to the dodge mechanic, and done some tweaks to ranges and guard impact of previously changed attacks.

We are actively working on other remaining issues (loading and disconnect issues in Combat Trials, amongst others).

Also, we want to thank all the members of the community who are actively discussing the game's balancing, sending us feedback, and helping us improve Absolver. The game is still far from perfect, so it's super useful for us to have direct feedback when an update is pushed - sometimes we'll get things wrong, but we certainly intend to be attentive to feedback, reactive in updates, and keep working hard in the weeks and months to come to make the game as good as possible !

TL;DR: please keep posting :)

Thanks again for the support,
Sloclap team

Full discussion thread:

Absolver - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

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Skinny weirdos in masks have been beating me up all month in martial arts biff-em-up Absolver [official site]. They re called Absolvers because they grant absolution to my face with an endless barrage of kicks and slaps. Perhaps, with this latest update, I can finally treat an opponent to a sin-cleansing uppercut of my own. Patch 1.06 is mainly a bug-fixing effort, but it also disempowers the fastest attacks and tweaks absorbing guards. There s also a handout of six masks based on other games by publisher Devolver, like a Hotline Miami chicken mask. (more…)

Absolver - br33dlove

Hi everyone,

We've just pushed the 1.06 update on all platforms and it will be rolling out today! Sorry for the delay on this, a couple of bugs took a little longer than expected. Full patch notes are below, the main bugfixes are the powers/items loss issue, crashes during bosses cutscenes, and disconnects during Combat Trials which should happen far less frequently now.


If you have new issues after this update, or that previous issues are still happening, please let us know at support_PC@sloclap.com, indicating which region you're playing from!

We know that it can be frustrating to get duplicates as rewards in Combat Trials, and we wanted to thank everyone for their support until now, so we've added new masks in the Guidance Bridge; rest assured we're also working hard at reworking the loot system and the end-game rewards, but in the meantime, we wanted to make new masks available to everyone. These masks are inspired by Devolver games, and we think they're pretty cool, so we hope you like them too ! These masks won't be there forever, so grab them while you can :)

Thanks again,
Sloclap Team

Full Patch Notes: http://steamcommunity.com/app/473690/discussions/0/1496741765123603943/
Absolver - br33dlove

The Sloclap team wanted to take a moment to assure the community that we've been reading a lot of threads on the forums in the past two weeks, but because we're a small team that's focused on improving the experience, we haven't really had the time to respond directly on the forums as much as we'd like. We figured it was high time for a fresh update on production, coming straight from the studio!

Read the full post on the forums:


I have a mask in Absolver that’s shaped like a hand. The Hand of Marek is stupid—big on cut protection even though few use swords, and impractically heavy for my fighting style—but I wear it anyway because I’ve never seen anyone else wearing it (and because I enjoy My Hero Academia). It’s the only bit of game loot I’ve really cared about in a long time. I didn’t pay for it. It wasn’t announced as a pre-order bonus. It just appeared in my inventory after a fight.

Ah, the exotic pre-order.

The face hand is special because I didn’t know it existed before I found it. Part of that is playing Absolver at launch, but not all of it. New Overwatch skins are announced, previewed, given a release date—you’ll never surprise me with one. If you’re wearing PlayerUnknown’s Bandana in PUBG, I’ll assume you’re rich, because they’re for sale on the Steam Marketplace starting at $672. And if I see you wandering Destiny 2 with a Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle come October, I’ll know you pre-ordered. Ah, the exotic ‘pre-order.’

All my Absolver mask really says about me is that I was lucky. Maybe lots of people have the Hand of Marek—I don’t know—but whatever the drop rate is, the RNG seems to have favored me. And I praise the sun for it.

Absolver’s particular random loot system could be a little more generous. I’ve seen people on Reddit report that nothing interesting has dropped for them even after reaching double my rank in the 1v1 trials. Pure RNG is always going to burn someone. But that flaw aside, the joy of Absolver’s loot is that I have no idea what’s out there, or if I'll ever get anything good after this stupid hand. Yeah, it’s all been cataloged on the wiki—which I’ve avoided—but if developer Sloclap sneaked a new mask in during an update and didn’t tell anyone, we wouldn’t know about it until it was discovered. And that’s possible because Absolver’s loot doesn’t come in boxes you pay for. For the biggest games, mystery is being replaced with marketing.

I have one cool mask and a bunch of belts I don't want. But that's what makes the mask cool.

The secret slap

The first time I was slapped I was so thrown off I practically surrendered the fight.

The secrecy in Absolver even extends to moves. If you haven’t seen me going on about it yet, Absolver is a brawler in which you can customize your fighting moveset and learn new attacks from NPCs and other players. The other week the community went wild for the Calbot Slap. The attack must be learned from one NPC who rarely spawns, and it’s the most useless move in the game: a standing slap that’s hard to land and does 15 damage (players have over a thousand HP). The first time I was slapped I was so thrown off I practically surrendered the fight. Later, PC Gamer Club member Apollo Trollo taught it to me.

Had the slap been a pre-order bonus, it wouldn’t have been funny or startling. It would’ve been a dick move to even use it. Yeah, we know you pre-ordered and got the slap. Good job. But because Absolver made it an Easter egg, taking a firm open hand to the cheek became a community in-joke. The other day I played someone who was obviously going to beat me, so when we got to the third round, I started slapping. It was the only move I threw, and being a good sport he even let me land a few. Brutally losing doesn’t feel nearly as bad after smacking your opponent’s cheek red first.

I've blacked out the name of the person I'm slapping here out of respect.

There’s nothing cool about pre-ordering, so no matter how badass any pre-order bonus gun looks, I’ll never enjoy having it as much as I enjoy my weird hand mask. And the slap, since I had to learn it from a friend.

It’s not even all that cool to own an item you earned by climbing up some known achievement ladder. In Absolver, for instance, every player who beats the barebones story earns a special cloak. And while it has decent stats, Apollo and I were joking about the cloak last week, and have determined that anyone who’s wearing it either just beat the game and is proud—endearing, but not cool—or is pretending they just beat the game to throw off opponents. (Which is sort of cool, to be fair.)

When everyone else is working toward the same thing, the loot that s really special comes as a surprise.

I’m not about to challenge the entire idea of character progression, which is fun in Absolver, too. I like working toward stuff. But when everyone else is working toward the same thing, the loot that’s really special comes as a surprise—whether it’s in a secret location, or just won in the RNG lottery. 

As Tim recounted to me, when the mighty Gjallarhorn went up for sale in Destiny, those who had ‘earned’ it as a drop were mad that people could pay for it with in-game currency—even though those people earned that currency, too. Maybe it was a little irrational, but there’s a truth to it: loot is best when it’s special. Put it on the market and it's just another commodity. But make its drop rate a mystery and it's a story.

Absolver’s not the only game to treat its loot so preciously—and to be fair to games like Overwatch, Absolver’s loot isn’t just cosmetic, so it serves a different purpose. But along those lines, what a downer the marketplace was in Diablo 3 when it launched. It wasn’t fun knowing everything that was out there, and how much money I could pay to have it.

The best loot makes you feel like you have something other people don’t have, something that they might never have, something unique, even though it isn’t really. By being so opaque about it, Absolver makes the best stuff feel special. But if The Hand of Marek were 69 cents on the Steam Marketplace, or found in paid-for loot boxes, I wouldn’t give a crap about it.

Absolver - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

Ab Solver is the name of my gym

Pow! Whack! Absolve! The martial arts biffing game Absolver [official site] is my hot cup of videogames at the moment. But like its slap-happy characters, it s a bit on the skinny side. Once you ve completed the story, there s little remaining for the PvP-averse. And even online fighters might find themselves at a loss after mastering all the moves. So I asked creators Sloclap what s in their fightpipes. The sad part is that new attacks, bosses and PvE areas are all at the back of the queue. The good news is there are a lot of small improvements coming, including a way to redistribute your character’s skill points, and pigments for changing the colour of your raggedy trousers. (more…)

FOR HONOR™ - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

This is actually all the same player, lagging very very hard

The martial arts brawler Absolver [official site] is a beautiful arena for skinny people who are both very polite and incredulously angry. It s a great bruiser but isn t without serious flaws. The sometimes-insufferable lag, for one thing, is killing the 1v1 dueling mode for many. A small patch has recently been added, bringing cross-region support and some improvements to server connection , say developers Sloclap, with more fixes and improvements incoming. But a lot of players, myself included, are still encountering teleporty punches, stuttering kicks, disconnections and unstable matchmaking. That means toothless frowns all round. (more…)

Absolver - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

I'm a slap maaan

Martial arts fighting game Absolver [official site] is keeping me and many others happy with its fluid recreation of both fisticuffs and feeticuffs. But the move that has the brawling community most excited isn t a whip-fast spinning kick or a sharp elbow to the top of the head it s a simple, shame-inducing slap to the face. Now, the most disrespectful thing you could do to another fighter is to get them down to their last sliver of health, then finish them with a single slap. (more…)

Absolver - br33dlove
Dear Prospects, we’ve been 100% committed this week into improving the experience for players all around the world. This update addresses mainly bug fixes and stability improvement. Please note that we will keep tabs on player’s feedback regarding this patch and are continuing work on online stability and server availability for players around the world.

Please find below the patch notes for update 1.05 rolling out now for PC. There will be another next week (1.06) that will include some new goodies. Thanks for all your support, you can join the discussion in the official forums.



- Various improvements to server connection and matchmaking
- Added double save to avoid complete progression loss if a save get corrupted
- Bug fixes when joining a school
- Fixed bug where Achievements wouldn’t be unlocked on Steam and PS4.
- Beat an AI to unlock your due achievements, there could be a small delay before the achievement pops :)
- Cross-region invitations added
- Fixed Boss progression not being updated (For now, this fix only works for bosses, we’re still working on fixing the Marked Ones progression issue. We apologize about this issue and are still investigating.
Improved overall stability)

Discussion Thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/473690/discussions/0/1474221865183656667/
Absolver - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)


Who owns those odd voices? It’s the RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show and guess what – we’re all in the same room, with our actual bodies>. Unprecedented. And> there’s a special guest this week too. Chris Bratt of Eurogamer joins us to talk about the alien-murdering of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. It’s a Brattcast! While Pip has been playing teen angst drama-llama Life Is Strange: Before the Storm and I’m still trying to discover an impossibly powerful attack in Absolver. Come listen.



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