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How's it sliming, everyone? As we teased in our latest patch notes, we're working on a free content patch for y'all: Blackbird's Kraken!

Blackbird's Kraken

The notorious Blackbird's kracked, I mean, cracked! He believes Slime-san stole his treasure and unleashed his giant Kraken upon him! Sound familiar? It is now up to Slime-san to escape the giant squid's jaws back out to freedom!

  • 25 normal and 25 NG+ levels within a giant kraken!
  • 8 new hazards to encounter and tackle!
  • A unique boss fight, can you beat the Kraken?
  • A brand new submarine mode, it's time to fight back!
  • 10 new target mode challenges that will test your skills!
  • A unique speedrunning mode for the DLC levels, compete in leaderboards!
  • 200 Bananas to collect and spend in a furniture shop!
  • A customizable house that you can style and furnish to your heart's content!
  • An entire tropical Island you can explore and discover with 7 new characters!
  • A special setting that adjusts colors to reduce eye strain!
  • A new twist for the mini-game: Gloomy!
  • A dialogue resetting option, to read initial dialogue once more!
  • New cutscenes and story elements to experience and enjoy!
  • New secret characters and set-pieces to discover across your journey!
  • Three new music tracks by Mischa Perella!
  • Korean & French community translations.
  • Official Japanese translation!
  • An exit button back to the title screen! (Amazing, right?)
  • Various other adjustments and bug fixes.

Woah! That's quite massive, isn't it? This free DLC patch will increase Slime-san's content by approximately 30%! We can't say the exact release date just yet, but expect it in the next 2-3 months!

I hope y'all are as excited about this as we are! Happy sliming everyone!
Slime-san - Fabraz
Hey everyone! It’s been a crazy, awesome week for us! It’s amazing seeing our community grow with such passionate fans and needless to say, some of your speedrunning times are absolutely mind blowing!

In other cool news: We got some more informative bug reports in our forums and trello and are happy to announce that we pushed out another hotfix!

Patch Notes (1.0.3)
Bug Fixes
  • Uvula Boss: Reset issues and NG+ loop have been fixed.
  • Heart Boss: All red fingers hurt you now and platforms reset correctly.
  • Mama Worm: The final cutscene can’t infinitely loop anymore and all reset/death issues have been fixed.
  • Can’t overflow leaderboards anymore and level 1-08 times have been reset.
  • Sheeple coin is now properly shown as collected in the level endplate.
  • NG+ selection resets properly in level select after switching in from normal mode.
  • Level skip states now get removed after successfully completing the skipped level and the level skipper can no longer be accessed when the game is completed.
  • The camera no longer pans across rooms after a reset when zoomed in.
  • Missile launchers now have their timer reset after death.
  • All playstyles now work correctly in gravity flip zones.
  • Apple only speedruns now properly check for the 4th apple in each level.
  • You can no longer quit during target mode challenges to beat them.
  • Kawaii-san can now be used during the Mama Worm fight and remains floaty in fans.
  • Some spelling errors in Settings have been corrected.
  • Slime-san and Birdie clothing no longer share the same buying slots.
  • The world 5 master achievement now properly checks for its completion state.
  • Music no longer remains lowered after pausing in the test room.
  • Water tutorial in level 10 now properly displays when loading into the level.

  • The German community translation has been updated by nitro & klianc09.
  • A few normal & NG+ levels have been modified or had their colliders adjusted.
  • You can no longer combine an apple-only run with NG+ for speedrunning modes.

Feature Additions
  • Added a input lock toggle to Gameplay Settings. You have immediate control of Slime-san at the start of any level/room if toggled off.

That’s it for now! But we have some pretty awesome content patches in the works…

Happy sliming everyone!
Slime-san - Fabraz
Slime-san has launched and it’s been a phenomenal success! We’re ecstatic about everyone’s reactions and we’re so happy to know ya’ll are having a good slime… Erm, I mean time! A good time!

We’ve seen your bug reports on the forums and our trello and the promised hotfix is now up and running!

Patch Notes (
Bug Fixes
  • NG+ now properly resets to level one, no matter where your selection was before.
  • Boss cutscenes are now all skippable and do not retrigger level music.
  • Clown balls now don’t disappear when you reset the level after they died from stomach acid.
  • You can no longer spam jump to remain stuck in auto-shooting barrels.
  • Red Shadow’s text has been adjusted in Slumptown.
  • The game will no longer freeze during dashes if you have certain anti-virus software on.
  • Translation files have been adjusted to cover a wider range of text.
  • The wall near the support group in Slumptown is now more solid.
  • The morph arrows on the UI are now correctly positioned.
  • Fat-san’s price is now properly displaying 20 apples.
  • Trophy time is now set correctly for level 101.
  • Sound effects in the Splash Screen are now affected by the audio settings.
  • All achievements now unlock properly. Including trophy times for every world, grandpa-san, unlocking arcade games and more.
  • Arcade coins are now properly being tracked in Slumptown’s bank.
  • A fix has been made to address some of the isolated controller issues.
  • Mama Worm boss fight has had some bugs squashed.
  • Adjusting the death toggle now properly affects the reset for twitch chaos mode.
  • The speed running modes now show the right leaderboards based on settings.
  • The slime family now doesn’t always wear a hat in Slime Town.
  • Player 2 can now successfully use items in Krazy Karter.
  • ( Resizers have been adjusted to avoid glitches.
  • ( Dojo Tutorial now displays the correct camera button.
  • ( You can no longer wall-jump on the sides of the Heart Boss room.
  • ( 100% Apples completion Achievement no longer falsely rewarded.
  • ( 100% World 5 completion and Final Achievement now unlock correctly.
  • ( Completing a level with all apples also submits a regular leaderboard time now.

  • Several level design adjustments.
  • Several new game+ level design adjustments.
  • The apple in Slime Town is no longer reachable until you beat the game.

Feature Additions
  • A German community translation has been added to the game.

So, what’s next? We’ll continue fixing any bugs that might pop up… But we’re also working on a content patch. So hang on tight for that!

Happy sliming everyone!
Slime-san - Headup Games
Hi folks,

if you are attending PAX East in Boston this weekend make sure to stop by our booth #14129, try the demo while sitting on the awesome Slime-san beanbag and get free swag!

And don´t forget to put Slime-san on your wishlist so you won´t miss it :)

Community Announcements - Fabraz
Hello Slime-lovers!

We had the pleasure of showcasing Slime-san in Headup Game's booth at Pax South and it went great!

It was awesome meeting so many of you in person! We couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear seeing everyone enjoy the game!

Missed out on Pax South? Don't you worry, we'll be at Casual Connect in Berlin, GDC in San Francisco and Pax East in Boston as well! Make sure to come by our booth if you're at any of those!

Who's excited for April's release?! We sure are!

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