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Hello, Evangeline players!

We're not quite done with Evangeline just yet -- here are some exciting things on the horizon!

First, our most recent patch caused some issues with controller support. We're currently investigating that and will post another update when it's fixed!

Next, we're excited to announce that Evangeline will be coming to Xbox One early next year! It'll be our first ever console release, and we're very excited to bring our sappy little game to console users.

Finally... it wouldn't be a port without some improvements! While we aren't quite done just yet -- it'll be a while before this content is available for Xbox players -- we'll be releasing this content for free to PC players whenever the Xbox version is available. Some of these improvements:

  • Around 30 (!!!) additional art assets throughout the game's six days, making the world feel more filled-in -- from lemonade stands to tools in the garage, there will be a lot of exciting new details!
  • Updated UI for letter reading and the controls menu, in addition to updated letter assets!
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements throughout, especially to controller support and general navigation

All of these additions will greatly improve the Evangeline experience for our lovely players that have taken this journey before, as well as the untold number of new players who will be jumping in later down the line.

As mentioned earlier, we plan to release these updates as a free patch to the PC version when the Xbox version releases -- there will be no additional charge. We do not know when this will be, but we'll post an announcement when it happens!

Thank you all for supporting our little game about love. Have a wonderful day! :)

- Your Friends at Raconteur
Evangeline™ - Raconteur Games
Hello to all of our new players!

We made a mistake and accidentally uploaded our development testing buttons in the latest build, and then we were out of town and didn't get to fix it. Oops! We'll be patching them out within the next day.

Sorry for any inconvenience this caused. Enjoy being able to warp around and see what things look like under the hood in the meantime... :)

- Raconteur
Jun 28
Evangeline™ - Raconteur Games
Hi everyone!

A quick note that Evangeline is on sale for 50% off through the duration of the Summer Sale! You can also grab our soundtrack for 50% off during that period as well.

We hope you enjoy our lovely little world. :)

- Raconteur Games
Evangeline™ - Raconteur Games

Hello from the Raconteur team!

It’s Easter weekend, and in south Louisiana, we like to celebrate – so we’re bringing the celebration to you with an Evangeline update! This update will go live at 12 pm CST tomorrow, April 14th.

In this major update, we’re chronicling a lot of fixes since launch:

• Improved various interactions
• Fixed issues with portraits being blank
• Fixes collision issues throughout the neighborhood on several days
• Fixed various audio issues
• Improved mouselook on Linux

And, of course, the celebratory part… EGG HUNT! Hidden throughout each day in Evangeline is an easter egg. Find and interact with the egg in each scene in order to complete your hunt.

But it gets even better. The first person to complete the hunt will get a special prize! We aren’t telling what it is just yet, but we’ll give you a hint – you might live forever. ;)

If you’re an existing player, thank you for being a part of Evangeline – we couldn’t do it without you! If you’re a new player, welcome to a special little game that we made just for you.

Happy hunting, and if you celebrate Easter, we hope you have a lovely one with your family and friends!

- Your Friends at Raconteur Games
Community Announcements - Raconteur Games
Hi everyone,

We put out an update today that fixes the random black screen issue some people were having. If you experienced this issue, please restart Steam to get the update if you haven't already.

Thank you! :)

- The Raconteur Team
Community Announcements - Raconteur Games
Hi everyone!

Here's how to access VR mode in Evangeline.

1. Open your game library
2. Right click on Evangeline and hit Properties
3. Click the BETAS tab
4. Click the dropdown
5. Select the "vrbeta" option
6. Hit Close

The VR version will then be downloaded!

Because of the way we built Evangeline, we had to create a separate VR version. If you would like to play in standard mode again after switching to VR, simply repeat the steps and then opt out to re-obtain the standard game.


- The Raconteur Team
Community Announcements - Raconteur Games

Good afternoon! I'm Nick, the founder of Raconteur, and I've got some good news for you today.

I'm so thrilled to announce that you can now grab Evangeline™ in its best, definitive form here on Steam!!

It's a game about love and appreciating your loved ones. It was inspired by a tough moment in my life last year -- the loss of my grandfather. I felt that at my young age, I had only just gotten to the point where I could truly and maturely appreciate my loved ones... when it was too late.

In my grieving, I decided to bring Evangeline to life as a way for people to connect with their loved ones, and not have to go through what I went through.

Life, love, and loss inspired this experience, and we are so incredibly happy to be able to bring this game to you.

Some exciting things in this release:
  • Over 100 bugs fixed and improvements made from our off-Steam release last month!
  • Full-fledged VR support (coming later today; it's done but we're sorting through a Steam backend issue!).
  • Developer commentary to give more insight into the development process of the game.
  • A post-game mode featuring real-world love stories submitted to us by our community.
  • Controller support, and more!

We poured our hearts, minds, and souls into bringing this game to you -- and now, it's time to make it a part of your story.

I hope that you love it. Don't hesitate to let us know what you think, especially if it helps you connect with someone -- our community makes this all worth it!


P.S.: We'll update again when VR stuff is all sorted!

- Nick
Community Announcements - Raconteur Games

Good morning!

Today, we've got all kinds of juicy details about the upcoming Steam release of Evangeline™ -- which is one week from today!

It has been an absolute privilege to be able to hear your stories about how the game has helped you connect with loved ones as a result of playing. Our early launch on our website helped us iron out issues so that this updated version could be the game we always envisioned... with a few nice extras thrown in, too!

On Friday, February 10th, Evangeline™ will launch for $7.99 on Steam, updated and improved from the January 19th release on our website.

What's new? We think you'll love what we're bringing in this version, whether you're a new player or a returning one!

  • Updated gameplay systems featuring better hints
  • Nearly 100 bugs squashed and fixed + lots of small fixes and improvements
  • Developer commentary mode
  • Post-game mode featuring real-world love stories
  • Controller support
  • VR SUPPORT!!!!!

In addition, we'll be offering the soundtrack for purchase for $4.99. We're very proud of this game, and that includes the incredible soundtrack by our own Ari Fisher. If you love the music, don't miss out on snatching that!

Evangeline™ was created as a result of wanting to put more love and kindness into the world.

Life, love, and loss inspired this experience, and from the bottom of our hearts, we hope you enjoy it next Friday.

If you want to play the earlier version, today is the last day! Head over to EvangelineGame.com to grab it by the end of today. This version will not be updated and will be removed after Friday, February 3rd.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us -- and to our new players, we hope you enjoy the ride.

We'll see you February 10th.

- The Raconteur Team
Community Announcements - Raconteur Games
Hello, community!

Today, we have news both good and bad.

Regrettably, the game you have come to know as Traiteur is being canceled. It simply was not working and we could not get it to a state that we were pleased with.

But, the good news -- this game morphed into something else, something better. As you may know we picked the name "traiteur" because it's a Louisiana word for a healer. We felt that this game did heal us -- it taught us a lot about what to do and what not to do, and in that process, it turned into a different game: Evangeline.

Soon, you'll see this page transition into the page for Evangeline, which is quite different from Traiteur (and we think you'll like it even more). We checked with Valve, and they told us to let you all know about this transition so that you weren't alarmed when the change happens.

Thank you to those people who wishlisted, followed us, and sent us feedback. We learned a lot from Traiteur and will carry that knowledge with us.

Now, we're going to finish Evangeline. We hope you pick it up soon!

- Your Friends at Raconteur Games

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