3030 Deathwar Redux - CrunchyLeafGames
Hey guys,

we just wanted to let you about the game's test branch here on Steam. It's a way to get your hands on the newest game version early and help us find any bugs that might have slipped in, before the update is released on the general Steam branch.

Here's how you get it:
- Go to your Steam library
- Right click "3030 Deathwar Redux" and select "Properties"
- Select the tab "BETAS" on the top right
- Now use the dropdown menu above to select the "test_dev" branch
- Back in your library, a [test_dev] should appear behind the game's title
- Launch the game

Case in point, we just updated that branch to version 1.07 RC, which includes a possible fix for the random music crash some people were experiencing. You can find more information on it here:


Let us know what you think, and stay safe out there! :)
3030 Deathwar Redux - CrunchyLeafGames
Hey everyone,

the game's been out a couple days, so it's about time we did an update wouldn't you say? :)

This one features a big bunch of minor improvements and fixes, but it's main purpose is to address the crashing issue that some fresh players were having on first dock. It seems to have been caused by Steam not creating the save folder on installation, so we added a little placeholder file in there, and hopefully that will fix it.

The other fixes address many of the issues reported on the forums, and also some small things that were nagging us for quite some time (damn you, indestructible space junk!). Also new is that you can now choose how much of the speed particles effect you want to see in the graphics menu.

Fixes / Improvements
  • Fixed rare crash on first dock from buggy Steam installation
  • Added option for setting speed particle density (requires restart)
  • Fixed docking fee not being deducted
  • Fixed non-destructible junk sometimes showing up after wormhole jumps
  • Made derelict pirates not able to attack you right after leaving tutorial derelict
  • Reduced color harshness on "Wanted Pirates" screen
  • Fixed repeating failed story missions breaking progression
  • Fixed one Asteroid Field in Waessda outside of split fast-distance
  • Made space junk hits count towards accuracy hit count
  • Fixed a crash when smugglers appear in systems without a station
  • Made tractor beam icon brighter for better visibility
  • Made buoy icon button hint not show when active
  • Made M9 Cruiser "Skunk" have 1 cabin instead of 0
  • Made ships only show split and weapon information, if installed/appropriate
  • Fixed police sometimes acting buggy after space battles
  • Fixed pirates occasionally targeting themselves
  • Removed sentries when their station is destroyed
  • Made Freelancers, Traders and Oreships only offer things if you and they are not in split
  • Made smugglers not offer goods if outside system

Thanks to everyone on the forums and Discord for your continued feedback and support!

By the way, you're very welcome to join us on our new Discord channel, to chat and hangout with us Devs and the other players:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:

Have fun out there! :)
3030 Deathwar Redux - CrunchyLeafGames
Oh man, it's almost time! Version 1.0 is just about here!

We'll keep it short: Release is at 17:00 CEST.
Until then, here is the changelist for your viewing pleasure:

Features / Gameplay
  • Added talking to other ships
  • Added new Kent story & quest-line
  • Added final story chapter, with special setting, and new ending
  • Added bugs (the crunchy kind) to station consoles
  • Added zoom-in through exterior window effect for stations
  • Added new parallax effect for outside space stations
  • Added new gun gameplay to on-board stations
  • Added regaining your crew to storyline
  • Added new Falcon walk and turning animations
  • Added new, larger and clearer icons on right-side HUD
  • Added new map indicator for fast-distance
  • Added character images to message boxes
  • Added sound to main menu, save and load screens
  • Added sound effect to leaving station or derelict animation
  • Added menu sounds for ingame info windows
  • Added new mission completion screens, with more info on mission
  • Made Map overlay closable by pressing Escape
  • Added new recommended resolution for all setups
  • Added super slow turning during split without split computer
  • Added new dynamic inside-system warp speed, for faster travel
  • Added nebula aliens ability to grab onto and heal ship
  • Added enemy pirate drone on Derelicts
  • Added left stick gamepad controls on Derelicts
  • Added unknown cargo to smuggler's cargo manifest
  • Added two new high-tier ships
  • New and improved images for most ships
  • New look for all Cleaner Ships
  • Added onscreen advert for nearby Moneyball races
  • Added coloring by type to upgrade menu for better overview
  • Added "Pirate Top Guns" to pirate stations instead of Wanted Pirates list
  • Added coloring to Hydrogen Fuel on Cargo list when refueling
  • Added text information to relative goods price on Trade Console
  • Added HUD information when ECM activated
  • Added separate colors to different ship sub-types on maps
  • Added sounds when acitvating consoles
  • Added graphing of Nebula piece when travelling through it
  • Added new lift cutscenes for entering stations
  • Added text to fuel display for better information
  • Added minimum pause to dialogue text, to fix players accidentally skipping
  • Added WASD controls to ship viewer
  • Added differentiation between visible systems and visited systems
  • Made Largo only contain gold crates
  • Added Cruise Liners outside stations
  • Added new in-split effect, gets stronger the longer you split
  • Added Bio-Reader for all characters, also main story-line
  • Added new loading screens and hints
  • Added new tutorial control images
  • Added reputation directly influencing haggling chances
  • Added extra warning from Morgan Yu during Daphice package mission
  • Added ability to call cops directly to pay off fines
  • Added criminals wiping your record not completely clean, but grey-ish
  • Added getting new ship reg to clean your record
  • Added direct shortcut and HUD icon for Contacts screen
  • Added better feedback when trying to use tractor beam
  • Added afterburner sound effects
  • Added new establishing shot for intro
  • Added special character to station in north-east of map
  • Added extra tutorial indicator to click cargo icon on HUD
  • Added hitpoints / damage directly depending on ship cargo sizes
  • Added tech level info for system on map

Fixes / Improvements
  • Added mention of cash to thank you messages
  • Improved Derelict lighting effects
  • Fixed onscreen prompts for dialogue in gamepad mode
  • Replaced K'ta Fly character images
  • Improved cutscene backgrounds
  • More chunky Shuttle and Speeder
  • Fixed ship trails' positioning
  • Made ingame photographs adjust correctly to resolution
  • Removed misplaced "no map" button for junk missions
  • Improved afterburner look and placement
  • Fixed white edge effect on turrets
  • Fixed tons of typos and bad grammar
  • Improved all weapon images
  • Fixed station lights' positioning
  • Fixed Spark Boost upgrade department
  • Fixed potential crashes from MilliSecs function
  • Fixed render order on Derelicts for Spears, enemies etc
  • Fixed tutorial and normal map messages for gamepad
  • Fixed bug where you logged out and right back in to Consoles
  • Made junk missions not acceptable with criminal record
  • Modified Miner experience descriptions
  • Improved main boss images in cutscenes
  • Made Daphice station not targetable and not show up after ...
  • Made tutorial messages for scanning cleaerer
  • More Nebula pieces in Holocubes on Derelicts
  • Fixed crash in weapon damage calc
  • Fixed Raal dialogue
  • Renamed story data discs to captain's logs
  • Fixed Hish-Ui system not having a faction
  • Fixed cargo and photo missions' text, to better fit jobs screen
  • Improved visuals of Adships
  • Fixes to random bar encounter dialogues
  • Made Wingers mention they only stick around in that system
  • Fixed station hum not muting when sound is muted
  • Made all timers pause when question box is open
  • Made Daphice package kill you instantly if not delivered in time
  • Fixed Morgan Yu / Daphice scripting
  • Resized cutscene sun image
  • Fixed buoy button positioning
  • Fixed Largo not changing position after every dock
  • Fixed Vasquez appearing on Ysa before Largo crash
  • Tweaked fast-speed distance for some systems
  • Fixed reputation calculation
  • Made Kent dockinh help only show if not targeting enemy
  • Better message when buying ship and have no goods
  • More Cutscene changes, improvements to Daphice cutscene
  • Lots of story character dialogue fixes
  • Made refuel credit history message clearer
  • Fixed Distant Worlds song artifacts
  • Made Walker Base have no indicators on HUD until proper time in story
  • Fixed dialogue box colors in cutscenes
  • Fixed Elesw not appearing on map after Largo crash

We tried to keep the list as short as possible, we swear! xD

Thanks to everyone who participated in Early Access and a very special Thank You to our amazing Beta testers vitowns, blaitong, søvn, jflatto, dotHacker, Almostpilot, Millenia, Allz, Fuse4Gaming, Veryinky, Drabelincoln, agentsmith, cootsnoop, NeoGambit, falaiel, McAule and Axel RAID!

Keep an eye on our Twitter or right here for the final Launch announcement!
3030 Deathwar Redux - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Samuel Horti)

3030 Deathwar Redux

Remember 3030 Deathwar, the 2D open world RPG in space? Adam wrote about it in 2014, calling it a “remarkable and enormous game“. Well, there’s an updated version with new quests, polished graphics and more characters coming out of early access next month (13 September, to be exact).

3030 Deathwar Redux [official site], like the original, is an open-world RPG combining adventure game with 2D Elite-style exploration and combat. The new version provides “an extended adventure, with more characters and content, graphical enhancements, balancing and gameplay changes, a smoother experience and tons of other improvements,” developers Crunchy Leaf Games say.


3030 Deathwar Redux - CrunchyLeafGames
​Hey everyone!

It's been a little while, how are all you fine space folks doing? :)

​​We've got some big news for you today, and we are very excited to share it with you! While we have kept a bit quiet lately, work on 3030 has never stopped, and now the game is finally ready for its next big step: On September 13th, 3030 Deathwar Redux is leaving Early Access!

Up until now, we've had a policy of doing smaller updates regularly, fixing bugs, adding more content, and implementing new features that players suggested. With this, Early Access has been very successful for us, with us constantly improving the game, gaining more attention, and getting a bunch of really great reviews from people who've greatly enjoyed the game.

And let's be clear here: All of this was only possible because of one thing: You guys, our fantastic community! All your great feedback, all the players helping each other and us out, and all your friendly comments have helped make this Early Access phase such an enjoyable experience.
We greatly appreciate it and are deeply thankful to all of you! <3

For the upcoming release, we're going to add a big chunk of content, with additional ships, story and quests. Besides, we are adding a big bunch of visual and gameplay improvements, as well as lots of cool features, many of which were suggested by the community. You can find a list of some of the things that will be added for the final release here (possible spoilers!):


As we've mentioned before, we are also planning on doing a small closed beta of the final version before release. If you're interested in taking part, you can find more information on the forums here:

3030 Deathwar Redux - CrunchyLeafGames
Hey guys,

Ahh, it's already Early 2017!? ;)

But seriously- We're very hard at work on both Stars of Icarus (which will receive a name change soon) and the full release of 3030.

To give you a short update, Icarus is coming together nicely and is looking at a release in about a month and a half. It now has a total of 5 amazing artists working on it!

3030 is progressing every day, and now only has one big story batch still missing before it is ready. Besides the story batch, we are also working on lots of polishing, to get it as shiny as possible. As a sample, I can give you an excerpt of changes we added today:

  • Added text over Fuel display on goods screen. Also shows percentage
  • Made player auto target any ship that does damage to you, if no target currently selected
  • Fixed and added message when trying to use tractor beam on station
  • Added minimum pause to dialogue text to fix players accidentally skipping over one message
  • Added WASD controls to ship viewer
  • Added extra text for pirate stations when viewing system in map
  • Added differentiation between visible systems and visited systems
  • Added Walker Base to map once the player has found it and talked to Taoist boss

As the master Myamoto said: "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."

So in closing, sorry for the delay, and we hope you can wait just a little longer! Thanks!
Community Announcements - CrunchyLeafGames
Hey there everyone,

first off, this isn't the big one yet... Sorry ;)

We just wanted to get this Hotfix out there, to amend the issues some players were having with using the "keep playing music" option. On certain systems, this bug could lead to the game occasionally crashing, which is an issue we take extremely seriously.

Thanks to a very diligent and helpful player, we've finally been able to find the bug, and squash it! Because the bug would only happen on certain machines, we couldn't even test the potential fixes ourselves. For each fix, we would have to ask the player to download the newest version and test it again. This took a big amount of effort and diligence, for which we are very thankful!

Fixes / Improvements
  • Fixed crash that could occur on certain systems with "keep music playing"
  • Removed the option for "keep music playing" from menu
  • Continous music now always active by default

Thanks to Dergo, Ceranoe, Sorin Braveheart, habibi | belfong, USER404, Kaox, vitowns, Roday and of course our big helper for this patch, Sylvester & Puff, for your feedback and support!

As a sidenote, STARS OF ICARUS was Greenlit shortly after our last update to 3030, so THANK YOU again to everyone who supported us there!

Follow us to stay updated:
Community Announcements - CrunchyLeafGames
Hey everyone!

We've got another whopper of an update coming at you today, so fasten your space-seatbelts and dig in!

As per usual, we'll start with the most requested features:

You asked about better controls and using the mouse to aim when exploring derelicts.. Sooo we've added not only that, but also a whole new turning animation to go with it! You can now aim the mouse anywhere on screen and Falcon will use his suit thrusters to turn himself into firing position. While on the subject of derelicts, we've also improved the scanning drone, giving it new effects and making it only show objects you really want to check out. We've also brightened derelict interiors up a bit, but not too much, to make them better playable but keep them a bit spooky! Only fitting that we also added a new enemy that you might encounter when searching the darker ship corners for salvage..

There were a couple requests for adding mouse aiming of your ship's turret. We've now added that, but as we aren't sure everyone will want it instead of the computer assisted aim, we've made it an option you can toggle in the gameplay options menu.

For usability, we've noticed that it isn't always clear where a mission is taking you. To improve this we've made each mission on the job screen give you an option to "show on map", which will open your map screen and show you a pointer to that system. The map will now also show you markers (in light blue) on every system with a current mission in it. This will make it much easier to figure out where to go next and also to select the jobs that fit your current plans.

For travelling, we've slightly increased the speed while flying with split inside of systems. It isn't a massive change, but it should make getting from station to station, especially in the starting systems, a bit quicker.

On stations, we've added a couple smaller things, like a new corridor and a fancy Nanobot scanner in Andinti. There's also now an intro and outro sequence for when you first enter a station, although you'll have to restart the game to see those. On top of the larger changes, there's a whole slew of additional fixes, improvements and corrections that you can check out in the full list below:

Features / Gameplay
  • Added mouse aiming on derelict - With full turning animation
  • Made turret fire at mouse position by default
  • Made turret targeting setting a separate option
  • Added marker on map for systems with active missions in them
  • Added "show on map" when browsing missions on job screen
  • Made both "show on map" buttons show clear pointer to system on overview map
  • Brightened up derelict interiors - walls & backgrounds
  • Lots of derelict lighting adjustments for more variety
  • Added right-mouse button to scan on derelicts
  • Made scanner more helpful by pointing only at potentially useful objects
  • Added lighting effect around drone, and on walls, when active
  • Added new enemy type on derelicts
  • Increased inside-system player warp speed
  • Added custom corridor for Elesw
  • Added Nanoscanner to some stations
  • Added audio feedback when mouse-overing menu buttons
  • Added audio feedback when logging out of station consoles
  • Added lift ding when entering or leaving station
  • Added and clarified Kent dialogue
  • Added special intro cutscene when entering station for the first time
  • Added special cutscene with Kent when exiting station for the first time
  • Added reminder to use in-system overlay map
  • Added zoom out effect when undocking

Fixes / Improvements
  • Adjusted maximum virtual resolution for better readability and feel
  • Made Game automatically switch to Gamepad mode if launched with Gamepad active
  • Added menu information on detected resolution
  • Added Borderless Window mode - Can be started with shortcut in game directory
  • Spelling fix in ship description
  • Made Steam Information only show on mouse-over
  • Added WASD to control trade screen
  • Made mission button only turn red with active missions
  • Repositioned items on missions screen
  • Fixed autopilot splitting not working without fuel
  • Added gamepad support for autopilot
  • Added gamepad text for refuelling
  • Raised time limits for timed courier and passenger missions
  • Fixed typo in chat with station operator
  • Fixed typo in Gruff and Kta dialogue
  • Added safety catches for running game without Steam
  • Added text to make boosted missions clearer
  • Added fixed timestep to Cutscenes, so they run fixed speed on all systems
  • Added information on map when no history or no missions active
  • Spelling fix for timed junk missions
  • Fixed typo for ship submenu shortcut
  • Fixed sound occasionally playing when sound was muted
  • Fixes to Jimmy's second dialogue
  • Fixed crash from opening some cargo crates twice
  • Fixed rare crash from opening holocube crate
  • Made left mouse button only fire if all menus are closed
  • Fixed potential overflow bug for systems that haven't restarted in a long time
  • Made gathering holocube on derelict reset the map, so instruction work correctly
  • Fixed derelict help text when gamepad active
  • Made derelict good crates have subtle glow when unopened
  • On derelict, made Esc first close any open submenu, then go to options
  • Re-centered derelict crate images
  • Made friendly derelict jellies recharge at greater distance

Thanks to baker, sovn, vitowns, Ceranoe, Infirito, Kaox, Sam Look, Dog and PalicoPadge for your feedback and support!

An important note in closing: As we announced in the last update, we're now finally raising the price to it's release level. The game is now almost ready for full release, as we've honed in on any bug and issue that has come up, and we can now focus on adding that final chunk of story and content. Of course we've been adding stuff all along Early Access, but this last update will be the one to round off the game and make it the complete experience we want it to be. If you're planning a new playthrough, we'd suggest you wait until that final update and the full release, which will be coming early next year.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to spread the word about the game and get people interested! You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and we greatly appreciate any like, share or retweet!

Also thanks for helping us get some more traction on our Greenlight of STARS OF ICARUS! We're still not all the way there yet, although we've already broken into the Top 50, so please keep voting and spread the word!
See you for the final release! Safe flying!
Community Announcements - CrunchyLeafGames
Hey everyone,

first of all, a quick update on where we're at. The next update is coming soon, and will probably be out next week. It will mainly be focused on further improving the UI and minor fixes. It will also be adding some features that you guys requested, like being able to see missions more clearly on the map screen.

After this update, there will only be the big 1.0 update left, which will see the game leave Early Access. Although we won't stop working on 3030 after Full Release, we will have added most of the features and content we envisioned the game having. As this time is approaching, we are slowly building up momentum on our next project, which we would like to present to you now.

The game is called STARS OF ICARUS, and it's a Roguelike Space Shooter focused on skill based combat. It will be a lot more action packed than 3030, concentrating less on the story and more on making things around you explode spectacularly! You will travel and explore new sectors of space, gather resources, craft items and fight lots of baddies, all the while upgrading your ship and learning to outsmart your enemies.

You can watch the trailer and learn more about the game here:
STARS OF ICARUS on Steam Greenlight

Some of you have already voted or commented on Icarus, thank you so much for that! You are a great community and we really appreciate your support, be it in the forums, reviews, comments, or simply by buying our game. It's been a lot of fun for us, having the community involved in the development of 3030, with lots of discussions and feedback along the way. We would be very happy to gain your support on Icarus as well, and promise to keep the same open and transparent development style that we've practiced with this game.

Thanks guys! See you for the next update!
Community Announcements - CrunchyLeafGames
Hey Space Cowboys!

After listening to lots of your feedback and toiling away for a month, we're ready to present to you the next update!

This one has been a long time coming, and we're very happy to finally bring it, as it's adding lots of oft-requested features. To start with, lots of you have requested we move on from our old-school heritage of mainly using the arrow keys and instead "get with the times" and add WASD controls. Alrighty then, your calls have been heard, and you can now play 3030 on the same keys you play Counterstrike Go, Overwatch, or whatever it is you kids play these days.

While we were at it, we've gone ahead and added three distinct modes of control to the game. You can now play either with "Keyboard only", that's as it was before, with "Keys & Mouse", that's using the mouse to aim and keys to move, or with "Mouse only", which uses toggle buttons to turn on and off thrust, split and turning. It's actually super handy, as you can use your other hand to eat a Hot Dog, drink a beer, or finish that auto-biography you've been working on!

As a logical continuation of the added new control styles, we've also added some super-silky-smooth Gamepad Controller support. It actually plays a lot better than we at first expected, with most of the controls coming very naturally. It was also actually a lot harder to implement than we at first expected, with each and every button prompt having to be rewritten to dynamically check your current control style, each input having to dynamically change depending on where you currently are and which screen is open and who you're talking to an..GLRAAAARBAAARWWR... Phew! Thank gosh that's now over with! In the end it was all worth it, of course, and the game plays really well with a controller. Wherever we couldn't make all the buttons work, we've made it as easy as possible to use the Right Stick as a virtual Mouse, with the RB button making the cursor move more quickly across the screen.

Besides all these new fangled controls, we've added and fixed a long list of other things. Starting with added support for 4k resolution. We went ahead and added 8k too because why not. Lots of stations have been improved, by adding expanded Foreground areas with special animations. The tutorial was tweaked a bit more and some menu functions were moved around to be easier to use. Some crashes and bugs were fixed as well, as always you can check out the full list below:

Features / Gameplay
  • Added WASD Controls
  • Added Mouse & Keys Controls (Aim with the Mouse)
  • Added "Mouse Only" Controls with Toggle Buttons
  • Added Controller Support (XBox Controller strongly recommended)
  • Added 4k and 8k resolution support
  • Added new Visuals on Derelicts
  • Made onscreen Controls switch dynamically depending on control type

Fixes / Improvements
  • Added Clicking an object near Falcon on Station to activate
  • Added Right Click to close terminals
  • Rebound menu and other keys for easier WASD controls
  • Made Help Screen information depend on player location
  • Expanded Station Foreground on Ysa Station
  • Added Birds inside station on Ysa and some others
  • Added Animated Algea Tanks on Ysa
  • Expanded Station Foreground on Rub Ba 3
  • Added Watering Drones on Rub Ba 3
  • Expanded Station Foreground on Jelnu Station
  • Improved Jelnu Station Exterior
  • Fixed Crash from missing Character on Stations
  • Fixed Mouse Position in some spots not using Virtual Resolution
  • Fixed HUD marker jitter bug
  • Fixed Bug with Visual Assist Font in Fullscreen
  • Fixed Bug where you accidentally cancel missions
  • Added Flash Effect for information popups
  • Improved Derelict Tutorial
  • Made Elesw 4th station instead of 1st in Andinti
  • Reorganized and resized buttons on map screen. Removed "Show Stations"
  • Made Mission Screen always available. Added "Back to ship" button
  • Made Button hints permanent on New Game, until a couple docks
  • Fixed Tractor Beam activation on keyboard
  • Added message if tractor target out of range

Thanks to ksyh05, vitowns, Omicron Lyare, SuperSchokoKeks, Infirito, IanMcMill, agentmith, Sundalo261, kukumisu, GA01, jonhuggs, lucascoppio, hondsgemein and Kaox for your and feedback and support!

To keep in our tradition about being transparent about pricing and future plans, we also want to announce that the final price raise will be coming in the next couple weeks. We don't plan on running a promotion before then, so if you've been holding out for a good deal, this will be the cheapest you can get the game until full release, which is planned for early next year. Even with the launch discount, the game will be about the same price it is right now, so you better grab it while it's hot! :)

Enjoy the new update, and please let us know which of the new controls you prefer! Safe flying!

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