Mushroom Wars 2 - DRON

ːshroomhoorayː Many of you asked us about the in-game music, so today we are happy to release the Soundtrack DLC! Now you can enjoy the tunes of Mushroom Kingdom everywhere!

ːshroomhoorayː Another big update is the addition of the Local Multiplayer and Skirmish versus AI bots.

ːshroomhoorayː And at last but not least, we added Linux and SteamOS support.

ːshroomhoorayː Also, a large number of issues were fixed.
Mushroom Wars 2 - Belosnegova

How about some more prizes?
Join the upcoming Mushroom Wars 2 ESL-tournament!
It will be held this Sunday, October 15!
Mushroom Wars 2 - Belosnegova
Congratulations to all the participants and especially the winners of this Friday's ESL-tournaments round!
1 place: Lomy 🇹🇷
2 place: Focus-Pokus TV 🇷🇺
3 place: Fire Phantom 🇷🇺

Are you ready to become a champion? You still have some time to practice before the next game that will take place this Sunday!
Forget about FOMO, sign up now:
Oct 6
Mushroom Wars 2 - Belosnegova

ːshroomgladːMany thanks to everyone for patience and support. We did it!
Mushroom Wars 2 has come to Steam!

ːshroomhoorayːWe'd like to mark this milestone with prize tournaments, held together with ESL!
You are very welcome to join:

Local multiplayer support will be added next week, stay tuned!

Mushroom Wars 2 - Belosnegova

ːshroomhoorayːDo you play Mushroom Wars 2 like a pro?
It's your chance to win $3000!
Register for the upcoming ESL #Go4MushroomWars2 tournament with your Steam Profile Name. ːshroomgladː
Mushroom Wars 2 - Belosnegova

To celebrate the release of Mushroom Wars 2 on Steam, for the first time ever we are holding money prize tournaments! 💰
Now skills, bravery and courage of the Mushroom Generals will be rewarded with a prize of $3.000! 🍄
So, to compete for the prizes, you need to register in the tournament, supported by the world-famous eSports league ESL:
Please, register before October 6!
Mushroom Wars 2 - Belosnegova

Let's get ready for a hot autumn! 💥💥💥
Add the game to your wishlist now and stay tuned for more news about the ESL tournament!
BTW, this time the tournament boasts a prize of over $3,000! 😉
Community Announcements - amuzisto

Dear Mushroom Wars 2 Friends!

Closed Beta starts on Thursday, July 28 at 7 a.m. and will last till Sunday, July 31, 7 p.m. Pacific time. Participants will be able to try out some of the all-new Hero characters, test their skills with online competitive multiplayer, and play with their friends in custom free-for-all or team matches.

Sign up for a chance to play the Mushroom Wars 2 Closed Beta: Participants will receive their keys starting July 28.

Owners of the original Mushroom Wars on Steam will be granted automatic access to the Closed Beta - no need to sign up! Simply log into Mushroom Wars from July 25 till beta ends on July 31 to obtain a key.

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