Mushroom Wars 2 - DRON
We believe that in todays update we have finally solved all issues related to in-game language. For some players language is always English. That should be solved now.
Also we improved some minor things and multiplayer experience.
Feb 15
Mushroom Wars 2 - DRON
Today, we've decided to share some big news about coming updates to our mushroom game:
🤘🏻 At the end of March, there will be a new 2v2 mode, in which you and a friend can fight random enemies 👬
🏆 In April, we are going to add a spectator mode 👀 and start a new series of tournaments for players in different leagues. The tournaments will be streamed on Twitch 📺
🎉 In May, we will release ⚡Episode 3 DLC⚡, where new maps and heroes and lots of other new features await you 💣
Good luck on the battlefield! 🍄
Mushroom Wars 2 - DRON
ːshroomarrrghː Warriors, end of Season 4 congrats to you!
Medals for participation are already in your profiles.
Player ratings have been reset.
Hail to our winners! ːshroomgladː
Mushroom Wars 2 - DRON
First place: 🏆 🇹🇷 Lomy 💰500
Second place: 🇸🇪 Fasse 💵300
Third place: 🇷🇺 TOKYO.SEOUL 💵200
Hail to the winners! 🙌

Current multiplayer season also ends at the end of the Jan.
We will send all in-game rewards afterwards.

🍄In the 2018 there will be a lot of new content and tournaments coming. Stay tuned!🍄
Mushroom Wars 2 - DRON

Sato'Shii is a mighty magician exiled from the Shii’Mori mushroom tribe. In battle, Sato'Shii can summon fierce blizzards and channel other mysterious powers from ancient artifacts. Mushroom Wars 2 players can unlock Sato'Shii for use in multiplayer starting today by collecting wins in online matches. Players have until January 15 to reach the goal, but once obtained, Sato'Shii will be permanently added to players’ hero rosters.

Merry Christmas!
Mushroom Wars 2 - DRON
Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the ESL tournament tomorrow!
Mushroom Wars 2 - Belosnegova

First, let's sum up this weekend's tournaments results:

🍄 Some serious competition between two of the mightiest Mushroom commanders, 🇷🇺 TOKYO.SEOUL and 🇹🇷 Lomy, took place! There were 7 rematches and finally the reigning champion confirmed his title. Also, for the first time we welcomed a warrior from France to our triumvirate:
1 place - 🇹🇷 Lomy
2 place - 🇷🇺 TOKYO.SEOUL
3 place - 🇫🇷 lolicu

December tournament season has started with these foreseeable results:
1 place - 🇹🇷 Lomy
2 place - 🇷🇺 TOKYO.SEOUL
3 place - 🇷🇺 Diskward

Sincere congratulations to the winners and all the participants!

For those who haven't tried the ESL-tournaments yet - we encourage you to do so and take part in the new games! It's not only an opportunity to play with the strongest Mushroom Wars 2 generals, but also a chance to win a money prize! Register now and ask questions in the comments, we'll be happy to help!
Mushroom Wars 2 - Belosnegova


The 7th ESL cup from the Mushroom Wars 2 Go4 series ended with Lomy defending his title once again, this time, against E_Galvez from Chile!
Register for the new cup and win big!
Oct 22, 2017
Mushroom Wars 2 - Belosnegova

Hello, Friends!

Today at 19:00 CEST we hold another ESL prize tournament!
You still have some time to practice and learn Lomy's strategy. 😉
Register in advance, please:
Mushroom Wars 2 - DRON

ːshroomhoorayː Many of you asked us about the in-game music, so today we are happy to release the Soundtrack DLC! Now you can enjoy the tunes of Mushroom Kingdom everywhere!

ːshroomhoorayː Another big update is the addition of the Local Multiplayer and Skirmish versus AI bots.

ːshroomhoorayː And at last but not least, we added Linux and SteamOS support.

ːshroomhoorayː Also, a large number of issues were fixed.

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