TheWaveVR Beta - ✿Smol Pearl Grey™ パ ールグレ✿

Dear Wave Community,

Thank you so much for being part of the early Wave community. We’ve enjoyed hearing your outpouring of excitement over the future of the platform, and are grateful for your feedback and ideas on how to make this thing the best it can be.

In the past 5 months since we launched our beta, we’ve hosted our first VR concert series with artists like Strangeloop, Ash Koosha, Heavygrinder, and Grimecraft, collected a ton of your feedback and put together a really ambitious plan to take TheWave to the next level. We’re hard at work building the next huge update to the app, and will be hosting one more premium show on Sunday 10/8 at 6pm pacific time, which will conclude our first concert series. We’ll be spending the coming months putting the finishing touches on some game-changing new features, which are going to fundamentally enhance what users can do in TheWave.

While we've been focusing on the next big thing, our community has been throwing fantastic home cave parties in the mean time. Please join our Discord community here for the schedule, and thanks so much for being patient while our small team works around the clock to deliver something great.

Can’t wait to share it with you!

Sincerely, TheWaveVR
TheWaveVR Beta - TheWaveVR

Tomorrow night at 7 PM Pacific Time, London-based electronic musician Ash Koosha will perform in the US for the first time via virtual reality. Originally from Iran, Koosha is currently hindered by Trump’s travel ban, which targets people from majority-Muslim countries and bars them from entering the United States. Join us to prove VR has no borders.

Ash's wave brings his audio visual show, AKTUAL, to the US, where users will be transported inside his mind to watch him perform his music and conduct dynamic visual forms using our new performance tools.
TheWaveVR Beta - TheWaveVR

Good people of TheWaveVR! We have some good news and some bad news, so we'll start with the bad first: the next show isn't going to be until two weeks from tomorrow. The good news is: it's going to be one hell of a show.

For those of you who don't know him, Ash Koosha is a visionary artist who pushes the boundaries of music and visual art. Born in Iran and living in London, Ash will bring his unique brand of mind-bending music to the US via TheWaveVR, since the political powers that be have prevented him from touring the US in his physical form.

We'll see you on August 16th for a truly unique synesthetic experience featuring the one and only Ash Koosha. Read more about Ash's story on our website.
TheWaveVR Beta - TheWaveVR

This week we're unveiling our latest flagship show featuring HEAVYGRINDER, the LA duo responsible for the heaviest electronica around. They'll be tearing it up on the rooftops of NeoTokyo, our latest virtual venue. There will be all-new visuals and toys, and we'll be giving away the newest item, Neon Swirls, for free during this show only!

See y'all Wednesday night at 7pm PDT!
TheWaveVR Beta - ✿Smol Pearl Grey™ パ ールグレ✿

Heya everyone! We're super duper excited to release TheWaveVR 0.3.4! We have a load of new features we've polished up for this release, premiering with a show by our idol DJ, GRIMECRAFT, on Wednesday night, 7PM PDT/10PM EDT! We have completely new visuals, new toys, new interactions, and a lot of tweaks and bugfixes in this!

Check out a trailer of what's to come for tomorrow's show!


We also have some new announcements regarding schedule: We'll be moving to a biweekly schedule instead of weekly shows. We also have the next show dates:

July 26th: Heavygrinder

August 9th: Ash Koosha


0.3.4 Changelog:

- New Venue: The Cube Room, with special GRIMECRAFT visuals and new toys!

- New Interactions: Social Challenges added

- New Toy: Champagne (Free, only for tomorrow!)

- New Toy: Butterflies

- New Toy: Atoms

- Bugfixes and visual tweaks for the UI messages

- Personal volume sliders are now persistent

- Minor visual improvements

- Optimization

- Security updates


You can download TheWaveVR for free on [Steam]( in the US. We're currently working on expanding worldwide. In addition to our Vive support since launch, we also recently updated with official Rift support through SteamVR, making several adjustments for comfort and control with the Oculus Rift.

We have a very active discord channel! Come join the chattychats!

You can also follow us on our official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on our app and new events. There is also an active community-run subreddit.
TheWaveVR Beta - TheWaveVR
If you have an Nvidia graphics card in your computer, make sure you install the latest drivers for it before playing TheWaveVR. Some users have been experiencing a crash, and we haven't been able to reproduce it when running the latest drivers on Nvidia graphics cards.

You can download the latest drivers from the Nvidia website or the GeForce Experience app.
TheWaveVR Beta - ✿Smol Pearl Grey™ パールグレー✿

Hey y'all, tonight Pearl Grey (me!) is doing a live Drum & Bass set inside The Wave! Last week, we released N-FOLD to the public! Hundreds of y'all have enjoyed the experience, although we did get quite a few serious bug and crash reports, and have been hard at work fixing these bugs! Tonight's show will be mostly a stability test! Hopefully all will go well, but if crashes do happen, please send them to

Did I mention, tonight is Drum & Bass night? Hop in to TheWaveVR at 7PM PDT!

(Changelist for version 0.3.2 will be posted in the community forum)
TheWaveVR Beta - TheWaveVR

Hey y’all! We’re releasing TheWaveVR Early Access version 0.3.0!

Our main feature we’re releasing this Wednesday is N-FOLD, a new synesthetic virtual reality experience, which pushes the boundaries of music, visuals, and social interaction, in association with Brainfeeder. We’ve spent the past few months in collaboration with Strangeloop, also known as David Wexler, producing this adventure. We debuted it at FORM Arcosanti last month, and we are very excited to release it to all y’all!

You can hop into N-FOLD every 30 minutes, starting this Wednesday at 7PM PDT. We will also have a fireside chat with Strangeloop inside The Expanse (formerly known as the ‘Social Lobby’) at 6:30PM PDT, before the show. You can check out the trailer here

0.3.0 Changelog:
-Showtime Spotlight fix for when a show goes live
-Fixed and restored access to the “Dancers” social trip
-Home cave lighting tweaks
-Special characters are supported again in usernames
-FX Cube rotation/orientation bug is fixed
-UI Tweak on the Orbs of Friendship
-More fun mysteries!

Just a recap on the schedule:
6:30 PDT - Fireside Chat with Strangeloop
7:00 PDT - N-FOLD starts!
TheWaveVR Beta - TheWaveVR

In this week's Wave Wednesdays show, Champagne Drip takes the stage and drops his trademark futuristic fluid sound. Hop in at 7pm Pacific or get there early to hang out with some of the coolest people in the metaverse! See you tonight in TheWaveVR!
TheWaveVR Beta - TheWaveVR

If you haven't heard the magic that happens when Jen Lasher takes control of the virtual decks in TheWaveVR, you are in for a serious treat tonight. She'll be tearing it up starting at 7pm PDT. This is one you definitely don't wanna miss.

Note: Make sure you download the latest version of TheWaveVR before jumping in, because old versions will not work tonight. See y'all in there!

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