Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy folks!

Hope you’re all having an enjoyable start to the Summer! We’ve got some truly special new toys for you this update. The addition of the Saiga-12 shotgun gives us a proper two-hand magazine fed combat shotgun, including a monstrous 20 round drum, and a punchy sound set to match.

Rail Systems:
The new Russian Rail system is a long-awaited solution to the problem of having many folks prefer their AKs with and without rail setups. Rather than having to manage two sets of these firearms, we now have a proper rail type for them, including a Russian-to-Picatinny adapter. Note this does mean that anytime you spawn something like Dragonuv, you will need to mount a PSO-1 on it, or drop the adapter on to mount another scope. With the item-spawner’s vault system though, this should be something you only need to do once. In reality, there are two different types of russian side mounts (AK and SVD), but I’ve simplified this to a single universal russian mount for play convenience (otherwise I would need to have duplicates of every type of russian optic like the Kobra, PK01VS, etc., and it would have simply been too obtuse for folks not familiar with these systems).

The russian rail mounts now exist on the AKM, AK-101, Bizon, Dragonuv and RPG-7. The AKS74u will eventually get one, I just have to make/add a mounting bracket to its receiver. All future Russian long-arms that would normall have this sort of mounting bracket will have them going forward.

Sound Updates:
You’ll notice that a new firearms got replaced sound samples this update (Imbel A2, Revolvers). This was done as a temporary measure to remove some of the egregiously bad samples I had in place. A far more extensive sound replacement is planned eventually (possibly late summer, still planning things). That system will eventually take into account more environmentally accurate reverb, either through a sample + tail system or IR reverb. Still need to benchmark some things to decide. I’ll have more info on this as I make system decisions.

For those of you who’ve been enjoying M.E.A.T.S., I wanted to let you know that there’ll be another batch of sequences in the next update. I’ve got them mostly authored, just have to figure out good scoring thresholds (as I was pretty off the mark with a bunch of them the first time around). I’ve got plans for new modes and target types that will be being filled in through-out the summer, along with a bunch of polish for this mode including some music, better sound effects, and most likely a re-do of the core environment.

4th Of July
As I mentioned in the devlog, we’re working on something reeeeally special for this 4th of July. As the holiday falls awkwardly on a mid-week of this year, the update will be dropping as usual on a friday preceding it, the 30th of June. There will then be a minor update pushing the night before the 4th, for those of you without a BBQ or Oh-god-i’ve-lit-the-house-on-fire-AGAIN event to attend. I’m tremendously excited about this update, and if you’d like to keep tabs on it, I’ll begin teasing some elements of it next week on /r/H3VR.

Finally, special thanks go out to “Patrick Scope-Creep Sutton” who has been invaluable in providing exquisitely detailed accurate models as well as bangin’ sounds for them. He has roundly been a bad influence on me in terms of getting things done that aren’t Russian firearms and accessories :-)

Anywho, I hope you all have an enjoyable and 12-gauge-drum-mag-tastic weekend!


Update Notes:

  • Added New Firearm: Saiga 12 Mag-fed Shotgun (12 gauge) w. 5, 12, 20 round Magazines
  • Added New Attachment Type: Russian (a modular mounting type encompassing AK and SVD mounting brackets)
  • Added New Attachment: Russian To Picatinny Adapter
  • Added New Attachment: Kobra Reflex Sight w. 4 reticle selection (Russian Attachment style)
  • Added New Attachment: PK01VS RedDot Sight (Russian Attachment style)
  • Added New Attachment: PSO-1 4x24 Scope w. Illuminated Reticle switch (Russian Attachment style)
  • Added New Attachment: Salvo Suppressor
  • Added new Item Spawner Functionality: Rounds stored in firearm magazine are now saved (not chambers tho)
  • Added new Cartridge Type: 38 Special in JHP, FMJ, Tracer
  • Added new Cartridge Type: .41 Black Powder Caseless in SP
  • Added new Cartridge Type: 45 Long Colt in SP, Tracer

  • AKM Rifle Completely Replaced (Model, Textures, Sounds, Interactions tuned)
  • AK-101 Rifle Completely Replaced (Model, Textures, Sounds, Interactions tuned)
  • NOTE: Data-structure of Item Spawner Vault was changed. Past saved guns have been cleared. (apologies)

  • “Simple Interactions” (like lever switches) now use the trigger, even on Touch (this was intended initially but a bug was preventing it from working as intended)
  • Firing Sounds for SW29 Revolver Replaced, made more consistent with newer revolver sounds
  • Firing Sounds for SW686 Revolver Replaced, made more consistent with newer revolver sounds
  • Firing Sounds for R8 Revolver Replaced, made more consistent with newer revolver sounds
  • .44 Magnum & .357 Magnum Speedloaders all upgraded to the successful change that Rhino Speedloader had
  • AKM no longer has built-in Picatinny Rail System. You must now attach a Russian-style attachment or adapter.
  • AK101 no longer has built-in Picatinny Rail System. You must now attach a Russian-style attachment or adapter.
  • Bizon SMG no longer has built-in Picatinny Rail System. You must now attach a Russian-style attachment or adapter.
  • Dragonuv Sniper Rifle now longer has built-in Picatinny Rail System. You must now attach a Russian-style attachment or adapter.
  • Russian-Style Rail Adapter added to RPG-7
  • Gamepoint RDS Reticle Size adjusted
  • Imbel A2 sound set modified
  • ItemSpawner Images updated for AKM, AK101, Bizon, Dragonuv

  • Fixed broken destination selection for Dash/Slide locomotion modes
  • Fixed a bunch of logic issue corner cases in Revolver Base Class
  • Fixed Commando 552 Trigger not animating
  • Fixed R8 Revolver having broken top rail mount
  • Item spawner and table positioned swapped in Breaching Prototype scene to prevent score panel from being blocked
  • Added extra ID verification steps to Item Spawner Vault Scan system to prevent serialization of invalid objects
  • Fixed wonky folding stock on UMP45 by upgrading to the more up to date script
  • VZ64 Skorpion bolt now properly holds open after last shot
  • Suppressors on Commando 552 now save to the vault correctly! (please delete older entries of it)
  • Made Commando 552 Bolt release triggerable by tapping it
  • Fixed Commando 552 Magazine Mount Position
  • Suppressors recalled from Vault are now scaled correctly to their firearm
  • Fixed corrupted material map texture on Imbel A2. Its ambient lighting should now look correct.
  • Fixed incorrect mounting position for Mp5a2 magazine
  • Grenade exploding in hand that currently has controller model hidden now correctly re-enables hand model.
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Devlog video here:

Well here it is, after about 10 months of being requested, a Gun Saving system. *ducks* I know that took far far too long to do, but truth be told, back when I built the initial firearm attachments system in H3 (the super janky first rev of it anyway), I really didn't know how to do the sort of scriptable object/database manipulation required to make it work. I could rant for days on all I've learned in that time however, so the time was right to finally make it happen.

One of the side-effects of this system is that I now have some much cleaner meta-data connections between objects / weapons / cartridges / etc. so I'll be able to build richer events to use in M.E.A.T.S. as well as the.... other thing I'm working on that you folks will have a to wait a while to hear about :-P The refactor of the attachment system also made things far more reliable and clean, which I really needed to do before my next big attachment push, namely making the AK-style rails an actual modular system (instead of the permanently welded-on one on the Bizon and AKM).

I hope you folks end up growing to enjoy the Rhino revolvers as much as I have. They've got an almost... deus-ex-ee feel to them, and I love how the Rhino-60 looks with a reflex on top, and a laser+flashlight on the under side. Totally going to be my sidearm of choice going forward.

Anywho, without further ado, here's the full changelog for the update. Let me know if you folks run into any issues!!


Update Notes

  • Added New Firearm: Commando 552 Carbine (5.56x45mm)
  • Added New Firearm Set: Rhino Revolver 60, 50, 40, 20DS (.357 Magnum)
  • Added New Speedloader: .357 Magnum 6-shot
  • Added New System: Firearm VAULT in Item Spawner. Scan configured guns into system and retrieve them later! Available in the Upper right corner of the Item Spawner. Please only have one gun on the plinth at a time for scanning (or it will just pick a random one).
  • Added New Locomotion Option: Front-facing style Teleport (in advanced teleport options). It functions as a two-stage teleport. You first pick your point, then the point relative to it you wish to be facing.

  • (Attachment System) Rail adapters that currently have attachments on them can now NOT be unmounted. Please detach anything attached to them first. This is to prevent both a recurring physics/parenting crash and some corner cases of lost references.
  • (Attachment System) Made internal changes to transformation parenting for attachments. This should cause a minor performance increase for all firearms with attachments.
  • Rail Extender added to fore of Mk 17 (was created for the gun initially by Niklas, but I forgot to add it)
  • Tactical Flashlight now has alternate (detective style) pose. Toggle to it using the trigger.
  • Handgun two-hand recoil damping now occurs when alt hand is holding a magazine or flashlight
  • Revolvers now recoil-damp just like handguns (when 2nd hand is near primary, while empty, or holding mag/flashlight)

  • Ammo Boxes have been removed from the game for performance/resource usage reasons. They will possibly be reimplemented at a future data in a more efficient and reliable way.

  • Fixed Sparkler not showing up in Fireworks section of Item Spawner
  • Famas F1 Reclassified to ‘Assault Rifle’ (as it should have been)
  • Fixed missing brass impact/ejections sounds for 5.56 rounds
  • Fixed Trigger-Up detection for freshly picked up objects that was causing primed Revolvers to discharge upon being picked up.
  • Fixed incorrect velocity sampling for Revolver cylinder and spinning when player rig was rotated
  • Fixed Invisible Dynamite issue (was an LOD bias/culling issue)
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Devlog video here:

I know we had an update (and a bunch of patches) last week, but we’re doing another small one now to shift where on the calendar updates fall, and because one of my primary goals with patch 2 (improving touch poses) failed.

Where things are at now though, in terms of pose offsets for the touch controllers, should be a huge improvement. They were work-shopped with some of the most… productively particular members of the community and are I feel, the best compromise of firing angle, consistency, controller placement for two-hand actions, and physics. During the work on this, I noticed a number of things that are also still sub-standard in regards to touch-configuration (such as angle and placement of grab laser, etc.), and those have been added to the task list to be dealt with soon.

In terms of other things coming soon, we’ve just brought in a composer/sound designer who is going to co-designing a new sound system for H3 with me. It will be a long process that will touch nearly every object in the game, but is critical for scalability, performance, and enabling more dynamic soundscapes and effects (can you say tinnitus effects and simulated hearing protection?) I’ll be keeping you folks posted as that work progresses over the coming months.

As for long-term graphical improvements, I’m still in a wait-and-see place when it comes to upgrading to Unity 5.6.x. The current version is still…. Non-optimal in far too many ways to be worth the risk of an upgrade. Once that’s possible though, I should be able to add more ‘tiers’ of visual quality settings, and finally do some proper darn tonemapping :-)

Anywho, that’s all for now. I hope you all have a wonder week, and enjoy continuing to mercilessly crush our M.E.A.T.S. scores.

Peace, Anton

Link To The Forgotten Weapons Vid about the Union:

Update Notes

  • Added New Firearm - Union MachinePistol (.32 ACP) with it’s goofy horseshoe stopped magazine

  • Recoil generally increased for two-handed weapons while stabilized. Altered the balance of angular vs. linear recoil for all two-handed firearms.
  • Mp7 Recoil recovery speed and horizontal wander adjusted
  • Added Foregrip stabilization trigger to VZ64 Skorpion
  • Built Custom Pose Offset For Oculus Touch for 44 Magnum, M1911 Classic, Gold, Longflop, Modern, Browning HP, CyberHandgun, CZ75 Shadow, Desert Eagle44, G22(standard and fullauto mod), Jetfire950 SOJ & STD, M9A1 (standard and cleric), P7M8, P250, PPK, PX4, R8 Revolve, RollingBlock, Mk3, SW686, Tec9 (standard and fullautoMod), TT33, VZ64 Skorpion
  • Built Custom Pose Offset For Oculus Touch for AKS74U, AK102, AKM, AugA3, CX4, Dragonuv, Famas, G36/G36C, Galil, ImbelA2, L85A2 & L85A2Susat, M4A1, M14 & M14 DMR, M16A1, M107A1, MAS49/56, Mk16, Mk17, Mk18, Sako85, SKS Modern, 8400TacticalSOC
  • Built Custom Pose Offset For Oculus Touch for 590A1, 8g Break Action, 12g Break Action, DT11, Fabarm Marshall, Flaregun, FlaregunHP, KWG, MTS255, MTS255 Shorty, 870 Shory, Spas12, Spas12 Tactical, Super Shorty, Super Shorty Tactical, XM1014
  • Built Custom Pose Offset For Oculus Touch for AEK919k, Bizon, Gepard, Vector45, Vector 45 w. Shroud, Mac11, MP5A2, Mp5k, Mp7a1, Mp9, P90, PP91Kedr, pp2000, UMP
  • Built Custom Pose Offset For Oculus Touch for Minigun, RPK, RPG-7, Graviton Beamer, m79
  • Built Custom Pose Offset For Oculus Touch for every damn magazine and speedloader in the game
  • Built Custom Pose Offset For Oculus Touch for all Melee Weapons
  • Built Custom Pose Offset For Oculus Touch for all Thrown Weapons

  • Fixed incorrect Item Spawner image for un-shrouded Vector45
  • Fixed badly size reload well trigger for Browning HP
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of reload well trigger in G22 and G22 Auto
  • Fixed pose interpolation for about two dozen Magazines (didn’t keep track as I was fixing)
  • Fixed pose interpolation for about a dozen Firearms (didn’t keep track as I was fixing)
  • Fixed misplaced pickup trigger for 590A1 Shotgun
  • Fixed magazine reload well triggers on about half a dozen firearms
  • (M.E.A.T.S) Adjusted trophy scoring thresholds for Quickdraw Shotgun 1
  • (M.E.A.T.S) Adjusted trophy scoring thresholds for Secondary Switching 1
  • (M.E.A.T.S) Adjusted trophy scoring thresholds for Quickdraw Pistol 1
  • (M.E.A.T.S) Adjusted trophy scoring thresholds for Variety Rifle 1
  • (M.E.A.T.S) Adjusted trophy scoring thresholds for Rapid Choice Shotgun 1
  • (M.E.A.T.S) Adjusted trophy scoring thresholds for Math Blastin 3
  • (M.E.A.T.S) Adjusted trophy scoring thresholds for Infiltration 1
  • (M.E.A.T.S) Adjusted trophy scoring thresholds for Quickdraw Pistol 1
  • (M.E.A.T.S) Fixed Incorrect sequence name being displayed for Stroopin Colors 1
  • Fixed Incorrect ammo type shown in Item Spawned Entry for M9 Cleric
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

I've got one more patch for you all, fixing a couple things, adding a requested alternate configuration for the Vector45, and SUPER

*edit* The pose offset mentioned below had ramifications I didn't expect that made interactions on other objects worse. I am not investigating a different approach.

IMPORTANTLY, adding an experimental new pose offset for Touch users that should be far more natural.

To try out the new pose offset (touch users only), Open the Options Panel, go to input options, and set 'Use Experimental Touch Pose Offset (WIP) to true. Please let me know what you think on the /r/H3VR subreddit, or the touch thread on the forums here.

  • Added New Option - Input - Use Experimental Touch Controller Offset (TOUCH USERS, try this out, tell me if this feels better).
  • Added New Firearm - Un-shrouded Vector 45 SMG with suppressor mount

  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Rail Adapters and Suppressors are now allowed in all sequences
  • Changed current Vector45 to be called ‘Vector45 w. Shroud”

  • Fixed mis-scaled physics colliders (which were causing stalls for some users) on SKS, Tec9, Tec9FullAutoMod, MTS 255 Shorty, and some assorted environment geo.
  • Fixed mis-scaled physics colliders (which were causing stalls for some users) on Magazines for TTgun, Mk3, PX4, P250, m1911, m9a1, g22, cyber handgun, CX4, Desert Eagle, BrowningHP, CZ75, Jetfire950, PPK, P7M8

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Hi Folks!

Super quick patch for you all this morning! So glad to see all the great high score competition going on with the new M.E.A.T.S. sequences! I wanted to get this one out fast for those of you spending your Saturday plinkin' away.

  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Fixed incorrect grid pattern in Math Blastin’ 2
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Fixed Incorrect global rank display for scores below 3rd place. The global rank for your score should now display accurately.

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Devlog video here:

Got a crazy big update for y'all this week. Some new toys to shoot with, a new super dynamic mode for target shooting, and (finally) some filled out sequence categories for M.E.A.T.S.

The Cleric Trainer/Battle sequences are really an incredible workout. Just making those has inspired me such that I think I'm going to add a new top-level category called 'Fitness' or 'Deez Guns' or something to that effect, that's just based around sequences designed to make you move a lot, transition from ground to standing, etc. Might actually shave off a few pounds myself in the process. (a man can dream eh?)

I can't wait to see you folks up on the global leaderboards for the sequences. A note about how they display. Basically the top 3 scores are always shown, as are the score above yours, yours, and the score below yours. Only one score per Steam account can be present on the global boards, to prevent one/a couple people from flooding them. I'm super curious to see if folks manage a gold score in a few of the sequences, as I've made some of the high-level one's devilishly difficult.

As I mention in the video, if you play through the sequences, PLEASE let me know on this thread what your favorites end up being, especially if you'd like more of them. It will seriously impact the order that I fill them out further.

Update Notes

  • Added New Firearm - VZ64 Skorpion Machine Pistol - .380 ACP
  • Added New Firearm - Tec-9 Illegal Full Auto Mod - 9x19mm
  • Added New Firearm - Cleric M9 Machine Pistol - 9x19mm
  • Added New Firearm - Vector45 SMG - .45 ACP (Thanks to Martin!!)
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) UI Completely Re-Authored
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Global Scoreboards Added!
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Added New Target Spawner Type - Cleric: A Radial Arrangement Of Close Targets
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Added 3 New Open Season Sequences
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Added 6 New Lightning Reflexes Sequences
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Added 6 New SixShooter Sequences
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Added 5 New Mental Gymnastics Sequences
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Added 7 New Spray & Pray Sequences
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Added 4 New Down Range Sequences

  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Item Spawner, Table and Garbage Rearranged
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Made Grabbing a firearm early in Quickdraw mode reset quickdraw timer to 2 seconds
  • PX4 and M9 now de-cock properly when the safety is engaged.
  • Full Auto G22 Recoil/Wander behavior brought in line with other machine pistols
  • Added ‘Rush B’ stencil to the side of the P90 buttstock. #DealWithIt
  • Max laser-pointer range for UI interactions increased in most scenes.

  • Back Button on Simulation Options in Options panel now correctly returns to main menu
  • Adjusted slide speed racking event cutoff for handguns
  • Fixed broken lighting in Grenade Skeeball scene
  • Adjusted sound falloff curve for several targets in Friendly45 Range (thanks Roy!)
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Hi folks!

Super quick patch for y'all tonight, just to clean up a couple glitches in the M.E.A.T.S. system.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!!
  • Added new Firearm - Tec9 Full Auto Mod Machine Pistol.

  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Fixed errant ability to lose rank when getting a lower score than previous
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Fixed incorrect scoring thresholds in some Lightning Reflexes Sequences (whoops!)
  • Fixed incorrect shell ejection location for MAS 49/56
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Devlog Video here: Link

Howdy Folks!
A very tired Anton here. I know this release isn’t super content dense, but I hope y’all find it enjoyable. These system-focussed updates can be such a slog sometimes. If I had told year-ago-me that I’d ever be doing this volume of database and UI programming I might have run screaming :-P

In terms of the unlock system, I have followed a ‘pricing’ rubric focussed primarily around capability. This means that firearms capable of firing higher power cartridges, at higher capacities are more expensive. Optics / attachments that aid in aiming are more expensive as well. I’ve been ‘playing through’ things just as you folks will to make sure everything feels right, and there’s the right balance between sequence difficulty, reward, and equipment cost.

In terms of S.A.U.C.E. rewards, you are awarded an amount based on two factors: rank level of score, and rank advancement. If you see your payout as Xnumber + Ynumber, the Xnumber is the base payout, and the Ynumber is the bonus you get for advancing to a higher rank for the first time. This is cumulative, so if you say… play a sequence for the first time and get Gold rank (because you’re awesome), you’ll get the bonuses for unranked->bronze, bronze->silver and silver-gold all at once. So don’t worry about ‘missing out’ on monies if you nail it out of the gate.

For now, the ammo panel is just sitting on the table. I intend to replace it as well with a more modernized look (or build it into the item spawner). I’m still deciding on it.

Lets see… what else. The next type of target spawner I plan to add are ‘blockers’, which will be non-destructible (or possibly partially destructible) floating blocks with various movement patterns. They will be present in certain sequence types to add a further timing element to taking your shots. I also have some ideas for adding some more reactive targets (multi-hit types that behave differently based on where they’re struck), as well as some very up-in-your-face close targets that I will keep a surprise.

Anywho, I’m rambling at this point. Suffice it to say, I’m feeling happy about having a solid system bedrock to work on now, and I can finally shift my attention to building out many many hours of content for it :-) Since the planning stages I’ve imagined this as one of the ‘pillar’ modes of H3 going forward. The sandbox core isn’t going anywhere, but I know some of you have been wanting some more structure, more long term goals to practice towards, and some friendly competition, so I hope this mode, as it grows, scratches all of those itches.

Next Update should bring a whole mess of sequences, global scoring (finished, but not yet tested, so I held it back for this release), and some other fun surprises.
Peace! -Anton

  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Added 12 New Sequences (6 in Getting Started, 3 in Casual Plinkin’, 3 in Lightning Reflexes)
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Sequence Wave Feature Added: Reflex. In reflex waves, the warmup timer is hidden and the warmup time is slightly randomized.
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Sequence Wave Feature Added: Quickdraw. In quickdraw waves, the player must holster their weapons for the warm-up time to advance.
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Sequence Firearm Mode Added: Category. In this mode, only equipment from specific categories is allowed. Illegal equipment will be detected automatically, and must be dropped before sequence can be started..
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Added Name Entry For Local High Scores (so it’s easier to compete locally against your friends). The last entered name will be stored in game to speed the process of doing multiple sequences.
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Added 3 MEATY ranks you can attain for each sequence; Bronze, Silver, and Gold!
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Added Sequence Abort Button
  • (Item Spawner) Added Unlockable Equipment Mode. In scene that use the equipment unlock system, displays the amount of S.A.U.C.E. you have, and allows you to buy new equipment.

  • (M.E.A.T.S.) UI reorganized for consistent button placement
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Disc Bullseye Target Now gives colored puff visual feedback based on hit zone
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Garbage Can Added To Scene
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Back button is now in a consistent spot on all UI screens
  • (M.E.A.T.S.) Item Spawner Now disappears during sequence.
  • (Item Spawner) UI Rebuilt For Pointing-Laser System

  • Fixed errant round x position oscillating in Mk17 drum
  • Fixed incorrect item spawner image on several suppressors and other items
  • Fixed incorrectly overlapping Browning High Power Triggers
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Devlog Video here: Link

Hope you're all having a wonderful Friday! I juuuust managed to get the 8 preview sequences for this update ready in time. Working on this mode the past two weeks has had me the most energized I've been on the game since Meatmas. I've fought to build myself a sufficiently modular and fast-to-work-with architecture for challenge sequences a couple times now, and I'm finally happy with the results.

My production goal at this point is to get 2-4 new sequences done a day (in addition to the other things I'd doing) for the next couple weeks to really fill out the categories, and ensure they're sufficiently meaty(sorry). I also have plans for about a half-dozen other types of 'target spawners', of which there are currently 5 in the system. I am open to feedback on target typology btw, most especially if I've missed something super obvious.

The other thing that should be functional next week is detection of 'illegal' equipment for category-limited and fixed ammo sequences (and a button to clear them from the scene). I need to modify some item database stuff for that all to work, but such things should occur as a matter of course in building the unlock system.

As I mentioned in the video, do please try these new sequences out, and post a screenshot on this thread of your score, along with details of whatever equipment you were using. I'll eventually be able to gather meta-data on the later part of that and bind it to the scores, but I don't have that up and running yet. If anything feels 'wrong' to you scoring wise, or if the sequencer glitches out, do feel free to let me know!

Anywho, I'm going to jump back into Unity. I've had so much fun playing the Spray & Pray preview sequence that I want to go ahead and author another couple of them tonight.


Added New Game Mode: M.E.A.T.S. (Modular Environment Adaptive Target Simulation)

This mode is currently in-progress, but we’ve enabled a preview of it for this update for you all to test.

What Is Currently Working:
  • Full Game Loop
  • 5 Different Target Categories (Discs, Grids, Shapes, IPSC, Mortars)
  • 8 Preview Sequences
  • Local Scoreboards
  • Partially-built environment

Coming Next Update:
  • Global & Steam Friend Score Boards
  • Dozens of Sequences across 8 Categories
  • Finished Environment
  • Currency and Equipment Unlock System
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Devlog Video here: Link

  • Added New Options Section: Simulation Options
  • Added New Simulation Options: Gravity Mode for Player, Objects, Ballistics (Realistic, Playful, OnTheMoon, None)
  • Added Quit To Desktop Button in Wrist Menu
  • Music Toggle Added To Arcade Prototype Scene

  • Fixed Scene Cleanup deleting firearm rounds it shouldn’t
  • Cleaned up ballistics simulation handing of gravity for better consistency
  • 762x39mm SP Can now be loaded
  • Spas 12 Stock end now folds properly
  • Mac11 Stock end now folds properly
  • Made Minigun Box Magazine Properly Eject
  • Minigun Box now properly retains ammo count when Infinite Ammo Engaged in Arcade Prototype
  • Fixed Backup Sight Rear piece being unable to be picked up
  • Tweaked trigger volumes for both backup iron sights to make them easier to pick up
  • Fixed Modular Range Sequence 6 Wave 18&19 not having targets (finally)
  • Fixed errant hand filtering data retention on teleport
  • Fixed negatively scaled trigger colliders of a number of handguns which was causing physics crashes
  • Fixed Wrist Menu Movement mode display text not correctly displaying current mode until it was changed once
  • Galil Magazine Now reads as having the correct ammo type
  • Added MS C++ Runtime and DX Update to redistributables for the game. This should prevent the game from being able to be installed without required dependencies on Windows 7.

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