Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy Folks!
It’s the end of the month, and you know what that means. UPDATE TIME!

This update brings with it some new Bot goodness geared for those of you who enjoy the Arena-style combat, along-side a greater level of configurability than anything I’ve put in the game thus far. You can now create engagements spanning from a single bullet-spongey bot, to an auto-spawning maelstrom of Mac-11 spam. I come to you today utterly exhausted from several hours of playing, testing, recording and playing more when I should be working (using the incredible workout that is armswinger), which always leaves me confident that a new addition is going to be well received.

I’m incredibly pleased with how the new Bot Dynamic Firearm Positioning system works, which makes all the bots far more deadly from behind partial cover. I have several more AI enhancements in progress for them for the coming month as well, that should help them do better in close quarters situations, and make their perception of you more nuanced. After over a year of futzing with agents, I can’t tell you how fantastic it feels to finally have a scalable, perf. efficient platform to work on top for agents. I think I’m finally at the point where scratch-rewrites for such things in H3 are a thing of the past.

Lastly, make sure to check out the added arsenal of goodies if you haven’t been running the beta branch. There’s a whole mess of shorties and SBRs, and of course the QC9 PDW (that I’ve nicknamed the Spam-wagon). They’re all good fun and very much suited for the tight-quarters fighting in the Mini-Arena.

Anywho, that’s enough blaaabin’ from me for now. Utterly toasted from the Armswingin’. I can’t wait to hear from you folks on how the new Bot Combat treats you.


Update #46 Changelog:

Soldier-Weiner-Bots (SWBs) Mk 1.1

Configurable Spawner:
- Found in Arena and Mini-Arena (for now)
- Capable of picking from a range of Armor, Health, Perception, Speed and Firearms.
- All Parameters can be randomized.
- Can manually spawn bots into level, or enable Auto-Spawning.
- Auto Spawner can configurable Max Simultaneous Bots and Spawning Speed.
- Auto Spawner always chooses a random spawn point at least 12 meters from player.

New SWB Firearm Selection:
- Now can choose between G17, 870 cutoff, Mac11 and M16
- Each firearm gives the bot custom engagement range behavior
- Each firearm has unique firing cadence behavior, burst groups, and accuracy

Dynamic Firearm Repositioning:
- SWBs can now move their firearms around their body
- SWBs perpetually test various engagement angles to find the best one give target position

  • Added New Firearm: QC9 PDS (9x19mm) with Box and Drum Magazines
  • Added New Firearm: DT11 Shorty (12 gauge shell)
  • Added New Firearm: DT11 Chopped (12 gauge shell)
  • Added New Firearm: 870 Full Length (12 gauge shell)
  • Added New Firearm: 870 Chopped (12 gauge shell)
  • Added New Firearm: Sako85 Obrez’d (.308 Winchester)
  • Added New Firearm: Tactical 8400 Super Shorty (.308 Winchester)
  • Added New Firearm: Model 8 Shorty Carbine (.35 Remington)
  • Added New Firearm: Commando 552 Tactical (5.56x45mm)
  • Added New Firearm: Mp9 (with no integrated suppressor) (9x19mm)
  • Added New Soldier-Weiner-Bot Firearms: M16, 870 Cutoff, Mac11, G17
  • Added New Option: Touchpad/Joystick Locomotion now has several speed settings

  • Changed Original Mp9 to ‘Mp9 Suppressed’
  • Touchpad Joystick Locomotion now only has two speed states: walk and run.
  • Made alternate hold angle for tactical flashlight (detective style) more comfortable
  • Hidden ‘Stamina meter’ for running removed.
  • (MeatGrinder) Spawn Locking is now enabled in Combo #3 and #4 modes

  • Fixed first-run initialization bug affecting some Oculus users
  • Fixed incorrect cartridge spawning for 10.6x25mm spawns from ammo panel
  • Fixed incorrect reference in Model 8 Data File
  • Fixed Mp9 Round ejection vector
  • Fixed Mp9 Magazine eject position
  • Fixed Mp9 bolt speed
  • (MeatGrinder) Fixed D6 room gun-splosion crash issue
  • (Wurstwurld) Fixed Earned Rewards Not Spawning in Scene
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy Folks!
At long last, Update #45 is ready! We’ve got a huge for ya this week, including some pretty huge changes to the Meat Grinder game mode, Front-Facing Teleport for Oculus Users, The New Async Loading system, and tons of little fixes and tweaks. I’m going to let the video do most the talking this week, and leave you with the huge changelog here below. Let me know if you have any questions about the new content, or run into any problems. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Update #45 Changelog:

Meat Grinder Conceptual Changes:

Your Meat Grinder Experience Can Now Be Customized, Meat It Your Way!

#1 Classic Meat - 30 min Timer, Original Enemy Count
#2 All You Can Meat Buffet - No Timer, More Enemies
#3 Build Your Own Meat - No Timer, More Enemies, Item Spawner
#4 Kid’s Meaty Meal - No Timer, More Enemies, Item Spawner, Invincible

Side #1 - Event AI
None, Nice, Nasty, Nightmare
Side #2 - Primary Light Source
FlashLight, Lighter, Glow-stick, Box of Matches, Random
Side #3 - Secondary Light Source
FlashLight, Lighter, Glow-stick, Box of Matches, Random
Dessert - Narrator Talkativeness
Classic, Terse, Silent

New Equipment Spawning Logic:
- Lotto Rooms are now the best places to get actual _firearms_. The rest of the maze, ammo.
- The Office is no longer as much of a loot party.
- The Broiler, Freezer, and Restaurant now have more reliable drop-sources.
- Based On Event AI setting, loot can be gifted to you by the system.

New Enemy Systems:
- New Agent Types Added, some respawn up to a constant limit, others are event-driven
- The Pneumatic Spike is robot is still uncommon and only spawns from events
- Pathing improved across the board

New AI-Director System:
- Controls ambient sound sequencing, spawning events, and more
- Acts based on mood, time passing, how player is doing, past events

Known Issues:
In some areas of the level, with a specific head position, the flashlight will turn off. This is engine-related and a fix is months out due to how complex the migration will be

  • Added New Firearm: Break Action Super Short Shotgun (12 gauge)
  • Added New Firearm: M1879 Reichsrevolver (10.6x25mm)
  • Added New Asynchronous Loading System: First Scene now loads faster then async loads other content
  • Added New SoliderBots to Arena Proto (can be spawned with fast or slow bullets)
  • Added New Front Facing Teleport (Robo-Recall Style) To Movement Options!!
  • (MeatGrinder) Added 3 new modes of play (All You Can Meat Buffet, Build Your Own Meat, Kid’s Meaty Meal)
  • (MeatGrinder) Added AI-director-style Event System with several dozen events, and 4 mood options
  • (MeatGrinder) Added Options for Primary and Secondary Light Source
  • (MeatGrinder) Added Options for level of Narrator Talkativeness (Classic, Terse, Silent)
  • (MeatGrinder) Added new Murderbot: Flame Shotgun Bot
  • (MeatGrinder) Added new Murderbots: Ketchup & Mustard Buddies!
  • (MeatGrinder) Added new Murderbot: Flying Drill-Weiner Swarm
  • (MeatGrinder) Added new Murderbot: --REDACTED--
  • (MeatGrinder) Added new Hazard: Laser Trip Mines (located in Office Quadrant)
  • (MeatGrinder) Added Grilled Meat Blisters To Boiler Quadrant (can drop equipment)
  • (MeatGrinder) Added New Meat Room: Plank-tastic
  • (MeatGrinder) Added New Trap Room: SpinJack Party
  • (MeatGrinder) Added New Lotto-Room Type: Take Only One
  • (MeatGrinder) Added New Lotto-Room Type: Roll the D6
  • Added New Option: Bullet Trails can now be set to 60s (MAJOR PERF. WARNING)

  • (MeatGrinder) New Starting Room with Options Screen
  • (MeatGrinder) Handgun Spawning Pool Increased, Now has 24 types of drops
  • (MeatGrinder) Shotgun Spawning Pool Increased, Now has 16 types of drops
  • (MeatGrinder) SMG/PDW/Carbine Spawning Pool Increased, Now has 15 types of drops
  • (MeatGrinder) Rifle Spawning Pool Increased, Now has 15 types of drops
  • (MeatGrinder) Ammo/Attachment/Junk/Melee Spawn Tables rebalanced
  • (MeatGrinder) Lowered Spawn Frequency of shelves and Cabinets in office Quadrant
  • (MeatGrinder) Altered Freezer Shelf Spawn Logic
  • (MeatGrinder) Altered Meat Blister Item Spawn Chance (increased spawn rate)
  • (MeatGrinder) Altered Spawn Frequency for Freezer Cardboard Boxes (increased spawn rate)
  • (MeatGrinder) Pneumatic Spike Robot now easier to damage
  • (MeatGrinder) A shotgun and a few shells now also spawn at the beginning
  • (MeatGrinder) Removed Golden Gun in starting room (and old hard-mode system)
  • Lit Matches now actually provide (flickery) illumination through the muzzle-flash system
  • Removed some old scan data objects in Arizona Scenes (that were data hogs)
  • (ww) Bot Agent Body Destroy time after ‘killed’ has been reduced for perf. Reasons

  • (MeatGrinder) Fixed incorrect box spawning on industrial shelves in Freezer
  • (MeatGrinder) Fixed Levers for 4-lever room being visible before entering room
  • (MeatGrinder) Fixed Pneumatic Bot Pathing Issue.
  • (MeatGrinder) Fixed closed doors not slicing agent Navmesh correctly
  • (MeatGrinder) Fixed incorrect spawn position for drops from the Meat Piles
  • Slicer Bot Physics optimized (as much as possible currently, he’s still kinda slooow)
  • Optimized Material Texture Channel Usage in Arizona Targets & Night Scene
  • Optimized Material Texture Channel Usage in Indoor Range
  • Optimized Material Texture Channel Usage in Arcade Proto
  • Optimized Material Texture Channel Usage in Breaching Proto
  • Optimized Material Texture Channel Usage in Friendly 45 Range
  • Optimized Material Texture Channel Usage in Obstacle Course
  • Optimized Material Texture Channel Usage in Sniper Range
  • Optimized Material Texture Channel Usage in Arena
  • Fixed Broken Lighting in Breaching Scene
  • X25 Drum for 7.62x51mm fixed round-load trigger collider
  • Fixed incorrect display of 7.63x25mm Mauser Rounds
  • Fixed incorrect ammo description for 2019 Detective Special
  • Fixed weird proxy cartridge placement in Sako 85 Magazine
  • Fixed weird proxy cartridge placement in Tactical 8400 Magazine
  • Fixed incorrect computation of bullet trail die-time relative to projectile die-time
  • SKS Magazine size re-corrected back to 20 rounds
  • 5.7x28mm Tracer Round now displays correctly
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy Folks!

Something a big different for you this week. H3 is finally getting a beta-branch for testing new features that might still be a bit rough and/or compromise the functionality of other parts of the game.

For the next Update, #45, we've switched a new asynchronous loading system to help get you into the game faster, and hopefully eliminate some issues with controllers not working on load due to long load times on HDDs. It's a huge change though, so we've decided to have a 1-week testing period in beta to iron-out the kinks. Please note that MeatGrinder is disabled in the beta build as it is undergoing some big changes/additions and it not quite ready for showtime.

In addition, there's a new locomotion mode for Front-Facing Rift users. If you're in a two-sensor config on Rift, I'd love it if you could give the new mode a try (details in this week's devlog) and let me know what you think!

If you've never enabled a beta before, you can see how to do so here:

Anywho, that's all for this week. Feel free to try out the beta if you're interested in the new locomotion mode, or if you're on a more min-spec system/running from an HDD and would like to see how fast things load for you.

Update 45 next week!


Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy Folks!

Just a quick update this week (for obvious reasons). I’m sorry it took so long for me to get around to giving you some quickbelt options, but hopefully the selection of presets makes up for it. Personally, I find the Utility-belt is best for messing around with lots of objects/ammo/etc. at the same time, whereas Tactical Mk.2 is what is what I’ll be using for actual combat modes.

The bullet trails should now be _much_ more usable perf. wise if you have them set to a short decay time. Beyond the timing limits, the countdown is now ‘from firing’ instead of ‘when bullet stops moving’. This does mean that for suuuuuuuuper long shots they will start decaying sooner. I may add an option “decay with bullet’ later if folks miss the old behavior. It was only recently that I realized most folk don’t use the trails due to their overhead when firing things like drum mags/shotgun shells, so hopefully this makes things more tenable even for those weapon systems.

Also, a quick shout out/thanks to BillFerShort and Conrad_Hotzendorf for the feedback/advice on revolver operation that I snuck in after the devlog. The double-action revolvers should now behave much closer to their RL counterparts.

Anywho, hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!


  • Added New Options Page: Quickbelt Options
  • Added New Quickbelt Styles: Tactical, Classic, Utility Belt, Desperado, PackRat, Tactical Mk2, Concealed Carry
  • Added New Quickbelt Option: Handedness (all Asymmetric Quickbelt Styles can be Left or Right handed)
  • Added New Option: Bullet Trail Decay time (used when Trails are enabled)

  • Interaction Sphere on hands now changes color when hovered over a valid interaction
  • Revolvers with swing-out Cylinders can now be closed by grabbing cylinder and dragging it
  • Double Action revolver cylinders can no longer be opened when hammer is cocked
  • Double Action revolver triggers can no longer be pulled when cylinder is open
  • VZ64 Skorpion QuickSlot Size requirement changed to match handgun class
  • Tec-9 QuickSlot Size requirement changed to match handgun class
  • Changed bullet trail decay time to time-from-emission instead of time-from-stall

  • Fixed incorrect item spawner image for Bergmann Simplex.
  • Fixed spin velocity not being conserved when 2019 Revolver dropped.
  • Single Action Army Quickbelt pose fixed
  • Fixed Slide/Dash point target being retained after a respawn
  • (OC Touch) Battery Removal on 2019 Blaster now properly requires a ‘grab’ vs. a trigger pull
  • (OC Touch) Fixed weird Grenade Pin issue
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy folks!
Managed to get this devlog & update done juuuust in time this week (almost forgot to add the new toys to the item spawner DERP), but all’s well now. We have an addition that might be my favorite fictional gun of all time, the L.A.P.D. 2019 Detective Special. Massive thanks go out to Adam Nerva, a buddy of mine who did the gorgeous model for it, and patiently iterated the design of the internals with me as we figured out how this kitbash of a prop could actually work in RL.

I said a while back that in general I wanted to stay away from fictional guns unless they really added something interesting to the game from an interaction/simulation standpoint. As a hybrid of Bolt Action, Revolver and Magazine-fed firearm systems, I think our rendition of this gun most certainly does that. Having multiple cadences of ‘ammo’ to worry about makes using it under fire really interesting, and the exotic ammunition it can use makes it an incredible flexible device.

Next up the much-beloved C96 is finally in. I had wanted to put it in ages ago, but only recently finally got around to getting a functional stripper-clip system implemented. So we get this beauty now.

As mentioned in the devlog there have been a bunch of subtle changes to the Wurstwurld scene. The Bandit Bot Bonanza ramps up a good deal more after the 4th group of them, something I felt was really necessary after adding a number of firearms with a higher damage-output-per-second like the Model 8, C96 and such. I have to say again, if you haven’t tried fighting with just Dynamite and Matches, you have to give it a shot. It’s a goofy good time. Just pleeeeease please please watch your ceilings/walls/monitors/pets/etc. while doing so. It’s easy to get lost in the moment.

Lastly, I wanted to continue to thank all of you who have been helping me with bug reports, sending me logs, etc. I can’t communicate enough how critical that kind of info is, and I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of help from you all this past month. Just wanted to make sure you all knew how much I appreciate your time and patience helping me squash bugs!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




  • Added New Firearm: 2019 Detective Special (10mm DSM, w. Battery and Thermal Clip objects)
  • Added New Firearm: C96 Mauser (7.63x25mm clip-fed)
  • Added New Ammo Type: 10mm Discarding Sabot Magnetic in Slugger, Tracer, Swarm, Fragmenting, Prox Mine, and Turbo-Penetrator
  • (ww) Added Dynamite and Strike Anywhere Matches to Scene (at Sujuk Bros. Mining Co.)
  • (ww) Added C96 Mauser to Scene(at Express Agency)
  • (ww) Added 2019 Detective Special to Scene (at Gunsmith)
  • (ww) Added Rolling Block Pistol to Scene (near Apothecary)

  • Modified sounds for all Stripper clips. They are now based on round class.
  • Mk3 and Browning HP now properly have magazine safeties (gun will not fire when a mag is not loaded)
  • “Sprinting” energy for touchpad movement is closer to realistic for a human ~(2 minutes vs. 4 seconds) with exponential regeneration speed (to reward pausing for 5 seconds or so for it to recharge.
  • .308 Winchester now has full suite of round types.
  • Altered Behavior of Dynamite to make it properly damage bots
  • Single Action revolvers can now be decocked by simply hitting their state toggle button twice (first press takes gun to half cock w. Loading gate open, 2nd click returns gun to standard state but uncocked)
  • (ww) Civilian Bots now exist in all 3 primary areas, and respawn over time.
  • (ww) Bot Bonanza Mode now gets harder after the first 4 ‘waves’, with more aggressive, fast moving bandits
  • (ww) Bot Bonanza no longer spawns a group in the same place twice in a row, preventing you from getting insta-killed by a bot suddenly appearing next to you.

  • Fixed broken material on .308 Winchester rounds
  • Fixed _horrifically_ misaligned Model 10 sights
  • Fixed broken physics for 8400 Bolt Action Rifle
  • Fixed tactical knife breaking when picked up by Touch users
  • Fixed rotational inertia not being applied to spinning single-action revolvers when dropped
  • (ww) Fixed Badge/eSlab return-to-plinth button retaining velocity from object
  • (ww) Fixed Glasses being unable to be picked up after the first time
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy folks,

We've got another patch for you, cleaning up a few little things here and there. The BIG thing about this patch is I've altered some things about initialization order that _should_ prevent a bug where the controllers appear, but buttons do nothing after a long load. I'm not _certain_ that this will fix it, as I can't manage to repro the bug locally, but this is a step towards fixing things. If you still get this bug after this patch, please post on the stickied post in the bug reports section (that I'm about to create), and I will continue trying to gather data from there.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

  • Fixed Harnessed gun foregrip dropping when firearm is harnessed and user teleports
  • Fixed situation where a single round could be ‘loaded’ into chamber and magazine simultaneously, causing a gun to break.
  • Fixed runaway collision-triggered firing of Single Action Revolvers in Infinite ammo M.E.A.T.S. modes
  • Made Single Action Revolver collision-triggered firing only be provoked by static colliders
  • Fixed Single Action Revolver chamber being ejectable when loading gate is closed
  • (WW) Fixed Clay pot that would spawn, break repeatedly.
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

So, some of you might have noticed that a few of the guns in H3 after yesterday's build were a little.... colorful now. As in BROKEN. I've just pushed a patch that _should_ have this fixed now, but please let me know if anything looks like technicolor pixelglitchart after this latest patch.

For the curious, the reason this occurred is that we hit an important milestone in H3's history (that I'm perversely proud of), which is that we managed to exceed the 32bit file-size limit for the primary resources folder, which is almost entirely texture data for firearms! (don't worry this can be engineer'd around, it just wasn't an issue until today).

SO, I've gone through things, and while managing to only panic a little bit, rearrange some files, fix some compression and size settings (seriously, the banana grenade did not need 4k textures... <.< >.>). As a bonus, the build size on disk has dropped _a full gig_. :-)

Aaaanywho, enjoy what remains of your Saturdays!


Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy folks!
Another friday, another update, this one finally getting some single-action fan-firin'-fun into your hands. Hope y'all have a blast with it! The SingleActionArmy fires a .45 Colt, so it's got basically the same anti-robit bunch as the lever action, with a significantly faster fire rate. I think this makes 'em excellent side-arms, allowing you to drop a bot that's surprise flanked ya (also, its not like fan-firing is the most accurate mode of operation, so it's a mostly in-your-face-distance kind of technique). At some point I'm going to add a little competition in to see whose fastest on the draw :-)

As for the clip system, I'm still working on a few things for it. Clips can't eject or accept individual rounds yet, but they'll be able to soon. Also still need to plug in a better sound set for them (the samples are actually done, just need to rewire some things before I can use them). BUT, they're still good for general use.

Anywho, without further ado, here's the full changelong. Update will push at 7pm PST as usual.



  • Added New Firearm: Single Action Army (.45 colt)
  • Added New Firearm: Remington Model 8 (.35 Remington, clip-fed)
  • Added Stripper Clip support to SKS Modern
  • Added Stripper Clip support to M14
  • Added Stripper Clip support to MAS 49/56
  • Added SAA and Model 8 to Wurstwurld scene, including ammo spawners for them
  • Added New Ammunition Type: 7.5x54mm French
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): 7.62x38mm
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): 10.6x25mmR
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): 7.63x25mmMauser
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): 7.92x57mmMauser
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): .30 Carbine
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): .30-06 Springfield

  • Scene cleanup button in Wrist menu now removes empty clips
  • MAS 49/56 rechambered to 7.5 French
  • SKS Magazine Properly re-scaled to its proper capacity (10 rounds)
  • Altered MAS 49/56 Coloration
  • Tweaked grab zones for MAS 49/56, SKS Modern, M14

  • Fixed incorrect interaction trigger setup for SKS Magazine
  • Fixed missing serialization references for Saiga12k breaking it in the vault.
  • (WW) Fixed incorrect display of target puzzle completion (was showing checkmark on reveal of sequence, now shows completion checkmark when sequence has been shot).
  • Fixed Bolt Action Fire Selector input bug
  • Anton learned what hashing is
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy howdy,

Guess who should reeeeally be asleep right now. <- This Guy.

Anywho, here's a couple little toys for ya for the 4th. Hope you enjoy.
Have a happy and safe holiday. Make sure to keep all your fingers!



  • Added New Tippy-Toy: Al The Paca
  • Added New Firework: Tank Firework
  • (WW) Added New Toy: Gatling Gun
  • (WW) Added New Device: Numerical Entry Pad

  • Lever action foregrip trigger presses now require a trigger up after pickup before they will function.

  • Fixed ‘Cleanup scene’ breaking Lever Action Guns.
  • Fixed Break-action Shotgun firing upon laser pickup
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Hope y'all have been having a fine ol' time in Wurstwurld. I wanted to get out a quick patch to solve some common issues, and help with some corner cases.

*please note steam is getting bogged down w. the holiday traffic it seems, so it might take a bit for this patch to actually land*

Patch Notes follow:

  • (WW) Added Buttons for returning badge and eSlab to their plinth if you lost em.

  • (WW) Sick of piano music? You can now blast the PA Speakers away (they respawn on level reload)

  • Fixed incorrect scaling on 1873 Rifle and Carbine
  • (WW) Fixed Incorrect Puzzle Serialization for spinney puzzles
  • (WW) Re-enabled a certain old-timey reward functionality. Should be safe to put em on now.

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