Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy Folks!

Just a quick update this week (for obvious reasons). I’m sorry it took so long for me to get around to giving you some quickbelt options, but hopefully the selection of presets makes up for it. Personally, I find the Utility-belt is best for messing around with lots of objects/ammo/etc. at the same time, whereas Tactical Mk.2 is what is what I’ll be using for actual combat modes.

The bullet trails should now be _much_ more usable perf. wise if you have them set to a short decay time. Beyond the timing limits, the countdown is now ‘from firing’ instead of ‘when bullet stops moving’. This does mean that for suuuuuuuuper long shots they will start decaying sooner. I may add an option “decay with bullet’ later if folks miss the old behavior. It was only recently that I realized most folk don’t use the trails due to their overhead when firing things like drum mags/shotgun shells, so hopefully this makes things more tenable even for those weapon systems.

Also, a quick shout out/thanks to BillFerShort and Conrad_Hotzendorf for the feedback/advice on revolver operation that I snuck in after the devlog. The double-action revolvers should now behave much closer to their RL counterparts.

Anywho, hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!


  • Added New Options Page: Quickbelt Options
  • Added New Quickbelt Styles: Tactical, Classic, Utility Belt, Desperado, PackRat, Tactical Mk2, Concealed Carry
  • Added New Quickbelt Option: Handedness (all Asymmetric Quickbelt Styles can be Left or Right handed)
  • Added New Option: Bullet Trail Decay time (used when Trails are enabled)

  • Interaction Sphere on hands now changes color when hovered over a valid interaction
  • Revolvers with swing-out Cylinders can now be closed by grabbing cylinder and dragging it
  • Double Action revolver cylinders can no longer be opened when hammer is cocked
  • Double Action revolver triggers can no longer be pulled when cylinder is open
  • VZ64 Skorpion QuickSlot Size requirement changed to match handgun class
  • Tec-9 QuickSlot Size requirement changed to match handgun class
  • Changed bullet trail decay time to time-from-emission instead of time-from-stall

  • Fixed incorrect item spawner image for Bergmann Simplex.
  • Fixed spin velocity not being conserved when 2019 Revolver dropped.
  • Single Action Army Quickbelt pose fixed
  • Fixed Slide/Dash point target being retained after a respawn
  • (OC Touch) Battery Removal on 2019 Blaster now properly requires a ‘grab’ vs. a trigger pull
  • (OC Touch) Fixed weird Grenade Pin issue
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy folks!
Managed to get this devlog & update done juuuust in time this week (almost forgot to add the new toys to the item spawner DERP), but all’s well now. We have an addition that might be my favorite fictional gun of all time, the L.A.P.D. 2019 Detective Special. Massive thanks go out to Adam Nerva, a buddy of mine who did the gorgeous model for it, and patiently iterated the design of the internals with me as we figured out how this kitbash of a prop could actually work in RL.

I said a while back that in general I wanted to stay away from fictional guns unless they really added something interesting to the game from an interaction/simulation standpoint. As a hybrid of Bolt Action, Revolver and Magazine-fed firearm systems, I think our rendition of this gun most certainly does that. Having multiple cadences of ‘ammo’ to worry about makes using it under fire really interesting, and the exotic ammunition it can use makes it an incredible flexible device.

Next up the much-beloved C96 is finally in. I had wanted to put it in ages ago, but only recently finally got around to getting a functional stripper-clip system implemented. So we get this beauty now.

As mentioned in the devlog there have been a bunch of subtle changes to the Wurstwurld scene. The Bandit Bot Bonanza ramps up a good deal more after the 4th group of them, something I felt was really necessary after adding a number of firearms with a higher damage-output-per-second like the Model 8, C96 and such. I have to say again, if you haven’t tried fighting with just Dynamite and Matches, you have to give it a shot. It’s a goofy good time. Just pleeeeease please please watch your ceilings/walls/monitors/pets/etc. while doing so. It’s easy to get lost in the moment.

Lastly, I wanted to continue to thank all of you who have been helping me with bug reports, sending me logs, etc. I can’t communicate enough how critical that kind of info is, and I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of help from you all this past month. Just wanted to make sure you all knew how much I appreciate your time and patience helping me squash bugs!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




  • Added New Firearm: 2019 Detective Special (10mm DSM, w. Battery and Thermal Clip objects)
  • Added New Firearm: C96 Mauser (7.63x25mm clip-fed)
  • Added New Ammo Type: 10mm Discarding Sabot Magnetic in Slugger, Tracer, Swarm, Fragmenting, Prox Mine, and Turbo-Penetrator
  • (ww) Added Dynamite and Strike Anywhere Matches to Scene (at Sujuk Bros. Mining Co.)
  • (ww) Added C96 Mauser to Scene(at Express Agency)
  • (ww) Added 2019 Detective Special to Scene (at Gunsmith)
  • (ww) Added Rolling Block Pistol to Scene (near Apothecary)

  • Modified sounds for all Stripper clips. They are now based on round class.
  • Mk3 and Browning HP now properly have magazine safeties (gun will not fire when a mag is not loaded)
  • “Sprinting” energy for touchpad movement is closer to realistic for a human ~(2 minutes vs. 4 seconds) with exponential regeneration speed (to reward pausing for 5 seconds or so for it to recharge.
  • .308 Winchester now has full suite of round types.
  • Altered Behavior of Dynamite to make it properly damage bots
  • Single Action revolvers can now be decocked by simply hitting their state toggle button twice (first press takes gun to half cock w. Loading gate open, 2nd click returns gun to standard state but uncocked)
  • (ww) Civilian Bots now exist in all 3 primary areas, and respawn over time.
  • (ww) Bot Bonanza Mode now gets harder after the first 4 ‘waves’, with more aggressive, fast moving bandits
  • (ww) Bot Bonanza no longer spawns a group in the same place twice in a row, preventing you from getting insta-killed by a bot suddenly appearing next to you.

  • Fixed broken material on .308 Winchester rounds
  • Fixed _horrifically_ misaligned Model 10 sights
  • Fixed broken physics for 8400 Bolt Action Rifle
  • Fixed tactical knife breaking when picked up by Touch users
  • Fixed rotational inertia not being applied to spinning single-action revolvers when dropped
  • (ww) Fixed Badge/eSlab return-to-plinth button retaining velocity from object
  • (ww) Fixed Glasses being unable to be picked up after the first time
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy folks,

We've got another patch for you, cleaning up a few little things here and there. The BIG thing about this patch is I've altered some things about initialization order that _should_ prevent a bug where the controllers appear, but buttons do nothing after a long load. I'm not _certain_ that this will fix it, as I can't manage to repro the bug locally, but this is a step towards fixing things. If you still get this bug after this patch, please post on the stickied post in the bug reports section (that I'm about to create), and I will continue trying to gather data from there.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

  • Fixed Harnessed gun foregrip dropping when firearm is harnessed and user teleports
  • Fixed situation where a single round could be ‘loaded’ into chamber and magazine simultaneously, causing a gun to break.
  • Fixed runaway collision-triggered firing of Single Action Revolvers in Infinite ammo M.E.A.T.S. modes
  • Made Single Action Revolver collision-triggered firing only be provoked by static colliders
  • Fixed Single Action Revolver chamber being ejectable when loading gate is closed
  • (WW) Fixed Clay pot that would spawn, break repeatedly.
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

So, some of you might have noticed that a few of the guns in H3 after yesterday's build were a little.... colorful now. As in BROKEN. I've just pushed a patch that _should_ have this fixed now, but please let me know if anything looks like technicolor pixelglitchart after this latest patch.

For the curious, the reason this occurred is that we hit an important milestone in H3's history (that I'm perversely proud of), which is that we managed to exceed the 32bit file-size limit for the primary resources folder, which is almost entirely texture data for firearms! (don't worry this can be engineer'd around, it just wasn't an issue until today).

SO, I've gone through things, and while managing to only panic a little bit, rearrange some files, fix some compression and size settings (seriously, the banana grenade did not need 4k textures... <.< >.>). As a bonus, the build size on disk has dropped _a full gig_. :-)

Aaaanywho, enjoy what remains of your Saturdays!


Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy folks!
Another friday, another update, this one finally getting some single-action fan-firin'-fun into your hands. Hope y'all have a blast with it! The SingleActionArmy fires a .45 Colt, so it's got basically the same anti-robit bunch as the lever action, with a significantly faster fire rate. I think this makes 'em excellent side-arms, allowing you to drop a bot that's surprise flanked ya (also, its not like fan-firing is the most accurate mode of operation, so it's a mostly in-your-face-distance kind of technique). At some point I'm going to add a little competition in to see whose fastest on the draw :-)

As for the clip system, I'm still working on a few things for it. Clips can't eject or accept individual rounds yet, but they'll be able to soon. Also still need to plug in a better sound set for them (the samples are actually done, just need to rewire some things before I can use them). BUT, they're still good for general use.

Anywho, without further ado, here's the full changelong. Update will push at 7pm PST as usual.



  • Added New Firearm: Single Action Army (.45 colt)
  • Added New Firearm: Remington Model 8 (.35 Remington, clip-fed)
  • Added Stripper Clip support to SKS Modern
  • Added Stripper Clip support to M14
  • Added Stripper Clip support to MAS 49/56
  • Added SAA and Model 8 to Wurstwurld scene, including ammo spawners for them
  • Added New Ammunition Type: 7.5x54mm French
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): 7.62x38mm
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): 10.6x25mmR
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): 7.63x25mmMauser
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): 7.92x57mmMauser
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): .30 Carbine
  • Added New Ammunition Type (for the future): .30-06 Springfield

  • Scene cleanup button in Wrist menu now removes empty clips
  • MAS 49/56 rechambered to 7.5 French
  • SKS Magazine Properly re-scaled to its proper capacity (10 rounds)
  • Altered MAS 49/56 Coloration
  • Tweaked grab zones for MAS 49/56, SKS Modern, M14

  • Fixed incorrect interaction trigger setup for SKS Magazine
  • Fixed missing serialization references for Saiga12k breaking it in the vault.
  • (WW) Fixed incorrect display of target puzzle completion (was showing checkmark on reveal of sequence, now shows completion checkmark when sequence has been shot).
  • Fixed Bolt Action Fire Selector input bug
  • Anton learned what hashing is
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy howdy,

Guess who should reeeeally be asleep right now. <- This Guy.

Anywho, here's a couple little toys for ya for the 4th. Hope you enjoy.
Have a happy and safe holiday. Make sure to keep all your fingers!



  • Added New Tippy-Toy: Al The Paca
  • Added New Firework: Tank Firework
  • (WW) Added New Toy: Gatling Gun
  • (WW) Added New Device: Numerical Entry Pad

  • Lever action foregrip trigger presses now require a trigger up after pickup before they will function.

  • Fixed ‘Cleanup scene’ breaking Lever Action Guns.
  • Fixed Break-action Shotgun firing upon laser pickup
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Hope y'all have been having a fine ol' time in Wurstwurld. I wanted to get out a quick patch to solve some common issues, and help with some corner cases.

*please note steam is getting bogged down w. the holiday traffic it seems, so it might take a bit for this patch to actually land*

Patch Notes follow:

  • (WW) Added Buttons for returning badge and eSlab to their plinth if you lost em.

  • (WW) Sick of piano music? You can now blast the PA Speakers away (they respawn on level reload)

  • Fixed incorrect scaling on 1873 Rifle and Carbine
  • (WW) Fixed Incorrect Puzzle Serialization for spinney puzzles
  • (WW) Re-enabled a certain old-timey reward functionality. Should be safe to put em on now.
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy Folks!

Hope you’re all gettin’ all them meats together for 4th o’ July weekend (or just a fine summer day of grilling). After close to a month of blood, sweat, tears, and far too much butter (Luuuucaaaas) we have a very special update for y’all. Introducing..


The finest Meat-Themed Attraction ever built. Constructed in now-desertified Western Kansas along the ruins of highway I-70, Wurstwurld was envisioned as the perfect union of all that is ‘Murican; Grilled Meats, Classic Firearms, and Frontier Spirit. Sadly the park was a dismal financial failure, and closed shortly after its grand opening, due to avalanche of wrongful death lawsuits and impatient creditors. You, fine adventurer, stumble upon what remains some years later, in search of its Meaty secrets.

Wurstwurld as a mode grew out of an initial idea to create a themed shooting gallery style environment to go with a pack of Wild West era firearms. As most things I work on though, it quickly scope-creeped several times, as the environment came together, and it felt more appropriate to create something more ‘alive’, layered, and thematically coherent. The result is another sort of ‘game within the game’ of H3, with around 3-4 hours of content, multiple types of activities and challenges, and more voice acting, sound, and environment assets than we’ve ever put into a scene. It is in many ways the most ‘traditionally game-ee’ scene in H3, and we’ve endeavoured to have something there for everyone, no matter what it is in H3 that you enjoy.


First off, Wurstwurld has puzzles to be solved that reveal sequences of targets that need to precisely shot to unlock bank safes. Solve all of these puzzles and you’ll receive a reward that’s wonderfully Old-Timey. In addition, there are several ‘one off’ puzzles with playful audio-log hints scattered around the park.

If you’ve been following the game for a while, you might have noticed that we’ve been heavy on the Hot Dogs, and perhaps a bit light on the Horseshoes so far. This update aims to remedy this with a full 14-post horseshoe course. You’ll have to platform around the environment to find them all, and some of the throws are devilishly hard. Ring all 14 horseshoe posts and you’ll get a reward that’s certainly Shiny!

Make sure you know where you TV, Monitor, Ceiling and anything else shatterable (or capable of shattering your hand) is when doing these! Adam already put a dent in my ceiling testing them (though he asserts that it was there the whole time of course).


In addition to the adventure-gamey aspects of the scene, we’ve built a system for those of you who want some more COMBAT play. The Bandit Bot system is easy to jump into and out of any time you want while playing. Simply take the Deputy badge from the Sheriff’s office and place it in a quick-belt slot. This will turn the level into bandit-mode, causing a Bandit and his Posse to spawn somewhere in the level (never in the starting area though). You then must hunt them down, and grab the Hat of the leader, and return it to the Sheriff’s office. Doing so will give you some S.A.U.C.E. and advance to the next bandit.

Collect the bounty on all 10 bandits and you’ll get a reward that’s Bad to the Bone! If you haven’t gotten enough bandit blastin’ by then, after the 10th bounty is collected, the game enters ‘Bandit Bonanza’ mode, where larger posses of bots continue to spawn in random places around the level. If you enjoy just arm-swingin’ around with your six shooters, you can keep dueling them to your heart’s content. You can also bail out of combat-mode any time instantly by simply removing your Sheriff’s badge from your quick-belt slot.


Of course a Wild West themed environment in H3 wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of new WILD WEST GUNS, so we’ve got a whole buncha those for ya partner. These are include 3 new ‘classes’ of firearm, namely Lever Action Pistols, Shotguns and Rifles.

  • M1887 Shotgun in Full Length and Shorty (Mare’s Leg) - Model by Stefan Engdahl, Sound by Patrick Sutton
  • 1873 Repeater Lever Action Rifle in Full Length and Carbine - Model by Stefan Engdahl, Sound by Patrick Sutton
  • Volcanic Lever Action Pistol - Model by Mario Dalla Bona
  • Bergmann Simplex Pocket Pistol - Model by Darren Harrison
  • S&W Model 10 - Model by Stefan Engdahl, Sound by Patrick Sutton


So despite how MASSIVE this update is, there were a few things I didn’t manage to get to in the month-long-mad-dash to completion (seriously I want to just sleep for a week right now). A few of these elements will be snuck in just before the 4th, so expect a tiny update before then. The rest (like single-action revolvers) proved to be too complex to do rapidly, so will make their appearance later. In addition, this scene will now be ‘home’ to any 1800s firearms that get added from now on, as the challenges and space have been built around their constraints and affordances. Don’t worry, they’ll be in the item spawner as well, so you can use them anywhere. Wurstwurld though, will remain a Wild-West firearms only space though going forward.


In closing, I want to give a huge shout-out to everyone else at RUST (Lucas, Adam, Luke), our respective significant others, Marc Destefano, Patrick Sutton, Stefan Engdahl, Joe Kataldo, and everyone else who made this update possible. I am exceedingly fortunate to be surrounded by artists as talented as they are patient, who rallied to my Meaty flag when I came up with this nutty idea and then went “But it needs to be done in 4 weeks!!!”. Wurstwurld’s particular flavor is the result of the input, effort, and unfiltered zaniness of all of us. We hope you enjoy it!



  • Added New Scene: WURSTWURLD, A Point And Shoot Adventure Game
  • Added New Firearm: M1887 Shotgun, in full length and mare’s leg (12 gauge)
  • Added New Firearm: 1873 Lever Action Rifle in full length and carbine (.45 Long Colt)
  • Added New Firearm: S&W Model 10 Revolver (.38 Special)
  • Added New Firearm: Volcanic Lever Action Pistol (.41 Volcanic)
  • Added New Firearm: Bergmann Simplex Pocket Pistol (8mm Bergmann)
  • Added New Ammo Type: 8mm Bergmann

  • Changed size of PSO-1 scope reticle to make it more legible and accurate to the RL model
  • Indoor Range current firearm’s out by default are this Update’s Western Guns
  • Main Menu scene tiles rearranged to emphasize new content

  • Removed errant geo from PSO-1 scope
  • Fixed incorrect round ejection point for Union French Magazine
  • Cyber Grenade can now be spawn-locked
  • Handgun ItemSpawner Instruction Poster controls corrected
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy folks!

Hope you’re all having an enjoyable start to the Summer! We’ve got some truly special new toys for you this update. The addition of the Saiga-12 shotgun gives us a proper two-hand magazine fed combat shotgun, including a monstrous 20 round drum, and a punchy sound set to match.

Rail Systems:
The new Russian Rail system is a long-awaited solution to the problem of having many folks prefer their AKs with and without rail setups. Rather than having to manage two sets of these firearms, we now have a proper rail type for them, including a Russian-to-Picatinny adapter. Note this does mean that anytime you spawn something like Dragonuv, you will need to mount a PSO-1 on it, or drop the adapter on to mount another scope. With the item-spawner’s vault system though, this should be something you only need to do once. In reality, there are two different types of russian side mounts (AK and SVD), but I’ve simplified this to a single universal russian mount for play convenience (otherwise I would need to have duplicates of every type of russian optic like the Kobra, PK01VS, etc., and it would have simply been too obtuse for folks not familiar with these systems).

The russian rail mounts now exist on the AKM, AK-101, Bizon, Dragonuv and RPG-7. The AKS74u will eventually get one, I just have to make/add a mounting bracket to its receiver. All future Russian long-arms that would normall have this sort of mounting bracket will have them going forward.

Sound Updates:
You’ll notice that a new firearms got replaced sound samples this update (Imbel A2, Revolvers). This was done as a temporary measure to remove some of the egregiously bad samples I had in place. A far more extensive sound replacement is planned eventually (possibly late summer, still planning things). That system will eventually take into account more environmentally accurate reverb, either through a sample + tail system or IR reverb. Still need to benchmark some things to decide. I’ll have more info on this as I make system decisions.

For those of you who’ve been enjoying M.E.A.T.S., I wanted to let you know that there’ll be another batch of sequences in the next update. I’ve got them mostly authored, just have to figure out good scoring thresholds (as I was pretty off the mark with a bunch of them the first time around). I’ve got plans for new modes and target types that will be being filled in through-out the summer, along with a bunch of polish for this mode including some music, better sound effects, and most likely a re-do of the core environment.

4th Of July
As I mentioned in the devlog, we’re working on something reeeeally special for this 4th of July. As the holiday falls awkwardly on a mid-week of this year, the update will be dropping as usual on a friday preceding it, the 30th of June. There will then be a minor update pushing the night before the 4th, for those of you without a BBQ or Oh-god-i’ve-lit-the-house-on-fire-AGAIN event to attend. I’m tremendously excited about this update, and if you’d like to keep tabs on it, I’ll begin teasing some elements of it next week on /r/H3VR.

Finally, special thanks go out to “Patrick Scope-Creep Sutton” who has been invaluable in providing exquisitely detailed accurate models as well as bangin’ sounds for them. He has roundly been a bad influence on me in terms of getting things done that aren’t Russian firearms and accessories :-)

Anywho, I hope you all have an enjoyable and 12-gauge-drum-mag-tastic weekend!


Update Notes:

  • Added New Firearm: Saiga 12 Mag-fed Shotgun (12 gauge) w. 5, 12, 20 round Magazines
  • Added New Attachment Type: Russian (a modular mounting type encompassing AK and SVD mounting brackets)
  • Added New Attachment: Russian To Picatinny Adapter
  • Added New Attachment: Kobra Reflex Sight w. 4 reticle selection (Russian Attachment style)
  • Added New Attachment: PK01VS RedDot Sight (Russian Attachment style)
  • Added New Attachment: PSO-1 4x24 Scope w. Illuminated Reticle switch (Russian Attachment style)
  • Added New Attachment: Salvo Suppressor
  • Added new Item Spawner Functionality: Rounds stored in firearm magazine are now saved (not chambers tho)
  • Added new Cartridge Type: 38 Special in JHP, FMJ, Tracer
  • Added new Cartridge Type: .41 Black Powder Caseless in SP
  • Added new Cartridge Type: 45 Long Colt in SP, Tracer

  • AKM Rifle Completely Replaced (Model, Textures, Sounds, Interactions tuned)
  • AK-101 Rifle Completely Replaced (Model, Textures, Sounds, Interactions tuned)
  • NOTE: Data-structure of Item Spawner Vault was changed. Past saved guns have been cleared. (apologies)

  • “Simple Interactions” (like lever switches) now use the trigger, even on Touch (this was intended initially but a bug was preventing it from working as intended)
  • Firing Sounds for SW29 Revolver Replaced, made more consistent with newer revolver sounds
  • Firing Sounds for SW686 Revolver Replaced, made more consistent with newer revolver sounds
  • Firing Sounds for R8 Revolver Replaced, made more consistent with newer revolver sounds
  • .44 Magnum & .357 Magnum Speedloaders all upgraded to the successful change that Rhino Speedloader had
  • AKM no longer has built-in Picatinny Rail System. You must now attach a Russian-style attachment or adapter.
  • AK101 no longer has built-in Picatinny Rail System. You must now attach a Russian-style attachment or adapter.
  • Bizon SMG no longer has built-in Picatinny Rail System. You must now attach a Russian-style attachment or adapter.
  • Dragonuv Sniper Rifle now longer has built-in Picatinny Rail System. You must now attach a Russian-style attachment or adapter.
  • Russian-Style Rail Adapter added to RPG-7
  • Gamepoint RDS Reticle Size adjusted
  • Imbel A2 sound set modified
  • ItemSpawner Images updated for AKM, AK101, Bizon, Dragonuv

  • Fixed broken destination selection for Dash/Slide locomotion modes
  • Fixed a bunch of logic issue corner cases in Revolver Base Class
  • Fixed Commando 552 Trigger not animating
  • Fixed R8 Revolver having broken top rail mount
  • Item spawner and table positioned swapped in Breaching Prototype scene to prevent score panel from being blocked
  • Added extra ID verification steps to Item Spawner Vault Scan system to prevent serialization of invalid objects
  • Fixed wonky folding stock on UMP45 by upgrading to the more up to date script
  • VZ64 Skorpion bolt now properly holds open after last shot
  • Suppressors on Commando 552 now save to the vault correctly! (please delete older entries of it)
  • Made Commando 552 Bolt release triggerable by tapping it
  • Fixed Commando 552 Magazine Mount Position
  • Suppressors recalled from Vault are now scaled correctly to their firearm
  • Fixed corrupted material map texture on Imbel A2. Its ambient lighting should now look correct.
  • Fixed incorrect mounting position for Mp5a2 magazine
  • Grenade exploding in hand that currently has controller model hidden now correctly re-enables hand model.
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Devlog video here:

Well here it is, after about 10 months of being requested, a Gun Saving system. *ducks* I know that took far far too long to do, but truth be told, back when I built the initial firearm attachments system in H3 (the super janky first rev of it anyway), I really didn't know how to do the sort of scriptable object/database manipulation required to make it work. I could rant for days on all I've learned in that time however, so the time was right to finally make it happen.

One of the side-effects of this system is that I now have some much cleaner meta-data connections between objects / weapons / cartridges / etc. so I'll be able to build richer events to use in M.E.A.T.S. as well as the.... other thing I'm working on that you folks will have a to wait a while to hear about :-P The refactor of the attachment system also made things far more reliable and clean, which I really needed to do before my next big attachment push, namely making the AK-style rails an actual modular system (instead of the permanently welded-on one on the Bizon and AKM).

I hope you folks end up growing to enjoy the Rhino revolvers as much as I have. They've got an almost... deus-ex-ee feel to them, and I love how the Rhino-60 looks with a reflex on top, and a laser+flashlight on the under side. Totally going to be my sidearm of choice going forward.

Anywho, without further ado, here's the full changelog for the update. Let me know if you folks run into any issues!!


Update Notes

  • Added New Firearm: Commando 552 Carbine (5.56x45mm)
  • Added New Firearm Set: Rhino Revolver 60, 50, 40, 20DS (.357 Magnum)
  • Added New Speedloader: .357 Magnum 6-shot
  • Added New System: Firearm VAULT in Item Spawner. Scan configured guns into system and retrieve them later! Available in the Upper right corner of the Item Spawner. Please only have one gun on the plinth at a time for scanning (or it will just pick a random one).
  • Added New Locomotion Option: Front-facing style Teleport (in advanced teleport options). It functions as a two-stage teleport. You first pick your point, then the point relative to it you wish to be facing.

  • (Attachment System) Rail adapters that currently have attachments on them can now NOT be unmounted. Please detach anything attached to them first. This is to prevent both a recurring physics/parenting crash and some corner cases of lost references.
  • (Attachment System) Made internal changes to transformation parenting for attachments. This should cause a minor performance increase for all firearms with attachments.
  • Rail Extender added to fore of Mk 17 (was created for the gun initially by Niklas, but I forgot to add it)
  • Tactical Flashlight now has alternate (detective style) pose. Toggle to it using the trigger.
  • Handgun two-hand recoil damping now occurs when alt hand is holding a magazine or flashlight
  • Revolvers now recoil-damp just like handguns (when 2nd hand is near primary, while empty, or holding mag/flashlight)

  • Ammo Boxes have been removed from the game for performance/resource usage reasons. They will possibly be reimplemented at a future data in a more efficient and reliable way.

  • Fixed Sparkler not showing up in Fireworks section of Item Spawner
  • Famas F1 Reclassified to ‘Assault Rifle’ (as it should have been)
  • Fixed missing brass impact/ejections sounds for 5.56 rounds
  • Fixed Trigger-Up detection for freshly picked up objects that was causing primed Revolvers to discharge upon being picked up.
  • Fixed incorrect velocity sampling for Revolver cylinder and spinning when player rig was rotated
  • Fixed Invisible Dynamite issue (was an LOD bias/culling issue)

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