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There are three classes of armor in Age Of Gladiators II:
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy.

The accelerating tiers of armor provide increasing mitigation values, but at the cost of taking up additional inventory slots on your gladiator.

Light Armor takes 1 slot, Medium Armor takes up 2 slots, and Heavy Armor takes up 3 slots.

Mitigation & Bonuses

All armor classes have two types of mitigation values:
  • Kinetic
  • Energy.
Energy resistances mitigate against ranged laser attacks while kinetic resistances defend against melee hits. Some armors will be balanced evenly between the two mitigation values, while others will balance heavier in one direction or another.

Due to the sophisticated and powerful exoskeleton technology of the armor, they also provide the user with a bonuses to movement and speed (action points). The armor technologies also feature vitality and organ-boosting technology, providing a boost to the armor-wearers overall health during combat (hit points).


Armor mitigations can also be upgraded by armor technicians. How much they boost their armor depends on their upgrading stats for each particular class of armor.

Armor technicians also require a workshop in your base from which to upgrade armor sets – so be sure to build one (I will be talking more about base building in the next few days) if you want to maximize the efficacy of the armor sets you have purchased from the bazaar.

And of course, the occasional legendary armor set can be earned from missions that you send your gladiators on.

Armor shredders are special items that gladiators can arm themselves with to reduce the mitigation values of opponent armor, so consider that as well.


So it’s no longer just a questions of which armor is the provide the best mitigation: it will be important to choose your armor based on the bonuses they provide as well.

Where mitigations also become important is in matching your gladiators equipment based on the individual or team they will be facing – if a gladiator is going to be fighting a ranged specialized opponent, by all means deploy him in that 40% energy resistance, 11% kinetic resistance armor sitting in your inventory. It's pretty much worthless against melee attacks, but it will be practically impervious to ranged ones.

So strategy becomes much more important in selecting armor now more than ever before!
Age of Gladiators - Creative Storm Entertainment
The feedback I received from players was that people wanted more variety in their gladiators. So with that in mind, I created the leveling system in Age Of Gladiators II to be far more robust, allowing players to deploy and try a variety different combat builds out in the arena!

Attributes and Combat Stats

With Age Of Gladiators II, there are now 12 physical attributes in total that contribute partially to an equal number of different combat stats.

Each physical attribute contributes 75% into one combat stat and 25% into another. This equates into more planning and strategy when shaping the physical attributes of your gladiator.

Here’s a breakdown of how attributes work:

  • Strength: Determines Melee Hit Damage (75%) and Block Chance (25%)
  • Stamina: Determines Counter-Attack Change (75%) and Hit Points (25%)
  • Aim: Determines Ranged Hit Chance (75%) and Ranged Damage (25%)
  • Vision: Determines Ranged Damage (75%) and Special Item Cooldown (25%)
  • Perception: Determines Critical Chance (75%) and Ranged Hit Chance (25%)
  • Reflexes: Determines Block Chance (75%) and Melee Hit Chance (25%)
  • Agility: Determines Dodge Chance (75%) and Counter-Attack Chance (25%)
  • Speed: Determines Action Points (75%) and Dodge Chance (25%)
  • Intelligence: Determines Special Item Cooldown (75%) and Critical Chance (25%)
  • Coordination: Determines Melee Hit Chance (75%) and Melee Hit Damage (25%)
  • Aggression: Determines Species Ability Cooldown (75%) and Action Points (25%)
  • Vitality: Determines Hit Points (75%) and Species Ability Cooldown (25%)

Or in reverse, here are the combat stats and the attributes used to feed them:

  • Action Points: Determined by Speed (75%) and Aggression (25%)
  • Hit Points: Determined by Vitality (75%) and Stamina (25%)
  • Block Chance: Determined by Reflexes (75%) and Strength (25%)
  • Dodge Chance: Determined by Agility (75%) and Speed (25%)
  • Counter-Attack Chance: Determined by Stamina (75%) and Agility (25%)
  • Special Item Cooldown: Determined by Intelligence (75%) and Vision (25%)
  • Species Ability Cooldown: Determined by Aggression (75%) and Vitality (25%)
  • Ranged Hit Chance: Determined by Aim (75%) and Perception (25%)
  • Ranged Hit Damage: Determined by Vision (75%) and Aim (25%)
  • Melee Hit Chance: Determined by Coordination (75%) and Reflexes (25%)
  • Melee Hit Damage: Determined by Strength (75%) and Coordination (25%)
  • Critical Hit Chance: Determined by Perception (75%) and Intelligence (25%)

As well, Initiative, which contributes to the roll of which gladiator or team of gladiators gets first move in the arena is determined as follows:
Initiative: Speed (25%), Aggression (25%), Intelligence (25%), Perception (25%)

So as you can see, there are now a wide array of combat possibilities based on a gladiator's physical make-up.


Each time a gladiator levels up, they are further shaped by their expertise. With Age of Gladiators II, Expertise is split into Offensive and Defensive categories. This will allow you to further customize your gladiator into a damage or tank build (or both).

As well, Expertise will allow you to create other types of more specific builds as well. For example, if the attributes of your gladiator favor a fighting style of dodging and counter-attacking, you can further take advantage of these skills in combat by putting Expertise points into Inspired Agility and Lethal Counterstrike – which will mean that each time a gladiator dodges or counter-attacks, they will also rejuvenate hit points.

It is no longer just a mighty and strong gladiator that is viable in the arena. Imagine rolling out physically weaker but speedy gladiator that dodges most attacks and then counter-attacks right after, while also healing damage each time as well.

Weapons Training

Another dimension to leveling now is the specific weapons training.

Weapons training is split into two categories: Ranged and Melee. A gladiator can only train each turn in one of the two categories. Their weapons discipline is initially determined by their physical attributes – but you can change this at any time.

Once a gladiator earns either a Ranged or Melee level, they can assign a point into a specific weapon choice belonging to whichever discipline they are currently training in:

  • Pistol
  • Carbine
  • Rifle

  • Vibroblade
  • Sword
  • Axe
Training points add a damage bonus to the weapon of your choice. This allows for further customization of your gladiators to use weapons that make most sense for their build.

A gladiator can use any weapon you desire, but the advanced training specializations allow you to build a gladiator that is extremely lethal with specific types of weapons.


The leveling system in Age of Gladiators II has been created so that you can create and roll out a multitude of different combat builds, using weapons of your choice. I wanted to avoid a strict class system, instead making it possible to mix-and-match various attributes, expertise selections, and weapons specialties in order for you to forge forward with the gladiators of your choosing.

If you want a speedy and agile pistoleer equipped with light armor and specialized gear, you can make that build. Or if you want a slow-moving, heavily armored tank wielding an deadly axe, you can do so as well!
Age of Gladiators - Creative Storm Entertainment
As some of you might know, we have been hard at work on the sequel to Age Of Gladiators! At this time I anticipate an August release, but will keep you updated if that changes. The arenas are being finished right now and the animations are being finalized. It's getting close!

I'm proud to announce the store page has gone up just an hour ago, so you can find more information about the game here:
Age Of Gladiators II - Store Page

I will continue to keep everyone posted here.

It's been a truly exciting time this last year with all of you. I have listened to many of your amazing suggestions in the forums and anything I could not implement in the first game, I applied to the sequel; namely a 3D combat system and more in-depth strategy.

I hope you enjoy the unique and exciting sci-fi setting of Age Of Gladiators II.

Build your story! Build your empire!

Community Announcements - Creative Storm Entertainment
New update is now live!

The following items were completed during this small patch:

  • Added four new portraits (3 male, 1 female)
  • Fixed a minor grammatical error on the battle screen
  • Removed the morale loss indicator on the arena screen when the fight purse perk has been selected
  • Fixed bug where gladiators received losses on record when losing in an exhibition match

Will be adding more changes in the coming months!

Community Announcements - Creative Storm Entertainment
As requested, this is a small but important update that adds an infinite number of save slots to the game, as well as auto-saving after each turn. This is great for players who want to manage multiple careers at the same time!

Community Announcements - Creative Storm Entertainment
The latest update (3.0) is now live!

Here are some of the changes:

  • Over 70 new gladiator origins have been added to the game (an example of a past life can include horse thief, street urchin, ex-soldier, cook, baker, marauder, and more). Origins also provide a small stat bonus to fighters when they are born depending on the type.
  • Different places of birth have now been added to each fighter.
  • Automatic leveling has now been added to the game as an option if players want to see how their gladiators level on their own.
  • Four new portraits added to the game.
  • Few more minor bugs have been fixed.

Hope you enjoy!

Community Announcements - Creative Storm Entertainment
The latest update (2.1.1) is now live!

Here are some of the changes:

  • Option to use female gladiators now added to game. This will only work for new games and is a selection on the set up screen.
  • A Long Campaign option has been added – this will take players much longer to get to Rome if selected.
  • Over 60 new after-battle messages added depending on gladiator cause of death.
  • Combat stances (aggressive, normal, defensive) have been added for gladiators – this can be set before battle on the fighter presentation screen.
  • Beast baseline stats and monetary rewards have been increased slightly.
  • Right mouse key increases gladiator attributes by 10 (or maximum number of skill points if less than are 10 available).
  • Space bar now ends turn.
  • Clean house mail and counter mail reminding players that they can execute fighters and staff for their gold savings.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.

Hope you enjoy!

Mar 18, 2016
Community Announcements - Creative Storm Entertainment
Latest update is now up.

Here are some of the changes:

  • Exhibition matches against beasts (wolves, panthers, tigers, bears, and lions) have now been added to the game. This gives players another avenue to advance starting-level fighters (10 or lower) and earn a bit of money while waiting for regular fight days.
  • Feed permanently injured fighters to hungry animals.
  • Age Of Gladiators can now be played with Steam in offline mode.
  • Various retirement texts now added to the game depending on play style.
  • Human owned gladiators can now be given instructions to try and spare defeated foes (enemies can still be executed by crowd vote though).
  • Stat added in office to show gladiators freed by player.
  • Increase enemy boss recruitment of fighters by 5%.
  • Players now start with 70,000 denarii.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for main navigation (Stable, Staff, Market, Recruit, Office).
  • Adjusted reputation gain and loss to be significantly smaller each time.
  • Showman now has a 25% purse bonus instead of 100%.
  • Gladiators in Hall of Fame: view history button now available.
  • Animal Kills now show up as stat for gladiator.
  • Added a burn rate mail message warning a player if they are potentially spending too much money each day.
  • Updated Blacksmith tooltip to be more clear that they buff weapons and armor, not maintain them.
  • Staff life savings now seized upon execution.
  • Version number added to splash screen.
  • Fixed map so that Brundisium pin is now showing after reaching Rome.
  • Fixed a small formatting bug when viewing enemy fighters.

Community Announcements - Creative Storm Entertainment
This round I wanted to fix the major bugs in game as well as add a bit of balancing. Many of these have been suggested by the community.

Here are the changes:

  • Fixed occasional bug where game crashed after end turn was hit.
  • Fixed occasional bug where game crashed when selecting a boss to fight.
  • Gladiators previously human owned and reacquired from enemy bosses now show as being in transit back to player stable.
  • Interest rates lowered slightly for loans.
  • Adding a skill point to health now adds 5 extra HP instead of 1.
  • Fixed tooltip hover message over blacksmith armor skill.
  • Morale loss: this has been decreased slightly for certain actions.
  • Morale boost from pay raises has been increased from 5 morale points to 25.
  • Added weapons/armour status and information when rolling over gladiator name in stable.
  • Split Stable upgrades into increasing or decreasing morale sections.
  • Adjusted stable upgrades to be cheaper, food is now a set cost (on previous save games, you will need to end a turn to see proper maintenance costs in ledger)
  • Fixed bug where reversed stable improvements were not properly reconciling with maintenance amount in ledger.
  • Fixed a bug where fatigue recovery time would be thousands of days and added a maximum to all additional fatigue from fighting while already tired.
  • Merchant: added an additional 150,000 to origin.
  • Selling price of gladiators to enemy bosses: selling price should closely match the recruiting price and then increase with levels and attributes. This is to prevent overpaying by AI bosses.
  • Enemy bosses now offer different prices for gladiators based on their evaluation talents.
  • Added a tooltip to the fight hype text explaining that higher hyper fights will result in more challenging enemies.
  • Changed tooltip background to an opaque black instead of gray for increased visibility of text.
  • Company logo screen will switch to splash screen after a few seconds.
  • Perks: fatigue removal changed to fatigue reduction (50%)
  • Fixed numerous tool-tips to be more informative
  • Critical damage: this reported clearer on the gladiator expertise screen

You may need to restart your Steam for it to immediately update to the newest build.

Next update will look at adding some additional portraits, beasts, and some additional fun changes. As well, now that I have more information on the bug where the game crashes sometimes when facing a gladiator in the arena that you previously owned, I will be working on that one next.

Feb 28, 2016
Community Announcements - Creative Storm Entertainment
Upcoming Update

Next update will include the following:

  • Bugs: will be looking at the infinite fatigue bug, the rare game crash that has been reported on the End Turn, and more.
  • Gladiator Portraits: more are being worked on (including a couple optional female ones as well.)
  • Stable Upgrades: will be making it clearer which upgrades increase morale and which ones decrease it.
  • Morale: will be looking at this and making sure it is as balanced and well-explained as possible.
  • Stable: rollover tool-tip on stable page to show which weapon a gladiator is equipped with and its condition.
  • City Balancing: will be looking at each city to make sure the challenge is as balanced as possible.
  • Retirement text: will be adding some flavor text based on score. Akin to Mount & Blade, Pirates, etc...

Lions, Bears, Bugs (Fixes) And More!

Some additional things I am strongly considering for a future (but very near) update:

  • Lions and bears! This will likely coincide with an exhibition "training" match system that has been suggested by a lot of players. This will allow people to train a gladiator once a day in non-death matches against animals. I am still working on the concept and will be fleshing this out further in the coming days.
  • Additional Battle Text: during battles describing the action in more detail. This will be in addition to the turn based messages currently seen.
  • Gladiator Origins: expanded origins based on what country they come from: Italia, Carthage, Africa, Germany, etc...
  • Sponsorship: will be looking at potentially increasing the percentage for this, or lowering the cost slightly for each sponsorship tier.
  • Hall Of Fame: will likely be adding the ability to view a fighter's win-loss and injury history in the hall of fame.
  • Steam Workshop: will be looking at adding this for people.

There are many more fantastic suggestions that I am also looking at and sorting. If you are interested in leaving your own feedback, please visit the Game Suggestions Thread in the discussions section.


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