Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Jens Erik)
If you missed our livestream this afternoon you can catch up with it over on our YouTube channel! Tune in for more information about the map room, a neutral NPC city, and a bunch of questions from chat and Reddit.

Check it out:
Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Nicole V)
Hey all!

We're happy to announce that Conan Exiles has new official forums open now! These new forums allow for better communication and offer some really cool features. Information will be easy to find between bug reports, patch notes, announcements, and things of the sort. You can make an account here:

You'll also notice forums for our other games as well. Feel free to check them out! If you feel that something can be changed or added to the new forums, you can let us know in the "Forum Feedback Thread" under the Suggestions and Feedback category.

UPDATE: We will be removing all subforums besides the following on Friday:
-Workshop Discussions
We are still going to be closing the other subforums here and focusing on the official forums in order to accommodate everyone as we approach the full launch. Some moderation will still be done on Steam.
Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Jens Erik)

Hey everyone! It's mid-March already (time sure does fly) and we've been preparing for a trip to San Francisco and the Game Developer's Conference. Two people from Funcom will be on the show floor presenting Conan Exiles and Mutant Year Zero: The Road to Eden*, which was announced at the end of February. Community Manager Jens Erik will be at Epic Games' booth to demo Conan Exiles on consoles. If you're at the event and want to have a chat, feel free to reach out to us.

If you haven't tried it yet, the new combat system and content revamp is available for trial on Testlive. We once again want to thank everyone for participating and for giving us feedback As mentioned last week, there are additional builds coming that introduces some new changes and bug fixes. The next time we update the Testlive servers we will also review the number and configuration of all Testlive servers. 

Over on the console side of things we're still wrapping up certification. We know this has taken a while and that the wait has been frustrating for our Xbox community, but we still intend to roll out the next Xbox patch after certification is all wrapped up.

*Funcom is only publishing Mutant Year Zero. The Conan Exiles team is fully focused on Conan Exiles, to fully wrap up the game and prepare for launch. Only people from Funcom's management and marketing teams are going to GDC.

Performance and compatibility testing

We recently did a big performance and compatibility test with our external QA partner, Testronic, and we've started going through the results of this test. It's given us a lot of really helpful data that we can use to improve the game.

There are many different types of QA (Quality Assurance). There's Functionality QA, which is making sure all of the game's features are working as intended while also rooting out bugs and glitches. There's Certification QA, to see if a game meets the requirements and standards set by the platform creators. We go through this when releasing patches for Conan Exiles. Localization QA checks how a game handles displaying different languages.

Compatibility QA means we're testing the game on several different types of hardware. This is usually done externally, since you need a lot of computer parts to do this kind of testing. It also takes a lot of time to assemble, configure and run tests. Big developers like EA and Activision have the capacity to do this in-house, but for us it means using an external partner.

For this test we set up different testing scenarios for both single-player games and dedicated servers. We defined hotspots around the map that affect CPU and GPU performance (based on internal testing and community feedback), places like the Black Hand Pirate ship and other highly populated areas with a lot of activity. Over 70 different configurations were tested, mixing up CPUs and GPUs from Intel, Nvidia and AMD, on all settings, from Laptop Mode to Ultra.

One of the things we found was that due to the optimizations we've done for the console versions the game uses a lot less system memory on PC now than at the start of Early Access a year ago.

The Unreal Engine doesn't use all processor cores efficiently, which is why Intel processors appear to be running the game better, even if an equivalent AMD processor would be more powerful if all cores were utilized. Consequently, we noticed that newer Intel I3 Dual Core CPUs managed to run the game quite well. There's a limit to how much we can change without incurring huge engineering refactoring costs. We might change our system requirements accordingly, though nothing's been decided just yet.

In the table below, we have summarized our findings from the compatibility tests. The results are relatively conservative and should allow you to have a good experience if you have similar configurations. Obviously, if you're playing in a stressful scenario with lots of players and buildings, performance will be different. If your game performance is severely different from our estimates in the table below, please get in touch with one of our community managers, as there may be some compatibility issues that we're not aware of.

(Right click on the image and select "Open in New Tab" for a better picture)

What the teams have been working on in the past week:

Every Friday, the development team meets up to highlight and talk about what they’ve been working on recently: New content and features, bugs that have been fixed, and things to come down the pipeline. To not make this newsletter overly long we're only sticking to the highlights. Even if something isn't explicitly mentioned things are still being worked on "behind the scenes", and we'll mention these when they're relevant.

Monster Hunters

Our intrepid monster hunters have been tweaking creature attacks and behaviors, working closely with the Berserkers team to prevent players from simply stunlocking creatures during fights. This week in particular the rhinos have gotten new melee and charge attacks, which will force players to be more active when fighting them. We'll have gifs of this very soon, after it's gotten some additional polish.

And now, some gifs of creature taunts:

Panther Taunt

Bat Demon Taunt


Last week we mentioned some changes to the decay system and now we can talk about what those changes mean for the game. Placeables are meant to decay the same as buildings, removing themselves from the overworld once their timer runs out. We're introducing a change that will make placeables attach to a building's decay score if it's inside the building's land claim bubble. Anything placed outside the land claim bubble will get its own decay score and become abandoned at its own pace. Lone placeables decay much faster than if they're in the proximity of a building.

The Vanguard has also been working on Testlive bugs, specifically an exploit that would allow players to run incredibly fast. This fix will be rolled out in the next Testlive build, along with over 300 other changes and bug fixes we've been working on internally.

RCON support will roll out with the next PC patch. We've already seen a lot of feedback from server moderators since the announcement, which has been incredibly helpful for sussing out what kind of functionality you expect from an RCON feature. Please continue to provide us with feedback.

Finally, our lead programmer has been testing out ways of improving building replication, making the game load in buildings much faster. This should also improve server performance and take care of some exploitative play along the way.


As always, it's all about combat balancing and changes for Team berserkers. Specifically, dodging. The new combat system was designed to be more tactical, forcing players to think a few moves ahead and choose when to go in for an attack and when to get out of the way. It's about looking for an opening and striking at an opportune moment.

What we noticed during combat test, and what our community has told us via Testlive feedback, is that there's a lot of dodging being done in all fights. If your Grit Attribute was high enough you could dodge roll circles around your opponents and never get hit. So, we've changed dodging to have a percentage-based cost. This restricts you to dodging 4-6 times before your stamina runs out, forcing you to be more selective with your evasions.

Final Wrap Up

We're streaming again this Friday, at 5pm CET. This will be our first re-streamed dev stream, broadcasting to both Twitch and Mixer. We ran a quick test on Tuesday to see if everything was working properly and we might do some additional tests before we go live on Friday. Joel will be back to answer questions and talk a bit about new stuff making it into the game.

There might not be a traditional newsletter next week, since our community manager is in San Francisco at GDC, but maybe we'll be able to do a quick update.
Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Jens Erik)

Welcome to March and the next Conan Exiles community newsletter.

It's been very cold here in Norway for the past few weeks, but we're finally over that February hump. It's getting (slightly) warmer and we're keeping our eyes locked on spring and the launch of Conan Exiles on May 8th.

We have about three more weeks until content lock, which is when we need to be done implementing all the content that's going into the Gold Build and the Day 1 patch. After that it's nothing but polishing, bugfixing and optimization until launch.

In case you missed it on Friday you can catch up with our latest developer stream over on our YouTube channel. Lead designer Oscar Lopez Lacalle subbed in for Joel to talk about changes to the game's bow mechanics, armor tiering, creature updates and armor tiering. It's an informative stream, so we suggest you check it out:

What the teams have been working on in the past week:

Every Friday, the development team meets up to highlight and talk about what they’ve been working on recently: New content and features, bugs that have been fixed, and things to come down the pipeline. To not make this newsletter overly long we're only sticking to the highlights. Even if something isn't explicitly mentioned things are still being worked on "behind the scenes", and we'll mention these when they're relevant.

Monster Hunters

From the Monster Hunters this week we're bringing you some gifs to showcase the work they've been doing. Creatures and monsters have been given taunts and greater attack variety, giving them a bigger deck of cards to choose from when going after a player. It will also make them more dangerous to fight.

Scorpion stinger attack

There are also special threat and taunt animations coming in to signal to players that creatures are liable to attack. These animations will activate when players move within a certain range, giving you a brief window to turn around run in the other direction. We'll have more gifs of these in the coming weeks.

Horn attack


The Terraformers team have been preparing the game for implementation of the Purge mechanic. This involves playtesting our internal version in order to give feedback to the designers so they can iterate on what they've made.

The Purge mechanic will spawn in creatures and NPCs to attack your base in order to destroy things, even when you're not logged in. You'll need to consider the placement of traps, walls, thralls and other defences to protect your stuff. The Purge mechanic will be active on all official servers. On private servers an administrator can customize and configure the Purge or turn it off completely if they so choose.

Beyond that they've been giving the character creator a makeover, adding more elements to the scene so it looks like a space within the Exiled Lands. This, coupled with the new post-character creation in-game cinematic, will explain how your character came to consciousness near the lore stone in the beginning of the game. The idea is to create a better flow when going from character creation to the game proper.


We covered a lot of further combat changes in our livestream, but if you don't feel like sitting through an hour and 15 minutes of livestream footage we'll give you guys a quick summary here as well.

Ranged weapons have gotten some more love, with new aiming and accuracy mechanics. Bows will be inaccurate when moving and shooting, so we recommend planting your feet if you want to land your shots. Your Accuracy score reduces the penalty, but you might still miss if you're firing while on the move. The bow has also gotten a light attack three-shot combination, letting you fire off three arrows in quick succession. Finally, the bow's heavy attack zooms in again, for better accuracy. It's still a timed attack, but we're considering what our options are with the bow's heavy attack down the line.

Bow combo

Target locking has been changed so both characters will always be visible when fighting and camera movement has been smoothed out. Check out the gif below to see it in action.

Target locking

We are reviewing and balancing the different weapons against each other. We're now at a point where we can iterate and change things in the combat system to improve balance and fun factor. These are all recent changes that aren't currently represented in the Testlive version but will be rolled out soon.


Coming out of the Vanguard camp are more bug and crash fixes and this week we want to give particular attention to fixes done to the decay system. The system hasn't been working optimally and so we've been working on changing it for the better.

We also want to address the subject of placeables. They are supposed to decay alongside buildings, but haven't so far. This has led to floating placeables mucking up servers, making things look weird. Our decay system revamp will also work on placeables, improving immersion.

Finally, and I know this is something private server admins will appreciate, we're going to be rolling out RCON support for Conan Exiles. RCON (Remote Connection) allows server admins to remotely connect to their servers to spawn items, kick and ban players, use any availble admin command on a targeted player, as well as access the game database. This access is a very powerful tool and allows admins to look at the current live saved state of the server using SQL. The initial list of supported RCON commands will cover the most important features, but we have an option to expand this list based on community feedback.

The technical manual will be updated before launch with a short guide on RCON functionality.

Final wrap up

We're doing a contest this week, starting from March 8th, where you can win a special prize celebrating the amazing women from our games over the years. More details to come on Thursday.

Keep that Testlive feedback coming in, but please keep it delegated to just the main patch notes thread in the Testlive subforum. Please do not open new threads.


Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Nicole V)
Bow Changes, Weapon and Armor Tiers, Creature Combat and Farming!

Jens Erik, a Community Manager, and Oscar Lopez Lacalle, the lead designer on Conan Exiles go into details of changes made to combat and all kinds of other informaton.
YouTube link here:
Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Jens Erik)
Good morning, cheeky balloon animals!

We hope everyone's been enjoying the new combat system, which we rolled out on PC Testlive last week. The feedback we have gotten so far has been incredibly helpful with helping us find issues to fix and things to tweak. Please keep the feedback and comments coming. New builds will be rolled out to Testlive with additional fixes.

In the future we'll also talk about some of the bugs and issues you've reported to us from the Testlive build and how we're fixing them. A lot of it has been improved already. From the current Testlive build to the latest internal development build there are around 300 changes.

There were some freezes on the Testlive servers over the weekend, due a recursive item reference which has now been found and fixed and will be patched to Testlive later today. We also noticed players having trouble finding the servers in the browser. This was fixed and rolled out to Testlive on Tuesday.

Finally, we want to speak to the Xbox audience. We wanted to let you know that we haven't forgotten you and that we will patch the Xbox version of Conan Exiles. As soon as certification ends, which should be soon, we will be able to roll out the Update 32 parity patch on Xbox One.

What the teams have been working on in the past week:

Every Friday, the development team meets up to highlight and talk about what they’ve been working on recently: New content and features, bugs that have been fixed, and things to come down the pipeline. To not make this newsletter overly long we're only sticking to the highlights. Even if something isn't explicitly mentioned things are still being worked on "behind the scenes", and we'll mention these when they're relevant.


The mighty Vanguard are our forward troops in the fight against the bugs and exploits. They also help smooth out gameplay systems and mechanics in need of some extra love and attention. This past week there's been a big update to the Feats interface, grouping a lot of blueprints together and organizing them based on theme and content. We think this will make navigating the Feats window much easier for players, letting you understand everything at a glance.

We're hooking up a post-character creation in-game cinematic to replace the temporary one that's currently in the game. This will offer up more details in the game's story, you'll get to see more of Conan, and we've even made a facial rig to give your player character facial expressions in the in-game cinematic.

Finally, the moaning sound that would sometimes play when drinking water has been removed. No more sexy sounds, but we're leaving the door open for our Audio team to create and add some cool buff sounds.


The Terraformers are working on creating new content while also rebalancing existing content. Following up on the armor and weapons revamps we talked about two weeks ago we had some questions from players asking how this will affect NPC drops. Weapons and armors will still drop as loot from NPCs, and we've now also added cultural armors as drops from NPCs belonging to that culture. Meaning you might get Stygian armor from Stygians, Nordheimer armor from Nordheimers, etc.

Speaking of NPCs, populations across the entire game are still being tweaked as part of the content revamp. You'll be able to experience this very soon on Testlive. If you've been playing around with the Testlive build you have already seen some of the effects this has had on NPC and resource placements. You might also have run into the world bosses: bigger, more dangerous versions of regular enemies that stick to certain areas in the map. There are more of them coming, but what they are remains to be seen.

In terms of thralls we've also begun working on a new type of thralls that will work as item carriers for players. You'll find them in camps, just like regular thralls. Once broken they'll have a much greater inventory space than other thralls, based on their tier level, letting you take a lot of extra stuff with you for when you go out on expeditions! This was another reason to have mounts and we have found an alternative by implementing carrier thralls.

Thralls is a natural part of the game already, so we wanted to expand the system further. We felt that carrier thralls made sense as a way of increasing players' carrying capacity.

Monster Hunters

Ostrich Run

The Monster Hunters have been doing a lot of quality of life work on creatures and monsters. Forward movement's been improved, attack boxes have been adjusted and animations have been polished to look better.

We've also re-implemented additive animations on creatures. That's what you see in the video above. They were removed when the new AI came in a while back and needed to be re-implemented alongside animations for when animals would turn in place. It resulted in creature animations being a bit stuttery, but now that we have the Monster Hunters team we're able to re-implement it and smooth it out, so things look better. All animals have additive animations now except the very small ones (rabbits, baby animals, cobras, etc). The new system is improved from before. It allows us to have different additive turning based on the creature's movement speed.

Final Wrap Up

It is a streaming week again and so we'll be running another developer stream on Friday. Joel won't be joining us, so lead designer Oscar will be taking his place. We'll talk about farming, show some new combat improvements, and bring in someone from the Monster Hunters team to talk about the creature revamp they've been doing.

The time and place, as always, are at 5pm CET. We hope you'll join us!


Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Nicole V)
Hey all!

We've released the newest combat on our TestLive Servers. If you'd like to check it out and leave us feedback, please go here:

EDIT: New smaller patch has been released. Leave feedback here now:

We read all feedback posted there so please be sure to comment on that thread. Please refrain from posting bugs currently on live. If you're unsure how to switch to TestLive, you can read the instructions here:

Thanks and have fun!

Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Jens Erik)

Good evening little dogs of the intertube. We're back with another community newsletter, recapping the last week of development on Conan Exiles.

On Friday we released a blog post with a list of what you can expect from Conan Exiles at launch. We've been following the community's reactions and while we might not be able to respond to everything we are reading your feedback. We have a vision of what Conan Exiles should be, which might differ from your vision of what Conan Exiles should be, and our job as a developer is to merge the two into a coherent whole. Game development is normally a closed process, but because we opted for Early Access we also had to make sure that the community had a voice. The new combat system is a direct consequence of this interaction that fits in with the Conan vision.

Coming up in the beginning of March we'll be running compatibility tests to check the game against several different types of hardware configurations to see how the game performs. The purpose of the test is to identify performance bottlenecks and compatibility issues, e.g. problems running the game with a specific type of CPU, GPU or OS version.

As part of optimizing for console we have introduced several tweaks and fixes that improve performance on PS4 and Xbox One. The good news is that several of these optimizations also apply to PC, and are especially useful on lower-end PC configurations.We will be testing these fixes on a wider range of PC hardware configurations than we have access to internally as part of these tests.

We're still ironing out the kinks in the new combat system. Our goal is still to have it out on Testlive very soon for testing. The current plan is to keep the new combat system on Testlive for a few weeks to get extensive testing and feedback before rolling it out to Live. That way we can also get large scale testing and stress testing of the combat system before launch.

What the teams have been working on in the past week:
Every Friday, the development team meets up to highlight and talk about what they’ve been working on recently: New content and features, bugs that have been fixed, and things to come down the pipeline. To not make this newsletter overly long we're only sticking to the highlights. Even if something isn't explicitly mentioned things are still being worked on "behind the scenes", and we'll mention these when they're relevant.

Tech and Tools
It's been a while since we've heard from the guys over on the technical side of Conan Exiles, so we figured it would be good to check in and see what they've been up to. While the Vanguard works directly on game features, Tech and Tools work on backend features. The Tools subteam are the guys in charge of making sure everything we use to make the game works as intended. They build and maintain our internal tools for source control, build system and version making, crash report gathering and handling and smoke tests. Sometimes they also help create systems that are implemented into the game, like the voice chat system.

The engine subteam focuses on a wide array of things needed for the game to run properly, such as dedicated server support, client and server optimizations, engine level bug and crash fixes, and a host of other technical stuff going on under the hood. The game's sand tech, where you'll leave trails in the desert sand as you walk, comes from the engine subteam. The optimization tests we mentioned earlier are also within the realm of the tech team.

This past week the Tech team has been battling it out with engine optimizations and various certification issues that have popped up when we're submitting builds to Sony and Microsoft. Definitely valuable work now that we're moving ever close to leaving Early Access.

Monster Hunters
The Monster Hunters team was introduced last week as the team in charge of revamping monster and creature NPCs for the new combat system. They've been prototyping monster attacks, primarily testing new setups for Shalebacks, crocodiles and hyenas for now, in addition to experimenting with hyper armor. Hyper armor means the creature can't be staggered when it performs certain attacks, putting an aggressive player in greater danger when engaging a monster.

Our end goal with the creature revamp is making them feel smarter and more dangerous to players. The old combat system was more like an MMORPG than an action game, where a creature would stand in front of you and attack. Under the new paradigm we plan to make creature attacks more varied, with better anticipation time and "tells" so you'll know what comes next. 

In addition to being the combat team The Berserkers are also the guys in charge of movement and animation for the human characters in the game. Since we want to support using tools in the first-person viewpoint we have been revamping the first-person perspective animations to make it all look better.

Based on community feedback from the combat stream the Berserkers have been making some improvements to camera behavior when locked onto a target. We had a lot of players ask us not to have your character in center frame when locking on, as this would obscure your target. We've listened to your feedback and moved the camera up higher and slightly to the side. This way your target will always be visible to you when fighting. The camera will also move dynamically depending on where you are in relation to your enemy.

Finally, there's been some changes to the way stun-locking works in the game. All heavy attacks will give you hyper armor, preventing you from being stun-locked. This will not only help when facing a crowd of enemies, but also means you can more reliably land hits. Then again, that goes for your opponent as well.

Over in the art department we've had a character art workshop for our 3D modellers. This is so we'll have more people to help us with our character assets and art pipeline in the future. Currently there's three people creating every piece of clothing, every human model and every monster and creature you see in the game. Thanks to this workshop we've been able to diversify and have more people available if need be. 

In terms of new clothing and outfits the Derkheto priest(ess) outfit is coming together nicely in the concepting stage. Derkheto is a death/sex goddess, but designing her followers' clothes is proving trickier than you might think. You'll get to see it soon and we think you're going to like it.

The Vanguard team is working on translation and UI fixes, making sure the game manages to display all the 11 languages it's being translated into. Some languages have been breaking the user interface in various exciting ways. This obviously can't happen in a finished game, which is why we're fixing it.

One of our coders has been doing some fixes to the temperature system, digging through it to work out some of the kinks. Bugs frequently encountered by the community have been fixed and the system should be more reliable than before.

If you caught up with our blog on Friday, you'd see that we're adding a fast travel/teleportation feature. We always talked about doing teleportation as part of the sorcery system, and since mounts aren't making it into the game for launch, we wanted to create a way for players to cut down on on-foot travel time. The Map Room, which is a placeable you can build, is our solution. By building a Map Room in your base you can travel to special obelisks you've discovered in the Exiled Lands. To build it you'll need to find the recipe out in the Exiled Lands and when you teleport or get close to the obelisks you will gain corruption, cutting down on your max health and stamina.

Finally, we've been conducting some memory tests on our Testlive servers with the help of diligent members of our community. They answered the call we put out on Twitter, jumping into the servers to play, build, fight and give us some very valuable data. Thanks everyone, we really couldn't have done it without you! 

The testing was to check out some recent memory leaks, seeing what triggers them. We've run three tests on Testlive and gotten some leads on how to proceed with taking care of the issue. We are aware of the way our live-servers are performing and have collected databases to examine them for data on how our players are playing the game. It gives us a lot of important and useful information in terms of bottlenecks and fixes we need to do. We'll also do spot checks on official servers, so you may have been playing with a Funcom developer without even knowing it! This way we'll be able to improve performance on both PC and console.

Final wrap up
Community Manager Jens Erik will be at the Norwegian Game Awards in Trondheim on Friday. We're sponsoring the event and giving away a Best Game Concept award, so if you're at the event feel free to come around to have a chat.

There won't be a Conan Exiles stream this week, but mark your calendars for March 2nd when we'll be streaming again.


Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Nicole V)
Hey all! Today's stream began the first 25 minutes with Joel answering questions and clarifying some details about the launch features.

The rest is Nicole and Jens hanging out with the amazing people behind the Pippi mod, being shown around and seeing the incredible things they've made. This includes a portal room to mazes and puzzles as well as a dance party with hundreds of guests as well as music.
Here's a link to the mod:

And here is the stream:
Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Jens Erik)

Dear Exiles,

As we’re getting closer and closer to launch we’re stocking up on the midnight oil and we’re burning it with reckless abandon. These are busy times, hectic times, but also very exciting times. The studio is buzzing with activity and we’re working hard to make sure the game is ready for the grand premiere on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 8th.

With only three months to go before the big day, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you about how the launch version of Conan Exiles will look.

In the past couple of months, we’ve had to make some serious decisions as to what will be in for launch. We’ve been going through every aspect of the game (including things still in development) and we have evaluated everything based on a range of criteria. Some features or content simply ended up not being good enough, some things have ended up not making sense for the game, some things have been replaced with other features and content, while some things just turned out to be out of reach from a technical or development capacity standpoint. When you’re closing in on launch you must make some difficult choices and we’ve been doing a lot of that during the past few months.

We’re now at a point where we are able to commit to what’s going to be in for launch and what’s not, and we want to take this opportunity to offer full transparency on what and why.

This coming Friday we will be doing another live stream where we will set aside some time to talk about this update. If you have any questions or comments please let us know during the stream and we will try and answer as many questions and address as many comments we can. The stream will go live at 5pm CET on Friday February 16th at

Major new features and content coming for launch

Swamp and Volcano Biomes

When we launch Conan Exiles, the world will be twice as big than it was when we first launched Early Access. Starting May 8th players will have full access to a vast new swamp biome, full of new monsters, new crafting recipes, weapons and armor, new locations, building materials, and more. The swamp will be an integrated part of the main map and can be found on the eastern side just above the southern desert.

A new volcano biome will also be added to the Frozen North area.

New combat system

When we did our Easter community survey last year, improved combat was the single-most requested feature. In fact, the overwhelming majority told us this should be the number one priority of the development team. Being a game based on Conan the Barbarian and his savage world, melee combat was always something we wanted to make sure was a step above other games in the genre and your feedback confirmed that should be our focus, so we set out to work.

The new combat system is a complete and total overhaul. It changes everything. It feels a lot more visceral, it relies on thought and tactics, and most importantly it makes combat a lot more fun. To get an impression of how it all look and plays, check out the recorded livestream above.

The new combat system also introduces a brand new HUD and several significant improvements to several of the user interface elements in the game. We will continue to improve and iterate on the HUD towards launch based on the feedback we receive.

The Purge

The purge was one of the features we talked about early on and it’s been important to us to make sure we get it ready simply because it’s a key ingredient to closing the gameplay loop.

The purge was initially conceived as NPC armies coming from outside the Exiled Lands to attack players. As we decided that the team working on this should spend more time polishing and optimizing the general AI on all creatures and NPCs in the game, we had to go back and rescope this feature in order to make sure we could launch with a solid implementation.

The important thing to close the gameplay loop is to have a purge mechanic that sees creatures or NPCs present a danger to your base. In PvP you already have the danger of players coming in to attack your city, and you need to build smart and you need to set up defenses to keep attackers at bay. In PvE and single-player we haven’t had such a threat, which means there has been a certain lack of meaning to building a fortified base.

The purge mechanic at launch will see creatures and NPCs attack your base, even when you’re not logged in, so you need to consider traps, walls, thralls, and other defenses. It can be a lone hyena trying to knock down your door, or it could be a group of bandits coming in to break down your walls. The purge mechanic will be active on all official servers, and private server admins can choose to turn it on or off on their hosted servers.

We look forward to showing you more of this as we get closer to launch.


If you ever need a respite from the skull-crushing savagery of the barbarian lifestyle, you will be able to enjoy the laidback life of an exiled farmer. At least until the shalebacks come tearing through your crops.

In order to farm crops, you’ll need to be able to obtain seeds from the crop you want to farm. Seeds are gained from plants when you use the Sickle. Seeds can then be placed into a Planter to, over time, grow a crop. Each seed results in a total of 10 crops, except for certain specialized crops. You’ll need to power the planters using Fertilizer. Fertilizer is made in a Compost Heap, which is craftable via the inventory. Certain plants require special Potent Fertilizer, also made in the Compost Heap using special ingredients.

All non-aquatic plants can be farmed, as well as the Orange Phykos.

A new religion

We are adding an entirely new religion to the game with a brand new avatar: Derketo! She is a dual-natured goddess who is worshipped in Stygia as the queen of lust and fertility, while feared in the Black Kingdoms as the goddess of death. She is both terrible and beautiful.

This addition represents an entirely new religious path, with three tiers of altars and special crafting ingredients and items you can only create when following Derketo. We look forward to showing you more of this as we get closer to launch.

War Paint

War paint is confirmed for launch. You learn about war paint through the Feats window, like most other crafting recipes. You craft war paint using Papyrus, which creates a special pattern that you then apply to your character.

There are two kinds of war paint. One is purely visual, with 7 different kinds of cultural styles and patterns you can apply. The other gives you a +3 bonus to one of your attributes. When we revamp the attributes system to include perks, war paint can be used to give you those extra stat points you'll need to unlock a particular perk. You can only have one pattern on at a time, so remember to choose wisely.

Cultural style war paint will last about a week in real time, but stat boosting war paint will fade after about an hour. So, it could be a good idea to pack extra patterns.

Fast Travel

We know a lot of you really want a way to quickly get around the world, so we’ve gone ahead and added fast travel!

Scattered around the world you will discover obelisks and once you have interacted with them you will be able to fast travel to them from your base. In order to do that you need to build a map room (pictured above), and as you discover more obelisks you will unlock new areas that you can fast travel to.

Perk system

The new perks give you meaningful choices about how to play (and roleplay) the game. As you spend points in abilities, you unlock these powerful perks.

Does your character lean towards cannibalism? Invest in the Survival tree and gain the "Raw and Bloody" perk - which gives you the ability to consume raw flesh without penalty.

Are you playing a nimble warrior? Invest in the Agility tree to learn "Extended Leap" and perform amazing feats of acrobatics.

A pack rat? Invest in Encumbrance  and learn "Balance and Counterbalance" to convert that extra weight into combat damage.

There are 35 perks spread across 7 attributes and you’re going to want them all!

Other content and features coming in

There are many other goodies not in the game right now that will be coming in for launch (or even before launch) not listed above.

You’ll see stuff like an improved journey interface (allowing you to track your outstanding milestones),  new furniture and other placeables, new building pieces, throwable lures to attract monsters you’re hunting, new potions, and much more.

We aim to give you a more exhaustive list closer to launch, but in the interest of keeping the “wall of text” factor to a minimum for this update, we’ll leave it at that for now.

Features and content not coming in for launch

Mounts and pets

Unfortunately, we will not be launching with mounts or pets. Mounts were one of the most requested features, and we have spent a lot of time trying to make it work for Conan Exiles. Due to technical limitations with the way the game loads and streams the game world, we were unable to include a feature that allowed players to move over a certain speed. Our coders worked hard to find a solution for this, but in a recent “point of no return” type meeting, we decided that their time is better spent on polish, bug fixes, and other features that we know can make it for launch.

Pets is another animal-specific thing we also wanted to do. We have done a lot of the groundwork, and it’s certainly possible that we can add them at some point after launch, but we decided to prioritize polish and other features ahead of launch. There were also concerns about server performance, that too many players having too many animals and human thralls would have a massive impact on servers. To minimize risk for launch and to focus on other core features, we have decided to put this on hold.


We started sowing the seeds of sorcery with the release of glass orbs that worked as grenades. Brewing alchemical potions and poisons can also be said to be a kind of sorcery in Conan's world. We're expanding the types of potions you can create using alchemy and you'll also be able to craft special throwable lures to attract specific monsters and creatures.

Sorcery, as initially pitched, will not make it into the game, but some elements will. The fast travel system is teleportation magic, but it doesn't require corruption to fuel it. We have also added explosive and poisonous gas orbs that delivers some of what was planned for the sorcery system.

Ultimately, we were in a situation where we could either focus our development capacity on improving the combat system or splitting up the team to work on combat and a fully realized sorcery system. We chose to focus on combat, as we felt that was a more integral aspect of the Conan experience. It was a very difficult decision to make, but now that the new combat system is almost ready, we feel that it was indeed the right decision and that a more fun, tactical, and visceral combat system is something the game really needed.

Settlement system

The settlement system was an idea we had early on to add more NPC life to bases, especially on PvE servers. It was never clearly defined, but we had some high-level ideas.

Many of the ideas we talked about early on will not be in the game. Some of the ideas were abandoned because we had to prioritize other key areas, the primary example being enemy AI. A lot of the same coders that would have worked on doing AI for city life had to focus on improving the general and combat AI for enemies (which was far from good enough at launch). Thankfully we have made significant strides in that area due to this reprioritization. Keep in mind the version that is live for PC now over two months old and a lot of progress on NPC pathfinding and general AI behavior has been made since then.

Some ideas were abandoned because they didn’t work well enough within the framework of the game and some ideas matured into other features that have since been implemented.

For instance, a large part of the settlement system was making thralls more interesting and useful, and some of those features we have added during Early Access. You can now for instance dress them up and equip them with weapons you want them to use, and we have added the ability for thralls to follow you around and help you out in sticky situations. At launch you will also see monsters behaving in more interesting ways, such as foraging for food, resting up, and so on.

Looking beyond launch

They say ideas are cheap and that execution is the hard part. That’s doubly true for game development. We have had a lot of great ideas both before and during Early Access, and we’re very happy that we have been able to execute on a lot of them. Unfortunately, there have also been ideas that we in our excitement communicated early on that just weren’t possible for us to execute on.

So far during our 12 months of Early Access we’ve put out 32 major updates that have introduced new features, new content, and a whole lot of polish and bug fixes (visit for a full overview). Some of that content represent parts of the greater designs we envisioned. For instance, we have added the trebuchet and siege defense mechanisms, but we have not added things like corpse lockers or siege towers like we wanted to. It’s fully possible that in the time after launch we can return to some of this content and these features and flesh them out further.

A great thing about Early Access is that you have the opportunity to organically discover what your game needs while you’re actually making it. New ideas come up and player behavior and feedback tells us what the game is missing (as mentioned earlier, improved combat was the most requested feature in our survey, so naturally a lot of our attention was turned in that direction).

There is a lot of content and several features we have added during Early Access that we weren’t originally planning to do, but saw during Early Access that we should be prioritizing. Some of those features and content include climbing, orbs, and the avatar defense domes to name a few.

What we do want to make very clear is that we will never lock features we have talked about for Early Access behind paid content updates. If at some point after launch we can implement mounts, sorcery, or any of these features that we wanted to introduce in Early Access, we will make sure these are available freely to everyone.

Our focus now is launch and making sure that’s rock solid on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and that we make sure as much of the content and features we envisioned make it into the game. Once we’ve launched we can start making plans for what we can add to the game in the future.

Our hope is that Conan Exiles can live on for a long, long time.

Kind regards,
The Conan Exiles Development Team

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