Until I Have You - James Spanos
Brought 3 AGS Awards home!!

(Programming, Non-Adventure and Gameplay).

Competition was hard this year! Congrats to Kathy Rain for winning Best Game and to all the other nominees!!
Community Announcements - James Spanos
Now, (off by default) you can select an option from the options menu where u can pick to have the game pause when u cycle through weapons.
Feb 11
Community Announcements - James Spanos
The votes for the AGS Awards (where the game has been nominated in 9 categories) are up!!

If you want to show your support (which we'll appreciate endlessly)
Go here: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/awards/vote/

If you don't have an AGS account you'll need to make one, I believe.
Community Announcements - James Spanos
-Fixed an issue with Chapter 7 Boss's HP that would end up showing up the wrong health bar.
-Fixed an issue with Chapter 12 Stage 4 Speed Gates collision.
-Fixed an issue with Chapter 7 Boss, whereas by TIME-DILATION you could move over the obstacle.
-Now mines on easy mode deal half hp damage, instead of one shots.
Community Announcements - James Spanos
Somehow, this isn't an update. Surprise, surprise.

We got 9 Nominations on the AGS Awards (the winners have not been announced).

In details the nominations are:
Best Game Created with AGS
Best Non Adventure Game Created with AGS
Best Gameplay
Best Background Art
Best Character Art
Best Animation
Best Programming
Best Music and Sound
Best Voice Work

So grateful right now, to all that voted!
Feb 5
Community Announcements - James Spanos
-Fixed a minor visual glitch on Chapter 4 Stage 3.
-Now the back button on the main menu displays proper information.
-Fixed a visual glitch for the Chapter 12 Boss.
-Did another patch for the Sprite::Oldest Crash, which refuses to die (This time I'm very certain however, cause there was an omission on my part that I noticed).
Community Announcements - James Spanos
-Now, an upgrade option menu is available when you finish a stage. The game notifies you when UPGRADES are

possible, you can gain points from the COMPLETION RATING of each stage up to 100% per stage.

In specific you can upgrade the following things:

- Bat
- Gun
- Laser
- Flame

- Increase the Charge Rate of the LASER.
- Increase the threshold in which the FLAMETHROWER overheats.
- Damage reduction("Hysteria depletion") on the penalty you receive when you use Second Wind.
- Increase Total Damage when in Time-Dillation.

- Damage reduction

-Also added a minorine achievement.

-Fixed an issue with the Keyboard and Options UI of the MAIN MENU.
-Restored certain dialog lines


-Upgrades are now accessible from the apartment.
-Fixed an issue with second wind on the boss stage of chapter 5.
-Adjusted design of Boss Stage Chapter 5 (original design is kept for HARDCORE mode).
-Explicit reference to how the WORK ORDERS work, when the boss fight of chapter 1 ends.

Edit 1/2/2017:
-Now Wormwood Studios logo is skippable with ESCAPE
-Also fixed initial loading time.
Jan 14
Community Announcements - James Spanos
-Fixed an issue where number of kill stats could be greater than the number of enemies on the level.
-Fixed an issue where shooting the laser on a platform would hurl you forward.
-Now "dogs" in chapter 10, take double damage (NORMAL MODE)
-Added a tip for chapter 11.
Community Announcements - James Spanos
-Now slowmotion hurts less when you use it. (Normal Mode)
-Second Chance now hurts less when you use it. (Normal Mode)
-Adjusted duration on all the platforms that use hysteria on chapter 9, so that they stay more (Normal Mode)
-Now SWARM (the flying robots that cut your head off) now don't instakill you. They deal a lot of damage, but no more instakills.
-Now Chapter 10 enemies are properly frozen, cannot attack for 25% of the duration of the freeze and now also "animate" slower when under the effect. "Lion chargers" are less affected by the effect.

-Now holding jump will make jumps a bit bigger. (took a while to put that in, i'm a bit ashamed :D)
Community Announcements - James Spanos
-Now game will appear by fully filling the screen (instead of using black side and top borders), and you can adjust the option in OPTIONS, on the MAIN MENU or in the configuration tool. This was always possible, it's just a bit silly that this isn't the norm and several new players have expressed annoyance over this.

"Borders: None"
"Borders: Side"
"Borders: Top"
"Borders: Side & Top"

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