VRChat - Tupper
Hi! Welcome to VRChat 0.12.0p16. The current build number is 532. This is a small patch intended to fix one single issue. To easily ensure you get the patch, restart Steam.


  • Fixed an issue where a world listed in Community Spotlight or Avatar rows in the Worlds tab would not show up in search
VRChat - Tupper
VRCHAT 0.12.0p15 - February 28, 2018


  • Vive Movement Tweaks
    • Pressing the trackpad down a second (or subsequent times) will no longer stop your movement. Lift your thumb from the pad to stop movement.
    • Center deadzone is slightly larger to help with fist gesture
  • New World Row
    • When a world is graduated up to either the Avatar or Community Spotlight row it should no longer appear in the new world row.
  • Issues with failing to login with a “SendHMDAnalytics” or “TooManyRequests” message have been fixed
  • Fixed Panic Mode hotkey on Xbox controllers, keyboard
  • Avatars should no longer “squish” down into their seats over time when seated
  • Various security and stability fixes

If you are having issues as if your account is missing, please contact support@vrchat.com with your VRChat username from the email address you registered your account under.
VRChat - Tupper
Hi! Welcome to VRChat 0.12.0p14. This is a quick, small patch to fix some outstanding bugs.

Restart Steam to force the download of the latest client. The current build number is Build 523.



- Desktop override buttons will no longer trigger all other avatar's overrides locally.
- Fixed login issues
VRChat - Tupper
Hi! Welcome to VRChat 0.12.0p13. Here, have some release notes.

Restart Steam to force the download of the latest client. The current build number is Build 522.



  • Avatar Pedestals save between sessions - Any avatar selected from a pedestal will now stay as your current avatar until you select another one from the menu or another pedestal. Even if you exit VRChat and come back. This will be true as long as the creator of that avatar keeps that content public.
  • Panic Button - In the event that unwanted audio or visual spam occurs or that frame rate tanks you can now engage a “Panic Mode”. This mode will visually mute any avatars and audio mute any users who are not your friends.
    • Desktop: both Shift keys AND ESC key
    • Rift: both triggers OR both grips, AND both menu buttons (B/Y)
    • Vive: both triggers OR both grips, AND both menu buttons
    • Windows Mixed Reality and other VR controllers: both triggers OR both grips, AND both menu buttons
    • XBox Controller: both triggers AND back AND menu buttons
    • Once you enable Panic mode, you must disable it by unchecking options in the System menu:
    • Mute Users by Default - All users except for your friends will be mic-muted until you friend them
    • Block Avatars by Default - All users except for your friends will have their avatars blocked until you friend them
  • Avatar Public/Private Flag
    • In the SDK, you can now set an avatar as public or private
    • You can set this on upload, or toggle it on existing avatars
    • Public is meant for use when you want to put your avatar on a pedestal
    • Private will prevent other users from wearing that avatar (will show a lock when shown on pedestals)
  • New Rows in the Worlds menu
    • In response to the community stating that high quality/fun worlds were being lost in the constant stream of new worlds, we have introduced two new rows in the Worlds menu:
    • Community Spotlight - Worlds of high quality, interesting content, or fun games
    • Avatar - Avatar worlds with lots of pedestals to choose from
  • Avatar Audio - Avatar sound effects are now affected by the “SFX” slider in the System menu. In upcoming releases this will be getting its own audio slider in the menu.
  • Vive Movement/Gesture Changes
    • The HTC Vive Wands now have a new movement system that allow you to walk and hold gestures while moving
    • Select your gestures as normal, however they will only hold as long as you hold your thumb on the touchpad. Center will give you the “closed hand” gesture.
    • Pulling and holding Trigger will “save” that gesture to the trigger, allowing you to move while gesturing.
    • Finally, you don’t need to hold down the touchpad button to move! Just tap it once to start moving, and tap it again to stop (or just lift your thumb from the pad)
    • Any motion input, movement, turn or jump, requires you to release the pad and touch it again to trigger gestures. There is a slight delay the first time you touch the pad to give you time to click it for motion, to avoid accidentally triggering a gesture.
  • Keyboard Gesture Overrides
    • You can now trigger gestures with keyboard!
    • Hold down Left Shift and F1-F8 for left hand gestures.
    • Hold down Right Shift and F1-F8 for right hand gestures.
    • F1=open fist (relaxed), F2=closed fist
    • F3-F8 are: LetGo, Point, Peace, RocknRoll, Gun, Thumbup
    • Your arm is not animated by default, so these are mainly useful for animation overrides.
  • General Gesture Changes
    • There is no longer an “Empty” gesture, this is the Fist at full open. This should allow the full range of motion of the analog value.

  • Issues with audio spatialization failing when users with audio clips on their avatar load/play audio have been resolved.
  • Hip tracking using a single Vive Tracker has been fixed
  • Offline friends will now appear when you expand that section
  • Issues with friends “disappearing” off friends lists have been resolved
  • VRChat cache size has been limited to 10GB
  • Local Avatar override (change to default emergency button) was changed to Ctrl-\



When upgrading, make sure you exit Unity, delete the VRCSDK folder from your Assets in your project, relaunch Unity, and then reimport the new VRCSDK package. Do not import the new SDK over your old copy!!

  • When you upload an avatar, you can now mark it as Private or Public (see Client section above)
  • You can toggle the private/public status of an avatar in the Manage Uploaded Content window
  • Changed the default interact distance of various prefabs/components from 100 to 2 meters
  • Security improvements
VRChat - Ruuubick
Welcome to VRChat 0.12.0p12! We’ve got a few changes and fixes.

Before we get started, just so you know, VRChat released on Steam one year ago as of yesterday! Insert cake and confetti emoji here

On to the patch! Here’s a summary.

Invite and Invite+ Instances

We talked about this in an announcement a few days ago. This is how Invite instances will now function:

Invite : These are very private. The owner can accept invite requests and send out invites. Occupants can get notifications that people want in.

Example: Tupper owns an Invite instance, and Ron is in the instance with him. VRPill wants to join the instance, and sends an invite request to Ron. Ron gets a notification without any ability to invite, and must tell Tupper that VRPill wants an invite. Tupper can send VRPill an invite, and VRPill can join.

Invite+ : Somewhat private. The owner and any occupant can accept invite requests to let people join.

Example: Tupper owns a Invite+ instance, and Ron is in the instance with him. VRPill wants to join the instance, and sends an invite request to Ron. Ron can click "Accept", and VRPill will be invited into the instance.

  • Friends list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • User lists on the social page are now expandable.
  • The small Red Arrows that allow expanding of rows in menus have been replaced with Expand and Collapse buttons to make that functionality more clear. Try it out in worlds, social or avatar menus.
  • You can now join off friends in Friend instances if the owner is also your friend.
Technical Changes/Fixes
  • Object owner disagreement between clients has been fixed. This was causing pickups to fly around worlds.
  • Fixed notifications showing up blank in some cases.
  • The forced audio source falloff curve in the SDK has been fixed.
Please keep in mind that our systems may be changed and improved in future patches.

Close VRChat and restart Steam to get the latest update! Look for Build 507 at the bottom of your Quick Menu to ensure you’re on the right version. Also, make sure you update your SDK! https://vrchat.com/home

As always, we thank you for your patience and continued support!

The VRChat Team
VRChat - vrpill
Dear Community,

This patch has ongoing server and security updates which should improve the overall experience for everyone in VRChat. We've also fixed some bugs and updated a few systems to improve usability. In addition, we've begun to lay the groundwork for future features and systems now in progress. We care about our awesome community and want to thank everyone for their help and patience. We look forward to some very exciting things coming soon.

The VRChat Team


  • Eye simulation works again!
  • Audio bug progress. Should be less frequent but if you encounter it please send us video or steps to reproduce.
  • Fixed issue where certain pickups only could be picked up by master.
  • Fixed issue where static portals didn't take users to the same instance.
  • Local testing has been fixed (requires new SDK, which can be dowloaded after logged in from https://vrchat.com/download/sdk).
  • Fixed issue where objects deleted caused performance drop.
  • In the world details we now show 20 automatically selected instances of a world that are sorted to be more meaningful to users, instead of all instances of that world.
  • Fixed bugs and updated the automatic instance selection where users were loading into an empty hub or other worlds.
  • Fixed bug that caused you to not be able to invite people whom where in a private instance

Automatic instance selection is used in the following cases:

- when joining the HUB (or any room) on launch
- used to select the instance that appears in the upper left on the worlds menu
- used to pick the instance that a dynamic portal goes to
- used to pick the instance that a static portal goes to when someone walks through it

And finally...

Due to security updates, you can no longer request invite from people in private instance. In the last patch for various reasons we deliberately and temporarily enabled a user to request an invite from anyone in an invite only instance. However, that meant invite only instances weren't truly controlled by the author/owner. We are aware that might be slightly confusing or frustrating. Going forward some systems, including instances and notifications, will be getting updates to improve VRChat travel and flow.

On the last day of AltspaceVR, a virtual reality chat app that was shut down due to lack of funding before Microsoft acquired and reopened it, friends sang songs and took group photos and exchanged contact information in a big party. It was bittersweet, so much so that it felt anomalous—where were the callous internet people I'm used to playing games with? The ones who are always yelling at me? After an evening in newly-popular upstart VRChat, I can confirm that I have found them.

VRChat is a free-to-play, user-created multiverse where bored teenagers coalesce at your feet as hordes of miniaturized abominations of Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog, ten-foot-tall anime women chastise you for looking at them in the most unsettling text-to-speech voice available, and a melancholy Brian from Family Guy gazes at the floor and then says, "I'm Brian Griffin" while continuing to stare—just standing there, waiting for nothing.

As I played VRChat last night, I began to accept that it's a hell I deserve. I deserve it for reasons that begin in the late '90s when I probably went into a Yahoo! chat room and said "fuck Neon Genesis" or something to start a fight. This is the natural evolution of that primordial pre-meme '90s trolling, crude image editing, and Flash animation, of making an unending stream of pop culture references throughout the 2000s, of replacing identity with brands, of being so hyped for the potential of expensive goggles that the universe needed to punish me. For all these reasons and more, I absolutely deserve to spend an eternity in an anime nightclub dodging the Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear from Toy Story as he charges at me declaring that he needs strawberries.

(If you want, you can play VRChat without a VR headset, but you won't have a proper experience that way. It really has to feel like Brian Griffin is right there if you're going to be reminded of how this is all your fault for unironically liking Family Guy in the aughts and ironically reading Ready Player One a few years ago.)

Suddenly popular

Here's how it happened. While VRChat is laggy and prone to bouts of impromptu loading, it's a good, simple concept: expressive avatars, basic physics (I enjoyed chucking plates of food at people in an attempt to 'serve' them), and a Unity SDK so that anyone with the requisite skills can create worlds and characters. Second Life developer Linden Lab has been working on a similar concept, called Sansar, Microsoft now has the reins of Altspace, and there are surely many other sandbox-y VR social experiences in the works. VR is best as a social experience in my view.

Fun things have and will come from these virtual spaces, but VRChat's recent popularity—which took the servers down yesterday and prompted a message from the small team behind it—hasn't been due to the magic of friendship. It's largely due to the 'Ugandan Knuckles' meme, which Polygon has already explained in detail. And it's still mainly that: a competition to be the next meme, or to maintain the dominance of the current one, with everyone shouting over each other in the hope of spurring mass action toward their cause of getting likes and subscribes. And a lot of racism. It's the PUBG lobby, but forever, and it's where I'll wake up when I die as punishment for the years in the early 2010s when I cared deeply about getting favs on Twitter.

I'm hoping that after this popularity spike some fun communities will settle into VRChat, and I wish the developers the best of luck as they attempt to "maintain and shape a community that is fun and safe for everyone." It'll depend on demographics, on what players create, and as currently evidenced, on what streamers and YouTubers encourage. I don't know what these virtual spaces are going to look like as VR becomes better and cheaper, though it's safe to assume that everything you can find currently in Second Life will be found in VR at some point, and more. 

In the meantime, at least in VRChat, it's memes and anime, awkward silence pierced with shouting streamers, everyone either uncomfortable, apathetic, or on the offense. It's a hell we built for ourselves, and I can't pretend it isn't funny that all the grand talk about the potential of VR—which I previously contributed to—has led to an anime girl idly blinking at me while embedded in a cardboard box. Long live the new flesh.

VRChat - vrpill

Hello everyone.

The VRChat Team would like to take a moment to speak to our rapid community growth in the past month along with some of the issues we’ve faced along the way. We’d also like to share with you some insight into our team and our vision for the future.

First off, we’re dedicated and passionate but we’re not a very large team. We all work extremely hard but, like most people, we have families and real world responsibilities to manage. Most of our growth began at the start of the holiday season. That meant portions of our already small team were spending time with family and on vacation. The timing of explosive growth could’ve been better but we managed it as best we could. As we’ve returned in the new year and with the team back at full strength we’ve been working hard to address issues and get pieces into place for a better VRChat future.

So why did we grow all of a sudden? There are many factors but some that have no doubt contributed to it. To name a few, thanks to many talented Twitch streamers like Pokelawls, TSM_Dyrus and Youtube creators like Nagzz21 we’ve become one of the most watched apps/games on Twitch, YouTube and Social Media (more at list below). Many others have joined the party and all have helped grow our popularity. They share out daily their VRChat fun and adventures to thousands of viewers around the clock. We went from sort of known to everyone knowing about VRChat almost overnight. We’ve gotten to know that community well and our hats are off to them for their ongoing contributions and help.

Another reason for our growth is we continue to attract lots of creative and talented creators. They have not only been adding their own content but also forming groups and helping in various ways from our discord, from making tutorials on how to create avatars or build worlds to organizing events. We’ve also gone global. Our discord community has many channels now for various languages around the world. The core of VRChat is an amazing hotbed of community creativity, sharing of knowledge, connections leading to collaborations, events, learning and more. We’re thankful to everyone involved for all their passion and creations. Coming soon we’ll be adding Playmaker (https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/368) which will help users add even more interactivity to their worlds.

With our rapid growth our server tech had to also scale up at an insane pace over the holiday season and that’s kept us on our toes for the past few weeks. Our server team has been very hard at work attempting to fix all the issues and improve the quality of connections for everyone going forward. We’re grateful for everyone's patience during this effort and will hopefully have more stable and more efficient servers very soon.

One of the biggest challenges with rapid growth is trying to maintain and shape a community that is fun and safe for everyone. We’re aware there’s a percentage of users that choose to engage in disrespectful or harmful behavior. It is our top priority to address the quality of the VRChat experience, especially for new users, and our team will continue to work toward improving that. We have a trained and dedicated moderation team that monitors VRChat constantly. They are actively educating or removing users from the system for bad behavior as called out here https://www.vrchat.com/community. Additionally, we’re working on new systems to allow the community to better self moderate and for our moderation team to be more effective. We are confident we can achieve a higher quality experience for new users in the near future.

For the time being, please use all the available tools to keep yourself safe in VRChat. We know these are far from perfect.

  • Use the Mute / Block feature (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDOtvWuUbhQ)
  • Mute all Toggle found in the system menu which will mute everyone except those you are friends with

  • Hang out in Friends or Invite Only Instances if you wish to insulate yourself from the general population
  • Create a link to an invite only world or navigate to worlds through www.vrchat.com.

You can also report users for offensive behavior and violations of the community guidelines (https://www.vrchat.com/community) at {LINK REMOVED}.

All of us on the team are users of VRChat. We listen to our community. We care about the issues. If you are reading any of this and feel that you’d like to help, there are many things you can do. We have an active discord (https://discord.gg/vrchat) and canny (https://vrchat.canny.io/feature-requests) which can be used to get involved in the community and provide feedback and ideas for VRChat. Canny is like a mini Reddit that allows user to post ideas which can be voted on and commented on. We scan all feedback including the canny a few times a week and try and include as much as we can into our roadmap. You can also email us directly at hello@vrchat.com. Please be patient with us responding.

We’re excited to have so many passionate people joining our community. We look forward to working with you to make VRChat a better place.Thank you for your patience as this wonderful community continues to grow.





















And so many more! Much love to you all.
VRChat - vrpill
Hello VRChatters!

It was been a busy winter for VRChat, with concurrent users now reaching 12,000 and more. People from all over the world also celebrated New Years Eve in VRChat from Virtual Time Square, which we will be improving every year with new features. If you missed the event, you can stop by VRChat Times Square and experience it, including a live Twitter feed on one of the billboards.

We've been busy reading the support feedback coming in, and starting now we will be bundling all VRChat core worlds into the Steam download. What does that mean for you? No more waiting for official worlds like the Hub, bowling, etc. to download upon entering VRChat! This won't go live until a few days after this patch.

Avatar Pedestal Optimizations

Avatar pedestals have become increasingly popular in the past few months. Dozens of users have rooms set up where players can browse through sometimes hundreds of avatars to change into. We've received feedback from players that many of these rooms were causing performance issues, thus have set avatar pedestals to now show a floating image. We may make this an optional setting in the future.

Email Verification on non-Steam Clients

All non Steam accounts will need to verify their emails to login to the client. You can resend your verification or update your email address from www.vrchat.com/home/profile.

A full list of features and fixes can be found at https://www.vrchat.com/release

Going Forward

Playmaker is right around the corner! Don't forget to fill out our Playmaker scripting app on the VRChat Discord at https://www.discord.gg/vrchat pinned to the #scripting channel.

Get Playmaker Here

Thanks and enjoy!

The VRChat Team
VRChat - vrpill
Hello VRChatters!

Things have been getting busy over at VRChat, with the community growing fast than ever these past few months. In order to accommodate the needs of this rapid growth, we have been focusing heavily on expanding the community moderation tools available to our users. A lot of what we are bringing with this patch will give our community more control over how they want to experience VRChat.

True Friends Only Instances

Due to overwhelming community demand you can now create a new instance called “Friends”. In Friends instances, only friends of the instance creator can join the room. We still have Friends of Friends instances, which are now called Friends of Guests, which you’ll see displayed in some locations as “Friends+”. In Friends+ instances, if you have a friend in the instance, you can join it.

The Public Ban

We’ve added a new moderation feature we are calling “The Public Ban”. We feel that some behavior, while not appropriate for Public or Friends+ instances, doesn’t always warrant a timed or permanent ban. This will allow us to remove users from Public or Friends+ instances temporarily but still allow them to remain in VRChat and use Friends & Invite only instances.

Further bad behavior will result in a review including a full ban. Those that are public banned will be taken to a public ban world to watch a video and learn more about what a public ban means. From there they can still connect with friends until the public ban period has expired.

Website Features

  • You will now be able to change your email and password from your VRChat homepage.

  • Send invite-only links to instances from the website. No longer do you need to be online for your friends to join your invite only instances!

  • Need to search for another user? You can now do it from our website.


Note: For a full technical breakdown see the VRChat 0.12.0p3 Release Notes.

  • Performance tweaks all around making for a smoother experience.

  • We've added different notification icons. No more guessing whether you got a friends request, and invite, or a vote to kick.

  • We have fixed that pesky issue causing your avatars & worlds to get overwritten with other ones. Feel safe now that you are indeed the avatar you uploaded!

  • Sticky Votekicks in worlds

  • More control over your instances! Instance owners can now kick, warn, and turn off other users' mics.

  • Even more control over worlds you build and bring into the app! If you are a world creator you can warn, kick, & mute others' mics from any instance of that world you are in.

  • It's now easier than ever to use moderation tools. Instance owners & authors can easily use actions from their quick menu.

  • Tired of getting portal trolled? Worry no more! You now will not be able to accidentally back into a portal.

  • Portals also now show the name of the person who created the portal.

  • Audio sources will now be automatically spatial on avatars. You won't have to worry anymore if your avatar audio is too loud or too far reaching. The falloff in addition to the volume is capped.

  • Ban messages will now display the reason and length of the ban.

  • Blending between IK and locomotion has been greatly improved. This results in increased immersion by ensuring your virtual head position always matches your real head position. This is an ongoing process and will continue to improve over time.

  • Users who get stuck in an infinite loop will now be brought to an error world with helpful tips on how to fix the problem.

  • If you experienced issues loading into really big worlds such as the MMD Dance Club, we have fixed that problem. While it may take a bit to load, you should be able to enter large worlds now.

  • There's now a desktop tutorial.

  • Video playlists are working properly now. You will no longer see a white screen when joining mid video. Multiple video players no longer cause performance hitches either!

    New SDK

    For those working on worlds and/or avatars, we also have a new SDK available now on our website.

    Going Forward

    We are working away on the next exciting release which will give creators the ability to add much more functionality and interactivity to their worlds using Playmaker. This will be a major update to VRChat!

    Get Playmaker Here

    We are also starting our Playmaker beta very soon. If you haven't already, join our Discord and you can find the scripting application pinned in our #scripting channel.

    One more thing. We've got something quite special coming this New Years to VRChat. Stay tuned!

    Thanks and Enjoy!

    The VRChat team

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