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Greetings from Graham, Jesse, Ron & VRPill from VRChat.

We have big things coming including the upgrade to Unity 5.6 that many of you have been waiting for. But before then we need to make sure a few matters are taken care of.

Our terms of service and privacy policy have changed to better protect both you and VRChat as well as to better explain what we’re doing to protect your privacy. This is more than just a formality as we take this issue very seriously. Any non-Steam VRChat user that does not accept our new terms of service by June 14, 2017 will have their account, personal information and uploaded content permanently deleted.

This means it's really important for all non-steam VRChat users to login to the website https://vrchat.com/login or the VRChat client before June 14th and accept the new terms of service.

We're sorry for the inconvenience, and wouldn't do this if we didn't feel strongly that it was the right thing to do to protect our users. Please share this information with your friends and we'll try to get the word out to everyone who may be affected. If you know someone who's account is removed on the 14th, please let them know that they merely have to create a new one and they are back to the party - or they can log in to VRChat through Steam.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at hello@vrchat.net.
VRChat - vrpill
With this patch we have fixed some bugs introduced by the last patch, detailed below:

  • Fixed issue where players could not hand an object to another player
  • Fixed spelling mistake in About menu text
  • Fixed issue where remote desktop avatar heads did not rotate up and down
  • Fixed issue where portals to private worlds take users to different instances
  • Fixed issue where avatar pedestals change users remotely but red error avatar appears locally
  • Haptics and dotted lines appear again when hands are close to a pick-up object
  • Notifications now properly clear when accepted or declined once
  • Users should no longer be able to stand on top of each other
  • Presentation room should no longer crash when there are many drawings and someone enters or reloads (unfortunately, this means we don’t always pass older drawings to users when they enter)
  • Avatars load quicker, resulting in less hitching when users enter a world or change avatars
VRChat - vrpill
Instance Tech v1.0 is here! You can now create friend only & invite only versions of the hundreds of rooms in VRChat. If you open a private room instance, you will now be able to kick unwanted users out of that world.

We have also added the ability to switch your mic straight from the menu. We have also been busy making our YouTube walls look glorious. Be sure to drop by the Cinema YouTube or any room with a panel and check it out!

If you are and Oculus Rift user experiencing FPS issues with the Oculus build on our website, please use this Steam build instead for better performance.


  • Private Worlds - Users can create private copies of public worlds. When creating a new instance, there will be the option to create a friends-only or invite-only private world
  • Request Invite - Users can request an invitation from a friend in an invite-only world
  • Private World Moderation - Authors of any world, and owners of private worlds can kick unwanted users out
  • Microphone Switching - Users can now change their microphones in System Menu
  • Improved Voice - Speech should be more consistent, with less dropout. Users with high latency or low bandwidth should also experience improved voice chat
  • See Friends - Friends are no longer blocked by personal space
  • Seated and Standing Play - Oculus users with an Xbox controller are set for Seated Play, while those with Touch controllers are set to Standing Play.
  • Shortcut menu buttons have been renamed and have icons added.
  • Better video - gamma correction and linear filtering added to YouTube panels


  • Users who are sitting should appear to be so even when others leave and reenter the world
  • Youtube panels should not sync across worlds
  • Gamma fixed on Youtube Panels
  • VRChat now works with the Steam VR Beta
  • Other users’ mouths move if they are talking even if you have them muted
VRChat - vrpill
The new Steam VR Beta is causing issues using VRChat for some users. If this is happening to you, please use the non-beta of Steam VR while we investigate the problem.
VRChat - vrpill
We heard your feedback and now give you the option of how you want to experience voice chat in VRChat. Private instances are coming in the next patch. Stay tuned!

  • Users can choose to have new people be unmuted or muted for them. This setting is also available in the System menu.
  • Making friends unmutes you both (if you were already friends you'll remain unmuted)

  • Improvements to interaction tutorial in the hub
  • Users should not be able to climb on each other
  • Fixed touch support on non-Steam Oculus build
    VRChat - vrpill
    At VRChat, we want to enable our users to have the power to do what they want to do, wherever they want to do it, and with whomever they want. This update is the start of giving everyone that power, while ensuring VRChat is a fun place for everyone in our community.


    Our next version of VRChat might seem a little bit quiet to you! In this next build, in order to listen to another player speak, you'll need to open your quick menu, select that player then select the green sound icon. You can now hear everything they have to say. If what they say makes you frown you can click the sound icon again to mute them. If not you can continue to be dazzled by their wit. They can now do the same thing to you and you can carry on chatting freely with each other.

    You can also friend another user and if they accept it’ll unmute you both. If you have been playing VRChat up until now, all of your friends will automatically have an open channel of communication with you.


    There have been new colors and icons added on nametags. This is to make things easier for you when identifying other players. Let’s break it down:

    Gray nametag - These indicate that you cannot hear the other person. You can still see that they are attempting to speak as their name tag will light up grey and the speaker icon with an x next to it will animate.

    Green nametag - These indicate that you are able to hear the other user. It is possible they could still have you muted and if so you’ll see an icon for an ear with a red x.

    Gold nametag - Hosts have gold nametags and are there to help. Don’t be afraid to come up and say hi. Hosts can hear everyone so no need to open up communication with them.

    The Ear icon - An ear with a small x on it is visible if another player has you muted and can't hear you.

    The Speech icon - when players are talking, you will always see an animated speech icon.

    The Friend icon - if you are friends with someone a small icon in the upper left of their name tag will be visible.


    When someone gets too close to you their avatar will disappear. For those who don’t mind getting up close and personal, the Personal Space feature can be disabled in system settings. Let’s get some stepped up personal space up in this place!


    We listen carefully and value all feedback from our community. We’ll work hard and continue to improve VRChat with regular updates. Next on the list is something quite a few people have been requesting. The ability for users to create private instances of worlds! This will allow people to open up worlds that allow in their friends or only select people they invite. We hope this and the above features will improve the experience for everyone!
    Community Announcements - vrpill
    We have been working hard the last few weeks on two exciting new FPS maps: Blast Factory & Miner's Dispute. These are available now in VRChat free!

    Blast Factory
    - Introducing CTF Blast Factory! A dynamic grenade themed map. Race to grab power from the lower level and bring it to the upper platform. Plugging it in activates grenade spawners and teleports for a short time. All new map layout including more protected flag zones.

    Miner's Dispute
    - Introducing Miner Dispute! A more intense map for smaller groups. Bandits raid a gold mining camp while the Sheriffs try to stop them. Use of TNT or the river is highly recommended in this close quarters battle.
    Community Announcements - vrpill
    A few fixes regarding mics & some security measures added to VRChat logins. New CTF map is VERY close to release!

    - VRChat non-steam accounts must be verified via email in order to login

    - Fixed issue where players sometimes couldn’t hear each other
    - Fixed bug where mods couldn’t turn off players’ mics

    Community Announcements - vrpill
    Hey guys! More audio, network and speech updates. See below:

    - Desktop users have a new icon over their mic icon to tell them which button to press for mic
    - Avatar events and triggers can only be played locally.

    - More fixes for users unable to get into the HUB occasionally, due to high level of buffered network traffic
    - Tons of network fixes and cleanup
    Community Announcements - vrpill
    Small but an important patch. You should notice improvements in the audio and more. For all of you who are enjoying Capture the Flag & Steel 'n' Gold, you might find a new map from each very soon! Stay tuned.

    - Tweaked audio drop off so separate conversations can be had more easily in all worlds
    - Steel 'n' Gold now allows joining of games in progress with same feature coming soon to CTF Arena.

    - More fixes for users unable to get into the HUB occasionally. If the HUB fails to load, VRChat will automatically try to load a new HUB instance and it works this time. Probably.

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