Aug 5, 2017
Earth Space Colonies - zmiksic
The game now supports Spanish language. Big thanks to Rafael!
Community Announcements - zmiksic

This update adds an overhead camera and now it's possible to view the entire colony from the air. Please let us know how you like the new camera angles.

Community Announcements - zmiksic
Game localization continues with the Japanese language support.

Other bug fixes include:
- Ganymede turret is now properly firing
- third production slot fix
- selected game speed is now properly saved
- tooltips are no longer clickable
- rocket fuel negative value
- other minor GUI fixes and adjustments
Aug 10, 2016
Community Announcements - zmiksic
French and German languages are now available. We will continue to add new languages in the upcoming months.
Jul 21, 2016
Community Announcements - zmiksic
The game is now available in Russian language. French and German languages are coming up next.

To change language in the main menu go to "Languages and options" and click on the flag.

Russian translation by Nikolay Novitskiy and Sergey Sazanov.
Jul 10, 2016
Community Announcements - zmiksic
- Auto-building mode is now available on all buildings that are producing construction materials. Just flip the switch and the building will automatically produce all materials until the storage is full.
- Habitats are no longer producing construction materials. All materials previously produced by habitats are now available in the Workshop
- Materials required to train or craft will also appear when you click on the green arrow.
- Build area on Mars is slightly expanded to more closely match with the edge of background mountains
- Paver construction material is renamed to Pavement
- Modular habitat upgrade crafting requirements are reduced
- Storage building capacity is increased to 250 units
- When you demolish the building, previously used construction materials are reclaimed.
- Ganymede excavator unit description now includes materials that excavators can extract.
- Notification icon will appear when your storage is full.
- Messages will no longer repeat when you terraform Mars.
- Fast-forwarding the game will mute voice messages.
- Building rotation is now properly saved.
- Tweeks to engineer’s pathfinding.
- A different color for the temperature needle in the mine.
Jul 1, 2016
Community Announcements - zmiksic
After five months of Early Access, we're finally launching the game! Big thank you to those of you who voted for us on Greenlight and everyone during Early Access for your feedback and support. We tried to implement as much community feedback as possible. We will continue to build and expand this game based on your feedback. We hope you enjoy the game.

- v1.0 is using a brand new A* pathfinding system
- Getting started document is now available
Community Announcements - zmiksic
Tired of building stuff? Or you want to try out different defense strategies to defend Ceres? Try the new Combat survival game mode! Deploy turrets to defend your military base on Saturn’s moon Titan.

You can place turrets on strategic locations and then take matters into your own hands. You can enter any turret and manually fire.

If you survive a new achievement is waiting.

Also you can now manually control turrets in the campaign mode as well.
Community Announcements - zmiksic
A new major update is now available! Now you can play three story campaigns all at once. Survive an unexpected conflict on Ceres and unravel a mystery on Ganymede. You can switch between three storylines at any moment. Make a colony life easier trough trading items between worlds. Ceres and Ganymede colonies now have a unique set of buildings and units.

Combat layer is now part of campaigns. Construct various defense structures to protect your colonies. Build railgun, missile and laser turrets, military bases, combat drones and train troops.

Now you can pause and adjust the game speed.

A better in-game options screen now has many additional options to adjust your video settings and change resolution without quitting the game.

New set of achievements is also available.

If you minimize the game or run it in a window mode, game can now properly run in background.

Now that all three story campaigns are set up we will be able to release future updates more frequently, adding new features and fixing bugs. Some of new features in upcoming updates will include:

A brand new AI pathfinding for astronauts
Manual turret control
First person mode
Combat survival missions
Community Announcements - zmiksic
What's new:
- adjusted AI astronaut behaviour, especially when repairing buildings
- fixed tooltips for mining items

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