Divinity: Original Sin 2

Lohse. Although in my game, she has purple hair.

The first time I died, it was because I didn't think crocodiles could fly. In Divinity: Original Sin 2, that's a big mistake. Any enemy you underestimate is probably going to be the next enemy to kill you, or sap your magic armor, brainwash you, and make you watch helplessly as your character drinks the potions you've been hoarding and uses your best scrolls. An early fight with teleporting crocodiles drove home that I should be prepared for the unexpected, and that I'd need a stockpile of resurrection scrolls to bring party members back from the dead.

Almost four months later, with nearly 100 hours of game time behind me, my co-op buddies and I had nearly finished this insanely long, ambitious RPG. We each controlled a character, selected from Original Sin 2's presets. There was Fane, the undead wizard and thief. He got us in a lot of fights by pickpocketing people who didn't like getting their shit stolen. There was Beast, the dwarven pirate who maxed out persuasion to sweet talk our party through sticky situations. And I was Lohse, the traveling minstrel who just happened to be possessed by an incredibly powerful demon. At this point, it was pretty rare for me to die in battle. I'd been stacking constitution until I was built like a brick wall, and could crit for almost 3,000 damage with a two-handed hammer. I had a pretty badass cape. But I wasn't ready for what would happen when we finally faced down my demon.

Spoiler warning: Full-on spoilers from this point forward. If you haven't finished Divinity: Original Sin 2 and intend to, you've been warned!

 Adramahlikh wants your soul, and he intends to get it. 

He'd been toying with me over that 100 hours. Where my friends saw their races' gods in the Hall of Echoes, I saw my demon, who wanted to take over my body and use my power as a Godwoken for his own means. At the end of the game, nearly all our other questlines wrapped up, we faced down Adramahlikh, who would've been tough if he were just more powerful than any other enemy we'd faced, with something in the range of 20,000 armor and magic armor and nearly that much health. But he didn't play by the rules. Four turns into our fight, he broke the mind of the character I'd been playing for four months and irreversibly brainwashed her. She was dead for good.

Or would've been, if Divinity: Original Sin 2 wasn't a game built for save scumming. It's a ludicrously open-ended RPG, letting you play—and screw up—in so many different ways. We saved and reloaded often, to sneak our way past an obstacle we blundered into, to deal with bugs that got us stuck in annoying situations, to undo turning a crank that says "doomsday device" to avoid murdering an entire city (smooth one, Steven). But one constant for the entire 100 hours, one circumstance we never save scummed to avoid, was dealing with the deaths of our own characters. They're revivable, so we'd live with the consequences, buying or stealing enough resurrection scrolls to bring the fallen back after a tough fight.

Suddenly, here was a stunning twist. Lohse was permanently possessed. I had no control over her as she started using her polymorph abilities on my friends, chugging strength potions to deal more damage. So we did the only sensible thing: killed her, thinking a good old resurrection scroll would set everything right. But her ghostly, revivable spirit didn't appear. She was no longer mine to control.

I hadn't just failed the unique character quest I'd been pursuing for the entire game. I failed it in a way that held Adramahlikh up as a genuinely imposing villain. He broke the rules of the game as I understood them. The closer we got to facing him, the more we were told don't fuck with this guy. He's too powerful. But it'd been too long since we'd had a real challenge, and we thought we could handle anything he threw at us. And maybe we could have, but taking Lohse away after just a few turns proved he was ruthless beyond any other enemy in the game. 

My Lohse gets ready to deliver a stone cold ass beating with her hammer.

We reloaded the save, of course, but that didn't lessen the impression that moment left on me—the power of an RPG teaching you the rules of its world, only to upend them at the 100 hour mark. You could argue the moment would've had a heavier emotional impact if we were playing on Honor difficulty, which is harder and only gives you a single save, autosaves after death, and erases itself if your whole party dies. I would've been devastated. But to me, the beauty of Divinity is in how it lets you manipulate its systems to achieve a new outcome. Naturally, we got revenge.

The key to saving Lohse from Adramahlikh's possession was to make sure she was dead already. He couldn't target her if she wasn't in battle. But it was a tough fight, so we wanted Lohse's damage output for the first couple turns. Instead of killing her, we did the next best thing: we beat her up, then buffed the shit out of her.

Lohse entered the battle with about 20 percent HP, hopped up on a strength potion, hasted and clear-minded, spells that gave her more action points and yet more strength. Living on the Edge ensured her health couldn't drop below 1 HP for two turns, and we comboed that with Death Wish, which gives a damage buff for every percent of HP missing. I changed Lohse's armor to make her more vulnerable but bump her crit chance up to more than 50 percent, for good measure.

The first time, Adramahlikh murdered Lohse and we'd barely touched him five turns into the fight. The second time, she wailed on him with her hammer like King Kong swinging a redwood, crushing all of his armor in a few hits. That opened him up to Lohse's incredibly powerful polymorph skill Forced Exchange, which swaps HP values with an enemy. Suddenly, Lohse had 17,000 HP and he was sitting at a measly 3,000. I considered it a poetic way to beat an enemy who'd been possessing my body for his own use. The whole fight took three turns.

That's the essence of Divinity: Original Sin 2. First it surprises you, and probably kicks your ass. The second time you break it wide open, and damn does it ever feel good.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Larian_Octaaf
Hi everyone,

We've just released a new hotfix to address some of the urgent issues affecting some playthroughs. Shriekers no longer wrongly hide, and for those who couldn't enter the Braccus Rex vault, now you can!
  • Fixed being unable to enter the vault of Braccus Rex in Fort Joy
  • Fixed companion items disappearing on death if the companion was pickpocketed before recruitment
  • Fixed combat being stuck on enemy turn in certain conditions
  • Fixed invisible shriekers in certain locations
  • GM : Fixed trade inventory disappearing after GM kills a trader
  • Restored LB/RB functionality when using a controller
Divinity: Original Sin (Classic)

What an absolutely mad idea Larian had. Of all the solitary, longform, completely-not-appropriate-for-couchplay gaming experiences I can think of, old school isometric RPGs sit teetering at the top of Mount Impractical. And yet somehow—somehow—I played through two Divinity: Original Sin games, start to finish, with the same friend sitting next to me. 

And we’ll always treasure those 100-odd hours, too. It’s just that we choose never to speak about it. Or make eye contact.

Round one

Our first mistake was to both choose archer builds at the beginning of Original Sin. Honestly, we didn’t realise quite how challenging the combat was going to be, and how important a well-balanced party is when you’re beset by sentient gargoyles and poisonous gases. It’s rarely just a group of angry chaps in Divinity, is it? Anyway, it was all fun and games as we shot through the first game’s opening like the Legolas Twins, easily downing level 1 Cursed Lieutenants on the beaches outside Cyseal and congratulating each other for well-timed and well-judged attacks. What fun.

We quickly found opportunities for get-rich-quick schemes, too. He’d keep the denizens of Cyseal talking while I’d go inside their house and steal all their paintings, then sell those paintings on to a merchant before the owner finished chatting. We’d halve the gold, you understand. Yes, in those early hours ours was a harmonious partnership, just two Source Hunters blissfully exploring a sun-drenched fantasy land with our followers, Jahan and Bairdotr, in tow. 

Eight hours later, we hated each other. Not a straightforward superhero-and-nemesis kind of deal, but the silent, seething hatred of married couples cresting the hill of middle age in four-bed detached homes in the suburbs. You don’t think about how the tiny, unspoken etiquettes of a turn-based RPG can get to a pair of competitive friends, but they do.

For example, how long is it polite to leave a co-op buddy KO’d in a fight before using a precious resurrection scroll on him? What about that co-op buddy’s companion? How precisely do you divvy up gold and equipment? And does it really matter who gets the last hit, and who simply whittled down the health bar to tee it up? Given enough time, the answer to all those questions is simply fuck this other person

Perhaps that s the best explanation I can offer as to why I murdered everyone in Cyseal.

We long ago discovered that Divinity: Original Sin doesn’t spawn twice the bows or arrows if you play as two archers, and entered a kind of passive-aggressive standoff every time a new one appeared in a chest. "No, you have it, I’ll make do with this one I’ve had since the start of the game, mate." Or "Ooh—that bow looks nice that you’ve just picked up, Phil. Having that one, are you?" 

I’d also discovered fairly early on that I could annoy Tom tremendously by running in a circle around and around him whenever he was locked into conversation with an NPC. There he’d be, finding out some vital information about the cult of the Immaculates holed up in the Luculla Forest, and in the periphery behind his text window, there I’d be running my tiny laps. Jahan followed diligently behind, never daring to question the wisdom of his master’s orders.

It wasn’t all that funny the first time. By the end of Act One, he was quite justified in speaking to me only in single-word responses and weary sighs. 

Jahan and Bairdotr had themselves become a source of tension, too. Inexplicably in retrospect, we used Bairdotr as a third archer to complement our already unwise emphasis on ranged combat. Jahan, meanwhile, was all powerful spells and staff attacks, often getting the ‘hero’ turns and mopping up enemies while the three of us held back, firing harmless arrows at varying distances between our own feet and the enemy. For Tom, who’d already had to endure eight hours of me running little circles and nicking the good bows, the chasm in aptitude between his companion and mine was a new low. Bairdotr got the hand-me-down equipment with two previous owners, while Jahan took his pick of the staffs and warrior armor. 

These might seem like small grievances over the course of a normal play session. But when you know you’re going to be stuck with your decisions, your character build, and your companions for what might be another full week of playtime, they weigh heavy. 

Perhaps that’s the best explanation I can offer as to why I murdered everyone in Cyseal. 

By the time of the massacre, we were no longer playing a co-op adventure, but a perpetual one-upmanship sim, sprinting to every loot drop and guzzling the goodies, the pretense of splitting everything down the middle having long since departed. And I could feel that his character was just starting to edge mine for ability. He’d made some smart upgrades and used his elemental bows wisely, while I’d grown fat and complacent on the early advantage my character had. Something had to be done. 

It turns men into monsters, and reduces entire world maps into glorified loot chests.

Something incredibly childish and petty, I mean. The idea had been forming for a while, and it began with that godawful cacophony in the market. You know what I mean. "Oh nooooo, traveler, your chakras are all out of alignment!" honks the spell seller. "Let’s see, halibut, tomatoes, sheep’s cheese…" says a passing woman for the 90th time, just before that bloody, bloody cheese seller pipes up with his "The man with the most friends is the man with many cheeses" spiel. 

What if I just killed them all, I thought one day. That’d shut them up.

Then I thought: hang on. What if I actually, properly, did? That spell seller alone has every gold piece Tom and I have ever spent in this game, not to mention all the high-level kit and valuable trinkets. I’d be rich beyond my wildest dreams! Powerful as a God-king! And before I’d considered whether it would be much more difficult to complete the game if everyone in town was dead (it was) I had already begun my attack.  

Tom, meanwhile, was miles away in the Luculla Forest and only got wind of my assault when he happened to cast an eye over my screen and saw large-scale combat. It says a lot about the spirit of our playthrough that when he saw what I was doing, he didn’t stop to ask me why. He didn’t head over to join in the fight, or share the plunder. He went straight to the western beaches and found Charla the undead merchant, whose trinkets and weapons were always incredible, prohibitively expensive, and upgradeable. And he killed her.

That’s what playing an RPG in local co-op does. It turns men into monsters, and reduces entire world maps into glorified loot chests. By the time we were done with Divinity: Original Sin, neither of us could feel particularly proud of ourselves. 

But when Divinity: Original Sin 2 released, our memories of that bickersome campaign had softened at the edges and become something to reminisce about with wry smiles on our faces. So we did it all over again.

Round two

This time we made no mistakes about party composition. Tom plumped for a cleric build, while I went for a druid summoner. Sound logic. But again, we underestimated what the game would turn us into. I found myself getting irrationally and probably visibly annoyed when Tom gradually took his character away from the original healer remit and instead invested in several powerful magical attacks. This isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing, I screamed to myself in silence every time he landed a ranged staff attack. 

You re probably paying next to no attention to the story because the chances of someone skipping every line of dialogue go up 100% in co-op.

For his part, I could tell that Tom really didn’t like my Incarnate. I pooled points so aggressively into my summonable chum that he quickly became the Cristiano Ronaldo of our party. What’s more, he gave me twice the turns every fight. The relationship soured before we even escaped Fort Joy.

Playing through one epic RPG in co-op is a unique experience. Playing through two of them is sadism. And Larian had obviously listened to its community’s tales of co-op betrayals and skulduggery in the first game, because in Original Sin 2 it’s sort of the whole point. Not only are there opportunities to undermine your partner in small ways at every juncture—I went ahead and won the gladiatorial combat challenge in the outskirts of Fort Joy to release my Source Collar before anyone else, so they were stuck with theirs—but also huge, looming shades of betrayal and tested allegiances in the main plot arc that the game loves to pick at. As Beast and Sebille were pitted against each other by their respective gods in the second act, Tom and I raised a smile in recognition at how we too had been pitted against each other this whole time.

Because Divinity isn’t a co-op game—not really. Playing as a duo is somewhere between a trolling mode and outright competitive play, because the game does absolutely nothing to relieve the obvious tensions that gold distribution might cause, while also actively encouraging disagreements in conversations. And the real kicker is: I think that’s why we kept playing. 

If you feel sure you’ll always be on an even keel with your co-op partner, where’s your motivation? You’re probably paying next to no attention to the story because the chances of someone skipping every line of dialogue go up 100% in co-op. So you make your own story: a tale of betrayal and distrust told over 100 hours, in completely bespoke fashion. It’s such a carefully doled out bit of design on Larian’s part that it can easily be overlooked, or even erroneously totted up as a failing, but the uniquely combative nature of co-op in Divinity is the best thing about it.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Videogame research firm Superdata recently released its 2017 Year in Review report, which among other things breaks down how much money we spend on our games, and which ones we most like to throw it at. The big winner among premium PC games last year was, unsurprisingly, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, which pulled in an estimated $714 million. 

That amount nearly doubles the revenues earned by the second-place finisher, Blizzard's mega-hit hero shooter Overwatch, which pulled in an estimated $382 million in 2017. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came in third with $341 million, followed by Destiny 2 at $218 million, and Grand Theft Auto 5 at $118 million.   

Those numbers are nothing to sneeze at, but they still fall well short of the real heavyweights in the free-to-play division, which accounted for 69 percent of the $33 billion PC gaming market. League of Legends led that pack with estimated $2.1 billion in revenue in 2017, followed by Dungeon Fighter Online, which pulled in $1.6 billion, and CrossFire, which managed $1.4 billion. World of Tanks and Dota 2 are more down-to-Earth, relatively speaking, but still outclass all premium games but PUBG at $471 million and $406 million respectively. 

"While MOBAs bookend the top-five free-to-play rankings, most of the revenue generated came from RPGs (34 percent) and shooters (22 percent)," the Superdata report says. "This trend is mirrored in the annual growth of the genres: RPGs and shooters grew by nine percent and 13 percent respectively compared to a stagnant increase of three percent for the MOBA genre." 

The report also contains what appears to be a good-news story of particular interest to indie gaming fans: Larian's Divinity: Original Sin 2 made it into Superdata's top-ten premium games list, with $85 million in revenues, dropping it between Guild Wars 2 ($87 million) and Rainbow Six Siege ($67 million). That's a remarkable accomplishment for a studio that famously "murdered" a project so it could keep the lights on and finish one it really believed in. 

There's just one problem with that story: Larian boss Swen Vincke says it's not so. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a hit, yes, but not nearly to that degree.

"If only that were true," he said. "I don’t know where they got that data but we’re currently at 1.3M units, so even if you disregard VAT, the cut Steam and GOG take, and the price differences per country (i.e. you assume we sell the game at $45 everywhere), you still don’t get to $85 million. My faith in Superdata numbers received a big blow today. But that doesn’t take away that we’re still super happy about so many people picking up D:OS 2."   

Superdata explained the discrepancy in a follow-up statement saying that its estimates are "based on partnerships with publishers, developers and payment providers," which enable the creation of "bottom-up algorithms for individual games based on the point of sale tracking data of over 160 million paying customers." 

"Occasionally we see differences in definitions and recognition for revenue—for example, when people are reporting gross vs net revenue (SuperData is always gross), deferred revenue, non-GAAP accounting practices, and other allocations which may show different figures depending on the source. For compliance reasons, we also don't typically comment on feedback from private companies—who may be motivated by investor concerns—outside of a formal data relationship," a rep said. "However, Divinity: Original Sin 2 was a breakout success in 2017—commercially and critically—and we congratulate Larian." 

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - [LAR] Ed
Hi Everyone,

With yesterday's extensive patch, it seems that a few issues have slipped through our hands and caused problems for some of you. With this hotfix we want to address the most urgent issues. Rest assured we will continue to monitor and look into your feedback.

  • Fixed Incarnate spells not showing up in the hotbar
  • Fixed losing shroud progress after loading a savegame in patch6 (unfortunately, savegames made in patch 6 cannot be fixed, so you may want to load savegames that were made before if you want your shroud back)
  • The extra sounds for casting spells are removed until their frequencies can be tweaked

- The Larian Team
Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Larian_Octaaf

Hi everyone,

We've just released a new patch, and it's a big one!

How big? Well, patch is bursting at the seams with over 500 changes and improvements, including massive modifications to skill balancing, on-demand teleportation to waypoints on the map, a new screenshot-friendly mode, and fixes for several achievements.

So check out the patch notes, check out the game, and let us know what you think!

Changes and improvements
  • Added fast waypoint travel via the main map. Clicking waypoints now lets you travel to that location directly
  • Added map markers for sub-region entrances and exits
  • Added a “Toggle Screenshot Mode” button to hide the UI (default: F10)
  • Added range value to ranged skill and ranged skill book tooltips
  • Added sorting to the trade window
  • Added “Sell all wares” option to the controller trade window
  • Added highlighting of new recipes to the crafting window
  • Improved selection of NPCs that have items right behind them. This should prevent accidentally triggering theft behavior
  • GM mode: GM can now set XP gained from monsters
  • Updated and fixed several journal entries
Balancing changes
  • Rebalanced trader prices in the Nameless Isle and Arx regions
  • Break the Shackles can be cast while Silenced-- removes Silence and Plague in addition to other statuses
  • Maddening Song now targets only enemy characters
  • Demonic Stare damage and restoration increased by 50%
  • Taunt now pierces Physical Armour, costs 2AP, has a cooldown of 5 turns
  • Incarnate no longer has Taunt on spawn
  • Breathing Bubble now provides Silence immunity
  • Improved scaling of Attribute buff from Encourage. E.g. +2 to Primary attributes at L7.
  • Oily Carapace now removes Slowed
  • Turn to Oil radius increased to 5m
  • Gag Order now costs 2AP, damage increased by 35%
  • Smoke Cover cost decreased to 1AP, increased cloud radius to 3m
  • Black Shroud and Blessed Smoke Cloud now have 4m radius
  • Bleed Fire now decreases Fire Resistance by 20%
  • Wind Up Toy's Suicide now costs 1 AP, deals 15% more damage
  • Dimensional Bolt damage increased by 10%
  • Mend Metal and Soothing Cold armour restored increased by a 35%
  • Cryotherapy now clears Burning and Necrofire
  • Shocking Touch damage increased by 10%
  • Petrifying Touch now costs 1AP
  • Meteor Shower damage reduced by 10%
  • Corrupted Blade damage increased by 30%
  • Corrosive Touch damage increased by 10%
  • Vacuum Touch damage increased by 100%
  • Ground Smash damage reduced by 35%
  • Death Wish no longer deals damage to the target
  • Rain Of Arrows damage reduced by 50% to match other 3SP skills
  • Sabotage range increased to 13m. Only characters with grenades and arrows are highlighted by Sabotage
  • Equalize now costs 2AP
  • Door to Eternity now costs 2AP
  • First Aid range increased to 8m
  • Supercharger bonus increased to 70%, tooltip now mentions that it can be cast on totems
  • Arcane Stitch now removes Frozen, Stunned, Petrified, Plague, Suffocating, Poisoned, Burning, Necrofire, Terrified, Silenced, Taunted, Mad
  • Shed Skin now costs 1AP
  • Favourable Wind buff duration increased to 4 turns
  • Flaming Crescendo can be set ignoring Magic Armour. Cost reduced to 1AP, delay before explosion to 1 turn
  • Cannibalise now restores Vitality and Armours equal to what the summon has instead of only half. Cooldown to 2 turns
  • Silencing Stare now destroys Magic Armour in the cone, cooldown increased to 3 turns
  • Necromancer Totems now creates a totem next to every enemy, living or dead
  • Steel Skin bonus increased by 35%
  • Infect damage increased by 40%
  • Fan of Knives damage increased by 25%
  • Soul Mate now shares full Vitality and Magic Armour restoration instead of half. Duration increased to 3 turns, cooldown to 5 turns
  • Flay Skin now costs 2 AP, destroys less Magic Armour, debuff lasts 3 turns
  • Challenge cost reduced to 1 AP
  • Acid Spores now fires 3 spores that each deals more damage, increasing total damage by 8%
  • Farsight bonus range increased to 4m, no longer improves Accuracy
  • Planar Gateway AP cost reduced to 0
  • Cryogenic Stasis heals Undead instead of damaging them, removes Shackles Of Pain
  • Fix Artillery Plant shooting 5 acid spores instead of 1. Its Poison Wave now costs 2AP instead of 4
  • Fix Favourable Wind not displaying entire 10m radius on precast
  • Fix Bull Rush not scaling damage with equipped weapon
  • Fix tooltip of Thick of the Fight not mentioning size of the bonus
  • Blessed water puddles and clouds now remove Necrofire
  • Fix damage boosts on some framed runes not being consistent with unframed runes of same size
  • Shields Up skill now requires another click to confirm activation to make it consistent with other skills
  • Incarnate's Epidemic of Fire that is granted by Necrofire Infusion now correctly costs 2 SP

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several issues with Lohse’s quest line (relationship, dialogs)
  • Fixed several issues with Withermoore’s quest line
  • Fixed Tarquin not returning to the Lady Vengeance (again!)
  • Fixed Tarquin being hostile while making major story progressions, resulting in Tarquin attacking the player or other NPC’s during certain scenes
  • Fixed incorrect Tarquin dialog after returning to Lady Vengeance
  • Fixed an issue where Malady would sacrifice herself even though the party already knows where to go
  • Fixed an issue where talking to the Lady Vengeance ship head would not summon Malady
  • Fixed an issue where the client would get stuck in a loading screen if the host has certain Mods installed
  • Fixed a rare issue where custom characters would disappear from the party entirely after loading a save. Save games related to this issue should now be fixed
  • Fixed several issues with combat and dialogs at the end of the game
  • Fixed several issues with the use of the Magic Mirror
  • Fixed a crash related to story not being initialized correctly in certain mods
  • Fixed a crash related to loading save games with mods that are no longer installed
  • Fixed a crash related to loading a savegame that had incorrect information on the state of certain surfaces
  • Fixed a rare crash by opening the crafting menu during combat when using a controller
  • Fixed a rare crash when reloading the same savegame a second time
  • Fixed possible loss of savegame if a crash happens during the saving process
  • Fixed Deploy Mass Traps spawning traps that do not explode
  • Fixed Dragon’s Flight skill causing performance drops
  • Fixed certain NPC’s not being aware of death fog areas
  • Fixed an issue with skills not correctly getting added to or removed from the hotbar
  • Fixed another case of certain stacked items reappearing after saving and loading
  • Fixed several dialog issues related to joining, loading a level, and assigning characters while the host is in dialog with a companion
  • Fixed several minor sound effects issues related to skills
  • Fixed several minor texture issues
  • Fixed origin music not playing correctly in certain encounters
  • Fixed paladins attacking immediately after failing persuasion event at Windego’s prison in Arx
  • Fixed Red Prince’s Achievement “A Dream Undone”
  • Fixed the “Liberator” Achievement
  • Fixed the “Convincing” Achievement from triggering incorrectly
  • Fixed certain items being marked stolen in companion inventories after recruiting them again on the Lady Vengeance
  • Fixed an issue with re-assigning of characters in multiplayer when one of the players was controlling a summon that is no longer under his control
  • Fixed several incorrect crime behaviors in specific encounters
  • Fixed not being able to get spells like Spirit Vision when being over your available memory cap due to items
  • Fixed an issue when clients were connecting to the host while host was still loading into the character creation screen
  • Fixed several issues with Play Dead skill when combining this with other skills or saving and loading while the Play Dead status is active
  • Fixed not being able to easily select characters and objects during the Arena fight in Driftwood
  • Fixed blocking issue when using Time Warp on a delayed turn
  • Fixed companions incorrectly returning to their recruitment spots on the Lady Vengeance after returning from the Hall of Echoes
  • Fixed Cursed Electrified Water and Cursed Electrified Blood surfaces turning into Cursed Water and Cursed Blood surfaces when a player absorbs the Electrified status by walking onto it
  • Fixed summoned characters having blinded status when summoner is blindfolded
  • Fixed certain enemies taking too long to spawn during combat
  • Fixed persuasion feedback when persuasion is impossible
  • Fixed “Steal and add to wares” option not correctly tagging items as wares
  • Fixed Glowing Idol of Rebirth not triggering correctly when the entire parties dies
  • Fixed several smaller issues related to journal updates, NPC alignments, dialogs and specific combats
  • Spoiler: Fixed Ifan not participating in the combat following the decision to deny him his ultimate revenge
  • Spoiler: Fixed eternal imprisonment when killing your romantic partner after the Dark Night of the Soul moment
  • Fixed not being able to re-enter the arena if one of your characters is dead inside of it
  • Fixed a blocking issue when the hosts disconnects and reconnects the controller during a loading screen
  • Fixed certain NPC’s having incorrect talents and resistances after being Polymorphed
  • Fixed several issues related to text cutoff in Russian
  • Fixed an issue related to using a crafting station, which would incorrectly trigger hostile behavior from guards
  • Spoiler: Fixed a blocking issue when saving and loading during the Kraken’s Death scene
  • Spoiler: Fixed being able to make gods vulnerable in the hall of echoes after using Bless
  • Spoiler: Fixed a blocking issue related to a character with the Promise dying during the final combat
  • Spoiler: Fixed a blocking issue related to accepting the Promise with one specific character in a multiplayer game. The end game dialog was stuck in this case

UI Fixes
  • Updated save and load UI’s for controller
  • Fixed a rare issue where the Hotbar would disappear when using a controller after opening and closing several UI’s at the same time
  • Fixed being able to accidentally lose skill points in Character Creation and the Magic Mirror when using a controller
  • Fixed selection of items in rune crafting interface when using a controller
  • Fixed the tooltip for surface and cloud durations during combat
  • Fixed “Delay your Turn” button not being shown correctly during the first round of combat
  • Fixed client Hotbar switching to second tab automatically after loading a save in split screen mode
  • Fixed rune preview tooltips on armour pieces
  • Fixed scrollbar position of the dialog window when using a controller
  • Fixed text overlap in dialog log when the amount of NPC text was too large
  • Fixed issues with controller disconnection during lobby menu
  • Fixed overlapping Hotbars when another player dies while using split screen
  • Fixed a portrait placement issue when using split screen combined with several summoned characters
  • Fixed missing icons for journal updates in certain situations
  • Fixed not being able to open the connectivity menu in the character creation screen when using a controller
  • Fixed being able to repick heroes after setting ready state in the Arena Lobby when using a controller
  • Fixed not being able to see high ground bonus damage on certain skills when using a controller
  • Fixed difficulty setting text overlap in the game options screen when using a controller
  • Fixed the summon’s amount of Source Points not always being correct
GM Mode
  • Fixed Character sheet tabs after possessing a creature
  • Fixed a crash on clients that do not have a character assigned during GM rolls
  • Fixed a crash related to the host having certain mods enabled (like Bard and Artificer classes)
  • Fixed several issues with scrollbars not appearing correctly
  • Fixed camera position when double clicking on an item in the GM’s item sheet
  • Fixed a blocking issue related to disabling add-ons and loading saves related to that mod
  • Fixed GM being able to invite players while still in prepare mode
  • Fixed stats for items that are increased in level through the Item Sheet. Their stats are now properly adjusted to their level
  • Fixed surfaces dealing incorrect amount of damage when placed by GM
Modding / Editor (link to larian forum)
  • Painted instances are now saved in level templates. (Not in this patch: New instances are not correctly saved for inherited levels)
  • Ctrl+z no longer requires multiple actions to undo moves/rotates/..., depending on how many objects are selected
  • Localization modding support added: Localization files are now read from mod folders as well (same folder structure as Data/Localization/{YourLanguage}/..., but now also in Data/Mods/{YourMod}/Localization/{YourLanguage}). Support for new files as well as overriding existing Localization files with the same name
  • Video modding support added: .bik files now supported. Videos are now loaded from mod folders as well (same folder structure as Data/Localization/{YourLanguage}/Video, but now also in Data/Mods/{YourMod}/Localization/{YourLanguage}/Video). Support for new files as well as overriding existing videos with the same name
  • Right click > Move to Level now works properly instead of creating a _merged.lsf file
  • Open File dialog (single file) now returns the first selected file when multi-selecting
  • Less sporadic camera jumps
  • Possible crash fixed when checking out level data when generating the AI grid
  • Mod load order fixes (load order internally would not always match with the settings in cases where add-ons depended on other add-ons)
  • Fix for "Can't load texture for preview of icon!" on opening character Icon dialog
  • Import visual resource browser now default searches for .lsm instead of .gr2
  • Terrain Painter: Terrain selection overlay now hides while editing the terrain
  • Journal Editor: Possible crash fixed when opening the quest overview with 2 quest pages open
  • Instance Painter now saves its settings better
  • Animation Resource Editor: Animation text keys can be added via right click
  • Level browser: Level thumbnails for Larian levels now visible
  • Level browser: Basic and Empty level blueprints now have the correct icon and banner
  • Added new ShowNotification parameter for CharacterAddSkill in story (it already existed in behaviour script)
  • Added new ItemLevelUp and ItemLevelUpTo calls in story
  • Added new GetSurfaceTurns query in story and behaviour script
  • Added new ItemGetRuneItemTemplate query in story and behaviour script
  • Added new ItemInsertRune and ItemRemoveRune queries in story and behaviour script
  • Added new RuneInserted and RuneRemoved events in story and behaviour script
  • Added new ItemAddBoost call and ItemHasBoost query in story and behaviour script
  • Added new OnCharacterStartAttackObject and OnCharacterStartAttackPosition events in story and behaviour script
  • The GetStatusTurns query in story and behaviour script now returns -1 instead of 0 for statuses with infinite lifetime
  • The ItemGetStat query in behaviour script can now also get information about the following properties: VitalityMax, PhysicalArmor, PhysicalArmorPoints, Movement, Fire/Earth/Water/Air/Poison/Piercing/Physical/Corrosive/Magic/ShadowResistance, Initiative, Willpower, Bodybuilding
Divinity: Original Sin 2 - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Andreas Inderwildi)


Imagine you re on a quest for a powerful artefact in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Perhaps you conversed with a ghost who pointed you in the right direction. Now you see demons close by. You cast Chameleon Cloak to try to sneak by, but alas! you are spotted. The fight begins. You draw your weapons, inscribed with runes. You weave protective spells. You summon your cat familiar to enter the fray and confound your enemies. A fireball scroll sets a puddle of oil ablaze, but you misjudged and now you re on fire as well! But a potion you concocted earlier heals your wounds just in time.

It s a typical scenario for D:OS2 and similar fantasy RPGs. Magic is everywhere, and you could barely swing your cat familiar by the tail without hitting a fellow Sorcerer (don t do that though, it s cruel). But where do these spells, demons and artefacts come from? Games have so inundated us with magic that it s easy to forget that even the most outlandish, videogamey spectacles have their Source-drenched roots in historical beliefs and practices. (more…)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (John Walker)

Well sound the klaxons, unfurl the flags, hoist your main-braces and petards whatever they may be, 2018 is proving far more interesting for charting Steam games. Of course we can’t escape the three usual suspects, but beyond those this is quite the collection of interesting, independent, and novel games. (more…)

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Larian_Octaaf
Hi Everyone,

We received several reports about the saving process getting stuck under certain conditions. We realized the urgency of the issue, but were unable to reproduce the problem until one specific support mail reached us.

Thanks to the help of a valiant player, we were able to track down and fix the problem.

A larger patch that tackles several other problems will be coming soon, so please keep the feedback coming!
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (John Walker)

Sorry to frighten the more sensitive reader, but, goodness me, among the miserably common entries, this week’s chart welcomes a fair few newbies and indies! Are customers about to get better at buying? Or will we just see these games in the charts every week for the rest of the year? STAY TUNED! (more…)


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