Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Larian_Octaaf
New features, while exciting, sometimes come with adorable little bugs in tow. In the event that a few slip through our virtual net, we try to squash them as quickly as possible. This hotfix fixes the following problems:
  • Corpses standing up after playing for over one hour
  • Doors being open visually, while they were actually closed
  • Being able to share skills via character portrait
  • Corrupt textures on certain characters in the character creation screen
Savegames are compatible with v3.0.50.423.

Thank you for the quick feedback on our most recent patch. Please keep posting any issues you have!
Divinity: Original Sin 2

During Larian Studios' hugely successful Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter campaign, backers were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite skill schools that'd be introduced as Stretch Goals at a later date. To this end, as part of the project's 35th Update, the early accessible role-player has now added Summoning and Polymorphing to its sorcery-endowed bounds. 

To mark the occasion Larian has also launched two separate trailers, both of which explore the new abilities from distinctly different angles. The first is a shorter, more generic cinematic which skims the specifics inside two and a quarter minutes:

The second, which is far more interesting, sees Larian's Swen Vincke explaining the new schools by way of plates, stuffed alpaca toys, condiments, feather dusters, and rubber kitchen gloves—before diving into the game itself and then offering a more thorough look at both Summoning and Polymorphing in practice.

As detailed via the game's Kickstarter campaign page, the Summoning school lets players conjure personal elementals which match the ground surface they're summoned onto. For example, fire elementals launch fire attacks at foes, while water elementals provide players with healing buffs. The full list of Summoning powers can be found over here. 

According to Larian the Polymorph school, on the other hand, was "by far the most popular" skill school in the Kickstarter vote and sees "the best and worst aspects of other creatures" taken to the battlefield. In practice, this has players transforming into specific animals while harnessing specific traits. 

There's seven in total en route to Early Access, including:

  • Bull Horns—Magnificent horns sprout from your forehead. You can rush at your enemies and gore them.
  • Tentacle Lash—With tentacular (it’s a word, look it up) limbs, lash out at the enemy and Disarm them.
  • Chicken Claw—Turn the target character into a chicken. Squawk!
  • Heart of Steel—Your skin turns to steel, increasing Physical Armour and regenerating a portion of it every turn.
  • Chameleon Cloak—Become one with the shadows so that you're invisible to your opponents.
  • Spread Your Wings—Grow wings that unlock Flight skill. You ignore ground surfaces as long as you keep moving.
  • Skin Graft—Reset all cooldowns, yet also strip off all Physical Armour and Magic Armour. Removes Burning, Poisoned, Bleeding.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is out now on Steam Early Access priced £29.99/$44.99. Full details of both the game's Summoning and Polymorph skill schools can be found here.  

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Larian_Octaaf
Master NEW Polymorph and Summoning schools! Grow wings! FLY!

That's right - fly! _Literally._ Use Polymorph to sprout wings and soar to higher ground to hit your enemies from a distance. Or transform your enemies into chickens. Or slap them with tentacles. Or even grow horns and charge across the battlefield, leaving carnage in your wake.

If that doesn't grab you (and it should) use Summoning to turn the tide of battle with surface totems or a powered-up incarnate. With these new skill schools, the combinations will seem limitless. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here’s a juicy new trailer to whet your appetite.


As always, your feedback helps us make the game better so please hit that “Send feedback to Larian” button after playing, or let us know your thoughts on our forums.

Have fun!

Savegame compatibility

This new version is not compatible with old savegames. However, if would like to continue your old savegames, we have made the old builds available on different Steam branches:
  • ea_version_1 for savegames made in version
  • ea_version_2 for savegames made in version
  • ea_version_3 for savegames made in version
  • ea_version_4 for savegames made in version
To switch to a previous build, follow these simple steps:
  1. In your Steam library, right click the game Divinity: Original Sin 2 and select Properties
  2. In the Properties screen, click on the tab BETAS
  3. In BETAS, click the arrow to open the dropdown
  4. From the dropdown, select an old "ea_version_" branch and then click Close
  • Added Summoning combat ability: Summons start with 10% increased Vitality, Damage, Magic Armour and Physical Armour per Ability Point invested.
  • Added Summoning skills
    • Conjure Incarnate - Conjure a personal elemental that matches the ground surface it's summoned onto. Your Incarnate can be buffed with Infusions.
    • Elemental Totem - Target a ground surface and conjure a totem of the corresponding element. Each turn, this totem will fire a projectile at enemies in sight
    • Dimensional Bolt - Shoot a volatile bolt that deals damage of a random type, and then creates a corresponding surface
    • Farsight Infusion - Unlock ranged attack for your Incarnate. Buffs Magic Armour
    • Power Infusion - Unlock Whirlwind and Rush for your Incarnate. Buffs Physical Armour
    • Rallying Cry - Target character regenerates Vitality and Magic Armour according to the number of allied characters and totems in their vicinity
    • Supercharger - Target summon deals increased damage during its next turn-- then explodes
  • Added Polymorph combat ability: receive one free Attribute Point for every Ability Point invested.
  • Added Polymorph skills
    • Bull Horns - Magnificent horns sprout from your forehead. You can rush at your enemies and gore them
    • Tentacle Lash - With tentacular limbs, lash out at the enemy and Disarm them
    • Chicken Claw - Turn the target character into a chicken. Squawk!
    • Heart of Steel - Your skin turns to steel, increasing Physical Armour and regenerating a portion of it every turn
    • Chameleon Cloak - Become one with the shadows so that you're invisible to your opponents
    • Spread Your Wings - Grow wings that unlock Flight skill. You ignore ground surfaces as long as you are walking
    • Skin Graft - Reset all cooldowns, yet also strip off all Physical Armour and Magic Armour. Removes Burning, Poisoned, Bleeding
  • Added new class presets
    • Conjurer - Conjures a trusty personal demon and elemental totems to aid in battle
    • Metamorph - Adapts to dangerous situations with transforming tricks of nature
  • Added new visual effects and sounds for all Summoning and Polymorph skills
  • Added PVP Support. This allows you to play the game in multiplayer and choose whether to work with or against your friends. You can start as allies and continue as rivals (or vice versa) by making war or peace with other parties.
  • Added Origin Story Updates
    • Made several changes and additions to origin stories (Ifan, Lohse, Sebille, and Red Prince)
    • Party members will now engage with NPCs to play out origin moments particular to their own background stories - if the player allows them to do so.
  • Added a tutorial messages log in the journal
  • Added new Arena level: Castle Outskirts
  • Added and updated several sound effects for skills
  • Added a crime check on lockpicking items that have an owner
  • Improved the ladder animation system
  • Examining a character now uses the highest level of loremaster in your party
  • Certain AI 2.0 decision improvements added (regarding potions, invisibility, 'sleep' status, surface transform, Polymorph, Summons...)
  • AI now supports more skills and statuses
  • Improved performance when targeting enemies with ranged weapons
  • Improved feedback for characters inside fog (when targeting)
  • Improved targeting from high to low ground with skills that use teleport (self)
  • Updated several skill and attack animations
  • Updated several effects for skills
  • Companion preset selector is now embedded within recruitment dialogs.
Balancing and design changes
  • Several changes were made to the combats in and around Fort Joy:
    • Early-game Voidwoken don't bleed Cursed Blood anymore
    • The Freshly Buried Corpse no longer has armor.
    • Tweaked the Source Hound Kennel's level design. Bark, bark.
    • Tweaked the Houndmaster encounter's level design.
    • Tweaked Teleporting Crocodiles' level design.
    • Reworked a number of fights in Fort Joy to ensure coherence in spell distribution and smooth our learning curve.
  • Characters that heal due to high resistance should be damaged if they have Decaying Touch on
  • Pickup action now gets disabled in combat if you do not have enough AP
  • You can now use sucker punch when wielding only one wand
  • Applying Bless to an item on a surface now blesses that surface
  • Reduced requirements on armor, weapons, and shields
  • Made it easier to Pickpocket low level NPCs by changing the Thievery mechanics
  • Characters will no longer absorb Source surfaces when they already have their maximum number of Source Points
  • Surfaces created by skills like Fireball no longer create surfaces through walls
  • Sending an item from a container to another character now also costs 1 AP
  • Mark' now prevents characters from going invisible.
  • Increased stats of Dallis' Hammer and renamed it to "The Reckoning"
  • You can now cast Blood Sucker on other characters. Try combining it with Decaying Touch.
  • Electrification and ice should go away after 3 turns.
  • Changed how Magic Pockets work for multiplayer when having separate parties active (for the PvP system)
  • Kniles' monks are no longer linked to other monks in the dungeon
  • Blessed smoke now removes Silence
  • Refusing Withermoore's help causes him to no longer appear
  • Increased AP cost of Enrage to two; can only target allies now
  • Refactored persuasion system: You now need more points in persuasion to have an effect on higher level NPC's. Stats have less impact
  • New status: Disarmed. Prevents attacking with weapons and using skills that are based on them (e.g. Ricochet, Whirlwind)
  • Muted should not prevent characters from using weapon skills
  • The most used generic treasure tables have been completely redesigned.
  • They now generate more by value than by category.
  • When a container is opened and it generates items, the order in which they appear is randomized. This is purely a representative change.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing players to have their input stuck
  • Fixed an issue with the Necromancer Tower Maze. Players no longer have re-equip the ring to trigger the correct dialog options
  • Fixed roofs blocking projectiles and sight inside a building
  • Fixed some map markers not correctly showing up for all party members
  • Fixed several spell and highlight tooltips
  • Fixed certain characters dropping double the amount of loot they should be dropping
  • Fixed certain skills not showing a proper area preview around the target (e.g. Crippling Blow)
  • Fixed being able to cancel jump skills while they are still being cast (e.g. not creating a fire surface on landing with Phoenix Dive)
  • Fixed item requirements displayed red despite meeting the requirements
  • Fixed Magic Armour not disappearing on death
  • Fixed incorrect behavior with Fullscreen and Fake Fullscreen mode
  • Fixed certain statuses from being spammed above characters when wearing Cursed items
  • Fixed several issues with Tarlene's dialog regarding Shriekers and Gareth
  • Fixed items not being assigned to bottom bar when recruiting a companion
  • Fixed bug where Samadel wouldn't leave towards the call to arms
  • Fixed several crime-related behaviors
  • Fixed several NPC alignment issues
  • Fixed input being blocked in certain situations, resulting in not being able to control certain party members directly
  • Fixed minor issues regarding Gareth's death and the resulting dialogs
  • Fixed several minor quest and Journal issues
  • Fixed issue where NPCs would incorrectly force end their turn without taking action
  • Fixed not being able to reassign teams for AI after returning to lobby from a previous game
Community Announcements - DeathKnight
Hello everyone,

We're taking early access as an opportunity to try out new things, but at the same time we obviously don't want to frustrate our community when it comes to general balancing, which is why we are releasing this hotfix. We want to fix the most pressing issues - specifically the economy, the longevity of certain surfaces and the removal of some control spells from the early enemies.

Don't worry, your savegames are totally compatible!

Balancing and design changes
  • Prices for items have been lowered
  • Some early-level containers now have a higher chance to contain armor
  • Electrified surfaces and ice surfaces disappear after 3 turns
  • Enemies now have a small chance of dropping a gem or other precious item
  • AI does not use Sucker Punch at the early levels of the game anymore
  • Some traders in Fort Joy will now offer more cloth armor

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with general story progression
  • Fixed a crash introduced in patch Was caught by players using feedback tool. Related to committing a crime.

Enjoy the hotfix. If you thought nothing was wrong anyway, you're probably going to enjoy Tactician mode in the full game :)


- Larian Studios
Community Announcements - DeathKnight
Hello everyone!

Today we unleash AI 2.0 to the world and you had better be prepared because it's been kicking our behinds ever since we've been testing it out.

So welcome to a brave new world. If you find you are also getting your hiney kicked, don't panic. We think that's perfectly normal. But if you think this is a walk in the park, we simply have to talk to you and we'd like to know how you are still beating our system!

Seriously though: we are aware this will feel more like our hard core Tactician mode. And we need all of your feedback to be able to tweak the numbers correctly. What are you experiencing that makes it too hard? Monsters ganging up on you? Monsters controlling your party? Reactivity? Movement? Unfair advantages? Monsters have too many skills? You're not wearing any armour?

Let us know. Of course, there's more than just Super AI. Here's a (huge) changelist after a message from our savegame and Kickstarter partners ːroarː

Savegame compatibility

Again, these changes are so huge, this new version is unfortunately not compatible with old savegames. However, if would like to continue your old savegames, we have made the old builds available on different Steam branches: ea_version_1 for savegames made in version and ea_version_2 for savegames made in version and ea_version_3 for version

To switch to a previous build, follow these simple steps:

1. In your Steam library, right click the game Divinity: Original Sin 2 and select Properties
2. In the Properties screen, click on the tab BETAS
3. In BETAS, click the arrow to open the dropdown
4. From the dropdown, select an old "ea_version_" branch and then click Close

More Larian!

You can read more about this update on Kickstarter:

You can watch our Kickstarter update video:

  • AI 2.0. Integrated new AI system for all enemies
  • AI has received a big overhaul. In general it should be a lot smarter and have more awareness of its surroundings. This means that the AI might have gotten a bit more difficult to deal with, so don't underestimate your enemies and especially watch your positioning! Your enemies will make better use of barrels, surfaces, and combat control skills, and they’ll have better knowledge of the consequences of casting particular skills. Planning ahead is now more important than ever.
  • Loot system overhaul
  • Find less gear in random loot, but more gold and valuables. The idea is to get economy going and make trade more important. Uniquely hand-placed items and boss loot should feel more rewarding and rare. You HAVE to go shopping!
  • Added three new arenas
  • Forbidden Valley
  • Enemy at the Gates
  • Ravenshaw Mansion
  • Added AI 2.0 to arenas
  • You can now choose which starting class recruited companions should be, making it easier to compose the best-balanced party
  • Removed durability from armor
  • Weapon durability now only decreases when attacking objects
  • Reduced AoE radius of most area spells to promote tactical gameplay
  • Improved talk animation for female humans
  • New melee attack animations for all races
  • Improved female lizard skill animations
  • Improved several item textures throughout the level
  • Improved animations for several skills
  • Improved list of usable items that should automatically get added to the bottom bar
  • Improved Soul Jars: they now check if the player still has their Source collar before letting them absorb the soul in the jars
  • Improved Burn My Eyes tooltip to include that it removes Terrified, Sleeping, Enraged
  • Improved fog effects
  • Updated several UI sound effects
Balancing and design changes
  • Invisibility is now removed by Frozen, Petrified, Stunned, Knocked Down, Taunted, Sleeping, Wet
  • Invisibility is no longer removed by all surfaces, except if they damage you
  • Fortified status should now remove burning
  • Poison damage no longer automatically contaminates puddles
  • Wielding single wand now applies bonus from single handed ability
  • Players receive their second Civil Point at level two. After that, they receive a point every four levels
  • Weapon skills now show ‘chance to hit’ when hovering over a target
  • All chests can now be moved and picked up, except special arena chests
  • All containers that should be pick-up-able, now are (improved weight stats)
  • Ground Smash now uses damage of equipped weapon
  • Increased duration of Burning, Poisoned and Bleeding for most skills because these statuses no longer deal one tick of damage when applied for the first time
  • Description of ‘Rested’ status now mentions that it protects from certain harmful statuses
  • Added a new defensive ability, Perseverance, that allows characters to regain part of their armor after being controlled by a status
  • Surfaces and clouds no longer disappear automatically. Exceptions: fire (2 turns), smoke (1 turn)
  • You can no longer spot characters in sneak mode while preparing a skill
  • Sneaking cones now show on all characters that can spot you, rather than just the ones that see you
  • Incapacitated NPCs can no longer spot the player while the player is in sneak mode. Similarly, incapacitated players can no longer spot sneaking enemies.
  • Damage statuses no longer tick damage on applying
  • Set equip cost for all slots to 1 AP
  • Trompdoy is now immune to poison and bleeding
  • Purging Wands and Braccus Helm now give Source Disruption skill
  • Added and updated visual effects:
  • Elemental weapon impacts
  • Several grenades and arrows
  • Several skills throughout campaign and in Arena Mode
  • Added and improved several sounds for skills and usable items
  • Added weapon swoosh effects that scale with the level of your weapon abilities (Example: Single-handed weapons will have a bigger swoosh at single-handed level five)
  • Added map marker from Delorus, after you choose to heal him
  • Added new effect for Party Reflection Dialogs and stopped these dialogs from appearing during combat
  • Added new type of pitchfork to weapon treasure
  • Added new simple tools weapon types to weapon treasure (mallet, pickaxe, scythe, pitchfork)
  • Added several journal updates for quests in Fort Joy area
  • Added new necklace types to treasure generation
  • Added being able to sell junk in the trade window

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed random seed not being reset when loading a savegame. Happy save scumming!
  • Fixed several signs that were no longer legible
  • Fixed errors in status animations for male humans
  • Fixed Bahara position at seeker camp. Some players were getting "can't reach" message when trying to interact with her
  • Fixed incorrect reflection boost getting added to equipment
  • Fixed issue with XP reward in multiplayer for "The Imprisoned Elf" quest
  • Fixed blind status causing player to miss even after the status wore off
  • Fixed non-weapon items not showing critical hit chance
  • Fixed possible crash when unloading a level
  • Fixed crash when a client player would press highlight characters button without having assigned characters
  • Fixed issue with initial dialogs of Gawin and Leste
  • Fixed the equipment of one of Trompdoy's illusions
  • Fixed dialogs for certain characters after they had already met (example: Red Prince and Stingtail dialog)
  • Fixed Gawin dying prematurely during one of his teleports
  • Fixed Amyro becoming hostile if he is teleported out of his cell
  • Fixed issue with resurrected characters causing arena match to end prematurely
  • Fixed issue with Void Worm not spawning in the final fight of Fort Joy
  • Fixed crash when player was committing a crime and then loading a savegame right after
  • Fixed Gratiana's dialog if Gareth is already dead when the Seekers gather before the final fight
  • Fixed hotbar positions of the button hints after reassigning keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed Gratiana's dialog if you had the Wand and had delivered the Soul Jar to her already
  • Fixed issue with Gareth's dialog before the final fight. In some cases, he would not leave behind companions for the player to help during the battle
  • Fixed a crash when destroying specific chests containing cloth loot
  • Fixed Historian joining combat involuntarily in Fort Joy Swamps area
  • Fixed the boat to escape Fort Joy still being visually present for other players after one player had already used it
  • Fixed items disappearing when you left them in certain containers and tried to recover them after leaving the area
  • Fixed several items not having an icon
  • Fixed items getting removed from hotbar when switching from dual wield to two-handed
  • Fixed Comeback Kid talent so it correctly saves the player character with 1 hp left
  • Fixed Telekinesis beam effect not disappearing
  • Fixed burning pigs not reacting correctly when receiving Blessed status
  • Fixed multiplayer issues with Saheila quest
  • Fixed being able to talk to Zaleskar's mirror after killing him
  • Fixed Charmed status description
  • Fixed possible infinite fire surface
  • Fixed Tarlene's dialogue after you save Gareth
  • Fixed issue that Source collars would not show up after getting resurrected in Arena
  • Fixed necromancers not attacking after you destroy Necromancer Rask's Soul Jar
  • Fixed projectiles sometimes colliding with roofs
  • Fixed several incorrect imprisonment scenarios
  • Fixed several issues with necromancer maze
  • Fixed issue with curse status getting stuck on character after receiving it via items like Braccus' ring
  • Fixed issue with starting skills not updating in character creation screen
  • Fixed being able to pickpocket all loot by pressing space bar when ‘take all’ button is disabled
  • Fixed smoke clouds not blocking vision anymore after loading
  • Fixed gold in containers not being included in trade window, while the containers are in the player's inventory
  • Fixed being able to get a Talent without meeting its requirements in the character creation screen
  • Fixed Attribute bonuses from equipment so they correctly count towards requirements for equipping items
  • Fixed Leadership not working on allies in multiplayer
  • Fixed surface damage reflect. This should not happen anymore.
  • Fixed several issues with Buddy the dog
  • Fixed several minor dialogue inconsistencies in and around Fort Joy
  • Fixed Voidwoken Drillworm spawning in incorrect locations

Enjoy! :)

- Larian Studios
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I forget which game it was, exactly. If I had to pick one, I’d say probably the text adventure Humbug. It doesn’t really matter, as it’s not really the game’s fault, but I still remember the sadness of being told to go into the inventory and realising that while I was thinking of a big room full of bubbling liquids in interesting flasks and other cool science stuff, the game was actually> saying ‘look in your pockets’. Especially as if it was> Humbug, it’s a game about wandering around and exploring your crazy inventor grandfather’s house. I must have searched for whole minutes, back in 1990.

There’s never been a game that really harnessed that desire, but still, it explains a lot about one of my favourite things in RPGs – particularly those of the early 90s – that the inventory often was> a place to experiment rather than simply pluck the correct item at the correct time. Even if then, as now, it’s often been more accident than design.

… [visit site to read more]

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (RPS)

As Old Father Time grabs his sickle and prepares to take ailing 2016 around the back of the barn for a big sleep, we’re looking to the future. The mewling pup that goes by the name 2017 will come into the world soon and we must prepare ourselves for its arrival. Here at RPS, our preparations come in the form of this enormous preview feature, which contains details on more than a hundred of the exciting games that are coming our way over the next twelve months. 2016 was a good one – in the world of games at least – but, ever the optimists, we’re hoping next year will be even better.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - DeathKnight
Hi everybody!

Here's another update with lots of new stuff, improvements and fixes.

Based on feedback, we have been busy getting a new RPG system going. This is its first release into the wild and we'd like to read your thoughts on it. It should improve what you thought was not working very well, and your choices are now more impactful. Every point matters!

For a detailed list on what changed, feel free to peruse the list at the bottom of this message.

As always, this update is also featured in a more multimedia, less texty, Kickstarter update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdQsm0Sh2Zg

These changes are so huge, this new version is unfortunately not compatible with old savegames. However, if would like to continue your old savegames, we have made the old builds available on different Steam branches: ea_version_1 for savegames made in version and ea_version_2 for savegames made in version

To switch to a previous build, follow these simple steps:

1. In your Steam library, right click the game Divinity: Original Sin 2 and select Properties
2. In the Properties screen, click on the tab BETAS
3. In BETAS, click the arrow to open the dropdown
4. From the dropdown, select the branch "ea_version_1" or "ea_version_2" and then click Close

Enjoy and don't be a stranger now, ya hear :)


And now, for the changelist!

  • Improved player feedback when switching to inactive characters during combat
  • Improved player feedback it's not possible to perform certain actions
  • Improved UI sound events
  • Physical armor and Magic armor now have hit effects
  • Improved path visualizations in combat
  • Improved clickable area of listed savegames
  • Improved and redesigned the bottom bar interface.
  • Added option to switch between hotbars (up to five)
  • Chat toggle is now on the bottom bar
  • Improved lighting and visuals in Blood Rose cave
  • Improved visualisation of move preview
  • Improved following behavior when leader of party is in combat
  • Improved targetting preview when casting teleport skills (out of sight is now properly greyed out)
  • Tweaked and added several effects
  • Updated several animations that were not finished yet
  • Added new tornado effect and fixed tornado atmosphere settings
  • Added preview for attacks with multiple projectiles
  • Added blinking and progress bar in windows (when game is minimized)
  • Players now get directly assigned a free slot in the arena lobby upon joining
  • Teams are automatically assigned for AI's in the arena lobby
  • Added combat log entries for source vampirism
  • Added more logging stats for balancing reasons
  • Ifan's recruitment dialog now recognizes and allows Drudanae
Balancing and design changes
    Primary Attributes overhaul
    • Strength now provides 5% damage bonus and 2% Physical Armour bonus per point-
    • Finesse now provides 5% damage bonus and 1% Dodging per point
    • Intelligence now provides 5% damage bonus and 2% Magic Armour bonus per point
    • Characters now have a base amount of vitality that grows with levels.
    • Constitution now provides 7% vitality bonus.
    • Characters now start with 3 Memory Slots and receive 1 free Memory Slot every 2 levels.
    • Memory attribute now provides 1 Memory Slot per point
    • Wits now provides 1% Critical Chance and 1 Initiative per point.
    • Vitality, armour and damage numbers start from lower values, but grow faster each level.
    Changes to combat abilities
    • Combat abilities now give larger bonuses per point and are capped at 10 points.
    • Previous Defence abilities were removed.
    • New Defence ability: Pain Reflection. Allows you to reflect 10% of incoming damage back onto attackers per point
    • Leadership is now a combat ability in Defence category. Allies in 5m range receive 5% Dodging and 5% All Res per point
    Changes to talents
    • Re-enabled Elemental Affinity talent (Reduces AP cost of skills when standing in surface of corresponding element. Does not apply to skills with AP cost smaller or equal to 1)
    • Added new memory talent: Mnemonic. (adds 3 Memory)
    • Changed human talent to give bartering instead of leadership
    Changes to weapons
    • Earth wands were replaced with Poison wands that receive bonus damage from Geomancer ability.
    • Buffed armor on shields
    • Gave shields a free skill that recovers their armor
    • Gave two-handed melee weapons a free skill that unlocks a heavy attack that costs 3AP
    • Receive a free skill when dual-wielding melee weapons that unlocks a heavy attack that costs 3AP
    • Free skill for fighting with single melee weapon and empty offhand: 1AP attack that Knocks Down
    • Attacking with single-handed weapon now costs 2AP (with or without shield)
    • When dual-wielding, damage of the offhand weapon is halved.
    • Added free movement if you move less than one meter before attacking
    • Weapon attacks receive swoosh effects depending on main combat ability
    • Inquisitor preset now wields a staff and starts with melee skills. (N.B. using Crippling Blow while wielding a staff will use the base elemental damage of the staff and receive bonus from INT since staff is and INT weapon).
    • Witch and Wizard start with wands
    • Replaced Sawtooth Knife with Vault in the list of starting Scoundrel skills to increase early game mobility.
    • Ranger now has Haste instead of Piercing Shot as starting skill
    • Increased difficulty for fights level 4 and above. Humanoid enemies now have new skills and engage in combat more aggressively.
    • Fixed several issues with AI of ranged enemies.
    • Targetted source skills can never miss. (E.g. Mortal Blow)
    • Enemy Rage now lasts two turns
    • Griff now sells weapons
    • Petrified characters are now immune to Burning
    • Reduced AP penalty from Slow.
    • You no longer lose invisibility due to blessed smoke
    • Rogues should now be able to pickpocket in arena
    • Increased levels NPCs that help you in the last fight
    • Cursed oil now has a chance of setting Necrofire instead of Burning
    • Crocodiles now have magic armor and a stronger bite
    • Buffed Radeka the blood witch and her minions
    • Increased damage from Viscous Voidling death explosions
    • Buffed purged dragon stats and gave him Hail Attack
    • Tweaked loot drops so that you cannot get two weapons or shields from the same source
    • Manually placed several weapons throughout the start of Fort Joy
    • Burning and Regenerate statuses now replace eachother
    • Petrified status now gives immunity to necrofire and holy fire
    • Improved closest possible position when using Multistrike skills
    • Hail strike skillbook now can be found from level one and healing ritual from level 4
    • You can now knockdown turtles
    • Improved enemy NPC treasure table drop chance from 1 in 5 to 1 in 3
    • Haste now costs 0 AP and removes slowed and crippled status
    • Clear-minded provides more Wits (gives Critical chance and Initiative)
    • Fixed items being in stuck state when frozen or petrified
    • Fixed "Walk it off" talent
    • Assigned colors to unique weapons and NPC weapons
    • Fixed incorrect pricing for certain weapons
    • Blinding radiance does not affects neutral NPC's anymore
    • Characters with zombie talent do not get damaged anymore when using a bed
    • Ending combat now correctly heals NPC's with Decaying Touch status
    • Fixed being allowed to learn skills from a skillbook when skill is already known from wearing an item
    • Fixed enemy NPC's from regaining AP incorrectly after setting a status on them
    • Hasted and slowed now also modify starting AP, so you will start combat with one more AP if you are hasted
    • Set correct loot for barrels
    • Enemy immunity skills should now make them immune to both damage and statuses
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed several crashes
    • Fixed hiding helmet causing bald characters
    • Fixed charm skill fumbling too much
    • Fixed client player being stuck in options menu when server reloads
    • Fixed client player(s) issues if host loads single player savegame
    • Fixed not being able to select eighth profile
    • Fixed "Your Turn" staying on screen after combat
    • Fixed NPC alignment issues
    • Fixed controls settings being applied to different profiles on the same machine
    • Fixed arena npc's having low stats after first starting a campaign in explorer mode
    • Fixed being able to talk to characters behind closed doors
    • Fixed being able to learn skills by getting 1 point in them from items. You now need at least one base point of a skill school to be able to learn spells
    • Fixed corpse explosion on using source vampirism
    • Fixed armor values displayed incorrectly after loading in combat
    • Fixed surface tooltips for certain surface combinations
    • Fixed momentarily seeing an empty level when accepting invitation from arena lobby
    • Fixed characters receiving fire damage after blessing a fire surface
    • Fixed invisible rogues being followed by the camera, indicating their position
    • Fixed being able to target enemies in sneaking (arena)
    • Fixed overlapping tooltips (range indication and surface information)
    • Fixed incorrect message when savethrowing out of a status
    • Fixed issue with base vitality being calculated incorrectly on enemies
    • Fixed Map not updating upon selection of a lobby in the lobby browser
    • Fixed not getting error message when not connected to Community/Platform server
    • Fixed spamming immune text when forcing application of a status
    • Fixed Surrender button being available in campaign mode / not being available in arena mode in certain cases
    • Fixed crash when putting something inside the Unusually Large Orange
    • Fixed crash related to creation of surfaces
    • Fixed issue being unable to unlearn skill from memorized skills
    • Fixed HP amounts for items with very low HP
    • Fixed Funny Meat not dropping
    • Fixed physics for orange container
    • Fixed Staff of Magus being present in skill list when selecting inquisitor class
    • Fixed skills getting added to the skillbar twice
    • Fixed infinite combat loop when several combats are joined together
    • Fixed getting stuck when picking up an item while sneaking
    • Fixed issue with guard button being enabled correctly
    • Fixed "can't reach" issue when trying to talk to someone that is not visually blocked
    • Fixed being able to start the game without selecting any skills
    • Fixed crash related to dashing through a campfire
    • Fixed characters not being able to perform attack of opportunity during first turn of combat
    • Fixed Multistrike skills landing on characters outside of weapon range
    • Fixed setting warm on items when dousing them to avoid spamming of statuses
    • Fixed Human female portrait aligmnent going wrong sometimes
    • Fixed Attack of Opportunity triggering on multistrike and rush skills
    • Fixed Players being able to start an arena match when host is spectator
    • Fixed crash when client leaves arena lobby while game is starting
    • Fixed starting dialog for illusion dungeon statue
    • Fixed Accuracy boost from gear not being applied correctly
    • Fixed vitality tooltip when your CON is below 10
    • Fixed Battering ram skillbook being unsellable
    • Fixed being able to target self with Source Vampirism
    • Fixed Attack of Opportunity not triggering for NPC's that are running away from characters
    • Fixed tooltips for skills that restore hp and armor (they now take into account bonuses from abilities)
    • Fixed inconsistent tooltip size formatting
    • Stop party from doing formation when sneaking or going invisible
    • Fixed issue that having more than one partymember could cause getting double or triple XP reward for party
    • Fixed black or grey loading screen when switching party member right before loading a savegame
    • Fixed duplicate recipes in crafting interface
    • Fixed "can't see" message when targetting yourself
    • Fixed pickpocketted items going missing sometimes
    • Fixed being able to wear a bucket on your head for all races
    • Fixed Exter's dialog after Gareth dies to Magisters
    • Fixed blocked dialog after winning arena under fort joy but dying right after
    Community Announcements - DeathKnight
    Hello everyone!

    Thank you for sending us so much feedback! We're happy to release our first major update with plenty of new features and fixes.

    This new version is not compatible with old savegames. However, if you want to continue playing with your old savegames, we have made the old build available on a different Steam branch: ea_version_1.

    To switch to this old build, simply follow these steps:

    1. In your Steam library, right click the game Divinity: Original Sin 2 and select Properties
    2. In the Properties screen, click on the tab BETAS
    3. In BETAS, click the arrow to open the dropdown
    4. From the dropdown, select branch "ea_version_1 - For saves with version" and then click Close

    If you're interested in more behind the scenes footage, check out our Kickstarter update:


    And here's the list of all changes. It's a whopper!


    - Repair hammer and identifying glasses are now consumed when used.
    - Made switching to inactive characters in combat possible (not for combat action but for inspecting/inventory/...).
    - AI can now find cover if it finds itself teleported to a place where it can’t escape
    - Fixed wizard AI scripts where they would run towards the enemy but not attack.
    - "Stolen" item tag gets removed when you put in the 'Your offer' tab while trading.
    - "Stolen" item tag gets removed when their original owner dies.
    - Tutorial tweaks.
    - No longer showing invisible enemies when player clicks on their icon with a character-backstabber.
    - Tactical Retreat no longer allows jumping outside the skill range.
    - Party members are now blue, default circles for Arena, turn/status console use relationship based colors.
    - When you have the Zombie talent, necromancer lifesteal no longer damages you.
    - Added special warning when your movement speed is 0 from a status.
    - Character will no longer start dialog unless close enough.
    - Weapon-based skills now use elemental bonuses on the weapon.
    - Hail Strike now creates 3 projectiles (down from 4), costs 2 AP (up from 1AP).
    - Rage now lasts 1 turn (down from 2), reduces resistances by -100% (down from -25%).
    - Levitate is now a Stealth skill (doesn't break sneaking or invisibility).
    - Shields now provide Magic Armour in addition to Physical Armour.
    - Statuses Bless and Curse no longer bless\curse surfaces that the affected character walks into. (Skills Bless and Curse will still affect surface once.)
    - Wet, Chilled and Frozen now remove Holy Fire.
    - Fixed irst Aid not healing character when it removes negative status.
    - Decreased damage of Crippling Blow.
    - Decaying Touch damage slightly buffed.
    - New item combinations for empty flasks and mushrooms
    - Assigned new 3D objects and icons to potions.
    - Added a lot of new item names to item generation.
    - Fixed flags and properties of a lot of roots (e.g. you can now interact with desks and books).
    - Made some roots stackable.
    - Updated/fixed descriptions for some roots.
    - Created some new descriptions for roots.
    - Removed abundance of items in an area (e.g. axes or hammers all over the place in one small area, etc).
    - Removed some placed armour pieces because they didn't belong there.
    - Reassigned treasure tables on items and characters.
    - Reassigned levels on corpses, items and characters.
    - Placed items now have a unique name and description.
    - Created unique knife for Griff.
    - Fixed value of valuable items (e.g. pearls).
    - Increased level of Ancient Sword because by the time you reach it, you are not level 3 anymore.
    - Treasure table updates:
    - more containers now use the same distribution (refer to GenericContainer) which makes balancing easier;
    - generic container was dropping junk too often;
    - generic container was not dropping enough gold;
    - fixed: generic enemy was not dropping armor;
    - junk will be dropping a BIT more gold ;
    - junk was referring to the TOOL category twice;
    - stacks and sacks should not always contain something;
    - redistributed RewardTiny table;
    - junk should drop less cloth armor;
    - FTJ specific reward could select gold twice.

    Usability and polish

    - Added lifetime and damage to Surface tooltips.
    - Fixed toggling contextmenu in the world.
    - Various climbing and teleporting fixes.
    - Disabled tooltips when dragging character in character creation.
    - Combat messages will no longer show on the screen of far away characters (also in multiplayer)
    - Allow people to reconnect to a lobby.
    - Now no longer hiding lobbies that are in progress.
    - Prevent tutorial boxes on endturn of enemies.
    - Arena mode: added tooltips to skills in Hero Select screen
    - Difficulty bonuses are now described in tooltips.
    - Added dynamically animated paintings to the main menu.
    - The application's icon will now blink and show progress bar in the Windows taskbar.
    - Added party tab to local chat.
    - Made chat messages persistent between different UIs.
    - Chat improvements in serverlist panel.
    - Added Surface sound events.
    - Fixed paperdoll frame to fit Female Lizards.
    - Game camera now keeps Items in dialog/combat into account.
    - Active characters in combat have a different combat icon in player portraits now.
    - Show connectivity window in Arena Lobby UI on small diamond click.
    - When in combat and the active entity is unassigned, hide the turn notice.
    - Improved lighting on paperdoll.
    - Reskin and implementation of the new skill selection in character creation.


    - Updated textures on chainmail armour (all races).
    - Updated textures on leather armour (dwarves and humans).
    - Updated textures on plate armour (elves).
    - Replaced Braccus statue.
    - Added building signs.
    - Menuscreen improvements.


    - Dwarves have improved talk animations.
    - Lizards, dwarves and elves have improved sit and lying animations.
    - Lizards, humans and elves have improved skill animations.
    - Various monsters received an additional polish pass on their animations.


    - Grenade effects received a visual upgrade.
    - Player skill effects received various improvements.


    - Sounds for main menu screen.
    - Sounds for UIs.

    Crash fixes

    - Fixed a crash that could happen when requesting a character icon in a dialog.
    - Fix crash when the status Fear was set on an item.
    - Fixed a crash that happened when changing certain graphical settings while the paperdoll was showing (e.g. toggle between shadow rendering).
    - Fixed crash for items in source surfaces.

    Bug fixes

    - Fixed multiplayer character creation exploit making it possible to start with higher stats.
    - Character creation now resets class skills when resetting ability points.
    - Fixed permanent potions getting reapplied on reload.
    - Fixed damage from Decaying Touch being applied twice.
    - Fixed Dodging not receiving bonuses from armor.
    - Fixed UI showing wrong range for arrow based weapons.
    - Fix for invalid "Target is out of sight" notification when targeting big characters.
    - Fix for valid characters not highlighting for some skills.
    - Fixed character playing fast animations after using the skill Battering Ram.
    - Fixed Rush skills finishing their rotation before executing the action.
    - When another player's inventory is locked, you can no longer take items from them by swapping.
    - Fixed map markers sometimes disappearing when playing a 4 player multiplayer game.
    - Fixed item actions through context menu sometimes not working.
    - Fixed stuck turn order and combat animation after fleeing.
    - Fixed Take All shortcut (space).
    - Fixed bottombar activating skills while typing numbers in chat.
    - Fixed clicking through the bottombar.
    - Fixed Voidwoken turtle overlays not showing from certain angles.
    - Fixed issue with visuals resetting when going back from third step to second step in character creation.
    - Fixed destroyed objects getting targeted in cone skills.
    - Fixed not returning to lobby after Arena match.
    - Fixed showing cooldown warning twice.
    - Fixed issues with electrified cursed surfaces.
    - Fixed uniques having a chance of dropping more than once.
    - Fixed issues with source skills from equipped items.
    - Fixed missing textkeys on player attack animations.
    - Fixed looping Rhalic dialog.
    - Fixed paperdoll skewed camera (causing broken shadows).
    - Fixed paperdoll not resizing when resizing the window.
    - Fixed turn notification animation playing between characters.
    - Fix for corpses becoming unlootable when switching characters.
    - Fix for items ticking in realtime in arena.


    - Fixed rotation scale check in transforming objects.
    - Fixed character rotation speed not resetting correctly in character creation.
    - Split up sight and shroud PP shader to fix rendering order with outlines.
    - Improved Outline rendering:
    - Don't use depth testing: fixes the outline being split into a lot of small pieces when behind foliage + allows to see occluded jects better.
    - Added fill color to occluded parts of outline objects.
    - Animation editor can now select sound resource for sound textkey.
    - Added fading overlay to FxOverlayMaterial.
    - Added overlay priority support.
    - Made effects fade when they are attached to a fading object.
    - Increased colour list capacity from 7 to 127.
    - Fixed AI Bound code issues.
    - Fixed exporting lightprobe into level or importing lightprobe from level template.
    - Datahash fix for savegames.
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