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UI Updates
  • Players are now shown a team selection window to choose which team to play on after joining a server by default. A team can only be joined if it doesn't currently have more players than the other team. See the Server Manager Updates section for more details.
  • Added a new hotkey to change teams. Like changing classes, this can be used either while dead, or while standing in the home base at full life. Can also be used while the class selection window is open. Default binding is T.
  • Added a "Host Server" button to the server list menu. Clicking it launches the Formicide dedicated server in another window. The server won't start until the Launch button is pressed in the bottom left corner of the new window. The ports listed in the Advanced section of the new window's Settings tab need to be forwarded for players to be able to connect. Hovering over this button pops up a window that gives information about using the dedicated server.
  • Added a system message that is displayed when a player joins or leaves a team.
  • Added a "press <key> to change teams" message to the class selection window, the player list window, and below the "press <key> to change classes" message. The message is displayed when available as an option and the number of players per team are currently imbalanced.
  • The player list window can now be opened while the class selection window is open.
  • Clicking outside the chat text box will now automatically close it. An unsent message in the chat box when automatically closed will remain in the chat box when reopened.
  • Updated the chat UI to use a hotkey (default of Tab) to toggle between chatting with the team or with everyone.
  • Added a note below the chat box while the chat window is open that using the new hotkey will toggle between chat recipients. Only displays after a team has been chosen. When a team hasn't been chosen, team is not an available chat recipients option.
  • Added a message in the chat area when first joining a server or starting a new game which says that Enter will open the chat window. This message stops appearing after the chat window has been opened in three games.
  • Chat messages sent to all players are now preceded with (All), the same way that messages sent to team members are preceded with (Team).
  • All references to hotkeys in messages, such as hotkeys in loading screen tips, are now colored the same as the hotkey labels on the ability bars.
  • Reduced the font size of the "press <key> to change classes" message.

Class Updates
Fire Ant
  • Hit Points increased to 300 from 250.
  • Max Walk Speed decreased to 6.33 from 7.
  • Flamethrower max walk speed reduction increased to 60% from 20%. (Fire Ant is now slower when using the Flamethrower.)
  • Fire Ax maximum ammo reduced to 2 from 3.
  • Updated icons for Hellraiser (Ultimate).
Notes - The Fire Ant's playstyle felt a little too random and hectic. While he still dishes out tons of damage, he's now more dependent on using his dash to get him in a good position before lighting up the place. His large health pool allows him to play more a tank role as well, further imporiving his area denial abilities. His second ultimate ability is also in the works, but wasn't quite ready for this patch

  • Hit Points decreased to 175 from 250.
  • Max Walk Speed increased to 7.25 from 6.66.
  • Health Bot heal changed to "300 over 10 seconds" from "216 over 6 seconds".
  • Shotgun reload time decreased to 1 second from 2.5 seconds.
  • Shotgun max ammo reduced to 6 from 8.
  • Shotgun fire rate increased to 1.25 seconds from 1 second.
  • Shotgun sound/ animation updated to eject shell at the right time.
  • RPG reload time decreased to 2.25 seconds from 2.5 seconds.
  • RPG fire rate increased to 1.25 seconds from 1 second.
Notes - The Soldier is now more mobile, and fits more into a combat/ support role. This seemed to fit his playstyle better, especially when rocket jumping is taken into play. Changes to his Shotgun and RPG further encourage players to play a little recklessly, while still providing ample damage when harnessed correctly.

  • Max walk speed increased to 5.8 from 5.
  • Biomasser Biomass duration increased to 17 seconds from 10 seconds.
  • Biomasser ammo regen speed reduced to "1 every 3.33 seconds" from "1 energy 2 seconds".
Notes - The Biomite felt painfully slow, so we gave him a little speed boost. The changes to his Biomasser are intended to provide more tactical decisions to be made for his unique mechanic.

  • Pulse Turret Missile damage reduced to 350 from 580.
  • Pulse Turret Missile force power increased to 25 from 22 (the explosion pushes players back more).
  • Removed hit confirmation sound effects from self-damage on turret missiles.
  • Shield Wall (Ultimate) can now be cancelled with a right click while being placed.
  • Fixed several bugs with Repair Gun, Pulse Cannon and Shield Wall that could cause the guns not to fire.

  • Meld now bypasses crawler, rocket turret, and engineer pulse tracking detection, except when attacking/firing. This also prevents "homing" capabilities of enemy projectiles.

Gameplay/ Art Updates
  • Players now stay on the same team when a new match starts.
  • Stone torches on Lava Dome now light up based on beacon ownership.
  • Banner lanterns added to Ice Caverns that light up based on beacon ownership.
  • Fixed a bug with beacon direction arrows (arrows that point to the next beacon destination) displaying behind terrain on some maps.

Server Manager Updates
  • A team assignment mode has been added to the advanced section of the Settings tab. There are two available options: automatic, which automatically assigns a player to a team, or player choice, which asks a player which team they want to join. Player choice is now the default setting. Like all other server settings, this setting can be changed while the server is running, and takes effect immediately.

Client Performance Updates
  • Improved networked player responsiveness.

General Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an uncommon bug that would cause players to not appropriately snap onto the ground when landing from the air.
  • Fixed a bug in the player list window that could cause allied player health bars to not display in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tabbing through the buttons on the play menu from cycling correctly.
Community Announcements - RockWallGames
Formicide Is Free
  • Formicide is now completely free! For more details, see our previous announcement here.

Class Updates
  • Added secondary ultimate Shield Wall: Creates a shield wall in front of a turret to block incoming projectiles.
  • Increased pulse missile movement speed.
  • Added secondary ultimate Gas Trail: Creates a trail of deadly gas behind the Biomite, while also hastening movement.
  • Added spawn timer to Crawler (ultimate ability) after activation.
  • Reduced particle density for Caustic Gas to improve performance.
  • Added secondary ultimate Caltrops: Drop 3 caltrops that slow and damage enemies who touch them.
  • Increased Health Bot heal to 18/tick from 13/tick.

Visual Updates
  • Destructible background objects added to Valle Luna, Lost Temple, Frostbite, and Ice Caverns.
  • Visual updates to most maps, desaturating "doodad" background layers to improve interactive entity visibility.
  • Visual updates to various class particle effects.

Server Manager Updates
  • A system message command has been added to the Commands tab. System messages are sent to all connected players.
  • The map rotations window in the advanced section of the Settings tab has been created, where custom map rotations can be created and edited.
  • A switch map rotation command has been added to the Commands tab which immediately ends the current match and switches to a map in the new rotation.
  • Server stats giving information about the current run of the server have been added to the Status tab.
  • A list of maps from the chosen map rotation is now displayed on the Status tab. The name of the current map is highlighted, and a button next to each map name can be used to immediately switch to a given map.
  • Connected and recently connected players are now displayed in a grid on the Status tab. Players can have account access added for them or can be kicked from the server using the actions column of this grid.
  • A map selection mode has been added to the advanced section of the Settings tab. The available options are to choose each map in order or to shuffle them.
  • The Status tab is now automatically selected when the server is launched.
  • The hosted map rotation can now be changed while the server is running. A map in the new rotation is immediately switched to when choosing a different rotation.
  • Added a command line option --launch which automatically launches the server when the server manager is opened.
  • Fixed a bug on the account access window that caused the currently selected row in the account grid to become de-selected if modifying account access while the server is running.

Client Performance Updates
  • Considerably improved overall performance on some hardware profiles.
  • Added an option to the display menu to disable antialiasing. Disabling this option can improve performance if running at a lower frame rate.
  • Added an option to the display menu to disable terrain outlines. Disabling this option can improve performance if running at a lower frame rate.
  • Improved networked player responsiveness.
  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause the game to run at a reduced frame rate for the first several seconds after exiting the loading screen.

General Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when choosing a different resolution in the display options menu with the up or down arrows instead of the mouse.
Community Announcements - RockWallGames
That's right. Very soon, Formicide will be completely free.

Does this mean new classes or maps need to be purchased?

No. It will be completely free. There's nothing to purchase. The game is just free.

Why are we doing this?

We feel that this is the best thing to do for the game. We originally set out to make a game that people could enjoy playing with their friends. Over the years of its development, we've come to decide that removing all barriers to entry for everyone is a critical part of achieving that dream.

When are we doing this?

Very soon.

What about players who already bought the game?

Fear not! We are deeply appreciative of everyone who has supported us by buying Formicide. To honor these players, we will be creating a special in-game cosmetic status to make them stand out. We're still working out the details for this, but it will be added during our early access phase, before full release.

Does this affect the full release of the game?

No. Formicide will still be completed and brought out of early access into full release. Development is continuing as planned. Leading to...

What are the immediate plans for Formicide after it goes free?

We have a large patch ready to go that will be released very shortly after we go free. It's already uploaded to Steam, so releasing it is the flip of a switch.
Oct 13, 2016
Community Announcements - RockWallGames
Balance Changes
  • Gauss Gun level 2 charge damaged lowered to 250 from 500.
  • Gauss Gun level 3 now dissipates if target has more than 250 hit points, still deals 500 damage.
  • Mega Cannon cooldown increased to 48 seconds from 42.
  • Bloodseeker dash damage lowered to 100/150 (normal/crit) from 150/225.
Shock Trooper
  • Thunderclap shockwave max damage lowered to 250 from 300.
  • Turret health increased to 2750 from 2600.
  • Health Bot changed to heal 198 health over 6 seconds, from 162 over 7 seconds.
  • Health Bot cooldown increased to 20 seconds from 16.5.
  • March! damage reduction lowered to 50% from 66%.
  • March! cooldown increased to 42 seconds from 37 seconds.

General Changes
  • Fixed terrain pathing issues on Wastelands.
  • Smoothed out hills in Undertow near central beacon so you can walk all the way up them.
  • Health powerup layering has moved back to be behind ants.
  • Beacon capturing provides 5 points per tick on the scoreboard.
  • Soldier March! buff no longer persists through death.
  • Shock Trooper Jaunt reticle now appears when ultimate is ready. This displays the maximum range which the Shock Trooper can Jaunt.
  • A crown icon is now displayed next to the local player's kills or beacon score in the player stats window when they have the highest kills or score on their team.
  • The dedicated server is now also included as part of the client installation, in addition to still being available as a standalone app. For details on getting it up and running, see our pinned post here.
  • Added a portrait to the local player stats window for the currently chosen class.
  • Added an AFK timer to the server. Players are removed from the server after 5 minutes of being idle.

Bug Fixes
  • Sniper level 3 charge no longer can damage own mines.
  • Sniper can no longer left click with the sniper rifle and fire while charging right click.
  • Fire Ant now bleeds when health is low.
  • Engineer Pulse Turret is destroyed when owning player leaves the server.
  • Hunter Seekers no longer are destroyed when hitting a phased Shock Trooper.
  • Ultimates with short cooldowns can no longer charge before the game has started.
  • Soldier March! sound effects should always play now.
  • Ultimate bars on the scoreboard for allied players now correctly show how full they are.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when switching from the loading screen to in-game.
  • Fixed a bug that caused distortion effects to not be centered correctly when multiple were on screen at once.

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