Wallpaper Engine - Biohazard
Solutions for common issues in Steam/Windows
* Verification issue while updating
* STEAM: Content file locked / Disk write error / Content encrypted

Hello all,

this update fixes a few issues and makes some minor improvements to the recent features that were added, none of the big next tasks are included yet. If you have Windows 7, some of the fixes require the update KB2533623 from 2011 to be installed in order to really work - but you most likely have it installed already.


  • Fixed grey wallpapers due to external DLLs overwriting the DLL directory (requires the Windows 7 update mentioned before).
  • Fixed applied wallpaper not reloading if 'apply wallpaper' is continuously used in the editor.
  • Fixed model textures failing to be referenced by the model correctly if they contain three or more slashes.
  • Fixed new wallpaper drag & drop creation in editor failing when extension is written upper case.
  • Reduced updater restart issues by allowing more time for a gentle shutdown to complete.

  • Renamed 'video audio output' to 'audio output' and made it affect scene type wallpapers with audio too.
  • Disabled scene audio post processing for analog recording devices.
  • Tweaked scene audio post processing to be less erratic and separated frequencies more.
  • Made audio options for pulse effect easier to set up and added audio response to shake effect.
  • Added bounds and direction to shake effect, this may be useful to create some kind of eye blink animation now, if the source image allows for it this way.
Wallpaper Engine - Biohazard
Solutions for common issues in Steam/Windows
* Verification issue while updating
* STEAM: Content file locked / Disk write error / Content encrypted
* NVIDIA stutter on video load (since 26.02.18)
* Malwarebytes system freeze/browser crash

Scene audio playback + responsive effects, easier wallpaper creation, mute button in tray menu, easier particle editing, CEF updated, new wallpapers in store, report options adjusted to be more efficient

Hey all,

a new patch for Wallpaper Engine has been released that adds a number of new features. Creating wallpapers has become easier now, scenes have support for audio playback + audio responsiveness and a mute button has been added to the tray menu among other things.

Scene Audio Playback/Response Support
Looping music and random sounds can now be added to scenes. There are buttons in the usual places to add sounds, but you can also drag a supported file (mp3, ogg, wav, flac) into the wallpaper.

I implemented SFML2 and mpg123 to accomplish this, it was possible thanks to the mp3 patents being revoked last year. And to accomodate for the license of mpg123, the code for this is open source and can be separately compiled: https://github.com/Biohazard90/wallpaper-engine-media-extensions

Several particle behaviors now have options to react to audio. That means for example particles could emit according to the sound level or apply different forces.

Random particle video example: https://streamable.com/9tvvs

The pulse image effect has also received an audio response option. This allows you to make the image pulse based on the same audio properties.

Easier Particle Editing
Particles have now received a second layer of controls that is easier to adjust, so there is now a way to change basic things without having to use the fullfledged particle editor.

CEF Update
The CEF version used by Wallpaper Engine has been updated to 3.3325.1750. I have tested dozens of web wallpapers and did not notice any errors myself, if you find anything, please let me know. It is inevitable that something might be affected, but Valve made it possible for me to fix existing uploads from other users now, that's a better option than ceasing to update the browser engine.

New Store Wallpapers
Two more wallpapers have been accepted to the store front:

There are tons of other great submissions, but so many of the uploads are copyright violations. I would like to accept more, specifically scene and web type wallpapers where I can see that no copyright is being violated or there is a way for me to ensure that.

Mute Button
The tray menu now has a mute button, which works for native videos and scene wallpapers. Sadly web and application wallpapers are not handled right now, much like the audio detector does not handle them yet.

New Favorite/Up Voted Queries
The Workshop page now has a 'my favorites' and 'voted up' query. This will allow you to remember/track wallpapers you like without actually subscribing to them all. So for example, if you are having trouble with Steam's downloading, you could track wallpapers here and only subscribe to the ones you are actually using at the time.

The filter menu has also been changed to allow for selection of multiple resolutions/types etc.

And finally, the 'installed' tab now has pagination with 500 wallpapers per page. So if you have thousands of wallpapers, the performance of the menu should be better now, since not all wallpapers will be listed at once anymore.

Report System
I have made adjustments to the report system based on what kind of reports I've been getting. The 'content rating' category has been renamed to 'nudity/violence' and the 'offensive' category has been removed. This was to accomodate for the following big issues:
  • Most reports in the default 'genre' category were random with comments like 'doesn't download'. I know, Steam's download system can be buggy, but this is only fixable by Valve, I cannot do anything with these kinds of reports and they were cluttering up the genre category.
  • Many reported nudity content as 'offensive'. If these reports are split between two different categories, it makes it more difficult to process for me. The 'offensive' category is just too generic, most of the reports in there didn't belong there at all. So now I made the nudity report category easier to find and actual offensive wallpapers should be reported through the 'other' category - they are usually very easy to discern from the preview or title.

Easier Wallpaper Creation
You can now create a new wallpaper by taking your base background file and Wallpaper Engine will figure out the rest. For 2D scenes, the image will also automatically be imported and a proper scheme color set. Web wallpapers now just have to select the base .html file, it can have any name, instead of a folder with an index.html. The wallpaper type selection was replaced with a single button, it's now automatic:

Leaving Early Access + Next Updates
It's about time I remove the Early Access flag and I think some time (weeks?) after the next big Windows 10 update would be convenient, to ensure everything still works well on there. What I still want to implement for this beforehand:
  • Mirror layout for multi-monitor (this is difficult to implement for all types of wallpapers and many have different expectations to how this works. I will have to experiment and release the best solution I can realize.)
  • Workshop 'explore' tab (maybe): I want to use my own server alongside Steam's systems to pick users and collections and show their wallpapers in a thematic fashion.

There is still no visible progress on better support for models. The current Adobe FBX SDK is incompatible with Wallpaper Engine and I can't uproot the entire program to accomodate for this. To my knowledge they are working on a compatible version (VS2017) but there is no ETA on it. If any of you have an idea or experience with a good model importer I should check out, please let me know. For now I won't give any ETAs on this anymore until I really know for sure that I've found a basic working importer.

Full changelog

  • Added new editor welcome dialog for easier wallpaper creation.
  • Added optional system wallpaper fade killer to remove fade when logging in or from the slideshow.
  • Added native image compression to reduce size on disk for large PNGs and JPEGs (does not affect memory use or performance since these compressions cannot be handled by graphics hardware anyway).
  • Added pagination to installed tab for 500 wallpapers per page.
  • Added sound playback to scenes with support for mp3, wav, ogg, flac.
  • Added DirectX support detection to installer and a warning if requirements aren't met. (NOT a new requirement!!!! It's only a message.)
  • Added scene particle instance controls for easier editing of basic properties.
  • Added 'my favorites' and 'upvoted' Workshop queries.
  • Added mute button to tray menu.
  • Added more 'filtered' labels to make it more obvious that filters are active and not all wallpapers are shown.
  • Added audio processing options to pulse image effect.
  • Added audio processing options to several particle elements (emitters, initializers, operators).
  • Added basic audio smoothing and normalization to scene audio processor.
  • Updated CEF to version cef_binary_3.3325.1750.gaabe4c4_windows32_minimal.

  • Fixed unreliable Media Foundation init/shutdown by only performing it on application shutdown now.
  • Fixed crash in audio detector when it is reset.
  • Fixed effect list overflowing visually.
  • Fixed service running without environment block, causing web links to fail.
  • Fixed maximized/fullscreen muting.
  • Fixed mip map generation pixel artifacts.
  • Fixed particle simulation crash due to missing alignment of a variable.
  • Fixed Workshop pagination breaking when Steam returns bad data.

  • Changed worker to clear desktop layer when 'stop' is used instead of leaving an undefined image behind (it was black or random for some).
  • Replaced filter drop downs with checkboxes, so now it can be filtered by combination of any options.
  • Made texture compiler apply color bleeding to deal with Photoshop's inconvenient png export of fully translucent pixels - reduced weird outlines in PNGs.
  • Made Steam ticket request a refresh from Valve's servers if it was invalid during reports.
  • Changed download icons to read 'Steam download', trying to make it even more obvious that Steam is responsible for how this works. Also added a question mark with a link to a guide on how to deal with Steam's download problems.
  • Replaced default report category to 'other' and removed 'offensive' to try reduce all of the wrong reports.
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Wallpaper Engine - Biohazard
Trouble Updating?
Verification issue
STEAM: Content file locked / Disk write error / Content encrypted

By now I received ~100 reports but also a number of 'Steam ticket' errors. I have tried to fix this, but if this is still no good, I'll need to get in touch with Valve about it first.

Hey all,

This update will attempt to reduce the difficulty of browsing the Steam Workshop to find something you like. There is only one Workshop where everyone shares their creations, but with this many uploads, it becomes increasingly difficult to moderate using Steam's built-in tools and environment. Therefore I have built a new custom system to report and moderate the Workshop and a new filter system to handle suggestive content.

In-App Reports
Everybody can now easily report items for the wrong genre, wrong content rating, violation of the rules and more. These reports can be more easily accepted from my end, allowing me to fix the genre or maturity rating directly. And if this brings any improvements, I can also create a bot to automate the system. This is where you can find the report buttons:

These are the new report categories with specialized options:

Content Rating
The rating system will make it possible to tag suggestive uploads to ignore them. By default they are not shown in the browser unless you enable the option. Of course all existing suggestive uploads need to be reported first in retrospect and properly tagged. I have derived the ratings by looking at other products on Steam. It goes without saying that I have no interest in setting a precedent by being more lenient than other community hubs or more restrictive than it is necessary.

Tagging something as 'Mature' although it is actually harmless won't get you into trouble, but tagging something obscene as 'Everyone' will have consequences. Please respect that there are different audiences, some who do want to see these things and some who do not. There is also a new genre tag for 'Sports' and a few new genres that are meant to further help filtering suggestive uploads that have been submitted already, including 'Girls', 'Guys'.

Browser Improvements
The entire window can be turned transparent now:

You can directly load playlists or add wallpapers by drag & drop (although still only each wallpaper once for now):

When creating new wallpapers, they will automatically show up in the browser without re-opening the window. The editor also has an 'apply wallpaper' button now which will open/control the browser and select the wallpaper from the editor:

I created a rough roadmap for pending features here for anyone who is interested. If this new report system and filtering brings improvements to the current situation, I can hopefully focus more on the app itself again.

There was also a problem with the shake effect having black screen flashes on Intel GPUs, due to improper driver optimizations by Intel. The shader now avoids running into this, but it needs to be re-imported into wallpapers. Simply adding the effect somewhere and removing it again will import the new files automatically and fix all existing shake effects in the wallpaper.

Full changelog

  • Added in-app report system.
  • Added content rating filter system.
  • Added tags: Sports, Girls, Guys.
  • Made playlist menu always show up so you can load and add more easily, added drag & drop.
  • Added apply wallpaper button to browser.
  • Made browser dynamically detect newly created wallpapers and show them without restart.
  • Added opacity setting to browser.
  • Added Steam cleanup that deletes empty folders when the browser is opened, after Steam connected and only if there are no active downloads.
  • Added filter count to browser if any filter is active to make it more obvious that a filter is active.

  • Disabled safe start when auto starting since Windows just doesn't shut the program down gently on some PCs which I should have expected because Windows.
  • Fixed shake shader causing black flashes on Intel GPU because of bad Intel Math driver optimizations. (Wallpapers need to be updated with the shader though. Open it in the editor, add the shake effect somewhere, remove it again, publish.)
  • Fixed scene properties loading after scheme color is read.
  • Fixed editor stream window sometimes failing to allocate memory because the program renders too fast.
  • Fixed maximized playback option being reverted.
  • Potentially fixed wallpapers not closing/reloading properly when fullscreen 'stop' is used.

  • Changed video pause fade to be shorter if the volume is higher. You can disable fade with 'video audio output' for now.
Wallpaper Engine - Biohazard
Follow-up update 1.0.981
The wallpapers should not occasionally be covering the icons anymore with this version on PCs that had this issue.

Hey all,

A new update for Wallpaper Engine has been released that adds folders to the browser, easier handling of local files, an alternative video player (for 4k on Windows 7), more UI skins, auto muting when other applications play audio and a number of bug fixes. Also, I plan to remove some legacy code in the next patch: if you haven't directly opened Wallpaper Engine since a few (~6) months, please make sure to open it with this patch and change the wallpaper once. Otherwise you might lose settings in the next patch - not in this one yet, this one is still backwards compatible with the old settings system as before!

The browser has been extended with folders and multi-selection. You can now draw a selection rectangle to select multiple files, CTRL + click or CTRL + A. The unsubscribe and playlist buttons will also take multiple selected files into account, so you can quickly set up playlist or unsubscribe many wallpapers.

Local Files
You can now import multiple local files at once by using drag & drop and moving them into the browser. They will also show their actual thumbnails now instead of a generic default image, if Windows is able to generate a thumbnail from them.

Auto Mute
Video wallpapers (excluding webm for now) can automatically be muted if any other application is playing audio. They will smoothly mute and automatically unmute after a couple of seconds when no audio is being detected. A new playback option has been added to control this:

New Video Framework (DirectShow with LAV filters)
Windows 7 can now play HEVC and 4k videos if you install the LAV video decoders, the links to them and instructions are here. You can control whether you want to use LAV or the native Media Foundation on all Windows versions with a new setting:

New Skins
The dark skin is now available by default and doesn't require unlocking anymore. To make up for that, I added a bunch of new skins that are unlocked by completing the achievement. So if you unlocked it before, you can immediately access these new ones:

Skeletal Animations for Models
Sorry! I still didn't complete these. I got stuck after some weeks getting the importer I'm currently using to work consistently, but I decided to take a step back and first implement the official importer for FBX files instead of trying to make the current one work. At least this will also allow me to support the most recent FBX versions.

I removed the "crash" achievement because some people had trouble unlocking it and merged it with the "pest" one. I also reduced its count to make it easier to obtain. To make up for removing that, I added a few new ones:

If you already downloaded/favorited enough wallpapers to unlock these, you should immediately get them as soon as Steam checks your stats - i.e. download and use one more wallpaper.

Safe Start
Should Wallpaper Engine crash due to the currently selected wallpapers, it will not load them when started the next time and give you the option to try reloading them or change them first:

Unfortunately, Microsoft has broken the HEVC video module on Windows 10 during the Fall Update which makes the application crash without error if you had an HEVC video selected before and start it through Steam. To fix this, you have to open the offending file in the Movies & TVs app, then Windows seems to fix whatever broke during the Fall Update, more instructions here.

Streaming Wallpapers in OBS etc
I added a small trick last minute so that you can record wallpapers in OBS and similar, right click a wallpaper and choose 'play in window'.

Next Update
For the next patch I will at least integrate the official FBX importer and see how much I can continue with skeletal animations. There have also been a number of monetized submissions that I have never gotten around to accept yet. Regarding application submissions, please make sure that they work well together with the pausing system in Wallpaper Engine (i.e. no global Windows hooks or anything that could stall explorer), this patch improves support for Unity and especially version 2017.2, so perhaps the existing issues have been resolved already.

Full changelog

  • Added option to track hours when starting through Steam by adding '-steamtrackhours' start parameter.
  • Added new DirectShow LAV video rendering framework as alternative to Media Foundation.
  • Added folders to browser.
  • Added multi-select to browser (CTRL+click, CTRL+A, selection rectangle).
  • Added support for DEL key to remove wallpapers.
  • Added video auto mute when other programs play audio (only MF and DirectShow videos).
  • Added video volume fade when pausing or muting (only MF and DirectShow videos).
  • Added reload button to Steam Workshop server error message.
  • Added native thumbnail generation for local files.
  • Added safe mode that starts the program without wallpapers should it have crashed before.
  • Added d3dcompiler_43.dll to initial system module validation.
  • Added bitness check to system module validation to show proper paths on 32-bit systems.
  • Added warning when high-contrast mode is enabled while WE is running.
  • Added a number of new extra skins for the achievement and made dark skin always available.
  • Added play in window option for streamers.

  • Fixed auto start state not always reflecting actual setting in Windows.
  • Fixed web wallpapers restarting while editing text in the editor and causing focus loss.
  • Fixed in-memory video loader crashing with WMV files.
  • Fixed random 'desktop not available' error when opening the Windows file dialog (maybe).
  • Fixed shake render glitch on Intel GPUs.
  • Fixed Windows 7 compatibility mode sometimes breaking down when fullscreen games disable Aero or remove the icon windows.
  • Fixed application wallpapers not working right with Unity 2017.2.
  • Fixed wallpapers in playlist sometimes repeating too soon (hopefully).
  • Fixed black borders on GIFs that are translucent at their boundaries.
  • Fixed bloom settings not applying in 2D scenes with Dx11.
  • Fixed fullscreen image layers being rendered incorrectly after screen size changed.

  • Updated Sheep wallpaper to Unity 2017.2.
  • Improved VRAM usage on wallpapers that have many large image layers with effects and can take advantage of sharing intermediate buffers.

Trouble Updating?
Verification issue
STEAM: Content file locked / Disk write error / Content encrypted
Trouble with Windows 10 Fall Update?
Windows 10 Fall Update Issues
As always, there is no virus in this program. If your AV shows a warning, please report it to the AV developer as a false positive to help me remove them.
Wallpaper Engine - Biohazard
Read these if you have trouble updating
Verification issue while updating
STEAM: Content file locked / Disk write error / Content encrypted

Hey all,

a new update has been released that fixes the language in the browse window not being set correctly. The files also have a digital signature now which should help reduce anti-virus programs causing 'content file locked' issues and otherwise interfering with Steam updates long term.

A new, clearer error message is being displayed when Steam services are offline, because such issues need to be fixed by Valve.

Update 1.0.887
I updated the version of Chrome (or rather Chromium) to 61.0.3163.91 now as well since the previous one seemed to make AMD drivers pick the wrong graphics card on some laptops and show a black screen, while this one does that less frequently. If you still have a black screen you can probably fix it by forcing it to choose the right graphics card: http://steamcommunity.com/app/431960/discussions/2/1474222595304133614/

Full changelog

  • Fixed browse window not applying language setting.

  • Added more Workshop error messages that point out that Steam is at fault for the Workshop being offline.
  • Added digital signature to all binaries.
  • Added Steam button to running downloads that opens the Steam download page, to make it more obvious that Steam is performing downloads and make it easier to resume them when it isn't progressing.
Wallpaper Engine - Biohazard
Read these if you have trouble updating
Verification issue while updating
STEAM: Content file locked / Disk write error / Content encrypted

Hey all,

a new patch has been released that adds numerous new particle presets including leaves, fire, smoke, lightning and bubbles. The particle system supports sprite sheets and perspective rendering now and received some performance improvements under Dx10/11.

There are also a number of new scene tutorials available that demonstrate what you can do with some of the effects, you can find them here on the wiki. Or check out the completed wallpapers here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1129923010

CEF + Chromium have been updated to a more recent version and a few global CSS classes have been added for project properties, so they can be styled more conveniently. Another issue with monitor detection has been fixed, since Windows has been reporting duplicated monitors as separate locations. You can now also access the wallpaper properties of other monitors more easily in the 'load properties' dialog of each wallpaper.

Full changelog

  • Added Windows 7 attachment mode option to work around behavior with fullscreen borderless windows.
  • Performance improvements for Dx10+ particles.
  • Added sprite sheet support for particles.
  • Added support for <a> tags in web properties to open in external browser.
  • Added update warning dialog if the updater cannot close the program (because the user runs it as admin or due to AVs).
  • Added single and dual channel texture format support.
  • Added CSS classes for property styling: ugcDanger, ugcWarning, ugcSuccess, ugcSub.
  • Added position picker to some shader properties.
  • Added text filter to material browser.
  • Improved editor responsiveness by detecting project file changes asynchronously.
  • Added spin brush to all flow maps in editor.
  • Added new fire image effect.
  • Added dozens of new particle presets and textures.
  • Added various new parameters to existing effects.
  • Added perspective rendering option to all particle systems.
  • Made it possible to load wallpaper configurations from other monitors that were stored before.

  • Fixed crash when wallpaper has invalid camera path.
  • Fixed tray menu not opening via keyboard.
  • Fixed shake shader artifacts on Intel GPUs.
  • Fixed Windows returning too many monitors when using duplication mode.
  • Fixed some custom characters in wallpaper properties breaking the config (").
  • Attempted to deal with Steam not sending a message when a download was completed already (stuck on 100%).
  • Fixed 'next wallpaper' option not working when using playlist with 'when logging in' setting.
  • Fixed open from file/url wallpapers not auto selecting in browser.

  • Removed Steam API error message when running empty queries.
  • Updated CEF to version cef_binary_3.3112.1656.g9ec3e42 (Chromium 60.0.3112.90).
  • Disabled Chromium render watchdog.
Wallpaper Engine - Biohazard
Read these if you have trouble updating
Verification issue while updating
STEAM: Content file locked / Disk write error / Content encrypted

Hey all,

I have released some more improvements for the detection of monitors. It turned out there are issues on some desktop systems using an integrated and dedicated GPU at the same time (iGPU monitor not returned by Windows), so I just tried to combine the various methods Windows offers to somehow deal with it. Some multi-monitor systems also suffer from a notorious issue of monitor names being swapped internally, causing wallpapers to be swapped too. This can be fixed with the 'device path' option - from now on the default on multi-monitor systems.

The Workshop info dialog will now ask you for genres you are interested in when you open it at first. Existing users don't have to do this, but you can still re-open the dialog at the top of the filter menu. It simply applies some presets to the existing tag filter options.

Full changelog

  • Added deprecated monitor detection option.
  • Added filter presets that are applied in the Workshop intro.

  • JS injection in project property names.
  • Property translations of local files.
Wallpaper Engine - Biohazard
Hey all,

This is just a small patch that fixes some monitor discovery and video issues from the last update. If you are still having any issues of the sort, please make a thread in the forums so I can check it out. Please note that splits and groups will be reset, unfortunately, I couldn't transfer their settings over this time. Everything else should be carried over automatically.

Since not every single use case can be solved with one solution, I have added an advanced option for how to assign wallpapers to your displays:

You can choose to assign them by 'index' of your monitors (GDI) or the actual device name of your monitor model ('Device path'). If your PC secretly swaps monitor indices and affects Wallpaper Engine by doing that, changing this to device path would be the solution.

I have started a wiki on Wikia for Wallpaper Engine: http://wallpaper-engine.wikia.com . For now I will focus on completing the documentation on existing scene wallpaper features, the particle system already has most of its functions/components listed here: http://wallpaper-engine.wikia.com/wiki/Particle_System . All of the image effects will be added as well along with some tutorials on how to make common effects (wavy hair/clothes, ripple, light flicker, smoke, parallax).

Full changelog

  • Added 'Open in Explorer' to context menu in browser.

  • Attempted to improve monitor detection with a new method, but with fallback to the old one.
  • Attempted to improve behavior when the graphics device or desktop is lost.
  • Fixed a video looping issue (just reverted a change from the last update!).
  • Fixed Win 7 showing bogus 'Failed to prepare desktop' message.
  • Fixed some stability issues when wallpapers are refreshed or monitor targets removed.
  • Fixed video player spamming the same notification indefinitely when it keeps being reported by Windows.
Wallpaper Engine - Biohazard
Hey all,

This new patch brings options to group and split monitors, save and share wallpaper properties and new playback options for laptops when they are running on battery. Web wallpapers can now also use the file import for WebM files, access the web devtools and the wallpapers will now shut down or pause when your monitor sleeps automatically.

A new notification and instructions on how to get the most of the built-in Workshop browser should make it easier for new users to find and use it.

And a few options have been added via a context menu in the browser, so you can perform actions on wallpapers without actually selecting them.

2D scene wallpapers received a resolution tag that is automatically set like it works for videos and they can access the same alignment options:

Monitor grouping and splitting can be done in the monitor selection menu. For example, if you have three monitors and a projector, you can now use groups to stretch a wallpaper across your monitors but skip your projector.

Splits can be used to divide any single monitor (like an NV Surround or Eyefinity display). NV Surround can be automatically split, right click the monitor and choose 'auto split'. Bezel correction is auto detected as well, but only when the topology uses shared bezel values. In any other case, manual splitting can still be done.

The wallpaper property menu has been extended with options to save, load and share your properties. Properties are now saved per-monitor too, so you can use the same wallpaper on multiple monitors with different settings.

This is especially useful for web wallpapers that have lots of versatile configuration options, like these - now you can more easily share your own configurations on the discussion pages:

If you are using a laptop, a new battery playback mode will be available. You can also control whether wallpapers pause or stop when the display goes to sleep.

Web wallpapers
New advanced options allow you to set custom CEF command line arguments and a debugging port. Set the port to i.e. 8080 and you will be able to access the devtools at

You can allow users to import videos (WebM) for single files now. Just add "fileType" : "video" to the file property.

Over the next week I will be focusing on writing proper documentation for image effects and particles. The next bigger update will improve 3D scenes. Skeletal animations will be added at least, but I will likely overhaul the entire model shader and add a few more options and graphical effects, I haven't locked down which ones exactly though.

Full changelog

  • Added monitor groups.
  • Added monitor splits.
  • Added playback options for laptops on battery.
  • Added option to stop/restart wallpapers when the display turns off to avoid a driver bug from freezing the video.
  • Added notice for in-app Workshop access and some instructions.
  • Added per-monitor wallpaper properties.
  • Added property saving and loading.
  • Added property sharing.
  • Added properties per-monitor.
  • Added WebM import to web wallpapers.
  • Added context menu for browser.
  • Added variable preview image size in browser.
  • Added CEF commandline and devtools port for web wallpapers.
  • Added resolution tags to 2D scene wallpapers.
  • Added memes tag.

  • Fixed texture importing issues when multiple periods are in the name.
  • Fixed a DXGI crash when the graphics device is immediately lost due to i.e. overclocking.
  • Fixed WebM videos not advancing the playlist when they ended.
  • Fixed Boost failing to deal with UNC locations at all.

  • Changed image effects to use masks of reduced resolution to save performance.
  • Improved cloud image effect.

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