Vision Runner - cybergebi
May 1, 2017
Vision Runner - cybergebi
Hello Guys,

another update is currently rolling out. It contains various bugfixes and a new Language: German! If you are on a german system it should automatically launch in german. if not then the language can be changed in the settings.

We are currently working hard on the Multiplayer Update, it's almost finished but too buggy to be released at the moment. Some of you asked if the game is dead and i can clearly say, no it's not dead. The game is a hobby project, i wish i had more time to develop.

Multiplayer is comming soon, stay tuned!

Dec 22, 2016
Community Announcements - seriös benennen
Hey Guys,

today our first big patch is rolling out. It contains the overhauled movement system based on user feedback and other improvements.

Please keep posting feedback in the Vision Runner Community Forum and also please post your concerns! We are happy to help :)

Here are the Patch Notes:
  • Movement System Overhaul (better and smoother)
  • Added Stamina instead of Temperature (50 Stamina is needed to Slide)
  • Added Jump Over (lower objects)
  • Added Restart Points (not Checkpoints)
  • Added News on Main Menu
  • Added Splash Screen
  • Added Remember E-Mail on Login
  • Added Official Maps section in Parkour Central
  • Added Change Input Buttons in Options
  • Login now possible with Enter
  • Spawn and Restart Points now have Arrows for the Direction where you are Facing

We hope you have fun playing. Stay tuned for more updates!

Community Announcements - cybergebi
Hi everyone,

Patch 1.0.2 is currently rolling out. It's the last Patch before the Big 1.1 Update which should be rolling out in 2 weeks.

Changelog for 1.0.2:
  • Added object and category images to the Editor object selection
  • Highscore list now showing minutes and seconds instad of seconds only
  • Fixed Audio Settings Bug: Audio Settings now change instantly on save
  • Fixed object description bug in Editor
  • Fixed Editor Menu overlapping text on small monitors

Thank you for feedback and bug reports, we really appreciate it!

Best regards and have fun playing
Community Announcements - seriös benennen
Hi and welcome to the world of Vision Runner.

My name is Dominic and i'm the Lead Developer of Vision Runner. If you got any questions please feel free to post it in our Steam Community Discussions.

We try to work with the communtiy as close as possible. If you got any ideas or suggestions, please don't hesitate to post it on our sub forum. You can also check out our Trello Board to vote on features and improvements!

What features are available on release?
The Map Maker and Parkour Central are working, so you can make and publish your own parkours or play parkours from other players.
Time Mode: You can run against the time and post your best time.

Whats next?
Basic multiplayer is planned for version 1.1
Movement overhaul is planned for version 1.2
Other improvements and small fixes are planned for the next 2-4 weeks.

Thank you for support and have fun playing.

Best regards

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