Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game - Lennartos
After a month in the public beta branch the AMD fix is now availible for all.
Please do report if anyone has any further issues.
Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game - Lennartos
For those that are running with a AMD card and cant get the game to run with the new drivers:
You need to play with counters instead of sprites.

Go to the game folder, usually:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arsenal of Democracy
Or right click on the game in your steam library and select properties,
then select the "local files" tab and the button "browse local content".

In your explorer you will then under gfx/map find a folder called "units" rename this folder, like for example "unitsbackup".

And the game will start even with AMD newest drivers.
( with a single warning during load that you should click ignore )

If you didnt play with counters before, you need to start a new or load your current game, click options and there you will find a option to "use counters" - set that to ON.

You are ready and can play until 1.11 is ready :)
Oct 29, 2016
Community Announcements - Lennartos
Hi there
1.10 is now released as there where no further issues reported on the beta branch.
The experimental will get the current 1.11 preview build next, which aims at fixing the issues that AMD users have since their newest drivers abandoned support for DirectDraw.

Here is the changelog of 1.10:
1.10 Post & changelog
Oct 20, 2016
Community Announcements - Lennartos

Hi there
It seems we are ready to launch.... the 1.10 version on steam :)
We released another update on the beta branch.

With this, the remaining issues with settings & custom configuration beeing overwritten by updates should now be fixed, so we should be good to go on a general release, unless someone notices anoither steam related issue that needs to be resolved.

As last time, please report any issues either on the steam 1.10 beta discussion or the paradox thread.
Community Announcements - Lennartos
Hi guys.
We have now received access, to upload fixes and new versions ourselves.
And so we are now uploading 1.10 as a public beta to test out if everything is in order before updating for everyone.

Since the last version on Steam was 1.07, here is a short rundown of what happened in the different updates.
1.08 bug fixes & AI tweaks
1.09 was a huge soft coding update, cleaning it up and improving minors.
1.10 is a clean exe update, updating the codebase for modern systems.
Preparing for the big changes like supporting modern displays. ( which will come later )

Here is the changelog of 1.10:
1.10 Post & changelog

Important note:
The new version requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable.
Its added in the installer as prerequisite and should install automatically, but in case you have a problem launching it, here is a direct link for the 32 bit:

Please comment your experiences on the forum or here on steam as a discussion and we will fix any issues you have.
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Complete 1.05 Changelog :

New Convoy Assert Limits
Fixed overseas convoys not loading properly from scenairo files.
Added Missing TT images
Implemented "access_to_alliance" event command
Province Navalbase flag now correctly cleared when ending scenario.
Fixed Buffer size to take into account leaders long battle history
Increased Default buffer Size
Fixed 1 STR Brazillian unit
Fixed CTD with statistics table if string = null
Fixed Multi Deployment
Added more Convoy debug lines
Fixed Convoy need value in trade screen
Units boarded on ships only draw from its stock if the ship has >50% supplies
Merge Trades Reworked
Trade Info window now shows own / other trades by color
Fixed brigade icon in deployment pool
Fixed tool tip for trade deals ("nothing")
Tweaked attrition rules
Fixed Text Files
Fixed enormous convoy losses Convoy Bug
Fixed Possible Memory leaks
Fixed a bug that could cause CTD or timer corruption
Small AI tweaks
Removed Debug Output
Rescaled Nuclear Production
Fixed Support #945 : Peace with all
Fixed Bug #617 : Convoy <> Transprt Conversion display bug
Fixed Bug #678 : Poor AI Assignment of Leaders
Fixed CTD related to to small text buffer for high resolutions.
Fixed Random leader name CTD
Fixed Day / Night cycle
Some Small Text Changes
Minor DB fix for fNATCHI falkenhausen event
Minor Tibet Minister Fix
Improved debug output for invalid unit models (for modding)
Further Speed Optimizations.
Assigned specific default sprites to air units.
Balancing changes + Latest Balancing proposal by Andy
Fix For Infra Repair speed
Fixed possible CTD with air superiority mission
AI default preference for repair is now 20%
Slider Not responding issue resolved
Implemented Support #946 : Message popup when production line can be
Implemented Support #801 : Change Retooling Time via Event
Implemented Support #943 : Give XP to Unit via Event
Implemented Support #944 : Give XP to Leader via Event
Implemented Support #941 : Change Partisan Activity via Event
Implemented Support #945 : White Peace with All
Implemented Support # 813 - Check for battle in province
Implemented Support #859 : Change a nations National Idea/Social
Policy/National Culture via Event
Implemented Support #858 : Add trigger that checks a nation's national idea
Implemented Support 818 : Trigger an event with delay
Implemented Support # 953 : Moddable max number of attachment for each
naval unit type
Implemented feature # 923 : Make it possible to mod the number of
escorts/transports generated by converting
New AI transport
When MP is low reinforcements now prioritizes Air and Ships
Combat now uses relative organization as attack modifier instead of absolute
Fix for the missing move event (which could cause unit to stall
Fixed bug # 879 : Lent expeditionary forces are also deleted by
delete_unit command. Those are now returned to the owner.
Implemented Support # 817 : Member of "Big Alliance" Yes/No/Specific
Militia now free from retooling
AI now build Infra
AI files can now specify preferred infra provinces.
AI now is more stable in building IC in preferred provinces
Newly released country now doesnt get "FREE" transports - the releasing
nation gives it to them.
AIR AI now correctly understands the amount of damage it can do to non
national IC.
Small code cleanup in provinces
Scorched earth now doesnt destroy province until the last defending army
has started to flee.
Updated event commands.txt with new "capital_province" trigger syntax info
Implemented Support # 816 - New Event Trigger : Capital Location
Province Check
Scorched Earth doesnt destroy province with active combat.
Arid Attriction reduced
Bug #874 Minimap is still active when tab is opened
Fixed bug 903 - French leaders defecting to Vichy doesn't fire
Coup chance now more tied to dissent. Exported coup chance increase per
dissent point to misc.txt
Fixed Support #939 - Increased maximum player name length
Fixed Support #940 - Increased maximum chat winodw length
Fixed Support # 948 : Newly-created countries get 10 free convoys.
Bug 651, retooling should be possible even if no manpower is available
Bug 667 : Synthehtic Oil/Rare can be kept at the deployment queue until
needed for no TC cost. - Also added TC cost to other prov improvs
Fixed Bug 678 : AI seems happy to assign its worst Admiral to its best
and most important fleets.
Fixed bug # 722 - when you deploy naval units with multiple brigades the
unit shows in the deployment-pool only with one attachment.
Fixed bug #728 - AI can ignore redeployment delay when auto-assigning
Fixed Bug 730 - AI ignores garrisons when making army detection estimates
Fixed bug # 810 - Military control causes foreign units to appear as the
controller model.
Improved Timer Tick accuracy
Fixed Small memory leak when division dies
Small Optimizations (Air AI + Province update)
AI now uses min 10% on repair of provinces
AI now uses scorched earth
You cannot repair province engaged in combat
Air AI now prefers national IC
Asian Area Colors Fixed (more colors for regions + areas)
Fixed Transport issue where transport fleets where moved around while
unloading divisions.
Fixed Issue where invasion AI would become inactive to to targetting
country that can be invaded, but province that cannot be acessed.
Shore Bombardment now per default 16 days.
Fixed Region / area Color issue
Improved naval retreat rules
Slider Control Improved - now they all work with buttons as intended
Province MP affects revoltrisk
CombatList now shows military controlled combats
New Front AI - making smaller attacks if it can
Fixed Garrison retreat bug
Changed Unit resupply method - and exportet values to misc
partisan now have bigger effect on ESE
Unit can now go out of supply even if in capital area
Fixed type errors in minister files
Default minor nation sprites for naval,cas,transport and tactical bombers.
Fixed a bug in Canada minister - non-existing ID 45068 changed to 45071

Product Update - Valve
Updates to Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

- Updated to version 1.04
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Arsenal of Democracy have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New features:
  • Shift-click in convoi menu
  • Mission window now selects new target if province target is invalid (switching from area to province)
  • Mission window now allows to select provinces from map - more restricted mode but still very neat.
  • All scenarios now start with auto-assigned leaders at the start of campaign
  • Added historical Brigade picture possibility for all brigades
  • Even though its practically a bugfix: Flickering Gone
  • Auto Promote leader - leaders in units now preferred for all types of units.
  • Front AI: Solved the SuperStack issue
  • Front AI: Now correctly understands the stacking penalities
  • Front AI: Not as afraid of forts as it once was
  • Auto Promote leader - leaders in units now also preferred for air and naval units.
  • Parts of the Minor Graphics Mod (TeutonburgerW)
  • Auto production now also takes current unit consumption into account when setting sliders.
  • Auto production now reserves enough stock for units instead of fixed 2000
  • Ships reduce supply drain when resuppying at port when country has too low supplies.
  • (players who thought they could run a constant 500 supplies stock when their ships stock alone could stock 2000+ always got a nasty surprise before this)
  • Admiral AI now more active - should give you more of a fight.
  • Espionage Toned down quite a bit
  • Changed Espionage Calculations (betas will test new system this week)
  • Naval Combat now more decicive
  • Land Bombers vs Ships effect toned down a little
  • National Ideas re-balanced
  • Typo in Australian Tech Team file
  • Minor error with Finnish Leader file.
  • Events target wrong tech teams
  • Replaced non-standard character upper and lower case versions with corresponding ae/oe/ue
  • Korea Scenario: Korea now correctly has military control over USA
  • Kashmir's flag is broken
  • India and Pakistan have their Historical Info text swapped
  • BTooltip for building nuclear power plants is wrong
  • Israel 1948 Scenario crash when event 6026 fires. (was a missing } in scenario file)

  • Ships supply usage fixed when in port (before they used more stock in port than when at sea)
  • Leaders can die Without Dying(until reload)
  • Events can mistakenly impose "currently taking office" delay on ministers (minister replaced by himself gave delay)
  • BAssassinate Minister mission always targets Head of State/Government.
  • Send Expeditionary force button - tooltip added
  • Redeploying troops don't need salaries/affect daily decrease in manpower
  • Divisions where shown the "forest" penalty text when attacking a plains province
  • Redeploying troops don't need salaries/affect daily decrease in manpower
  • Forest penalty text shown when attacking a plains province
  • Revoltrisk in core provinces that were occupied by enemy
  • Paratroopers lost after winning a battle if org < 50%
  • Shared country Slider Fix
  • Losses are now correctly being assigned to the division builders nation and not the current commanding nation.
  • CVLs Show Without CAGs in the Statistics Ledger
  • Civiwar Annex related CTD fixed
  • Loss of Skill to Inactive Techteam Happens to Sleeping Teams
  • 5 provinces go to france from GER due to USA->FRA giving provinces
  • CTD when clicking on the province buildings tab. (and no buildings availible)
  • Suez Crisis battle scenario does not end
  • Wrongly spelled Australian ships
  • Statistics now display properly in German Version.
  • Foreign IC modifier is backwards for ideas and ministers
  • Updated Display for Province/Area/Region
  • Fixed trade Convoy exploit (rounding error)
  • Fixed CTD when clicking on the detailed convoys list after reload but before 1 hour of gametime has elapsed.
Product Release - Valve
Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game is now available worldwide!

Taking place from 1936-64, Arsenal of Democracy lets you play as any nation during the era of WW2, complete with detailed models for economics, diplomacy, research, and intelligence. Warfare is also fully represented with all three branches of operations: land, sea, and air. The game builds on the experience and community input of the successful Hearts of Iron titles.

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